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4th Week of September Weekly Summaries

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September 24. 2012
I Enjoy Annoying You So Much.

Lucas and his mom are at Mandalay discussing Will. She fills him in about the Adrienne thing. Meanwhile, in the square, Rafe taunts EJ by explaining that he's having a date with Sami. They bicker until Kate shows up and threatens to douse them with water. Rafe wanders away. EJ asks Kate to go annoy someone else. "But I enjoy annoying you so much," she says, assuming he has Sami problems. He whines about Sami and Rafe. Kate tells him to walk away. He thinks she's blinded by hate of Samanther. "She is incapable of genuine adult love," Kate warns.

At Sami's place, Nicole makes sure that the other woman sees the doctored photo of herself in bed with Rafe. Sami notes it's stamped with today's date. Nic claims the photo was taken immediately after she got pregnant and asks Sami not to tell anyone about this. Sami assumes this is all a set-up. "Why are you being such a bitch?" Nic asks. She admits that she wanted her to see it as revenge and babbles about 'baby boy Hernandez.' Sami goes to the pub to meet her mom and excitedly tells her that she thinks Rafe is coming around. She tells her Marlena about what just happened with Nicole. She gags about having to share parenting duties with her. Marlena tells her she's being hypocritical and selfish. The shrink babbles about the baby and what a natural mother Sami is. She's sure she could be a great role model for the child.

Rafe meets Nicole at the Horton house and she tells him about her photoshop adventure. She explains that she showed it to Sami so it would get back to EJ. He stares. "I've never seen anyone go so long without blinking," she remarks. He says she just threw him under the bus. "C'mon!" he groans, explaining he had a date with Sami tonight. Nic asks if it's serious. He shrugs. She wishes him good luck and he walks out. He heads to Sami's and has a fantasy about her shutting the door is his face. In reality, she opens up, dressed in glitter with her tiny pink purse.

Will and Sonny kiss outside the pub. Will's bashful and tells him he has some baggage. They joke about their moms and go to Caffeinated to wait for the coffee stir stick delivery. Will wonders who is paying for this date. They hold hands and Sonny says they can make their own rules. Sonny makes him pinky swear not to keep any secrets. The delivery comes and Sonny has loads of work to do so they agree to do this again soon. As they kiss, Lucas walks in, stares and walks out.

Chad catches Nick shoving Mel's scarf into his pocket and begins thrashing him. Gabi runs between them once Nick is a bloody mess. Chad accuses them of conspiring against him and abducting Mel. Gabi shows him a photo Mel just sent her of the wedding dress. Chad stumbles off. Gabi wants to take Nick to the hospital but he can't let anyone find out about thus. She sneaks him into the hospital to see Kayla anyway. As he tells Gabi how well things went with Mel, she touches his arm. Kayla fixes up Nick's face and they chat about Caroline and how he wants to make things better for everyone.

Mel is trying on wedding dresses with Maggie at Daniel's. She tells her grandma that she talked with Nick and isn't afraid of him anymore. They giggle and Maggie runs off to get some shoes. Chad shows up. She covers herself in a blanket so he won't see the dress. He tells her how worried he was. She explains that she had a talk with Nick and everything is fine. He hides his bloody hand and hugs her close with the other one. She starts to realize something is askew. Gabi shows up and says that Chad beat Nick to a pulp. Chad tries to downplay the situation. "He had your scarf... I mean, he had your scarf!" he says. Gabi has more to say and she wants Mel to know the whole truth. Chad looks worried

