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4th Week of October Weekly Summaries

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October 22, 2012
I Think Your Life Sucks.

Brady arrives at Jenn's looking for Abigail. "You're out," he notices when Jenn answers the door. She rails at him for thinking she is guilty. When he suggests that she may be lying to herself about being innocent, she tells him to go. Over at the hospital, Daniel asks Nicole if she could be mistaken about Jenn pushing her. "It sounds like you're taking her side," she says. She rails about Jenn wanting to break their connection. He becomes distraught. Cam comes in to break up the argument and tells the doctor to go. Once Nic's left alone, Jenn shows up to apologize. That doesn't wash. Nic threatens to call the police. Jenn apologizes again but refuses to let her take her away from her children. "I won't let you win!" Nicole howls.

Daniel runs over to his mom's to shake his head about the Jenn and Nicole situation. He worries that Nicole is desperate for someone to blame. She tells him he can't fix everything and he should just look after himself. Maggie heads over to Jenn's. The blond admits she went to see Nicole but only made things worse. Meanwhile, Daniel heads back to Nic's hospital room. He says he will always want her in his life. When she's better, he wants to go away with her.

Marlena knits her eyebrows when she turns around in the park and finds Kristen there. Marlena was hoping she was dead. Kristen makes jokes. Marlena is humorless. Kristen admits she's been stalking her and the shrink admits she doesn't trust her because she's an 'unforgivable psycho'. She tells her to go to, "Tibet or try Hell." Kristen insists that she's gone through therapy and wants to make amends. She offers her hand. Marlena thinks she's delusional. Kristen insists she has nothing to fear and walks off. The shrink searches for her phone but it's gone. "Ohhhhhh Kristen," she growls.

John cocks his eyebrow as Kate pushes into his office. "How out of character for Kate to be pushy," he says. She informs him that he has a big problem: Nick Fallon. Kate says Sami is planning to hire him and that could be bad for Marlena's reputation. He's not sure what the point of this conversation is. He advises her to let the past go. After she leaves, he stares blankly until Brady interrupts. He's bored and needs something to do so he won't think about Madison. They discuss what happened with Nic and Jenn. "I think your life sucks," says John, but he's not worried because he's sure Brady can handle it. They joke around. After his son leaves, John decides to take the afternoon off. When he turns around, Kristen walks in.

Will summons Tad to meet him at Caffeinated. Sonny swans in to yap about Tad's new ladyfriend. They joke about it. Tad says he's glad to see them happy together and walks off. The lads walk out to the square and discuss other people's reactions to being gay. Will stands up for his father. They discuss gay marriage. Sonny tells him they should get married in Idaho. Will looks at him cockeyed. Sonny is just joking. Will is humorless. He takes marriage seriously... seriously enough not to do it. They smooch. Kate shows up and her grandson tells her they're getting married. She squints. He admits he's joking. "How mature of you," she snipes. Sonny is called off on business. Will tells her he likes himself now that he's with Sonny. She urges him not to rush it.

October 23,

I'm Letting It Go.

Lucas is packing Allie's ballet clothes at Sami's. She's hard at work. He tries quizzing her about Rafe. "Rafe Hernandez can go to Hell!" she blurts out. She tells him about Nicole losing the baby and Rafe not being the father. Sami feels betrayed. "What standard of perfection are you holding Rafe to? It sure isn't your own," he points out. They argue and he tells her to give Rafe a break and not act like he's a 'superhero from heaven' and her 'dream boy'. He accuses her of being unfair and walks out. Later, she strolls into the square and flashes back to memories of Rafe.

Jenn opens her door. EJ is there, accusing her of killing his child and saying she will pay for it. She insists it didn't happen the way he heard. He won't listen and yells at her until Hope arrives and orders him out. Jenn cries. Elvis vows revenge and leaves. Jenn has tea and fills Hope in. She swears she's innocent. Hope believes her because they are family. Lucas arrives to check on Jenn.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Nicole that he will always want her in his life. He wants them to go away together. She likes that. "I want us to be so much more than friends," he makes clear. As they discuss EJ, Rafe arrives and tells them EJ won't be letting things go. She starts to panic about the trouble they are in. The men insist they still want to protect her. When they walk out of the room, they run into EJ. He thinks they all need to talk. They return to Nicole's room. Elvis lectures them. He says that he could destroy them, but he won't. "I'm letting it go," he declares. He hates what they did, but he wants to move on and says that sex with Sami is what's really to blame for all of this. Elvis walks out and Rafe trails after him. He's not buying his 'personality transplant'. EJ doesn't want to deal with an 'amateur fool' like him. Back in the room, Daniel and Nic wonder if EJ was serious. He leaves to take a call from Jenn. She warns him about EJ and he assures her things will work out. The doctor returns to Nicole and explains that he has nothing keeping him in Salem. She asks if he's ready to walk away from Jennifer. He insists that it's not mutual and Jenn is still mourning Jack. Daniel asks if she'll be okay with him having feelings for someone else. Nicole thinks she can make him forget about Jenn. He explains that they can not start a new life if Jenn is punished for an accident. She guesses he wants her to drop the charges.

