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3rd Week of September Weekly Summaries

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September 17 2012
It Was Stupid.

Hope shows up at the hospital to congratulate Jenn on getting back to work. She asks her out for pie but Jenn needs to see Daniel before she makes her day any more 'stupid' than it already is. Hope tries calming her down to make her coherent. Jenn recaps the whole situation. Hope suggests she's being angry at herself because she feels like she's betraying Jack. Jenn says that's not it and then rambles for awhile. Down the hall, Nicole tells Daniel about the baby's name. He's touched. She starts kissing him but he makes her stop. She wants to leave before he can explain. The doctor stops her and says neither of them is ready for a relationship. He advises her to focus on her baby and admits he doesn't think he can make a commitment. "I want this to be the last conversation we have about this," he says. They debate their presumptions. Daniel thinks she's amazing and he admires her fighting spirit... but he thinks they should cut their losses and move on. She worries about him. He fills her in about Mel's engagement. Jenn bursts in. The doctor leaves to take a call. Nic fills Jenn in about how close she is to Daniel. Jenn finds that hard to believe since she lied for Chloe for months. Nic says things change. "You don't," Jenn mumbles. Later, he pays Nicole a visit at the Horton house to tell her he will still help her with EJ. After he leaves, she tells herself that this is proof that things are far from over with the doctor.

In the square, EJ orders Rafe to stay away from Sami. Rafe tells him to go to hell. EJ lunges at him. As they throw each other around, Lucas and John arrive. They watch. Lucas thinks they should be selling tickets to this. As Rafe pounds EJ into the pavement, John decides to finally break up the fight. Rafe and Lucas stroll off. John tells EJ that he just made himself an ass in public and then got kicked. Elvis nonchalantly spits up some blood and walks off. He calls Justin for a meeting. Meanwhile, Lucas meets with his mom and recaps the fight. When he brings up Sami, she gets miffed. "I don't give a flying euphemism what you do to Sami," he says

Sami is at her place talking to herself about Rafe's 'pathological' honesty when Bo shows up. He has paperwork for her to sign regarding her arrest. Bo starts sniping about what a disaster she is. He lectures her for abandoning her children to run off with EJ. "You're a crappy uncle," she moans, storming out. She runs into Rafe outside of the pub. Sami notices he's bleeding. He tells her about the fight. She assumes it must have been over her. Rafe tells her that EJ started it. She probes and brings up their kiss. "It was stupid," he says. She tells him feelings aren't stupid. He's sure that she knows better than anyone that they can be and bluntly tells her the kiss meant nothing.

At the station, Roman tells Bo about the latest budget cuts. He says they have to take pay cuts. "Again?" Bo wonders, announcing he'll have to think about that. After he leaves, Hope shows up. Roman has the same talk with her. Meanwhile, Bo heads down to the square to read his new contract offer. He grunts. Hope shows up with beer. She jokes about how she will have to start selling jewelry to make ends meet. She sees he's been reading "Sailing Digest." He says he's not a cop for the money and recalls when they used to sail around the world. She knows he's not a nine to five kind of guy and doesn't expect him to be. He explains that all they ever do is go up against the DiMeras and it's boring. She encourages him to do something else if he wants. She's sure they will be okay, no matter what.

Justin visits his son at Caffeinated and starts asking him about Brian. Sonny is actually seeing Will. "Does your mom know?" Justin asks. He worries about how Adrienne and Sami will react. "I have a feeling this relationship is not going to be boring," Sonny says. Justin goes off to meet EJ. Elvis declares that he is looking for justice. He wants to insist on a paternity test the moment Nicole's baby is born so he can prove that there has been a conspiracy against him. As he explains how he will destroy all of those involved, Jenn eavesdrops in the hall.

September 18
, 2012

The Kid Has Problems.
Sami calls EJ and they arrange to meet up later. Will shows up and tells her he has a date. She tells him about the EJ and Rafe fist fight. He teases her about her love life. Will goes to the Kiriakis mansion to pick up some baseball tickets. He overhears Adrienne and Justin debating Sonny's love life. She can't change the way she feels about Will. Adrienne talks about what a freak Sami is and how Will doesn't know what he wants. "The kid has problems," she says, worrying Will will break her son's heart. Will mopes off.

