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2nd Week of April Weekly Summaries

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April 8, 2013

I'd Know That Face Anywhere.
Victor heads home and asks Maggie what the hell Jenn did to Daniel. Maggie rails about how vicious Jenn is. He blames himself for encouraging the doctor to 'trust that bitch'. Maggie's in tears. Over at the Horton house, Jenn is about to go jogging when Lucas shows up, thrilled that she dumped Daniel. He gets them orange juice to toast. "I'm not going to say 'I told you so' but I am the one who told you," he says. He keeps gushing and offers to set her up with Rafe. She spills her juice. He knows it's too soon.  She says Daniel isn't a bad man, just the wrong one.

Daniel wakes up in a cold sweat. He tells Jenn he had a nightmare that she'd dumped him. She tells him that what they have is real. He wakes up from this dream on his couch. Chloe pounds on his door. He grunts and opens it. Parker is there with Nancy. He and his dad talk about balls. Nancy asks for some answers about what's been going on. She vents about the Hortons. The doctor decides to take his son for a walk while the women pack. Once the lads are gone, the ladies discuss the situation. The diva is still committed to her plan and saunters off to hunt down father and child. They are in the square talking about cows. Chloe interrupts them to say that she's made a lot of mistakes and just wants their family to be complete. Daniel invites her to join them. Jenn spots them from across the square. She jogs away and calls her son. She wants to come and visit but he's too busy so she calls her mom. Meanwhile, Daniel heads home to get his phone and spots Nancy's passport. He notices she was in Brazil.

At the rectory, Abe is impressed that Vargas can use tools. The ex-con hides around the corner as Nicole tells Abe how useful Vargas has been. After talking to the man in question, Abe heads off to report back to the outreach program. Vargas mentions EJ to Nicole. She growls and says she married him twice. "That guy?" he asks. She fills him in and thinks she must have been crazy. Nic asks him why he's so easy to talk to. He explains that having nothing to do for ten years makes it easy. Vargas tells her she seems 'smart' and then wanders off. Nic seems pleased with herself.

Brady is making calls at Casa DiMera. Kristen comes down and he tells her the MRI says his brain is okay. She's thrilled. Hope shows up and says they may have caught one of Brady's brain bashers. Brady is happy to hear this. Kristen is fidgety. The three of them split up. The DiMera heads to station and starts snooping around Hope's desk until the detective interrupts. Hope shows her a mugshot and Kristen says that he's definitely one of the people who tried to attack her. Brady comes in and looks at the picture but says it's not the guy. The cop has more mugshots for them to look at. They go through a load of them until Brady recognizes Sy. "I'd know what face anywhere. I punched it," he says. Meanwhile, Sy counts his cash and decides it's not enough. He makes a call to Victor, offering him information on Kristen.


April 9, 2013

Five Star Entertainment.
At the station, Brady identifies Sy in the big book of mugshots. Kristen claims she doesn't recognize him but Brady can tell she's lying. Hope wants to put out an APB but the DiMera tries to stop her. When the cop reminds her he almost killed Brady, Kristen mumbles, "They weren't supposed to." Brady's eyes dart around. Roman shows up and lectures him for screwing his dad's life up. Brady defends his lady and then they leave. Roman can't believe how daft Brady is. Meanwhile, at Casa DiMera, Brady begs Kristen to help him with a new art project at Titan and then asks her why she seems upset. They discuss Roman's grudge and make out.

Sy calls Victor at the mansion and tells him he has information on Brady and Kristen. They negotiate. Maggie pops up. Sy hangs up when he hears her. Maggie starts badgering her husband and he tells her about the call. She's sure it must be a scam. He thinks Kristen might have set it up to make him look bad in Brady's eyes. After she takes off, Sy calls back. Victor is gruff and tells him to email what he has and then they'll talk. When Brady arrives, he and Victor gossip about Daniel. Meanwhile, Kristen calls Sy and tips him off about the cops being after him. Sy drops the photos in an envelope addressed to Titan. Over at Caffeinated, Maggie runs into Hope, who tells her that something weird is going on with Jenn.

Kate and Rafe are romping in his bed. When they finish, he starts teasing her about keeping them a secret. She reminds him about Stefano. He thinks she's just annoyed that her ex doesn't seem to care that she's moved on. She insists she 'despises' him. When the cop hits the shower, she calls a lawyer to order some papers. Kate heads to the pub and corners Gabi. Roberts already knows about Will signing away his rights. Gabi insists that she won't keep Will out of the child's life. Kate wonders whose name will be on the birth certificate. Gabi says she wouldn't keep him off if that's what he wants so Kate whips out some papers.

