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1st Week of April Weekly Summaries

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April 1, 2013

All About Jack.
Vargas corners Nick outside of the square. Nick goes pale as his old cellmate waves a wrench. He gets annoyed when Vargas mentions Gabi. Vargas reminds him of their deal and then fills him in about becoming the church handyman. He strolls off. Meanwhile, Sami drops by the rectory to see her brother. Nicole strolls in and they discuss Vargas. Eric is called away. Sami starts laying into Nic and accuses of clinging to this job to get a phony halo. Nic suggests she put her energy into 'her own screwed-up life'. Sami lectures her about what she did to Jenn and accuses her of exploiting her baby's death. Vargas arrives and eavesdrops on them arguing. After the Brady vows revenge if Nic hurts Eric, she stomps off. Vargas comes in and asks Nic if she's okay.  She vents about Eric's sister. "I guess the spiritual thing doesn't run in the family," he observes. She opens up about her baby's death and her many mistakes. Eric returns. Vargas leaves to screw in a light bulb and the priest asks Nic what his sister did to upset her. She tells him how nice Vargas has been and then leaves with Sister Annabelle. Eric sits down to look at his email and is shocked by what he sees.

William goes to Casa DiMera to see EJ. They discuss getting rid of Nick. Elvis says that what they are going to do is 'irrevocable'. Will knows but this is his last option. EJ wonders why he's changed his mind. After making Elvis swear to keep this a secret from Sami, he explains that Nick wanted him out of the kid's life because he's gay. Elvis assures Will that he will be a wonderful father. Samanther shows up. Stefano arrives with Cicely. She goes off to freshen up. Stefano already knows Will is going to be a father. He heads off to tend to his guest. Sami wonders what to make of all this. William runs away.

Stefano strolls over to Rafe and Kate in the square. The cop taunts him and then wanders off. Stefano calls over his new young ladyfriend, Cicely, and introduces her to Kate. The ex wishes the new lady good luck.  Kate runs into Rafe outside of the pub. As they embrace, Nick spots them. They call him over and drag him inside to play good cop/bad cop about the custody issue. Fallon won't say much and leaves. Kate guesses something is up. Nick walks and gasps as he flashes back to his prison time. Will finds him having a panic attack.

Anne drops by the apartment to see Chloe. The diva updates her. Chloe is actually unsure if Jenn is dumping Daniel or not. They go down to Mandalay and Chloe tells her about sending Parker to Brazil. Anne thinks her plan could backfire, but "Woman, you got chutzpah." The diva is sure that her plan will at least make Daniel hate Jenn eventually. Meanwhile, Daniel arrives at Jenn's with flowers. She's distraught. "I've been re-thinking things and I think… I'm not ready for this relationship… ever," she explains. He assumes this is Chloe's doing and insists that they can get through whatever is wrong. She tells him love is not enough and bursts into tears. Jenn claims this is all about Jack. "You are not Jack and you never will be him!" she blurts.


April 2, 2013


Sy calls to confirm his appointment with Marlena. Meanwhile, Brady and Kristen stroll through the square and plan their wedding. As soon as he strolls away, Sy rears his head. She leads him off. He has an envelope of dirt on her but she won't negotiate. He threatens to sell his dirt to someone else and walks off with a chuckle. She looks at the photos he left behind and tries calling him but she already deleted his number.

Sami meets with John at the pub. She's expecting a lecture but he's not giving one. He's actually glad that she's in Casa DiMera. He hopes she can keep an eye on his boy for him. She doesn't want to make waves with her landlord. Brady shows up. Marlena pops up next. Brady runs away. He and Sami meet up at Casa DiMera and she confesses that his father wanted her to spy for him. Meanwhile, Sy hunts down Marlena outside of Mandalay. Kristen spots them together.

At Caffeinated, Abby yaps with Sonny about Will. He tells her how amazing things are because they never keep secrets. She leaves. He thinks about keeping the Rafe and Kate secret. Meanwhile, Nick has a panic attack outside of the square after his run-in with Vargas. Will shows up. Nick snaps at him and then stumbles away. Will makes a screwy face and chases after him. They argue about why Fallon is so freaked out. Nick says he owes Sonny an apology. Abby shows up. Nick gets a call from work and runs off. Abby wonders what's going on. Will doesn't explain. He goes to see his boyfriend. Sonny admits he's been keeping something from him. "It's about Kate and Rafe," he says.

Kate bumps into Chloe and Anne at Mandalay and starts quizzing the diva about what she's up to now. Chloe tells her that she's planning a visit to her son. Kate doesn't believe it. The diva reminds her that she is cut out of Parker's life. Kate leaves and Anne wanders off to look for a way to get Jenn 'the prissy ass' fired. Meanwhile, Nick meets with Kate. She's guessed that he did something to Will and hopes he's changed his mind about it. He hasn't. She demands to know what he did and warns him about how dangerous she can be.