EJ goes into Caffeinated to meet his brother. Chad informs him the wedding has been moved up. He complains about Nick and then about the 'girl' who is obsessed with him. "You devil," Elvis jokes. He warns him that people who go 'off the rails' seldom get back on. EJ heads to the square and bumps into Sami. She asks him about the fight he had with Rafe over her. He claims there was no reason for the fight. He was just overflowing with testosterone. She bluntly informs him they have no future together. He blinks angrily and then rolls his eyes when she explains that Kate told her she just careens between men. Sami claims she just wants to focus on her kids. He acts nonchalant and walks off to meet Justin. The lawyers debate the plan for the paternity test. Back at Caffeinated, Sonny tells Chad that he is going out with Will. Moments later, Will calls to claim that he can't go on their date. He heads to Sami's. She asks him why he cancelled his date. "I'm not good enough for him!" he blurts out.

Abby runs into the pub to tell Gabi the wedding is in two weeks. They notice Nick. He assures them he's staying away from the wedding. Meanwhile, Daniel visits his daughter at Casa da Chad. She tells him the wedding is in two weeks. "That's not going to happen!" he declares. He admits he doesn't think she should be getting married. "You supporting me or not?" she challenges. Her dad thinks she should wait. "I'm okay, okay? I'm okay! Okay?" she yelps. Abby and Gabi arrive so the doctor departs. Abby suggests she wait longer for the wedding. Mel screams. They repeat the conversation she just had with her dad but the ladies actually agree to be supportive. Mel asks Gabi to keep an eye on Nick. Gabi thinks they should talk about what happened with Andrew but Mel says that will have to wait. Gabi heads back to work. She tries helping Nick with a plate but drops it. As they clean up, Chad watches them through the window and narrows his eyes.

Jenn is pacing around the Horton house mulling over the conversation between Justin and EJ she eavesdropped on. When Nicole walks in complaining about her back pain, Jenn blurts out, "What on earth are you doing to Daniel?" She confronts her about the baby lies. Nic narrows her eyes. She tells her to shut her mouth and back off. Jenn is sure she must be blackmailing him. Nic tells her he's been making love to her but they've been keeping it a secret. Jenn accuses her of lying. "Your dirty little secret is not a secret anymore," she says. Nicole tells her how she has been there for Daniel and helped him heal from what Jenn did to him. Abby walks in as the expletives start flying. Jenn leaves for work. Nic makes Abby some tea and they chat about how her mom has been on edge and how they can help her. Over at the hospital, Daniel tries calling Chad. He leaves him a message saying the quick wedding is a huge mistake. Maxine corners him to declares they are having a party for Jenn. He agrees to send beer but not attend. The doctor needs to maintain his distance. Maxine rolls her eyes and walks away. Jenn shows up and tells him she knows what's going on with Nicole.

September 19,

Oceans Of Men.

Kate drops by the mansion and tells Brady that she wants to put one of Madison's final plans into action. He's all for that. That makes her happy. She wonders how they will destroy his step-sister. He knows she's a 'barracuda' but hopes she's just planning to ruin Sami's company. They toast to making Samantha pay for her bad choices. Over at Sami's, Will refuses to talk to her about his love life. He lets it slip that Adrienne said something upsetting. Sami plotzes. Will lists his faults. "Even when I was little, I couldn't color between the lines," he says. He's come to realize he's just like his mom and he hates that. Will walks away. He bumps into Kate outside the square and tells her he's a loser. She tells him anything can be fixed but he doesn't think that's possible. He thinks it's time to carry on the penchant for disaster that's in his DNA.

At the hospital, Jenn confronts Daniel for being involved in Nicole's paternity fraud. She tells him that he is Nic's latest victim. He won't explain anything. Jenn can't understand why he would jeopardize his career for Nicole. The doctor walks off. Brady finds her sobbing. She says she's just overreacting to everything lately. It's ruining her sense of compassion. Over at the Horton House, Nicole tries explaining the 'complicated situation' with Jenn to Abby. Nic claims she wants to protect 'saintly rock star' Jenn from the lies that are flowing. She wants to get Abby on the same page with her about this. "I don't even think we're in the same book," Abby says. Nic starts probing her about Cam. She says she's been with 'oceans of men' and is happy to give advice if she wants it. Abby walks away instead. Nicole calls Daniel over. He tells her about his run-in with Jenn. Nic starts getting paranoid but the doctor is sure that Jenn won't rat them out. His feelings are hurt because Jenn is so disappointed in him. She worries that he's starting to have second thoughts about keeping the secret. He's not, but it's hard. After he leaves, she drops Jenn's portrait on the floor and stomps on it.

