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3rd Week of April Weekly Summaries

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April 15, 2013
Sloppy Feelings.
In the square, Rafe calls Kate and tells her they need to sort things out. When he turns around, Sami shows up. Sami tells him they need to get things straight about Kate. She claims that they both want peace and insists that she knew nothing about the papers Kate tried getting Gabi to sign. It's clear that he thought they were discussing something else. Kate shows up. Awkward looks. Sami wants to know what's going on. She orders Kate to explain she had nothing to do with her scheme. The women snipe at each other and then Samanther wanders off. Rafe and Kate walk out of the square. She explains what she was trying to do with the papers. He's annoyed that she hid this plan from him. Kate accuses him of calling her a liar. The cop reminds her of having a history of massaging the truth. He wonders if she was using him to get to his sister. "Once a whore, always a whore? " Kate asks offended, claiming she has no 'sloppy feelings' for him and storming away.

At Casa DiMera, Kristen tells her father that she has a fire she needs to put out. She fills him in about Sy and they wonder why he's not more afraid of the DiMeras. She asks Stefano not to handle this. Brady calls her up after getting the go ahead from Victor to involve her in the Titan art project. She heads out. Meanwhile, Sy sends one of his criminal colleagues off to deliver the envelope containing incriminating photos of Kristen. Over at the mansion, Brady and Victor are discussing business. Kristen arrives outside as Sy's colleague tries delivering the envelope. She grabs it and heads in, handing the envelope to Brady. Victor starts talking about the mugging and pushes Brady to call the cops about it for an update. Once Brady blunders off, Victor asks Kristen what she has to say to him. She lectures him for hurting his grandson's feelings and encourages him to talk John and Marlena around. Kristen assures him that she has Brady's best interests at heart. He promises to keep an eye on her. When Brady returns, Sy calls Victor, who isn't in the mood to speak to him and hangs up. He sits down and picks up Sy's envelope.

Chloe drops by the rectory to cry to Nicole about how they have both lost Daniel to Jenn. They discuss how they used to be friends and wish they could be again. The diva says she has something to do and leaves. Later, Vargas interrupts Nic as she tries working. She fills him in on her strange encounter with Chloe. They start working on tax forms. He reminds her about last night and says he had a great time. He says she's fun to be with... but he doesn't think she'd give someone like him a shot. Nic tells him not to trash himself. He kisses her as Sami starts coming down the hall.

At the Horton house, Daniel tells Jenn that it's all over with Chloe. She doesn't think he can stop the diva from running off with his son. He assures her that's all done with. They are about to kiss when Chloe shows up. She announces that her world has collapsed and it's time for her to be honest. She apologizes. Chloe doesn't know what happened. Ever since she came back, she's been acting out of character. Jenn has heard all of this before. The diva says she has made a decision that will impact on all of them.


April 16, 2013

Sheer Torture.

At the rectory, Vargas plants a kiss on Nicole. Sami is headed down the hall to them when her grandma calls her over to the pub. She bustles into the office first. Her brother isn't there. Vargas walks off. Sami starts insulting Nic. She warns her to stay away from Eric and plods off. Vargas returns. Nic lets him in on the gossip about Nick, Gabi and the baby. They rehash last night. She doesn't want to lead him on. He says that's okay and wanders off.

Over at the pub, EJ tells Caroline that he is going to propose to Sami. She makes it clear that she doesn't approve but she won't get in the way. Soon, Sami arrives. Her grandma explains that she didn't call her over for herself. She heads off with Kay and leaves Samanther there. EJ pops up with a rose. He's rented out the while pub and starts pouring wine and chowder. EJ says that combination is just like them and he thinks it's perfect. He was going to wait, but drops on his knee and pulls out a ring. He loves her with all of his heart and asks her to marry him.

Sy is ranting at his colleague about the envelope. Dude is sure that Victor got it. Meanwhile, Stefano calls Ricardo over to Casa DiMera and says he has orders. Over at the mansion, Brady is about to open Sy's envelope when he has to leave to take a business call from Mr. Wang. Kristen and Victor talk about what 'sheer torture' this is. He says she's a hard one to figure out. She hands him the envelope. Her father calls and orders her home. She bustles off. Brady and Victor have to put off going through the envelopes to deal with their Wang problem.

John sits at Caffeinated, looking at old pictures of he and Kristen. When he turns around, Marlena is there. He asks for the key to their storage locker. Sighing, she hands it over and he departs. Brady shows up later and spots her looking distraught. He's sorry if he's been too harsh with her. They try some small talk and he decides to show her some of the art submissions. He pulls out Sy's envelope. Over at his hideout, Sy gets sick of eating peanut butter sandwiches and leaves to find food. At Casa DiMera, Stefano tells Kristen that Sy hasn't gone away so he will be dealing with him. She's annoyed. Her father heads off. John shows up at the door and he's brought her something. Meanwhile, Ricardo and Stefano track down Sy outside of the square.

