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2nd Week of September Weekly Summaries

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September 10, 2012

What's It To You?

At her place, Rafe admits to Sami that he could never hate her. She wants to know how he feels. EJ shows up, looks at Sami's chest and licks his lips before declaring he has a surprise. Rafe makes himself scarce. EJ asks Sami to lunch at the Green Mountain Lodge. He already arranged for a babysitter. He wants to pick up where they left off and prove how important she is to him. She tells him there can't be any more lying, kidnapping or cloning. "Dull dull dull," he groans. They start kissing. Hope shows up. She informs them that the charges against them have been dropped but the governor wants to meet EJ and demand his resignation. He's already in town. Elvis goes down to the square to meet the governor and the press. EJ offers his resignation, claiming he wants to spend more time with his family.

Rafe goes to the pub. The empty mugs remind him of Sami. Lucas shows up and orders him a beer as a thank you for warning him about Sami. He suggests that going from Sami to Nicole is like going from bad to worse. They discuss 'that guy' they both hate. Lucas thinks Sami and EJ deserve each other. The detective starts to guess that EJ actually wants the baby to be his so he can get Sami back. He sees her walk in and plods over her to say that EJ is playing her. But this was just a fantasy. He actually stops himself from saying anything and walks out.

In the square, Jenn worries to Kayla that Daniel is angry with her. Kay says he just has issues. Jenn explains that Nic and Daniel are more than doctor and patient. "Ewww!" squeals Kayla. Jenn doesn't want to see Daniel's heart get broken. "What's it to you?" Kay asks, worrying that Nicole might think Jenn's after the doctor and go on the defensive. Jenn won't let Daniel get hurt. She thinks Victor should have a talk with him. The veins in her forehead start to throb as she rants. Abe eventually arrives to calm things down. "I was afraid this was going to turn into a cage match," he says. Kay tells him she's taken the chief of staff's job. She expects him to be furious with her about that. They go off together and Abe thanks her for taking the job, sure that she will honor his wife's memory. He gives her the pen he bought for Lexi when she got the position.

At Casa da Chad, he drops on his knee and proposes to Mel. "Where is this coming from?" she wonders. "Whatta ya say, huh?" he prods. She guesses this about Nick. He's dumbfounded. She already 'did the married thing' and failed. He proposes again. She gulps and says she needs to wait. He understands. She thanks him for that.

Cameron drops by Horton house. Abby wants to make up to him for last. He says they can take it slow. She jumps on him. When she reaches for his belt, he tells her she's not ready and buttons up. He heads out. She cries. Later, Mel arrives. Abby doesn't want to talk about her boy problems so they talk about Mel's. Mel wants to talk to Maggie about the proposal so she putters off. Abby paces around and calls Cam to apologize. She wants to make it up to him tonight. When she turns around, her mom is standing there with her eyes popping out of her head. Abby groans. Jenn warns her to be really careful. When she brings up birth control, her daughter tells her to back off. "I'm not an ancient country bumpkin. I know what I'm talking about," Jenn says. Her daughter blurts out that she's still a virgin. Jenn's lips hang open. Meanwhile, Hope brings Nick over to the mansion and asks Maggie to let him live there for six months. She'd take him in but Bo was the arresting office and Julie went on a cruise. Maggie agrees to let him stay. Later, Mel drops in. As she waits to see Maggie, Nick strolls by. They stare at each other in shock.


September 11, 2012
Are You Asking me Out?
At the hospital, Nicole gets Daniel to feel the baby kicking her gut. He talks about miracles. Brady interrupts. The doctor get called away. Brady accuses Nic of having 'it bad for the good doctor.' He thinks she's making the same mistake she always makes. She thinks he's being mean. He asks her to be careful.

At Horton house, Jenn lectures her daughter about birth control. Abby blurts out that she is still a virgin. "How can that be?" Jenn asks in shock. Abby thinks her mom has never taken an interest in her. Jenn goes to the square to cry. Daniel finds her and lets her use his hanky. Jenn feels like she's in a mine field. He's sure crying helps. She talks about her grief and how losing Jack has made her feel like she's taking on everything alone. As they discuss Nicole, the woman in question arrives and eavesdrops. She interrupts to ask about Maggie. The doctor runs off to see her. Nic worries about Daniel worrying about Jenn when he's supposed to be worrying about Melanie. Then she worries that Jenn is using Daniel to get past her grief. "If you care about him, please do not play mind games with him!" Nic demands.