Sonny and Mel are at Caffeinated. He's looking forward to his date. She bumps into Adrienne, who admires her ring and starts babbling about wedding plans. As they go off to look at dresses, Adrienne hands her son his phone. He checks his messages and learns Will cancelled the date. Meanwhile, Adrienne runs into Sami in the square. Sami lashes out at her. Kate arrives as Sami is tearing in and Adrienne is defending herself. Kate piles on and orders Adrienne to apologize. That's not going to happen. Adrienne's amazed Will isn't more screwed up with women like them in his life. She's sure that Will will do something to break her son's heart and storms off. Kate and Sami discuss Will and then return to threatening each other. Sami goes home and tells her son he can still learn to colour between the lines. Meanwhile, Mel returns to Caffeinated. Abby joins her and they yap about dresses. Cam walks in. Mel pushes her friend to tell her about the break-up.

Chad stands outside the pub spying on Gabi and Nick. He starts hallucinating that they are discussing Mel. When Nick heads to the kitchen, Chad storms in and demands to know what they were talking about. Gabi says it was nothing and he starts manhandling her. Nick tells him to let her go. Chad doesn't appreciate that. Caroline gets between them. She tells Chad to steer clear and points at the door. He slinks out, telling Gabi to watch her step. Caroline makes a call to a supplier, complaining that she didn't receive an order when, in fact, she did. She then turns to interrogate Nick about what happened earlier and orders him to look away the next time Chad comes in. She reminds him he's on parole and has to be careful. Later, Gabi thanks Nick for taking the blame and slips a few bucks in his pocket to help pay for all the dishes he's been breaking. Meanwhile, Chad goes home and continues getting paranoid. When Mel gets home, he desperately asks her if she loves him.

September 20
, 2012
When Did You Become So Boring?

Hope joins Bo at the pub. They discuss what he can do if he leaves the SPD. He doesn't have any ideas. "When did you become so boring?" she asks. She's been reading "Sailing Life" and suggests that changing careers to do something you want will help you live longer. Theo and Abe arrive. Theo runs over to see Nick but Abe leads him away. Abe tells Bo that losing him at the department will be a huge loss. He and the kid leave. Bo recalls all of the things he wanted to be as a child. Being a cop was on the bottom of the list. She encourages him to follow his dreams. He tries writing down all of his career options and then complains about how boring and repetitive being a cop in Salem is.

Rafe is at Caffeinated, calming Nic down over the phone. He spots his sister and asks what's on her mind. She'd rather talk about him. He says he's just 'lame'. They sit down and he recaps the fight, insisting it wasn't over Sami. She's skeptical and suggests that getting back with Sami could be good. He feels her forehead. She heads back to the pub and bumps into Nick. They have a little small talk and he leaves.

When Mel gets home, Chad announces they need to leave town forever. "You serious?" she asks. She thinks he's lying to her about something, sure this is really about Nick. He wants to protect her. After he gives her a scarf, he gets a text to meet Sonny and heads out. Over at the mansion, Brady tells Mel the wedding is in two weeks. Victor walks in to hear this and thinks Mel has lost her mind. Maggie says they can't interfere but her husband guesses she thinks this is daft too. He threatens to make a call to prevent Mel 'marrying the twit'. Maggie takes his phone away. "She's not pregnant is she?" Victor asks. Brady and Maggie guess Chad is desperate because of Nick. Brady decides to have a talk with him. He meets him at Caffeinated after summoning Chad with Sonny's phone. Chad starts spouting off about Madison until Brady grabs him and makes him stop. Brady tells him he's obviously under a lot of pressure and probably shouldn't be getting married right now.

