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5th Week of October Weekly Summaries

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October 29, 2012
Does A Body Good.

At Sonny's place, he and Will take off their Groucho mustaches and then peel off their clothes before leaping onto the bed. Lucas comes to the door, barking at them to open up. The lads pull on their clothes. Lucas is concerned to see his son's shirt unbuttoned. He tells him it's time to say goodbye to Caroline right now. Flustered Will babbles about the boxes. Lucas offers to help Sonny take care of them and sends his son off. The men bicker. Lucas thought they were supposed to be taking it slow. "I think you're not ready for this," Sonny suggests. Lucas talks about how his son never does anything 'head first'. He's always cautious and Lucas won't let anyone ruin their relationship. Sonny shows him the door.

At the pub, Caroline informs Nick and Gabi that she's leaving for California so they'll have to manage without her. Over at Rafe's place, he recalls some of Sami's ranting about grief sex and her inability to forgive him. His sister calls and tells him about Ma Brady. He hurries over to the pub to tell her that she will be in his prayers. Caroline speaks to him about Sami. She's sure they still love each other and that's all that should matter. Later, Will shows up to say goodbye to his great-grandmother. She tells him to count his blessings. "Where there's faith, there's hope," she muses. "You're the boss," he says. She's happy to see him so happy looking. "Does a body good. Keep it up," she says. When she putters away, Nick and Gabi offer him some supportive words. Will runs off. Billie strolls in and hands Nick a letter. It's a job offer from Kate. After she heads out, he reads it and whistles. He's not sure he should take it though. Gabi asks him about the weird vibe Billie gave him. He assures her she doesn't need to be jealous. Outside, Lucas runs into Billie and moans about what he just walked in on. He's suddenly sure that Sonny is using Will. Meanwhile, Sonny meets Will in the square and they chat about Caroline and they hold hands.

In the square, Marlena rails at John for keeping secrets from her. Sami creeps up. She tells her mom about Caroline. Marlena tells her to take care of herself. Sami mopes over to the couch and has flashbacks of Rafe. He suddenly appears and tells her how much everyone will miss her grandma. She was the only stable person around. As she worries, he tries comforting her. When he says that he's never given up on her, she becomes upset. He starts apologizing. She demands to know how he can hurt her so much. "I love you," he says.

Bo drops some of Ciara's stuff off at the mansion. He informs Victor and Maggie that he's going to California with Caroline so Ciara will need to spend more time with them. They discuss Ma Brady and Bo says this treatment should be good. "You're going to be her anchor in a strange place," says Maggie. Bo talks about finally being able to make up for being a crummy son. He explains that all of his siblings are too busy so he's taking it on his shoulders. He heads over to Caffeinated to get some coffee. Billie bumps into him and says Chelsea wanted to be there to say goodbye. He assures her his Ma will be coming home one day. She tells him to take care of himself. John and Marlena show up to say goodbye. John says he knows what it's like to have a blank mind. When the shrink steps away, John tells Bo he understands why he's been so restless lately. He's sure that he's out to get Stefano. Bo admits it, but his Ma comes first for the moment. After he goes, John tells Marlena that he believes in miracles. They can talk about Kristen later.


October 30, 2012

Pip Pip Old Man.

Justin drops by Jenn's and informs her that all of the charges have been dropped. Meanwhile, the charity shop guy drops by Daniel's to pick up a box of baby clothes. After he hands them off, Jenn calls. He doesn't pick up. Over at the hospital, Nicole can't wait until she and Daniel get out of town. He's looking forward to watching her work on her tan. Jenn barges in and yelps that Nic is a liar. The baby was already dead. Nic gasps and wakes up from this nightmare. Maxine comes in to check on her. She tells Nic that dropping the charges is a good sign that she's leaving the bitterness behind. As she leaves, Dan bursts in with the tickets for Hawaii. Maxine announces there is a hold-up with the paperwork so they are stuck there. She putters off to the nurses' station and rants at one of her underlings for swiping the twosie from the lost and found. The nurse curses and leaves it on the counter. Rafe shows up as Daniel runs off to take down the baby clothes receipt that was left on his door. The cop goes in to see Nic. She informs him that she and the doctor are going away. Plus, she's not pressing charges so there will be no trial. Rafe tells her to take care of herself and heads off.