Chloe is at the Horton house. She tells Daniel and Jenn that she is leaving town and her son behind. The diva plans to get therapy so she can turn things around. Chloe would go to the ends of the earth for he son so she's going a thousand miles away to find herself. Crying, she says she asks the doctor to remind her son of how much she loves him. He promises to do that. Chloe says she'll have his name put on the birth certificate. She'll probably be gone for two months. She blows her nose and fans herself until Jenn brings Parker out to say goodbye. She explains that she is leaving him there with his daddy. Chloe walks out and bursts into tears. Anne meets her in the square. The diva informs her that she's leaving. Anne can't understand why she is giving up. "It's not what I want anymore," Chloe explains. Anne mutters that this isn't over for her. She wishes her friend good luck and gives her a hug. Back at the Horton house, Jenn and Daniel kiss. Abby and Parker join them and they stick cupcakes in each other's faces.


April 17, 2013

Readymade Family

At the pub, EJ is on his knees proposing to Sami. She looks like she's choking on a kitten. There's  a long silence. He wonders if that's a 'no'. She blubbers that she can't agree until she's sure this is for the right reasons. They debate. EJ says this is all 'nonsense' and explains that he loves her and she brings him joy. She looks confused by this and says that people never love the real her. He keeps explaining why he loves her and how peaceful she makes him feel. Sami finally says 'yes'. They kiss and he slips a ring on her finger.

Nick drops by the rectory to see Vargas. He's not impressed that Nick has landed himself in such a mess with Gabi. They discuss their plan and Vargas keeps quizzing him about wanting a 'readymade family'. He thinks desperation screws everything up. Meanwhile, Rafe visits his sister at the mansion. She wants to discuss Kate. He assures her she doesn't have to worry. As he defends Kate, she guesses that he's been 'with her'. Rafe admits he's been sleeping with her baby's great-grandmother. He doesn't want to discuss his feelings but assures her he broke up with her. Gabi senses he feels bad about it and tells him she wants to see him happy again. "Just not with Sami," she adds, hugging him. After he leaves, Nick shows up and tells his wife that he doesn't want anything get between them. They can never let their guard down.

Kate is moping around the square with Lucas. They go to Mandalay and discuss Allie living at Casa DiMera. Lucas goes on to say that he doesn't think Rafe can ever move on from Sami. Kate turns up her nose. He wanders off. Sami and EJ bump into him in an alley. Lucas spots the ring and starts to tease them. "Let me be the first to congratulate you on your next fifteen minutes of matrimony," he says, before calling them pathetic and predictable. They head home and hit the sheets. She coos about what a great father he is and how much she loves him. Back in the square, Rafe hands Kate a flower and asks for a truce. He apologizes if he hurt her feelings. She'd like to try with him again.

Brady and Marlena are trying to be civil at Caffeinated when Hope shows up. The shrink starts opening Sy's envelope but is distracted. Hope explains that the trail of his attacker has gone cold. He gets a call and has to go, but tells Marlena that he liked hanging out with her. After he leaves, the shrink tells Hope that she has worn herself out fighting for John and Brady. Marlena suggests that the mugger could tell the cop that Kristen was the mastermind behind the mugging. Ciara shows up so Marlena heads out. The little girl misses her daddy.

Stefano and RicarBo corner Sy outside of the square. Sy starts apologizing for turning to Victor. Stefano sighs. Meanwhile, John drops by Casa DiMera to see Kristen. He brought a gift and arches his eyebrow. She's about to shut the door on him when he barges in. He admits that he has some happy memories of her. She kicks him out, claiming that she is only looking to the future now. Then she looks in the bag he left behind. It's her jersey from when she coached the Salem Moose with him. She hugs it and ponders how to use it. Stefano soon arrives and tells her he's taken care of Sy, but the pictures were sent to Victor. She has a fit. He has something else to do and leaves. When she heads for the door, she discovers Brady is standing there and he doesn't look happy.


April 18, 2013
I Recognize You.

At Casa DiMera, Kristen tries coming up with a plan and heads for the door. Brady is there and he doesn't look happy. His car has been towed to the backyard. She's surprised that's all he's upset about. He's surprised that she's surprised so she fills him in about John stopping by. Kristen shows him the jersey. He assumes this was some kind of bribe. Brady walks off and she starts going through his envelopes. Brady soon returns and notices they are missing one envelope.

Over at the mansion, Victor grumbles to Maggie about Brady and 'that bitch'. He tells her that things were 'peaches and cream' with Kristen until she warned him that she could kick him out of Brady's life like she did to John and Marlena. He wishes Sy would call him back but Maggie's sure he was 'a huckster'. Soon, Kristen shows up looking for something. Victor tells her Maggie just dropped her scarf off at Casa DiMera. She laughs uncomfortably and then reminds him that they used to get along so she hopes he'll keep an open mind. When he leaves to get her some water, she starts searching for the envelope when Henderson catches her. Meanwhile, Maggie is at Casa DiMera chatting with Brady about Kristen. She spots the jersey. "She's definitely not the woman who once wore this," she remarks. Maggie reminisces about the past with the Salem Moose. She tells him how real his father's feelings for Kristen were.