Marlena panics in the park when she realizes Kristen nabbed her phone. She takes her picnic blanket and runs. Meanwhile, Kristen shows up in John's office. He gulps and calls the cops, saying that 'her ass' belongs in jail. She tells him all of the warrants for her have expired. John wants her to get lost. She wants to 'right wrongs'. He reminds her that she did more than run a red light. Kristen says she's had lots of therapy and is now more like the woman he first met. She reminds him of their love and the loss of their baby. When she mentions Marlena, he gets paranoid and grabs her hands. Doc runs in. Kristen repeats that she just wants to make amends.  Marlena tattles about the phone. The secretary walks in to say the shrink left it in the waiting area. The DiMera apologizes and promises not to bother them again. She leaves. John makes some calls and gets a confirmation that the warrants against Kristen have elapsed. He thinks she seems earnest. That makes Marlena worry. Meanwhile, Kristen goes to see her brother. She offers him her help. "I know what you want," she says. Down in the square, Sami bumps into Rafe.


October 24, 2012

The Genie and Bro.
Kristen drops in to see EJ in his office. She says she can help him get what he wants. "Are you some sort of genie?" he asks. He's resistant since she works for his father. "You're my bro," she objects. He hauls out reasons why that doesn't matter. She tries bonding with him about losing a baby. That doesn't work so she talks to him about Samanther. "The heart wants what the heart wants," she says. He pretends to read and she counts the tiles on the ceiling. She needles him about Rafe claiming paternity of his son and asks him what he'll do now that he has dirt on the cop. He claims he doesn't want to be vindictive. "That is so smart," she fawns, saying acting magnanimous will impress Sami. He admits it and she tells him any woman could see through that. Kristen offers to help take care of Sami for him. He doubts that will work considering her past with Sami's mom. She declares the past is irrelevant and promises to send him Sami by the end of the day. After she departs, he calls his father and orders him to get his sister to back off...
                                                                ...Read the rest of this recap on the blog!

October 25,
Less Than Stellar.

Bo and Hope are shocked when Kayla suggests that Caroline go to California. Bo offers to go with her. When Ma Brady walks over, they cower and sit down. Kay explains her plan. "I'm not going to California!" Caroline objects, storming off. Bo and Hope discuss how scary this must be for Ma. Bo assumes that this must be hard for Fancy Face too. She says his Ma needs him. Caroline returns and tells them she doesn't need two babysitters. Hope reminds her about taking Ciara trick or treating and encourages her to let her kids help her so she can be around for Christmas. This gets through to Ma Brady. She sits down with her son and agrees to go with him. He's happy and takes her hand. Bo books them a flight for tomorrow and promises to take her sightseeing on his bike.

Kristen shows up at Sami's and explains that she's her new boss. "Unless you want to quit," suggests Kristen. Sami claims she's good at her job. "Less than stellar," her boss corrects her, pointing out that her underlings had to do most of her work for her. She shows her paperwork revealing how much money she has lost by not getting EJ's signature on things. Sami promises to fix it. Across the hall, Chad drops by EJ's office to pay his condolences for the 'random and brutal' death of the baby. Elvis vows that the killer will pay. "Your baby died. Whatever, we're brothers," Chad says. They have an awkward hug and Chadsworth leaves. Later, Sami shows up. EJ smirks. She asks him for a favor. "I could never say 'no' to you," he says. He signs off on the paperwork and offers to cover the losses she incurred. She thanks him and heads home, calling her mom to complain about Kristen. Meanwhile, Kristen hunts down her other brother at Caffeinated. She introduces herself and compliments him on his modeling work. She admits that being back in Salem is 'like having a root canal in instalments'. The waitress comes over with lattes and mentions Mel. Big sister starts questioning him and offering advice. When she strolls out, she runs into EJ. She tells him that sending Sami tonight was just a first step. He smiles.