Jenn corners Daniel in his hallway. When they go into his place, she finds the tickets to Hawaii and plotzes. "You bought my freedom with your life!" she blurts. He insists that this is what he wants. "This is stupid!" she complains. The doctor tells her to think of herself and her children. "I want to protect her because I love you!" he bellows.

At the pub, Roman and Bo discuss snowblowers. Roman assures him he'll look after Hope and Ciara. Caroline and Kay start teasing them for showing emotions. Ma takes Roman outside for pictures and Kay orders her brother to be blunt with her about what happens when he gets to California. Ciara arrives with a picture she drew of everyone. They have their names written next to them so her grandma can remember who they are. "I'll love you even if I call you Claire or something," Caroline says. Later, Bo asks Hope if she's okay with him going. She tells him how brave he is and then hands him some CDs. One is full of family pictures and the other is full of dirt on the DiMeras. "You're the best partner I ever had," he says. They pinky swear to be partners for life. Fancy Face cries. He assures her he'll be back before she knows it. They kiss and he goes.

Marlena walks into Caffeinated and notices her shrink, Dr. Patel, is there. She arranges an appointment. As soon as Marlena steps aside, Kristen arrives to meet Patel. Marlena has a fit. Her shrink isn't impressed. Kristen insists on her innocence. "Maybe you should shoot me your calendar so I know where not to be," Kristen tells Marlena. She walks out. Patel has never seen Marlena so upset. "You've never seen me with someone who tried to kill me before," the shrink tells her shrink.

In the square, Sami rips into Rafe again for hurting her. He reiterates that he loves her. EJ interrupts. The men snipe at each other. Elvis explains to Samanther that he's not pressing charges. He says he will be making sure that Jenn sees justice. Rafe bickers with him about that. After EJ leaves, Sami tells Rafe that he's acting stupid and mean. He's sure that Elvis is up to something. They bicker and she tells him to go to Hell. "Talk about stupid," he groans, walking away. EJ calls and says he didn't want to make things worse. She rushes over to him to asks if she is selfish. He says no. She thinks her family would disagree. He tells her not to be so hard on herself. After she leaves, Kristen comes out of the bushes to tease him. "Pip pip old man," she says, urging him to let her help in his Sami seduction plan.

October 31,


In the square, Kristen assures Junior that she wants to help him. They get drinks and make a vague toast. She promises to win him over. He's not sure what's in it for her. She wants to be his life coach. They both perpetually screw up their lives for love, so she thinks she can help make things better. The topic turns to her and she assures him she's done with John. "The best way to get over an obsession is to make it a reality," she tells him. They discuss their father. She assures him Stefano wants to make amends. Elvis isn't interested. Kristen offers to help him with Sami if he'll reach out to their father. It's all about family and Stefano will always be part of their fantasy lives. He gets a call, fumes and storms off. She stomps her feet.

Nicole spills her purse at the hospital. As she cleans it up, ominous music plays as the twosie lurks on the counter above. Brady shows up. She explains that she's leaving town. This place makes her miserable. He suggests she's running away. Nic tells him there will be no trial. "Who got to you?" he asks. She makes excuses. He assumes there's more going on. Nic explains that she and Daniel are headed for Hawaii. Brady doesn't think much of that. Cam pops by to sign her out and wish her well.

Jenn shows up at Daniel's to rant at him for ruining his life. He blurts out that he still loves her and wants to protect her. "You love me?" she asks. She thinks he's crazy. "Yeah," he groans. He defends his choice to go away and insists that he is sick of watching EJ destroy people's lives. She feels like she's losing him and his friendship. "We've never been friends," he points out. He's sure she'll find love some day with a man who can find her jokes funny. "He will be one lucky man," he says, showing her the door. Brady brings Nicole by. She goes in to take a shower. Brady questions the doctor, who assures him that time will take care of everything. Later, Nicole spots a baby related ad and gets upset. She wonders if she's making a mistake. She fantasizes about life with the doctor in Hawaii. He gives her a mommy key chain and explains they are adopting. She decides this sounds good. Elvis arrives to lecture her.

