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1st Week of September Weekly Summaries

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September 3, 2012


September 4, 2012
Do-Gooders Always Screw Everything Up.
At the hospital, Nicole is baffled when Daniel tells her that he wants her to move in with Victor, Maggie and Brady. She prods him to think of another option. He's clueless. She insists this is not an option. Jenn shows up and asks Nic to live with her. She rants about how disgusting EJ is and promises he won't get through her front door. Nicole tries talking her out of this but Jenn can't stand being in an empty house. "Sounds like a win-win," says the doctor. Nic runs off. Daniel tells Jenn how great she is. She's just trying to be helpful. Down the hall, Nic puts a pillow on her mouth to muffle her screams. "Do-gooders always screw everything up," she tells her baby. She returns and finds Jenn waiting, eager to help her pick up her stuff. Later, they arrive at Jenn's and Nic promises not to out-stay her welcome. Nicole is eager to tell her how 'intense' things are between her and Daniel.

At Chad's, Mel writes a letter to the parole board. He leaves to find a notary. Down at the pub, Rafe is stealing his sister's bacon and smiling about Sami not being with EJ. His sister thinks they should celebrate his promotion. He's more interested in her problems. He gets a text and putters off to work. Mel runs into the pub and asks Gabi why she hasn't been returning her calls. She starts babbling about Nick. She's not sure what she wants to do about it. Mel wants her objective opinion but Gabi says she can't help. Melanie babbles until Gabi stops her. Meanwhile, Chad has called Daniel and they run around looking for Mel. Chad runs into the pub and interrupts Gabi before she can confess to Mel.

EJ drops in to see Samanther. She rants at him for not letting her know that he's a DiMera. He claims he wants nothing to do with his father anymore. He just wants to spend some time with her. She explains she still has stuff to work out and she feels like a pinball. He gets flirty. She asks him to babysit and pulls away when he tries kissing her. After she's gone, Lucas arrives to get Allie. They bicker. Lucas threatens to sue for full custody of his daughter. EJ thinks he needs her there for an excuse to 'sniff around Samantha.' Lucas plays with a doll and says he doesn't want Sami. He's sure that Sami will dump EJ by Thanksgiving and move on to someone else.

Sami meets her lawyer at the station to complain about being charged. She feels like Lindsay Lohan. "They're making an example out of me," she whines. The lawyer tells her to get the arresting officer to put in a good word and then leaves. Rafe shows up as she mopes. She asks about Gabi and offers to talk to her. The lawyer returns for a second and reminds her to get a good word from the cop before leaving. Rafe guesses Sami offered to help with Gabi because she is looking for him to speak up for her. "Always looking out for your own backside," he snorts. She chases him around town, insisting she wants to help his sister. He doesn't want to listen and plods off. Some dude runs out and grabs her purse. She crows until Rafe runs back and she falls on him, knocking him over and panting into his mouth.

At the prison, Jessica tells Nick they should get Maggie to help them with Mel. Maggie shows up to say she can't do that. She tells Nick how proud she is of him for how well he's battled his demons. Back in town, Bo and Hope are at the office going over the details on Nick's case. Hope is sure he deserves another chance. They head over to the prison for the hearing. Bo speaks as the officer in charge and rehashes the case. Jessica speaks up for her son. Hope speaks up too. She joins Jessica and the family out in the hall. Daniel comes out of the toilets and starts lecturing them for trying to help Nick. Back in the hearing room, Nick speaks to the board, taking responsibility for his drug use and promising that he wants to make amends to everyone he hurt. Mel runs in at the last minute and declares that she needs to make a statement.

September 5,

I'm An Idiot
Melanie bursts into the hearing room at the prison just as the parole board are about to render their decision. She asks that Nick stay so he can hear what she has to say. Mel tells the story of how he found her for her brother and took a bullet for her, but then he became obsessed and made her think she killed her father. She gets distracted by flashbacks and wanders off. Outside, Daniel argues with Nick's family about the situation. Maggie tries keeping him calm. Jessica and Maggie discuss how much Nick deserves a second chance. Mel listens to this and then returns to the hearing to finish her statement. Moments later, she comes out and hugs her father, explaining that she did what she had to do. Maggie introduces her to Nick's mother. The board come out and announce that Nick has been granted parole.