Lucas drops by Sami's and snipes about the men fighting over her. He makes it clear that he doesn't want her and accuses her of being scared to be alone. "Your abandonment issues are beyond legendary sweetheart," he lectures, telling her she is 'zilch' to him and he's sick of her 'shenanigans'. They bicker about the games she plays and then he walks out. Sami plods off and bumps into Kate in the square. Kate lets her know that CW is in the middle of an overseas scandal because of all of its slave labor. Sami cringes and says she has no idea what she's talking about. Rafe randomly appears and warns Kate that this could 'bite her in the butt'. Kate strolls away and calls her minions to stop spreading malicious gossip about the competition. Sami thanks Rafe for being so fantastic. She wonders why he keeps going out of his way for her. Rafe admits he never thought he could get past what happened, but... She tells him how mad she still is at herself. Sami suggests they talk some more. Meanwhile, Kate goes to see Victor and asks him how they can crush Sami. She guesses he has other things on his mind and prods him to tell her about his feelings.

Maggie pays Mel a visit and repeats that she should be doing this for the right reasons. Mel is tired of defending herself. She sulks. Maggie doesn't understand the rush. Mel has a fit and announces she needs to go to her dress fitting. Her grandma agrees to support her because she believes in how smart she is. Maggie goes home and finds Kate talking to Victor about the 'goody two-shoes' he married. The redhead threatens to use her shoes to kick her behind. Kate leaves. Meanwhile, Mel tracks down Nick outside of the square. "We need to talk," she says.

September 21,
Trite And True.

In the square, Rafe admits that he might be getting past what Sami did to him. She thinks they should have dinner and figure things out. That's more than he can give. "I know I can be bitchy sometimes," she says. "Sometimes?" he asks. She says that things have changed between them since he arrested her. Sami keeps talking about how they need to talk. Eventually, he wanders away but stops to stare back at her. He returns and agrees to dinner. Meanwhile, Billie randomly appears to bump into EJ in the square. She lectures him for fighting Rafe over Sami. Billie says that most people evolve as the decades go by, but Sami is still a lonely little girl. EJ strolls around and bumps into Rafe. They lock horns about Sami again. EJ gets in some jabs about Nicole. Rafe calls and reserves a table for he and Sami. Elvis looks like he wet himself.

At the Horton house, Nicole is babbling to her baby about how amazing he is. EJ strolls in and says it's his baby as he puts his hand around her throat. Nic wakes up from this nightmare and babbles to her belly as she paces. She folds baby clothes and yacks. As she looks at a photo of Jenn, she decides that a picture is worth a thousand words. After digging up photos of Rafe, she takes photos of herself in bed and then photoshops him in. She heads to Sami's and asks her to hold onto some paperwork she was trying to leave at EJ's. She 'accidentally' spills her purse so Sami has to pick up the contents. The photo of Rafe is on top. "What the hell is this?" blurts Sami as she finds it.

Adrienne runs into Maggie at Caffeinated. The redhead lectures her for being supportive of Mel's wedding plans. She calms down. They chat about the situation. Adrienne says they need to let kids run their own lives. She admits she should take that advice herself. Sonny overhears all of this and starts putting things together. When Maggs leaves, Sonny quizzes him mom and she apologizes for meddling and tells him what happened with Will.

Chad goes home and finds Mel gone. He freaks out and tries calling her but she left her phone there. After spending some time on the internet, he runs out the door. At that moment, Mel tracks down Nick outside the square. She wants to end her worries. He starts apologizing. She asks him if he's changed. Apologies go back and forth. He assures her that he's determined to be a new man. Mel babbles about how everyone thinks he already is. They finally shake hands and wish each other the best. She runs off to her fitting. He breathes a sigh of relief. He notices she left her scarf behind, picks it up and shoves it in his pocket as Chad arrives. Seeing this, Chad begins pummelling him. Meanwhile, Mel and Maggie meet the dressmaker.

Sonny calls Will to ask him why he cancelled. Will doesn't pick up. He's at the pub with Marlena. She notices he's tense and gives him a pep talk. He thinks he's not good enough for the boy he likes. The shrink gives him another pep talk and tells him he can't be defined by his parents. "This might sound trite, but that's because it's true. If you don't love yourself, someone else can't," says the doctor. She advises him to call his crush. He's reluctant. Sonny rushes in and asks him to talk. Grannie makes herself scarce. The lads head outside. Sonny knows why he backed out of their date and asks Will to let him be the judge of who is good enough for him. They kiss.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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