September 25,

Do You Want Dessert?
Rafe and Sami stroll the square having excruciating small talk as he thinks about Nicole and her photo scheme. Meanwhile, Maggie joins Daniel at the pub. She's trying to be happy for Mel but he think his daughter is acting too desperate. Maggie explains that Mel and Nick had a rapprochement and she feels elated about it. The doctor thinks that's amazing. His mom thinks he's a lot like his daughter. She croons about how great he is but he doesn't think he's so hot. She leaves. Rafe and Sami stroll in. The cop takes the doctor aside for a second and asks him to keep an eye on Nicole. Rafe sits down with his date and he guesses she dressed for something fancier. They discuss her purse. "I didn't think I'd need cab fare," she says. She probes about Nic and acts glad to hear she's fine. He assures her that he is not dating Nicole. She's sure he'll be a great dad. As she babbles about it, he stops her. When he tries to explain the truth, she stops him to babble some more. She says EJ is out of the picture now because the way Rafe makes her feel is incomparable. "That's good to know... do you want dessert?" he asks. She doesn't. They get the check and he takes her home. She informs him that her mom has the kids tonight. "Enjoy it," he says. She's expecting a kiss but he only gives her a peck on the head. He's about to leave but turns around for some mouth on mouth action.

Nicole keeps pacing at the Horton house and babbling to her bump. Jenn shows up and asks her to move out. Nic groans. She guesses this is about Daniel. Jenn is flustered and stomps out. She heads to work and starts printing out a list of DNA labs. When she grabs them up, she bumps into Daniel and drops them. He picks them up and notices what they are. She runs to her office and he follows. "What do you think you're doing?" he demands. Jenn makes excuses but he knows what she's doing and tells her not to get involved.

At Daniel's, Gabi declares to Chad and Mel that the lies have to end now. "Shut up Gabi," says Chad. Mel wants to hear it though. Sobbing, Gabi explains exactly what happened with Andrew. Mel laughs at first but it's not funny. She's furious and kicks her out. "You okay?" Chad asks. She guesses he knew all about this. He admits it and makes excuses. She doesn't like being treated like a wounded bird. When she sees his bloody hand, she starts crying. He says he was too scared for her and wanted to protect her. She thinks he sounds like a stalker. She declares that the wedding is a no go.

Nick tries to stumble out of the hospital. He can hardly move. Maxine won't let him go and tells him he has to wait until he has permission. Later, Gabi arrives to pick him up. He worries about his family seeing him so she offers to sneak him home. When they get there, Maggie catches them and begins interrogating them. Nick tries to cover but his aunt won't back off and guesses Chad must have attacked him. Maggie angrily storms off. Nick tells Gabi she's a good person. He asks her what happened at Mel's. She claims she had to owe up to her mistakes. He thinks she's his guardian angel. Meanwhile, Maggie rushes over to Daniel's to see Mel. Chad leaves at Mel's request and goes home to smell the sweaters she left behind. "It's over!" Melanie cries to her grandma. Daniel soon arrives and gets in on the group hug.

September 26,

That Was Pretty Bad

Rafe walks Sami to her place. He nearly avoids kissing her goodnight but then they go at it. The next day, she flashes back to this as Rafe simultaneously does the same thing. They think of calling each other while EJ sits in a dark office thinking about them. He gets a call about his finances and barks some orders. He heads over to Sami's and interrogates her about her date with the other man. "If it's children first, job second, what does that make Rafe? A child or a job?" he asks. She admits something happened with Rafe. Sami claims she's just trying to do the right thing. He gets annoyed when she says Rafe is still the man she loves. EJ insists he's not and reminds her that Rafe knocked up Nicole. They bicker and he says men always come back to her like moths to a flame, but he likes the heat. He starts smelling her ears and then kisses her head before leaving. He goes back to his office and calls Howard, asking him to 'take care of something'. EJ meets Howard outside of the square and tells him that there is someone in his way and that has to stop. "You want him dead?" Howard asks. EJ smirks.

Gabi runs into her brother's loft and declares that she's in trouble. She babbles and explains that Andrew never stalked her, she paid him. Gabi explains the rest and sobs. Rafe can't even look at her. After awhile, he assures her that he loves her and she beats herself up for being stupid. He has faith things will be okay. She wants to turn herself in but he won't allow that. Rafe gets her to confess and takes notes. She keeps taking the blame. He gives her a hug and says he'll get her a lawyer. She admits she's already told Chad and Mel. Rafe leaves to put things in motion. Sami runs into him at Caffeinated and he's cold with her. She prods him about the date. "It was nice," he says, shrugging.