Nicole settles in at "Hummel City," a.k.a The Horton House. Abby arrives and wonders what she's doing there. Nic explains so Abby calls her mom to get a confirmation. The pregnant lady eats a barrel of popcorn and tells her what's going on. Abby's surprised that Daniel is involved. After Nic leaves, Abby calls Cameron and asks him over. She gets dressed up. As soon as he arrives, she unloads her problems on him. They start making out. She gets his shirt off, but when he tries unzipping her, she leaps off his lap and asks him to go.

In the square, a mugger grabs Sami's purse and runs off, knocking her on top of Rafe. He asks her to get off so he can chase her attacker. The cops nab the dude. Rafe mollycoddles her. He takes her to the hospital and she gets a wrist brace. She thanks Rafe for his help. Nicole walks in on them. She's smug. Sami violently puts on lip balm until Nic leaves. Sami is perplexed about why Rafe isn't becoming a couple with Nic. She has to wonder if the baby is really his. They bicker about this. Nicole listens in the hall until Sami leaves. Nic rushes up to Rafe and accuses him of nearly blowing everything. She's worried about Sami sniping for her. They argue about this and she begs him not to let Sami stomp all over his heart again. He says that will 'never, ever, ever' happen.

At Sami's, Lucas tells EJ that she's his problem now. He warns Elvis not to get too comfortable. He makes it clear he doesn't want Sami anymore, but, even if she is with EJ now, she'll move on to someone else by Thanksgiving. He lists Sami's long list of exes. "I'm an idiot," Lucas admits. "But no more than you." He says that Sami's 'one way street' just 'sucks you in'. "No one sucks me!" EJ objects. Lucas thinks that Elvis is even dumber than the rest of him and recaps the whole EJami story. He admits that the only person who has ever made her happy was Rafe. EJ tries to put down that idea but Lucas is smug. After he leaves, EJ and Johnny play Legos. This starts to inspire Elvis with a plan. After Johnny goes to his room, Sami comes home and tells him about being rescued by Rafe. She worries that Nicole is taking him 'to the darkside.' When she suggests that Rafe is lying about being the baby's father, he stops her and says he's decided the baby must be Rafe's after all. This seems to make her upset. She leaves for a nap and he smirks to himself.

September 6
, 2012
This Nick Guy.

At the prison, Nick is granted parole. Chad is outraged. Mel explains that she supported the release. Nick drinks some water and recalls everything Mel said at the hearing. She was going to object but she changed her mind when she saw his family waiting for him. Besides, she was a horrible person when she knew Nick so she probably got what she deserved. Mel tells Maggie what happened and explains that she did what she did for her sake. Chad corners Jessica and warns her to keep her son away from Mel. After everyone else files away, Maggie visits Nick. He thanks her and says he wouldn't have been paroled without her. He promises not to let her down.

Brady invites Kate over to the mansion and informs her that he is her new boss. He's taking over Titan again. She's expecting him to fire her. He surprises her by saying she's irreplaceable so he's promoting her. They hug. Victor walks in. He approved the deal. After he tells them Nick has been paroled, Brady runs off. Victor tells Kate that he's okay with them working together again. He's sure it will be just like old times. "Ah, the merry, gay old nineties," she muses. He wonders how Stefano will react. She wonders if she'll ever even see him again. Kate heads off and runs into Will outside of the pub. She wants to set him up with Scott, the 'hot intern with dimples to die for'. Grandma Kate thinks any guy would be a fool not to see what a catch Will is. Meanwhile, Brady arrives at the prison and argues with Maggie about what happened.

Gabi and Will are at the pub talking about Nick and stalking in general. Gabi decides to head back to work waitressing. Sami strolls in. She's sorry to see that Gabi is a waitress again because modelling work is so slow. Gabi informs her that she quit CW and so did Chad. Sami's shocked. "That's what happens when you don't check in at work for two months," Will says. Sami begs Gabi to come back and then prods Will to start comforting her. He can't do that. They discuss how things ended with Lucas. Will apologizes for being nasty to her. Later, Kate strolls in and gets in Sami's face. She tells her CW is going into the ground without Lucas. Sami nearly chokes when she hears about her promotion. "This is war and my guns are a lot bigger than yours," Kate warns.

At the coffee house, Chad tells Gabi again to stay away from Mel. She's trying and tries talking him into letting her model again. "No freaking way!" he blurts. He thinks she should suffer forever for what she's done. She storms out. Meanwhile, Daniel asks his daughter what changed her mind about Nick. She's sick of everyone treating her like she was an angel and says Nick has paid for his mistakes, which is something she's never done. She let him go free for Maggie's sake. He's proud of her. He heads over to the mansion to apologize to his mom for being so angry. After talking to his daughter, he can't argue with her reasons for allowing the parole. After he leaves, Brady shows up and worries that Mel is being manipulated by a psycho like Madi was. "I think this Nick guy could be more dangerous than ever," he says. Meanwhile, Chad and Mel go back to his place. They make out. Brady calls her to worry. She insists she's fine and then rolls over for sex with Chad.