Cameron pays Abby a visit at home. She doesn't want to talk and leads him up to her room. He's not sure this is a good idea. "You think I'm putting on a show for my mother?" she asks curtly. That wasn't what he was thinking. He just doesn't think she knows what she wants. The doctor thinks that being in a relationship probably isn't the best thing for her right now. He bluntly dumps her and walks out.

Sami is in the square thinking about Rafe. She starts writing him a text but tells herself that it won't work. "Nothing ever does for you," Kate snipes. They argue about running CW into the ground and Sami walks off. Billie joins her mom. Kate's ready for an adult conversation. They go to the pub. Kate wants them to work together but her daughter is reluctant.

Chad runs up to this brother outside Caffeinated. He wants his help finding Stefano. He needs a favor from their father and tells his brother he might be getting married. Chad needs his dad to help Mel stay safe. EJ says that's a bad idea. He tells his brother that Nick is a dangerous genius. EJ goes home and runs into Sami in the hall. He explains that he resigned to spend time with his family and that's made him feel happy and lighthearted. She invites him in and she suggests they get Mary to look after the kids while they have dinner. "Are you asking me out?" he asks. He teases her and jokes around. EJ feels like he's on vacation and asks for a day to arrange their big date. Sami thinks he seems like a whole new man.

At the mansion, Mel drops her glass when Nick walks into the room. Maggie runs in and says that he lives there now. She sends Nick out and explains to Mel, who abruptly announces she needs to get her hair cut and runs away. Maggie cries. Nick returns and feels bad about the whole situation. He goes down to the square and starts making calls as he looks through the job listings. Caroline spots him and comes over. They have an awkward conversation. She's still angry about what he did to her. He's apologetic and says he's trying to be better. She says no one owes him forgiveness... but she read all of the letters he sent her and offers him a job washing dishes. It's the crummiest thing she can offer. Back at the mansion, Daniel walks in on Brady lecturing Maggie about letting Nick live there. The doctor doesn't know whose side she's on anymore. Meanwhile, Chad goes back to his pad and finds Mel there. They discuss his proposal. He feels like an idiot for putting pressure on her. Chad pulls out the ring anyway. He proposes again and she says, "Yeah." He squeezes it on her finger and they hug.


September 12, 2012

There Is No There There.

* Read this recap on the blog to see screencaps from the episode! *

Sami runs into her son in the square and announces she has a gift for him. She tells him that EJ has resigned. He worries that she's thinking of getting back with Elvis. He admits that he likes EJ, "But how I feel about him doesn't matter." Will says EJami are always a disaster. She takes him to her place and hands him a giant gift. The topic stays on EJ. She freaks him out by speaking reasonably. He finally opens his present. It's a jacket. "Wow," he says, before saying that she's been ‘all over the map' with men lately. He tells her to be sure for once. She starts probing him about his love life. He says there isn't one. Will heads to the pub and bumps into Tad, who makes some gay jokes and a vague remark about Sonny. William needs an explanation.

EJ is wandering to the pub and making calls to arrange his big date with Samanther. When he arrives in the pub, he overhears Jenn saying Nic has moved in with her. He interrogates her and suggests she ‘up her disaster insurance'. She doesn't appreciate the threat and suggests that he move on. He goes outside and calls Justin to request legal advice.

Rafe pays Nicole a visit at the Horton house. She tells him the baby is a boy and she's going to call it "Daniel R-r-r-rafael Hernandez." He doesn't seem impressed but tries to pretend. Rafe points out that naming the baby after the guy who did the paternity test isn't too bright. He wonders what is up with her and the doctor. She talks about their ‘romance' but worries that Jenn is back in Daniel's orbit. They argue about feelings. She accuses him of having some of those for Sa-sa-sami. Nic just wants him to be happy. He insists that he and Sami are history. "There is no there there," he claims. He would cross the street if he saw Sami walking down it. Immediately after, he heads to Sami's and finds her in a bubblegum pink dress. He guesses she's going to see EJ. "He's not the right man for you!" he blurts out.