Roman is having lunch with Bo and Hope at the pub. He needs an answer next week about what Bo is planning to do. Caroline overhears this. After Roman departs, Hope asks her husband what he wants to do. He wants to do everything. She putters off and his mom comes over to interrogate him. Bo needs a new challenge. His mom understands. "You don't keep your blood going, you rot," she quips. He wants to do something more worthwhile than being in the SPD. Later, he meets up with Hope in the square and tells her about his chat with his mom. Hope just wants him to be happy and urges him to dream big. They make out.

Daniel pays Chad a visit and asks him what he was thinking when he beat Nick up. The doctor lectures him. Chad justifies himself but Daniel thinks he sounds 'unbalanced.' He informs Chad that Mel has postponed the wedding. "Check yourself," Daniel advises, urging him to get help and stay away from Mel. Chad doesn't think he can walk away. Once Daniel leaves, Chad goes to the pub to see Nick. He apologizes and blames Gabi. Nick isn't that receptive and says they should just stay away from each other. Nick heads into the pub. Gabi drops by and he fills her in. She decides to confess everything to him. "That was pretty bad," he says.

Maggie goes to see Mel at Daniel's. Mel doesn't know where she stands with Chad anymore and asks her grandma to return her shoes. Later, Daniel arrives and informs her that he paid Chad a visit. She wants to be alone. He gives her back the cellphone she left at Chad's and heads out. Chad arrives to admit he messed up. He thinks they still have a chance. She gulps and says she's going to visit her mom. He thinks that's a great idea until she explains he won't be going with her.

September 27,
I Know What Your Sister Did.

At Daniel's, Mel breaks the news to Chad that she is going to see her mom... without him. He's horrified but she doesn't know what else to do. "Don't you love me anymore?" he whimpers. She can't get past their trust issues. He wonders if she can forgive him. She doesn't know but she needs to take her life back. He declares that he won't give up on them and then walks out.

Sami is interrogating Rafe at Caffeinated about their date. He tries to downplay it and says he can't talk about this right now. The cop says their kiss was amazing, but he still doesn't trust her and doesn't know if he ever will. She gets that. He gets a call from Justin and they arrange to meet up. Meanwhile, Justin and Adrienne are chatting in the square and start making out. She spots Will and worries about her son getting his heart broken. Justin says they'll have their hearts broken plenty of times. Justin meets with Rafe and they decide to talk to Gabi together.

EJ meets Howard outside of the square. He tells him he wants Rafe taken down but he doesn't want him dead. After the thug wanders off, Chad calls his brother in tears. They meet up at Casa de Chad. Chad fills his brother in about what happened and what Gabi did. EJ purses his lips as his brother rants. Chadsworth wants to make Gabi pay and Mel stay. Elvis claims he can convince Mel to give him another shot. EJ heads to Rafe's with a smirk. "I know what your sister did," EJ says.

Will and Sonny meet up in the square to study. They start making out instead. Lucas walks by and cringes. He interrupts them. Sonny gets called off to work. "Bye Mr. Horton," he says as he leaves. Lucas asks his son when he and Sonny became an item. He claims he's happy for him. Will bustles off. Lucas goes to see Sami to pick up Allie's portrait of Will. They discuss their son's love life. He's not thrilled to see his son making gay PDAs. Lucas thinks he needs time to get used to it. She assures him the lads are good for each other. Meanwhile, Will heads to Caffeinated. Adrienne corners him there to apologize. He thanks her and chuckles. Her son thanks her and assures her Will is great. He joins William and they make a date. Will gives him a spank with his blackberry and heads off to see his mom at her place. He quizzes her about the Rafe date and she grunts that the cop said it was meaningless. Meanwhile, Lucas corners Adrienne at Caffeinated and admits he doesn't think she's wrong about their sons.

Marlena drops by the mansion to check on Brady. He assures her that he's fine and he's too busy to drive himself nuts with grief. They discuss his father and he thanks her for always supporting him. He will always be there for her and John.