Daniel heads to the hospital to tell Maxine that she's his favorite nurse but he's leaving town. She doesn't understand. Later, two nurses are arguing over the twosie in front of Daniel. He furrows his brow. Meanwhile, Jenn goes to see Maggie. "You're my only hope!" Jenn whimpers. She fills her in. Maggie doesn't think her son will be happy with Nicole. She agrees to try and stop him.

At Caffeinated, Marlena tells Sami to quit her job with Kristen. "No one gets to tell me what to do," Sami sulks. Her mom warns her that Kristen is playing games. "Goodie," says Sami. Marlena tells her what's been happening. "Ohhh man! She's trying to make me look paranoid," says the shrink. Sami gets creeped out. John shows up and tells her to stay away from Kristen. Sami declares that she can take on 'any crazy bitch'. John squints and smokes an imaginary cigar. "Passive-aggression is still aggression," Marlena rants. She complains about the scene with the kid on the bike. Brady wanders in. Sami escapes as John and Marlena bicker. The shrink spots Brady and vents to him. He promises to back up his dad if he needs it. She stomps off. John chases after her. She tells him about Dr. Patel. He tries to be reassuring. "She's trying to drive me crazy!" she rails. He says that will never happen. Meanwhile, Brady makes his way to Kristen's room. The door is open.

At the pub, Kay checks in the chowder reserves and instructs the staff that parents be bringing their kids in after trick or treating. Abe arrives to see how she's doing. "Not so good," she admits. She opens up about her mom. Abe's sure that Caroline will be okay.


November 1, 2012
Your Own Line Of Crap.

As Kristen slips into her bathroom, Brady slips through her door. She comes out, dripping wet and he's waiting. "Lunch has arrived," she tells him. He wants her to stop playing games with his family. She asks him if he has a sandwich for her before she calls the cops. She makes him wait while she gets dressed and then makes small talk. He lists her failures. "I made mistakes," she says, insisting she has changed. When he accuses her of being manipulative and cheap, she slaps him. "I think you believe your own line of crap... that is scary," he says, walking out. She smiles to herself. Brady meets with his dad at the pub and complains about Kristen running around with her 'new software'. John explains that Kristen was okay once but her father changed her. John assures him that Kristen is no big deal and leaves.

EJ shows up at Daniel's and rants at Nicole for getting the charges against Jenn dropped. They yell at each other. She tells him to read the police report. He starts manhandling her and blinking. Backing her into a corner, he keeps interrogating her. She says Jenn couldn't kill the baby. EJ says the amnesty he promised is over now because she won't come clean. He strides out and calls his sister for a meeting. Kristen meets him in his office and urges him to be careful after he tells her the situation. She advises him to think before acting. He's sure the 'holistic hippy' doctor convinced Nic to change her story, but there must be something else... She advises him to watch the doctor closely.

At the mansion, Jenn begs Maggie to talk Daniel out of leaving. Jenn heads home. Her daughter comes in and notices Jenn is not 'walking on air'. Jenn explains that she can't let Daniel sacrifice himself for her. Over at the hospital, Daniel notices the nurses fighting over the twosie. He almost takes it away from them when his mother calls and asks to speak to him in person. The doctor runs off. When he gets to the mansion, the sense of dread kicks in and he guesses this is about Jenn. He gets snarky with his mom. She rails about how Nic is not a good person. He says he isn't either. She doesn't buy that. She used to think he was a 'predatory jerk' but now she thinks he's 'a dear'. Maggie turns on the water works. "We're afraid you're going to lose yourself," she says. He claims this is what he has to do and walks out. When the doctor gets to his apartment, Nic tells him she wants to leave tonight. Two cops arrive and arrest him. That was a fantasy of Nicole's. In reality, Daniel is leaving the mansion and bumps into Jenn. He guesses she was in cahoots with his mom and orders her to stay out of his life. After he storms off, Maggie tells Jenn there's no more to do. Jenn has an idea. Meanwhile, Daniel arrives at home and agrees with Nic that they need to leave immediately.