Mel's at Chad's when she gets a heavy breather on the line. She assumes it's Nick and slams the phone down. It was actually her dad. He's been having phone problems and calls her back. She babbles. Brady shows up. She babbles even faster and then hides her wedding ring. He apologizes for overreacting about Nick. Meanwhile, at Caffeinated, Adrienne starts talking to Daniel about Chad and Sonny's partnership. He suddenly pays his condolences for Jack. She wishes Jenn had someone to lean on. He heads off to see his daughter. The high speed babbling continues until he notices her engagement ring. "It's pretty. It's pretty," she says. "What in the hell are you thinking?" he asks. He thinks the timing is all wrong. It reminds him of her ill-fated union with Philly K. They bicker. She thinks he should just let her be happy. He tries congratulating her.

Brady goes to the square. He mopes over fliers for a loss support group. Jenn arrives for the same thing. Neither of them feels like going. He talks about his giant pretzel and asks her to take a bite. She digs out the middle and explains she always left the crusts for Jack. He thinks she should help him eat next week too. As they giggle, Nic walks by and makes a face.

Billie walks into Caffeinated and catches EJ on the phone with Justin. She interrupts to ask him if he's still interested in Nicole. He gets off the line. Billie thinks EJ should confide in her. That's not going to happen. She teases him. He runs away and tries calling Sami. Over at the bar, Adrienne is quizzing her son about Brian but he insists that nothing is happening between them. He admits he's interested in Will. She cringes.


September 13, 2012
Full Of Bull.

Nick bumps into Gabi at the pub. They joke about breaking glasses. She gets a bit awkward when he introduces himself. He explains his situation and how bad he feels for Mel. Gabi says people deserve a second chance. Later, Bo arrives and is startled Nick found work so fast. Caroline comes out and orders him to tend to the dishwasher. Nick putters off. Bo tells her she's a hell of a woman to hire the man who practically framed her for murder. They chat about making Nick clean the grease trap. EJ strolls in for coffee and snipes with Bo. He teases EJ about losing his job. They taunt each other. Bo says the Salem PD has a task force with EJ's name on it. Elvis thinks that's an incredible waste of resources. Bo argues it's money well spent. The DiMera just wants to be a family man and tells the cop he is full of bull.

At Caffeinated, Adrienne quizzes her son about boys. He admits he likes Will. She chokes a little. He guesses she is not pleased. She admits that Will is adorable but he has baggage and has nearly wound up in jail several times this year. He reminds her that their family isn't exactly kosher. His mom wishes he'd find a man to make his life easier rather than harder. She thinks he should go for Brian. He's hot. She googled him and everything. He asks her to stay out of his love life and then says Will isn't even interested in him.

Will chases down Tad in the square and asks him if Sonny is into him. Tad confirms it and storms off. Will chases him again and demands more information. His friends tells him how hung up Sonny is on him. Will happily jogs off. He heads to Caffeinated. He babbles to Sonny. Before he can tell him how he feels, Chad runs in to announce he's getting married. They talk about the wedding. When they hint that Mel will ask Gabi to be part of the party, Chad abruptly runs out. Will and Sonny think their friends are rushing. Sonny takes a call from Brian. He assures Will they aren't dating. Will knows because Tad told him. Mr. Horton tells him that neither of them have love lives, so...

Mel returns to Chad's. There are balloons and flowers everywhere. They discuss how 'bummed' her dad is about the engagement. Elvis arrives with bubbly and yells his congrats to them. EJ makes a toast to them. "This smells pretty," she says, drinking. Elvis happily agrees to be his best man and hints Chad might have to return the favor soon. After the men leaves, Mel calls Abby. She's glum and admits that Cam broke up with her. Mel is outraged and storms over. After Abby vents, Gabi rushes in. Mel flashes her ring. Her friends congratulate her. They begin plotting. Mel asks Abby to be the maid of honor and Gabi to be bridesmaid. Gabi tries saying 'no' but that doesn't work out. Chad stalks in and drags Gabi away, claiming they need to sign some CW related paperwork. Outside, she says she couldn't avoid accepting Mel's request. "This can't happen!" he barks. Meanwhile, Mel and Abby wander the alleys staring at her ring. Nick walks by to chuck the trash. Mel stares blankly. Abby can tell she's disturbed so decides they should get smoothies.

