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4th Week of April Weekly Summaries

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Aprl 22, 2013

The Salem Moose.

* Due to preemption, this episode aired Friday in Canada *

Abby and Chad are stalking Anne in the square. He doesn't know why they are bothering to help Cam. Anne shows up and suggests that they discuss what happened in Chicago. She thanks them and apologizes for all of the acrimony. Anne just wants a fresh start. Abby's baffled. Anne jogs off. They're not sure what to make of that. Chad tells Abby that he's glad they've been spending time together so she could see he's not a total jerk. She says he's been useful. He starts to run his mouth and tries getting her to admit they've had some laughs.

Theo and Abe drop by the hospital to see Cameron. The kid goes off for his therapy. Abe asks the doctor why he hasn't been making time for Theo lately. Cam is jumpy. Abe wants his son to have stability and a family member who isn't a DiMera. He demands to know what's really going on with him. Cam explains that he's been working an 80 hour week to pay off his loans. Abe's concerned and Cameron gets emo. "We're not family. Theo is my family," Cam snaps. The doctor plods off. Maxine has been watching. She bustles over to chat with Abe. The nurse tells him that Cameron is trying too hard. Abby and Chad arrive at the hospital. She spots Cam and apologizes again for last night. He tells her to put him out of her mind forever. After he storms off, Anne walks by with a smile. Abby asks Maxine if she trusts Anne. The nurse doesn't. Deveraux asks her to keep an eye on Milbauer because she's gunning for Cam. Abby goes down the hall to use a printer. She bumps into Cam again and he apologizes for being an idiot. He asks for another chance and they kiss. That's just a fantasy though. In reality, Maxine calls her after discovering that Anne is still on Cameron's trail.

Sweaty Vargas joins Nicole in the rectory to discuss granola bars and paperwork. He fetches her some food and helps her merge her mail. They eat fried chicken and flirt. He pulls out a cream donut, covers it in whip cream and then licks it off her fingers. They climb on the desk.

At Casa DiMera, Maggie tells Brady about the days of the Salem Moose. She realized back then how deep John's feelings for Kristen were. He starts snapping so she heads out. Kristen calls him and they chat about the missing envelope. She surmises it must be at Caffeinated. Meanwhile, John wanders around and thinks of his past with Kristen. Brady calls him and they meet up. Brady is miffed. He accuses him of being jealous of his own son. John crinkles his forehead. Brady accuses him of having feelings for his fiancee and orders him to stay away.

In Caffeinated, Ciara opens the envelope and finds the picture of Kristen. She shoves it in her bag when her mom comes over. The little girl claims she has a surprise for her dad in the bag. Hope has some news: Bo is coming back soon. They go off to tell Caroline. Kristen comes in looking for the envelope. The waitress says she saw it in the trash. The DiMera jumps in the dumpster out back. The waitress comes out and says the trash the envelope was in already went to the dump. Kristen's relieved that it must have been destroyed. She bumps into Maggie back in Caffeinated. They chat about Victor and Maggie reminisces about the Salem Moose and when John first fell for her. Kristen hurries off. Maggie bumps into John in the square moments later and asks him what he was trying to do by sending Kristen the jersey. He refuses to discuss this and walks away. Meanwhile, Ciara is eating chowder at the pub when she takes out the envelope to look at the picture again. Brady and Kristen walk in. Ciara recognizes her.


April 23, 2013
Hortons Aren't All Saints.

At the pub, Ciara recognizes Kristen as the woman in the photo she found. She approaches her and Brady across the room. The couple runs off before she makes it to their table. Kristen and Brady head back to her room to rip off their clothes. After sex, he gives her some bling. She tells him he's a good man. Kristen assures him he doesn't have to worry about his father. "We're going to make it," he tells her.

Daniel and Parker are with the babysitter in the square. Jenn shows up. The sitter bustles off. Jenn pulls out a toy train for the kid. They kiss and gab about how they are finally where they belong and then putter over to the Horton house. She has more train accessories for the 'little dude'. Maggie shows up to apologize. Daniel takes his son away for a cookie break. The women discuss how people always think Hortons are saints. Jenn explains she would have left Salem behind for Daniel's sake. "Bless your heart," coos Maggie. Jenn kicks herself for using Jack's memory in all of this but the redhead is sure he would have understood. Daniel returns. Jenn has to get to the hospital to meet with Seth about getting her job back. Maggie hangs out with her son and grandson.