Nick and Gabi are with Sonny and Will in the square. The lads think they should go on a double date to the indie fest. Nick seems hesitant. The lads wander off. Gabi asks him what the deal is. He sighs. She has a problem with prejudice and storms off. Gabi goes to her room and hugs her pillow until Nick arrives to explain himself. She feels like she doesn't know him. He explains that he thinks that the way the lads live is wrong because it's a choice and not a good one. They discuss what the church says and he tells her she makes him think he can be the man he's always wanted to be. They make out. Meanwhile, Will and Sonny are at Caffeinated. Sonny thinks they should discuss the Lucas situation but he gets a business call. Billie magically appears. She knows her nephew has a problem and wants to help. Sonny returns and she wanders off. Will asks his boyfriend what happened with Lucas. Sonny fills him in. Will goes to meet his father outside the square. He refuses to let him screw up his happiness. Lucas says he should have been available to his family when he called instead of 'hooking up' with Sonny.

  November 2, 2012
Dudley Do Right?

'Kate corners Sonny at Caffeinated. She likes him with Will and admits she's been worried about her grandson's ability to deal with being gay. Kate asks him to be careful with his heart. He understands and gives her a peck on the cheek, assuring her he won't take Will for granted. Meanwhile, outside the square, Lucas lectures Will for hooking up with Sonny instead of being available to his family. Lucas insists this isn't about him and how he feels about 'this stuff'. Will accuses him of being nauseated by his sexuality. Lucas tells him to wake up and claims that Sonny is just using him for sex. "Dudley Do Right?" skeptical Will asks. Lucas thinks Sonny was doing the gay 'gallivanting' all over Europe. It wasn't just Cathedrals he was getting into. "Have you asked him how many boyfriends he's had?" Lucas probes. Will walks off. He heads straight for Sonny's and pulls him into a kiss. Sonny pushes him off and assumes Lucas must have upset him. Will asks if he's the first guy he's brought there. "You're not," Sonny admits. He's offended and tells him to go. He would tell him about his sex life, but it's really Lucas who is asking. He declares that this has all been a mistake and kicks him out. Will mopes away.

In her room, Gabi makes out with Nick. They pull off their clothes and have sex. She's awkward. He thinks she's amazing and wishes he'd met her years ago. He doesn't know how he could be so lucky. She thinks that he's a gift. The roll around some more.

At CW, Kristen gives Sami a bonus for her demotion. Sami's bewildered. Her boss makes her read the new contract. It demands that she destroy Kate's company. Sami wants a car and access to the jet. Her boss says that's fine. Once Samanther is gone, Kristen calls her dad to give him an update. He asks her to deliver his message. She goes off to find Kate outside of the square. Kristen has a message from Stefano.

At his place, Nicole embraces Daniel and hopes she's finally getting her happy ending. They book a flight. She notices he's not wearing his necklace. They kiss and he heads to the hospital to look for it. She places a call for help... to Sami. She soon arrives. Nic informs her that she's moving to Hawaii. Sami pays her condolences. She knows how hard it is to lose a child. Nicole asks her how much pull she has with EJ. She unloads about Jenn and how Elvis wants revenge. Nic pleads for her help keeping him away. She reminds Sami of how much she hates her and suggests that this is the best way to get her out of her life for good. Sami still isn't willing to commit to helping her out. Meanwhile, Victor corners Daniel at the hospital to see if he can talk him out of leaving. The doctor hates to hurt his mom but he has to go. He promises that he will always be part of his life. They hug. Later, Maxine tells him his necklace has been found. They go down to the lost and found to get it. He spots the familiar twosie and sees that it was left in exam room B.

Jenn meets Hope at the pub and tells her she wants to confess to pushing Nicole. Hope thinks that's a joke but Jenn won't shut up. Her cousin drags her home. Jenn claims this is the only way to keep Daniel in town. She recaps the last week and Nic's deceptiveness. "She wouldn't spit toothpaste out of her mouth if she thought there was something in it for her," Jenn asserts. Hope thinks she's being a self-destructive clod. The blond insists that the doctor needs her help. Hope gets ice cream.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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