At the hospital, some nurses gossip about the big Dannifer dumping until Maxine stops them. Nicole is there and asks what's going on. Maxine won't explain so Nic asks the other nurses. She's shocked. The gossip flows. When Maxine returns, Nic tells her to reign the gossipy nurses in and then saunters off. Back at the rectory, she ponders the situation and asks God for some answers.

Daniel heads home and spots Nancy's passport. He notices there is a visa inside. Nancy pops up. The doctor acts aloof and asks her for pictures of his son in New York. She makes an excuse for why there aren't any. Meanwhile, Anne joins Chloe and Parker in the square. They teach him to say he was in New York instead of Brazil. Anne tells her that the Dannifer break-up was 'five star entertainment'. After she leaves, Daniel arrives. He sends the diva away and calls Rafe over. The doctor fills him in about the visa. He's sure something is up and asks him to check into it. Rafe goes off and makes some calls. He returns moments later and explains that Nancy and Parker were in Brazil. At that moment, Chloe gets back to the apartment and her mom fills her in. Nicole shows up and insinuates that the diva had something to do with the break-up.


April 10, 2013

Oh God, No!
Nicole barges into the apartment to confront Chloe about causing the Dannifer break-up. The diva accuses her of being jealous and lonely. She makes another stab at Nicole being infertile. Nic can't believe she can sink so low and accuses her of being a crummy mother who exploits her kid. She walks out. Meanwhile, Rafe meets Daniel in the square and informs him that Nancy and Parker went to Brazil. The doctor is confused and angry. After the cop leaves, the doctor asks his kid about Rio until Nicole calls. They meet up at the rectory and she tells him that she's come to accept that he belongs with Jenn. It takes awhile, but she eventually says she's sure that Chloe was behind the dumping. He chews on this and tries to figure out what the diva must have done. A nun brings in Parker. The doctor gets the clue. He heads back to his place and finds Chloe there. Daniel tells her they need to talk about where they have been and where they are going next.

Sonny drops by Casa DiMera to see Elvis. The Kiriakis doesn't like being there and the furniture makes him uncomfortable. He tells him how much he hates Nick, but he thinks it's bad to enjoy hurting people. "Why? We're human, right?" EJ says. Sonny has his own plan to 'squash Nick like a bug.' Meanwhile, Will and Sami are outside of the square talking over their Stefano strategy. Nick walks by. They stop him. She thanks Fallon for agreeing to let her son see his daughter. Nick walks off. Mother and son go to Caffeinated. Will starts to worry about what EJ is up to and suggests that he's manipulating her. He's sure something is going on. When Will wanders out, he bumps into Sonny, who admits that he just went to see EJ. Will would rather he didn't get involved. Sonny's determined to help and kisses him. Back at Casa DiMera, EJ fills Samanther in about his little chat with Sonny. She starts accusing him of being manipulative. "What is the real reason that you wanted us to move back here?" she asks, accusing him of cuddling up with Stefano again.

Over at the pub, Kate pulls out some papers for Gabi to sign which will guarantee Will time with his daughter. Gabi thinks a lawyer should look at this. "Oh god no!" says Kate, prompting her to sign. Nick shows up and asks what's going on. He looks over the paperwork and asks who put her up to this. Gabi goes on the defensive. Rafe shows up as Kate argues with them. Nick shows him the papers. Rafe isn't happy when he looks them over. He orders Kate away so they can discuss this in private. Gabi asks Nick if he's okay with Will being in the kid's life. He says it's her choice but wonders if she's tired about Will's family pushing and conning her so they can take the baby away. Meanwhile, Rafe tears into Kate outside the square and says his sister is not signing the papers. She thinks this is about Sami and accuses him of being jealous of her and EJ. He declares this conversation over and walks away.

Jenn is at Laura's place. She's thrilled that her daughter is actually turning to her for help. Jenn just needs a break from Salem. "I feel like my heart is literally breaking," Jenn moans. She makes it clear that she didn't want to dump the doctor but claims it's all about Jack. Laura tells her daughter that Jack wouldn't want her to spend her life in mourning. Jenn breaks down and decides to call Daniel.



April 11, 2013
You Don't Have Any Rights.

Cameron meets the dude in the park and hands him the cash. Meanwhile, Abby drops by Caffeinated and asks Chad if he's seen Cam. The doctor won't answer her calls. Chad makes jokes. Anne eavesdrops and takes notes. Abby kicks herself for doubting Cameron. Stefano shows up. He doesn't get a warm welcome. Abby makes herself scarce. Stefano says he wants his son back and suggests that he move in with the rest of the family. Cam wanders in. "Can we please, please talk," begs Abby. Chad brings his father over to introduce him to Cameron. They discuss Lexi and Stefano offers to tell him anything he wants to know about her. After he departs, Cameron heads off to work. Chad tries convincing Abby not to follow him. "I just want one thing to go right for me!" she cries, running out. Chad mopes after her. In Chicago, Cameron arrives just in time for his performance at the strip club. Anne goes in moments later. Chad and Abby arrive soon after. Abigail is horrified when she spots Anne in the audience.