Chad, Tad, Brian, Sonny and Will head to the pub after playing basketball. Chad slips outside when he spots Cameron. He thinks they need to talk. Caroline pops up. "I recognize you," she tells Cam... but it's only from helping out at the pub. She heads in to get him some coffee. Chad tips him off that she was in the strip club and then jogs off. When Caroline returns, she tells Cam that his act was 'smoking hot'. She promises her lips are sealed and then wanders off with a chuckle. Back inside, Will and Brian head to the bar and have small talk. Brian doubts Sonny will be thrilled about the baby. Will's miffed and lectures him for 'doing his little thing' around Sonny. He challenges him to go ahead and take a shot at him. Brian joins Sonny at a table while Will and Tad get fries. Tad wonders why Will isn't more freaked out about the baby. Meanwhile, Sonny orders Brian to stop flirting with him or they can't be friends anymore. Will and Tad join them. They all plan a night out. As Will and Sonny kiss, Caroline stares at them. Sonny gabs about how he wants him in his life and wants him to be happy. Ma Brady interrupts. "There will be no public displays of affection in this pub," she orders. She's just kidding. Uncomfortable laughs all around.

A distracted Abby wanders into Caffeinated looking for Cameron and bustles out without speaking to Hope. John arrives and joins Hope and Ciara. The cop urges him to work with Marlena to stop alienating Brady. He tells her that he will do anything he has to to protect his son. Then he says he doesn't know if there is anything he can do. He takes off and Hope gets on the phone. At a table, Ciara picks the envelope off the floor. She opens it and finds a picture of Kristen paying Sy inside. Meanwhile, Abby calls Chad to meet her in the square. She worries about Cam. He tells her things are cool. She keeps worrying anyway. Over at the hospital, Anne corners Cameron and says they need to discuss a resignation... from one of the nurses. She's super polite. He's baffled.

Aprl 19, 2013

The Salem Moose.

* Due to preemption, this episode will air Monday in The United States *
Abby and Chad are stalking Anne in the square. He doesn't know why they are bothering to help Cam. Anne shows up and suggests that they discuss what happened in Chicago. She thanks them and apologizes for all of the acrimony. Anne just wants a fresh start. Abby's baffled. Anne jogs off. They're not sure what to make of that. Chad tells Abby that he's glad they've been spending time together so she could see he's not a total jerk. She says he's been useful. He starts to run his mouth and tries getting her to admit they've had some laughs.

Theo and Abe drop by the hospital to see Cameron. The kid goes off for his therapy. Abe asks the doctor why he hasn't been making time for Theo lately. Cam is jumpy. Abe wants his son to have stability and a family member who isn't a DiMera. He demands to know what's really going on with him. Cam explains that he's been working an 80 hour week to pay off his loans. Abe's concerned and Cameron gets emo. "We're not family. Theo is my family," Cam snaps. The doctor plods off. Maxine has been watching. She bustles over to chat with Abe. The nurse tells him that Cameron is trying too hard. Abby and Chad arrive at the hospital. She spots Cam and apologizes again for last night. He tells her to put him out of her mind forever. After he storms off, Anne walks by with a smile. Abby asks Maxine if she trusts Anne. The nurse doesn't. Deveraux asks her to keep an eye on Milbauer because she's gunning for Cam. Abby goes down the hall to use a printer. She bumps into Cam again and he apologizes for being an idiot. He asks for another chance and they kiss. That's just a fantasy though. In reality, Maxine calls her after discovering that Anne is still on Cameron's trail.

Sweaty Vargas joins Nicole in the rectory to discuss granola bars and paperwork. He fetches her some food and helps her merge her mail. They eat fried chicken and flirt. He pulls out a cream donut, covers it in whip cream and then licks it off her fingers. They climb on the desk.

At Casa DiMera, Maggie tells Brady about the days of the Salem Moose. She realized back then how deep John's feelings for Kristen were. He starts snapping so she heads out. Kristen calls him and they chat about the missing envelope. She surmises it must be at Caffeinated. Meanwhile, John wanders around and thinks of his past with Kristen. Brady calls him and they meet up. Brady is miffed. He accuses him of being jealous of his own son. John crinkles his forehead. Brady accuses him of having feelings for his fiancee and orders him to stay away.

In Caffeinated, Ciara opens the envelope and finds the picture of Kristen. She shoves it in her bag when her mom comes over. The little girl claims she has a surprise for her dad in the bag. Hope has some news: Bo is coming back soon. They go off to tell Caroline. Kristen comes in looking for the envelope. The waitress says she saw it in the trash. The DiMera jumps in the dumpster out back. The waitress comes out and says the trash the envelope was in already went to the dump. Kristen's relieved that it must have been destroyed. She bumps into Maggie back in Caffeinated. They chat about Victor and Maggie reminisces about the Salem Moose and when John first fell for her. Kristen hurries off. Maggie bumps into John in the square moments later and asks him what he was trying to do by sending Kristen the jersey. He refuses to discuss this and walks away. Meanwhile, Ciara is eating chowder at the pub when she takes out the envelope to look at the picture again. Brady and Kristen walk in. Ciara recognizes her.

 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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