At the Horton house, Jenn tells Daniel that he'll never be Jack and she can't move on. He's baffled and refuses to believe her. "I just... you... uh..." he groans. They go around in circles and she declares this will never change. Jenn finally ends it. He pants. She keeps explaining and clams she felt empty and lonely after their sex. He's baffled and refuses to believe her. She explains that her grandparents showed her that sex is not love. They go around in circles and she declares this will never change. Jenn begs him to leave until her daughter comes home. The doctor departs. Anne is outside and calls Chloe to report what she saw. Meanwhile, Daniel storms home and tells Chloe he knows what she's done. He rails at her. She acts clueless. "Talk!" he bellows.


April 3, 2013

Anne Milbauer Was Right About You.

Sy tracks down Marlena outside of Mandalay. Kristen spies on them. Sy tries getting the shrink to look in his envelope, but she refuses to do anything with him outside of the office. After she plods off, Kristen tries grabbing him but EJ rears his head and Sy escapes. He cancels his appointment with the doctor. At his sister's behest, Elvis runs over to distract her. He tells her how wonderful being with Samanther is. He asks her to drop by Casa DiMera and wish her well. She refuses. Meanwhile, Kristen heads to the shrink's office and waits for Sy. He shows up with the envelope. She tells him he's stupid and 'windbag' Evans can't save him from her father. They make a deal and he leaves. She knocks over Marlena's wedding photo and heads out. When Kristen gets home, her brother quizzes her about what's going on. She's not explaining anything.

At Caffeinated, Sonny is about to tell Will about Kate and Rafe when the woman herself arrives. Rafe follows. William wonders what's going on. Rafe and Kate get hot under the collar and bobble their heads. Kate announces that she is seeing the detective. "What are they really doing?" Will asks his boyfriend. "Each other," Sonny confirms. Rafe takes Will outside to apologize and remind him that he cares about him. That's why he wants to know what really happened with Nick. Will's not very helpful. They return to the others and Kate tells her grandson not to mention what he's just learned. The couple leaves. Will tells Sonny that he's been keeping something from him too. He fills him in about going to Stefano. Meanwhile, Kate tells Rafe that Stefano might already know about them. 

Daniel heads home to confront Chloe about Jenn. The diva insists she did nothing. After he grunts and groans for awhile, he seems to accept this. He announces that he is going to spend the rest of his time off with his son in New York. She says no. The diva calls Nancy and they pretend she's in New York with the kid. When Parker gets on the line with his father, he tells him he's not in the city. Nancy covers. Daniel buys it and then tells Chloe she needs to get out of his place. He heads to work. Maxine starts to needle him about Jenn. He claims things are tense but they'll work them out.

At Horton house, Jenn cries to Abby about Daniel. Jenn claims she doesn't love Daniel. Abby's perplexed but guesses this is about her father. She badgers her mom. Jenn wants to be alone. Abby takes the hint and goes. Chloe shows up and tells Jenn that she didn't break up with Daniel enough yet; she needs to do it some more. "I need you to actually break his heart," she orders. The diva barges in and sees the necklace Daniel gave her. She orders her to give it back to the doctor. "Anne Milbauer was right about you. You're selfish and cowardly," says Chloe. Jenn thinks Chloe's 'sick, twisted and delusional'. Chloe threatens to fly off to Brazil and keep Parker away forever. Horton caves and heads to the hospital. Chloe spies from around the corner. Daniel starts kissing Jenn. Meanwhile, Chad drops by the hospital to chat with Cameron and suggest they spend more time with Theo. Cam claims he's working tonight and walks off. Maxine tips him off that Cam isn't really working tonight. Later, Chad meets up with Abby and they discuss Cam. She thinks he might be in some kind of trouble. They decide to follow him.

April 4, 2013

Something I Couldn't Put My Finger On.
Abby and Chad head to Cameron's to get some answers about what he's been up to. Chad hides as shirtless Cam answers the door. Abby stares at his abs and tries apologizing for what happened before. He tells her not to worry about the 'virgin thing' but claims he's busy and needs to go. When she turns around in the hall, Chad comes out and observes that she's still a virgin. This all makes sense to him now. "There was always something about you I couldn't put my finger on," he says. They hide around the corner and watch Cam leave. Her jaw drops when she sees he has a gun. They follow him around town and Chad keeps asking about her virginity. They follow the doctor to Chicago. Only one place is open so they guess he must be in there. Looking around, they notice it is all women inside. They are about to leave when music starts to play and Cameron comes out in a boxing outfit to start his strip routine.

Lucas shows up at Casa DiMera, furious that Sami has moved Allie in with the DiMeras. "Are you guys sleeping in your coffins?" he yells before threatening to sue for sole custody. She tells him it's a great house for kids. It has horses. She asks him not to punish Allie. He insists that she only cares about herself, not the kids. She blurts out that she is trying to save their son and tells him that Stefano can get rid of the evidence against Will. Lucas thinks she's making a huge mistake. Sami challenges him to come up with a better idea and then begs him to bring their daughter back. He hates this but agrees.