Cameron stops by Caffeinated where Chad and Theo are playing videogames. The three of them hang out. Abe pops up. Cam apologizes for snapping at him earlier. Meanwhile, Maxine calls Abby into the hospital. They worry about Anne, sure that she has it in for Cameron. Abby tells the nurse about the stripping. Seth Burns, the hospital administrator, arrives. Anne gabs with him. Abby follows the two of them around. Maxine joins her and they eavesdrop on Anne telling Seth that Cam is a stripper and news of that could be bad for the hospital's reputation. Seth is skeptical. She suggests that they catch him in the act. The nurse and Deveraux wonder how to stop Milbauer. Jenn shows up and her daughter asks for help. They plan. Abby calls the club in Chicago to speak to 'Apollo'. The manager tells her to come in person and hangs up. Anne and Mr Burns arrive at the club and take seats near the stage. Jenn, Abby and Maxine bustle in and start teasing Anne, suggesting that she comes there all the time. The curtain goes up and Anne is shocked by what she sees.

In the rectory, Nicole starts undoing Vargas' belt as they make out on the desk. Eric walks in on them and slams the door. Vargas leaps off her and starts apologizing. The priest sends him out. Nic barks at Eric, calling him a hypocrite. She tells him he pushed her and Vargas together. He lectures her for violating the trust he placed in her. Nic accuses him of not letting her be a woman. The priest reminds her they are on hallowed ground. She heads for the door. He grabs her. After they stare into each other's eyes, she declares she's quitting and storms out. She goes up to her room and calls Vargas in. He's worried about upsetting the priest but she tries to tempt him. They make out on her bed. Once they are naked, she blurts out, "I want you so much Eric!" That's a turn off for Vargas. Back in the office, Eric is tearing his desk apart when Father Matt enters. The young priest asks him to hear his confession. Eric confesses that he gave in to rage and judgement. Father Matt senses there is more and pushes him to say it out loud. He thinks there may be more than friendship between Eric and Nicole.


April 24, 2013

In Chicago, Anne, Jenn, Abby and Mr. Burns are all at the strip club waiting for Cam to come on. When the curtain goes up, Daniel appears on stage, dressed as cowboy. Kristen, Caroline and Sami arrive. They start shoving bills down the doctor's pants. Mr. Burns wants to leave. Kristen starts chatting with him about DiMera funding. Anne is fuming and tells Jenn and Abby that their plan won't work. Sami and Caroline get filled in about what's going on by Jenn. Brady comes up on stage next. Sami and Kristen snark at each other and the DiMera wonders if her brother is backstage, waiting to go on. Anne continues trying to stop Burns from leaving. Rafe comes out next. Sami looks really uncomfortable. Kristen teases her. All three men go on stage and are joined by Cameron. Once the dancing is over, the ladies debate about what Burns will do. Cameron comes out and tells Abby they have one more move. He and Daniel tell Burns that the performance was a fundraiser for the hospital. Burns says that's great. Anne is flabbergasted. Burns leaves and Anne trails after. Cam thanks all of his friends. Abby babbles to him until he takes her hand and leads her backstage. She rambles about how she needed to do something to help. He kisses and thanks her. The doctor thinks she's amazing. Meanwhile, Rafe and Sami have some awkward small talk. Kristen comes over and tells him that Sami is going to be her sister-in-law soon. She tells Brady next. He leads his lady away. Sami apologizes for Rafe finding out about her engagement like this. He's only ever wanted her to be happy. She expected him to tell her she was stupid and self-destructive. "See? You already know it. I don't have to say a thing," Rafe points out.

In the rectory, Father Matt asks Eric if there's more than friendship between he and Nicole. Eric admits it but says nothing has happened between them. He confesses that he loves her... but insists he's not in love with her. The Brady tells him that men keep breaking her heart and she keeps ruining every chance she has at happiness. He tells him about the 'inappropriate actions' Nic was committing in his office. Father Matt reminds him that they serve God, they don't play God. He needs to start thinking about Nicole like she's just another parishioner.

Vargas is on top of Nicole in her bed. "I want you so much Eric!" she blurts out. That turns him off for a second. She's in denial. He says that as long as she doesn't talk, they can get back to sex. After he admits it's obvious that she has the hots for the priest, she tells him he's a buzzkill and gets out of bed. She worries he'll tell Eric. He gets snide and leaves. When she walks out, she bumps into Father Matt on the street. She tells him that she quit. He thinks she should be talking to Father Eric. Back at the rectory, Vargas apologizes to Eric and assures him that nothing will happen between him and Nicole. After he leaves, Eric starts praying. Nicole looks in but doesn't interrupt.



April 25, 2013
Friends Forever.