At the pub, Nick wonders why Gabi is confiding in him about what she did. She thanks him for giving her the courage to do the right thing. He's touched that she's talking him but thinks she should be talking to a lawyer. "I'm a victim of my own stupidity," she says. He encourages her to stay away from Chad and Mel. As soon as he steps away, Mel appears. Gabi apologizes. Mel says she shouldn't be the one walking away but she is. Mel won't be sending the cops after her because she doesn't care enough to bother. After she curtly dismisses her, she apologizes to Nick for the beating. He assures her he is fine and worries about her. "I just almost married someone I didn't really know. Maybe I don't know myself at all…" she wonders. His return has helped her learn about herself and other people. Meanwhile, Gabi meets with Justin and tells him the story.

September 28,
I Don't Think So.

At Sami's, her son quizzes her about the Rafe date. She doesn't want to talk about it. He's relentless. She says Rafe led her down the garden path and then broke her heart. He sides with Rafe. Her feelings are hurt. They ponder Lucas. She says that's over too. He encourages her to ask Rafe, "What's up?" She claims she's not supposed to be having drama right now. Will thinks she's playing games and should just come clean with Rafe about her feelings. "I know how not to do things by watching you," he comments as he leaves. She heads to the office but can't concentrate on work.

Lucas runs into Adrienne at Caffeinated and tells her he's not sure she's wrong about their sons. "They should not do it, y'know?" he suggests. She's not so sure. This confuses him. She says she was just having a knee jerk reaction and explains the problem with Will is really his parents. They go outside to continue this conversation. He says that her son is rushing his son. "Kissing? That's like a gateway drug?" she jokes. She thinks he's 'totally not cool' with Will being gay. Will just happens to be sitting a few feet away during this conversation. The parents bicker. Adrienne tells him they could be in-laws some day and strolls off. When Lucas turns around, his son is standing there. Lucas insists he's not a homophobe. His son isn't convinced. Will isn't mad, just sad. His father is sure they can work this out but Will doubts it and walks off. His father follows and keep making things worse.

Outside the square, Gabi explains herself to Justin. He says she could be looking at ten years in prison. She gasps, "No no no no no no." Gabi worries that Chad is out to get her. Over at Rafe's, EJ confronts the cop about what Gabi did. He threatens to make sure she goes away for a long time unless they make an arrangement. Elvis wants Sami in exchange for making this go away. Rafe refuses to make a deal. His sister starts banging on the door until he lets her in. EJ smugly leaves. She babbles about how bad her future looks. Later, Rafe has a shower. Sami shows up and he answers the door in a towel. Her eyes light up. He gets dressed. She babbles about how she wants to start over. "I don't think so," he says. Meanwhile, Adrienne goes home and tells Justin about standing up to a bigot. As she yaps about how great Sonny and Will are, Sonny just happens to walk in to overhear her. They have a family hug.

Brady drops by Casa da Chad. He's told that the wedding is off. Chadsworth assumes he's happy with the news. He thinks Mel is just raw from everything but is sure things can change. "They usually do," says Brady. Later, EJ arrives and assures his brother he has everything under control. That doesn't reassure Chad. His brother says he will fix things with 'the little girl'.

Mel drops by Daniel's to say her goodbyes to her pops and grandma. She explains that she's going on vacation. That sounds good to everyone. Her dad is sure she'll be back one day. They hug. Mel packs her bags. Brady shows up and Daniel leaves them to bid their farewells. Brady gives her a hug as she sobs and explains what happened. He promises that they will always be friends. After he leaves, Daniel returns and she tells him how much she'll miss his hovering. They hug and sob and he says she will never get rid of him. Mel takes off her ring and hands it to Maggie, asking her to return it to Chad. Mel says goodbye to her father since Maggie won the airport drive duties. Maggie sobs as she takes her down the hall. She tells Mel how proud she is of her and that she'll always be in her heart. Once they're gone, EJ arrives and asks to speak to Mel. "She's gone," the doctor informs him.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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