Rafe arrives at Sami's. Her phone rings. He assumes it must be EJ and tells her he's not the right guy for her. "Maybe you shouldn't be with anyone," he blurts out. This infuriates her. He suggests she try to be more independent. They bicker. She claims this is about the kids. Rafe tells her the kids won't have a chance if she gets back with EJ. He reminds her of the Sydnapping. She says nothing that far back is relevant any more. He guesses she isn't sure about EJ because she's wearing her giant purse with all the cab company business cards in it. She tells him he's wrong about everything and prods him to tell her who she can be with if not EJ. Rafe won't answer. He's about to leave, but turns back and starts macking on her. When he finally gets his tongue out, he shakes his head and runs away. Moments later, she heads for the door with her little purse. EJ is there. "Are you ready?" he asks, trying to lead her out.


September 14, 2012
The Jerk.

Nicole and Jenn have a chat at the Horton house. Nic wonders if she's off to see Brady. Jenn thinks she just wants her leaning on someone other than Daniel and doesn't want to have this conversation. They bicker about the doctor. Jenn stomps out. Nic hopes her mind game is working. Over at the hospital, Daniel is lecturing Anne, the Jenn hater, for assigning Jenn a basement office. He makes her re-think that. Maxine's impressed. When Jenn arrives, Maxine tells her she'll have a good office thanks to Daniel. "He's got your back, girl!" Maxine says. After she walks off, Daniel welcomes Jenn back. She curtly tells him she doesn't want his help. He wanders off. "Girl, are you crazy?" Maxine asks her. Jenn says he crossed the line.

Mel goes to see Maggie, who is tearing up about the wedding. The redhead worries she might be rushing into this for the wrong reasons. "It's got nothing to do with Nick!" Mel blurts out. She insists that what she has with Chad is real. Maggie cries. "I'm happy for you," she claims. She's relieved when she hears the engagement will be very long. After Mel heads off, Nicole drops by to worry to Maggie about Jenn going back to work. She encourages her to take Jenn on a vacation. Maggie isn't about to do that and shows her the door. Nicole goes to the hospital and listens to Maxine lecturing Jenn for lashing out at Daniel. She hunts down the doctor to tell him she's naming the baby Daniel Rafael. They kiss. Later, Jenn apologizes to Maxine before she goes looking for Daniel.

In the square, Chad tells Gabi he's going to reveal her secret to Mel. She points out that his fiancee won't be happy to know he's been keeping this to himself for awhile. His mouth hangs open while he digests that. She tells him that discovering he's been lying will destroy Mel. He blames everything on her. She blames him and storms off. He goes home. Mel joins him and they make out, telling each other that they are getting married for all the right reasons.

Sonny and Will are at Caffeinated having an awkward schoolboy style discussion about who they like. "I'm a... you're a... mr-mr," Will grumbles. They figure out this means they like each other. Will thought Sonny was out of his league. He hope she can forgive him for messing him around. Sonny doesn't want to label what's going on between them, but they agree it should be called 'slow'. After they hold hands for awhile, Will heads over to the pub and chats with Gabi. She's miffed about Chad. They chat about Sonny.

Brady walks in on Rafe kicking things in his office. He guesses something is wrong. Rafe vents about Sami and their kiss. "I don't need, or want, that craziness in my life," he says. But he can't watch her self-destruct with 'the jerk'. Rafe keeps repeating that the kiss meant nothing. Meanwhile, EJ drops in on Sami to pick her up. She informs him the date is off. He gulps. "But I'm in your living room," he objects, trying to drag her out. She claims she has to help Allie with a school project. He guesses this is because of Rafe and rants for awhile. After he calms down, she tells him she's still not in the mood. He trudges out and flails before stalking off. She gets changed. Brady shows up to discuss Rafe. Meanwhile, EJ corners Rafe in the square. The cop tries ignoring him. EJ orders him to stay out of Sami's life. "Go to Hell," says Rafe

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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