At the rectory, EJ drops off some blueprints for Vargas and heads out. Nick shows up and lectures Vargas for getting involved with EJ. Vargas talks about all of the money they can make together. Nick suggests that he go to another town but Vargas likes it there. Nick leaves. He sits outside of the square and starts pondering what to do. Lucas shows up. Meanwhile, Elvis arrives at home and discovers that Sami has dinner prepared for him. "You did something bad, didn't you?" he asks. They smooch and she says he's off base. After he sucks on her neck, she swoons and tells him what happened with Lucas. He's annoyed and lectures her about having a big mouth. They yell at each other and then start making out. 

At the hospital, Daniel kisses Jenn and starts pouring his heart out. Maxine and Anne arrive and watch as he continues pleading. Jenn pulls away and thinks of Chloe's ultimatum. Maggie arrives and Chloe watches from across the room as Jenn tells Daniel how empty sex with him made her feel. Jenn tears Daniel apart. Anne pants listening to the Horton be so vicious. She accuses the doctor of being delusional. "Get it through your thick skull! I do not want to be with you!" she moans. He doesn’t understand. She throws the necklace at him. "I knew she was a bitch but this is hardcore," says Anne. Jenn declares that she is quitting her job and she wants the doctor to stay away. She storms off. Maggie starts fussing over her son. He goes home. Chloe follows him and admits she saw what happened. She's sorry and offers to listen to him. He tells her to get lost. The diva begs him not to shut her out. He starts kissing her. Meanwhile, Maggie shows up at the Horton house to question Jenn. The blond claims this is all about Jack. The redhead misses Mickey but she's not a jerk about it. She assumes there is more going on. "You've broken my heart," says Maggie.

Aprl 5, 2013

That Mullet.
At his place, Chloe asks Daniel not to shut her out. He sticks his tongue in her mouth. They hit the couch. He pulls away. She pulls him back. When she goes for his crotch, he holds her hand there for awhile and tells her he can't use her to get over his problems. He's eager to see his son again. She tells him to wait and then slips away to call her mom. His mom shows up and offers to make him tea. "Please don't," he says. She apologizes for being a Jennifer 'cheerleader'.

Cameron is stripping at a club in Chicago. Abby and Chad are outside, wondering where he went. She notices she left her purse inside and rushes back in. Once she grabs it, she looks up on stage and spots her boyfriend gyrating. Her jaw drops as women stuff bills in his bulge. Cam notices her and runs off stage. Chad returns and starts cracking jokes. "Maybe he got tired of asking other people to get undressed?" he mocks. She wants to run but the bouncer grabs her. Cameron comes out and lectures them for invading his privacy. The jokes flow out of Chad. Abby thinks this is all 'crap'. She confronts Cameron about paying off the dude in the hospital. He says that's none of her business. Abby declares that they are not friends anymore. Cam accuses her of not trusting him. Chad asks him about the gun he was packing. It was just a prop. The doctor explains that he has a mountain of student loans to pay off and makes them promise to keep this quiet.

At the rectory, Eric tells Nicole he's going to a religious conference and might not come back. He says the bishop is thinking of sending him away. Nic isn't happy. The priest explains he'll be moving out of St. Luke's. She rips up his transfer papers. He's going to miss discussing theology with her. She blames Kristen for this and wants to call his boss. He hopes she'll cut Vargas some slack and says he'll miss her. After he wanders off, she blames herself and talks to God about how hard this is. She prays that Eric won't leave. The priest returns and tells her the transfer papers were just a glitch and he's not going anywhere,

Kristen drops by John's hotel room with old photos of them. She claims that she wasn't really in love with him. Being with Brady has taught her what real love is. "That mullet. What were you thinking?" she laughs as she leaves. As she strolls through the square, she hears nurses gossiping about Jenn dumping Daniel. Meanwhile, Hope shows up at Jenn's. She wants to know what really happened with Daniel. None of this makes sense with the cop. Her 'flip act' isn't 'pulling the wool over her eyes'. Jenn says this cannot be worked out and asks her to go. After the cop leaves, Kristen shows up. She starts babbling about history and tells her how worried she is. The DiMera thinks that Jenn is not being herself. "Even if you are pretending to be my friend, can you please leave?" Jenn pleads. Kristen tells her not to pass up a chance at happiness in Jack's name. Once she goes, Chloe shows up. "Ugh!" groans Jenn. Chloe repeats her ultimatum. Jenn says she'll do what's best for Parker since he has a 'witch' for a mother. The diva rips the toy truck out of the Horton's hands and walks off. Meanwhile, Kristen heads home and finds a bouquet from Brady. "It's not my fault that men are the weaker sex," she says. She pulls out a photo of John and burns it. Down in the square, Daniel is taking a walk. He spots Jenn but turns and walks away.

 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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