Abby rushes home to her mom. She tells her about seeing Nicole. Jenn went to see her too. They made things worse. "Everybody loves you," Abby randomly says. Her mom tries to work but she left stuff in the office. Her daughter bustles off to get it. Anne, president of the Jenn haters club, shows up and asks the blond to resign from her job. Kay arrives and orders Anne back to work. Kayla gives Jenn some hugs.

Daniels visits Nicole in her hospital room. She'll be discharged in the morning. She asks him if he would really end things between them if she pressed charges against Jenn. He says that revenge will be hollow and he wants a fresh start for her. She stares into space and fantasizes about Jenn snatching Dr. Dan away at the last minute. Roman shows up and she snaps out of it. The doctor leaves them alone. Nic tells the cop about her squabbling with Jenn but finally says that it was all an accident. He lets her think about whether or not she wants that to be her final word. She gulps. Meanwhile, Maxine asks Daniel to get her the fliers for the pediatrics party. They're in Jenn's office. When he gets there, Abby shows up and rails at the doctor for hurting her mother. He tells her to encourage her mom to have hope. Abby's flustered and storms off. Daniel returns to Nic's room. She tells him that she cleared Jenn. He smiles. She feels lighter. At that moment, Roman arrives at the Horton house and tells Jenn that the charges are being dropped. Meanwhile, Daniel goes home to pack up the baby clothes. One half of a twosie sits on the pile. The other half is in the lost and found at the hospital. Ominous music plays.

October 26,
The Bitch Has Got To Go!
's Kristen tracks down Sami in the square to prod her about whether or not she's quitting. Sami doesn't know. Her boss has started looking for a replacement. Sami hands her some paperwork. As soon as her boss steps away, Sami calls her mom to whine, "That bitch has got to go!" Meanwhile, Kristen runs into Brady. He feels like he's seen a ghost. They catch up and she admits she's already seen his dad. She wants to make amends. He warns her to avoid his father and Marlena.

Nick and Gabi head to Caffeinated. Will and Sonny are chasing each other around. The four of them discuss Halloween decoration ideas. The lads joke around. Gabi notices that Nick looks bored and queasy. Will tries catching up with Nick, who says he's doing pretty well. Sonny and Will head off to pick up party supplies. Gabi interrogates Nick. He's not explanatory. She randomly tells him that he makes her happy. Being with him is the first time she's felt like she could be herself. He likes her a lot. They take a walk and kiss until they get called over to the pub. Meanwhile, the lads head to Sonny's. It's the first time Will has been there. It's a little room with a big bed. They unpack boxes of costumes and Will tells him about his childhood. They put on Groucho faces and Will tells him about how he wanted to dress up as Elton John as a kid. He wound up going out as a member of 'N Sync instead. "That should have been my clue right there" he says. They spray each other with crazy string and make out.

Bo startles his Ma at the pub. It's hard for her to believe this is her last day there. Sami bustles in and starts complaining. Caroline's not sure which of her men she's complaining about. Neither is Sami. They stop her to explain that they are leaving town and why. "Why didn't anyone tell me?" Sami complains. Bo points out that she never asked. Caroline makes excuses for her. Sami's sorry. Eddie calls Caroline into the kitchen. Bo explains his Ma's condition to Sami. "She's my rock," she says. He says they all have to be rocks now. Later, Abe arrives. He tells Bo he's sorry to hear he's no longer a cop and says it's an honor to be his friend. Bo turns back to Sami. She'll miss her grandma. He assures her that Caroline has always loved babysitting her kids. Bo finally fills her in on what's been happening. She says her grandma is lucky to have him around.

John fusses over Marlena at the hospital. He promises that Kristen will not hurt her. They retread their past with the other woman. The shrink doubts that her old enemy is over her obsession with him. He assures her they are solid and have nothing to fear. He heads down to the square. Kristen is helping some random kid who fell of her bike. John joins them and tries joking to cheer up the kid. After they encourage the little girl to talk to strangers, her mom arrives, thanking them for their help. Back at the hospital, Brady arrives, looking for his father. He finds Marlena and they discuss Kristen. She recaps the week. She calls John but only learns where he is before the call is dropped. Brady assures her she'll be 'overprotected like crazy'. She runs down to the square to find John. He claims he's just been stretching his legs. Kristen comes over to yap about the little girl. After she perkily strolls off, the shrink lays into him for not telling him that he was with 'that woman'.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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