At Casa DiMera, Sami asks EJ if he's forgiven his father. Kristen barges in and says she'd like to know the answer to that too. She snipes that what Sami did to 'Eej' makes Stefano look like Mother Theresa. EJ is defensive but his sister mocks them. Elvis insists that they are building a future. Samanther says she loves EJ and can't live without him. Kristen can't see why her brother can't forgive their father if he'd forgive Sami. She talks about how great her life is now and then leaves them alone. Sami fumes and tells EJ he can't trust his dad. He tells her that things aren't black and white but he's sure he loves her. After he kisses her, she guesses he won't tell her what he's really up to with his dad. She threatens to take him and the children away if he goes back to his old ways. Meanwhile, Stefano arrives in the foyer. He chats with Kristen about meeting Cam.

Jenn is visiting Laura. She's afraid that if she does back to Daniel, she will ruin his life. She can't keep having this conversation over and over again. It goes on. She tells her mom that Anne might be right about her not being a good woman. Jenn explains that she degraded Daniel in front of his own mother. She incoherently explains what else happened. "I'm glad being here has cleared your mind," Laura says. Jenn's thinking of going to live closer to JJ.

At his place, Daniel listens to Chloe. He says they have the chance to get to know each other again. The doctor hopes they can finally be honest with each other. They rehash the past. He says he wants them to start over, but only as friends. He thought she knew that already but she's been acting like she doesn't. "I know what you did," he says, confronting her about Brazil and sticking a copy of her mom's visa in her face. Chloe acts clueless. He's furious. She tries suggesting this is all Nicole's fault. He says he would hunt his son down no matter where she sent him. "You don't have any rights," she tells him. She shows him that his name is not on the birth certificate. Chloe warns him that she can disappear with Parker and no one can stop her.

Aprl 12, 2013
You're a Real Inspiration.
At his place, Daniel challenges Chloe to take their son away from the father who loves him. She tells him to go to hell and reminds him that she has the law on her side. Chloe starts whining about 'Saint Jennifer'. They rehash their past and he keeps telling her that she screwed up her own life and then ruined his. Eventually, this gets through to her, but she insists she has done everything out of love and she won't let anyone turn her son against her. "I don't have a problem destroying anyone who comes between me and my child," she warns. Then she begs him to work things out with her. He repeats that that won't happen. She decides not to rob her child of his love. Chloe doesn't know what went wrong with her, but she's 'running on fumes' so she can't think about it. He explains he'll talk to Justin about their options in the morning. She leaves, determined that she knows what she needs to do now. Daniel gets Parker up and they play with Mr. Bunny. He thinks of calling Jenn but decides to speak to her in person.

In Chicago, Abby is shocked to spot Anne at the strip club. She and Chad realize that Anne must have overheard them. Abby begs the bouncer to stop Cam from going on. Chad tries bribing him. Abby turns around and finds Caroline with someone from her Alzheimer's group. "This cannot get any worse!" Abby says. She tries distracting Anne, who starts trashing Jenn, explaining that she's due to lose her job. Abby tries running backstage but gets trapped dancing with the stripper who is performing. Chad decides to distract Anne by ordering her some shots. Abigail manages to get backstage and tries to stop Cam but he goes up on stage anyway. Caroline thinks she recognizes him. Anne has passed out from drinking. Cam spots this. He comes over after his performance. Chad and Abby fill him in. The DiMera leads inebriated and half-asleep Anne away. Abby threatens to punch Cam if he complains about what she did tonight.

Nick drops in at Caffeinated to apologize to Sonny and Will. "Okay. Fine," Sonny shrugs. Fallon wants to discuss Will's family bothering Gabi. Nick warns Will that it's in his best interest to make sure Gabi doesn't turn against him. Sami and EJ arrive outside and watch. She spots Nick and is about to have a fit but EJ talks her out of it. Nick strolls out and they go in. Will tells them about what Kate did. They talk about how desperate Will is to spend time with his daughter. Everyone agrees to keep doing what they're doing and make sure Nick never finds out how much they hate him. Sami and EJ head back to Casa DiMera and discuss his promise to make her an 'honest woman'. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her. They kiss.

Over at the rectory, Vargas shows off his first pay check to Nicole. He asks her out and she warns him that she only drinks top shelf vodka. They head to the pub. Gabi serves them as Nick arrives. Vargas explains that he met Nick in prison. "You're a real inspiration," Vargas says. He and Nick claim they hardly know each other. When they stand at the bar alone for a second, Vargas reminds him to do what he promised. Vargas and Nicole head back to the rectory. They share an awkward moment as they say goodnight and he hands her a creampuff.

 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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