Sonny chases down Tad in the square and apologizes for decking him. Tad squints and calls him a 'freak.' They bicker about Will. Sonny makes it clear to Tad that he never flirted with him, but he confirms that he wants to be more than friends with Will. However, he's sure Will doesn't feel the same way. Sonny encourages him to be more accepting.

September 7
, 2012
The Home For Wayward Girls.

At the pub, Gabi tells her brother that she's quit modelling to work there. He arches an eyebrow. She won't explain. He assumes this is Sami's fault. Meanwhile, Sami is hopping around her apartment when her mom arrives. Marlena informs her that Brady has given Kate a job. She hopes that Sami can be supportive. Sami keeps thinking about dinosaurs and Nicole before muttering profanities. She complains to her mom about Nicole. They eat bagels and her mom offers some sympathy. When the shrink leaves, Rafe shows up and accuses Sami of firing his sister to get back at him. She warns him not to make an ass out of himself but she's enjoying him acting just like her. He calls his sister to confirm Sami's story about not firing her. Rafe admits he's made an ass of himself. She knows he was just helping out and they are all still family. He smirks. As he heads for the door, he says he could never hate her.

Chad wakes up in his bed. Mel is already up and emailing. She gets back into bed and assures him that she'll be okay as long as Nick leaves town. Meanwhile, Will arrives at the coffee house and Sonny is about to ask him out but Will wants to clear the air first. He blathers. Chad strolls in and tells Will that they have a lot to talk about. They sit down and catch up about the last few months. Chad apologizes about blaming him for Stefano's death. "That man gets a lot of sequels," Will says. Sonny comes over. He and Chad talk about how Will was born a jerk and then Sonny breaks the news that Nick's parole means he has to stay in town. Chad runs out the door. Sonny tries asking Will out again but Brian calls and Will heads out. He goes to the pub to meet his grandma. Caroline hears him chatting about Chad and, for some mysterious reason, is interested. After she putters off, Marlena and Will discuss the Nick situation. She changes the topic. He's confused about what to do now that he's gay. He admits he's found someone already but they moved on to someone better. She doesn't like to hear him run himself down.

Abby goes to visit Nick at the prison. He tells her that his parole terms demand that he actually stay in Salem. He hopes Mel will get over that in a while. Later, Chad arrives. "I think it's time the two of us have a little talk," says Chad. Nick has no idea who he is. Chad issues a threat. Nick stares through him. "I'm done here!" Chad declares, walking out backwards. Nick gets changed and signs his release paperwork. Meanwhile, Mel joins Gabi and Abby at the coffee house. Abby breaks the news that Nick is staying. Mel pretends she's cool with this and then runs out the door. Her friends guess she wasn't cool. Abby chats with Sonny. He tries asking about her problems but she can't talk about them. She walks out and calls Cam. Meanwhile, Chad goes home. He and Mel are both pretty wired. Dropping down on one knee, he asks her to marry him. "What?" she asks.

At Jenn's, she makes tea for Nicole and they awkwardly discuss Daniel. Nic explains that EJ was one of the 'many bumps' on her 'road' and was 'hard' on her, but Daniel was 'great' and she wants him in her life 'forever'. Jenn tells her that it would be a mistake to make what she has with the doctor into more than it is. Jenn flounces off. Nic talks to herself and worries that Daniel isn't over Jenn. She decides to make sure Jenn never forgets about Jack. Turning around, she knocks over a Hummel figurine and starts imagining a future with Daniel and the kid. She heads to the hospital for an appointment and finds out she's having a boy.

Kayla is at the hospital with Daniel. She's taking over as Chief of Staff. She wants to bring Jenn back too. He gags. Kay thinks work could distract her from her grief. He goes out to the square and runs into Jenn. He thanks her for letting Nic stay with her rather than at the 'home for wayward girls'. Kay shows up and offers Jenn her old job. Jenn's shocked. Daniel runs away. Jenn guesses he didn't like the idea and she doesn't know what the hell is going on. Meanwhile, Daniel heads back to the hospital and finds one of his colleagues trashing Jenn. He defends her and says the Horton is one of the 'best, nicest people' he's ever met.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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