In her hotel room, Nicole thinks of calling Eric as she recalls everything that's happened. Down in the rectory, Father Eric tells Vargas that they still aren't exactly 'cool'. The priest says Vargas can do what he wants in his personal life, but not in his office. He sends Vargas away. Nic calls the priest. He's snippy. She wants her stuff. He tells her she can come by while he's at his meeting and hangs up. She heads to the pub and bumps into Vargas. He's snarky and stomps off. Abe sees this and questions her about it. If Vargas is misbehaving, he needs to tell the prison outreach program. Nic says he didn't do anything wrong. She asks Abe for some advice. After she lost her mom and both of her babies, she felt lost and didn't care about finding herslef again. Abe admits he often feels the same thing since he lost Lexi. He tells her to let things unfold naturally and make good decisions.

John sits in Caffeinated smiling smugly to himself and hoping 'crazy K' takes the bait he left for her. Over at Casa DiMera, Kristen teases Brady about his stripping. He notices she hasn't thrown away the jersey and he's not happy about it. She admits it has memories for her. They ponder what his father's motives in giving it to her was and then start making out. Brady is impressed by the fact that they get along so well in bed and everywhere else. She has to go to work. He has errands to run and heads out. Kristen calls John and orders him to meet her at the office. When they both get there, she tells him the trouble he's been causing is going to end today. She chucks the jersey at him. They bicker and she refuses to let him destroy her life with Brady. He thinks they need to put all of their cards on the table. She orders him out. He grabs her flailing arms and pulls her close.

Hope takes Ciara out for breakfast at Mandalay. Ciara has a question about Brady and his girlfriend. She claims she knows something about Kristen. Hope gives her a lecture about gossip. Her daughter is confused. She's about to show her the envelope when Bo calls to say he's not going to be back for dinner. Ciara is furious and starts calling her mom a liar. Brady arrives and calms her down. He tells the little girl that his daddy was away a lot when he was a kid too but he's sure Bo loves her and wants to be with her. "Do you see your daddy now?" she asks. That's awkward. She teases him about his girlfriend and explains that she knows something about her.

Jenn and Daniel lounge in bed and talk about being a team. She still insists on going to the hospital to see Mr. Burns alone. They stop by the rectory and chat to Eric. Jenn runs off. The doctor tells the priest how Nicole helped him keep his son when Chloe went off the deep end. He thanks Eric for looking out for Nic. Later, Nicole drops by to pack up her desk. Eric tells her that he doesn't want her to quit. He explains what Daniel and Jenn told him. She wonders if he's sure he really wants her to stay. He is. "I want to be friends forever," she says. They shake hands. Meanwhile, Jenn meets with Mr. Burns at the hospital. She asks for her job back... even though she screwed up big time. He explains a lot of people on staff want her back so he's okay with it. He wanders off and she runs into Maxine's arms. As they hug, Anne walks in and gags. Jenn has to stop Maxine from tearing Anne's head off. Anne laughs at the nurse. Jenn tells Anne that they should all start over again. They begin arguing. Jenn says she must be stupid if she thought a plot with Chloe would work. The Horton orders her to get her stuff out of her office and stay out of her way. She heads to the mansion to see Daniel and Parker. Maxine already called him to gossip. He has a cupcake ready for her.

Aprl 26, 2013

Mind Games.
In the park, Kate tells Nick that she's very impressed with his work, but can't stomach the sight of him. He thinks that's harsh. She says it's harsh what he's doing to her grandson. She reminds him she can fire him. Nick reassures her he hasn't talked to anyone about his work and spills the beans about Rafe stripping before he leaves.

At the pub, Gabi teases Rafe about stripping. He says it was for a good cause. Gabi asks about Kate not being in the pictures. He says it was kind of last minute. Gabi notes that Sami was there. Rafe says they weren't meant to be or she wouldn't be marrying EJ. Gabi's taken aback. Rafe says he doesn't give a damn what Sami does.

EJ tells Sami, at the DiMera mansion, that his father is on his way back. Sami calls Will at the cafe and tells him to come over - today's the day. Will's nervous. Sami insists they have to do whatever it takes to get Nick out of the way. She asks Will to put Sonny on. She tells him she needs to know where Gabi and Nick's rooms are and when they're not there.

At the cafe, Sonny hangs up from Sami. Will tells him Stefano came back today and asks why Sami wanted to talk to him. Sonny says he's going to do something for her - no big deal. When Will leaves, T grills Sonny about what's going on. Sonny puts him off and calls Adrienne. She says Gabi, Nick and the others are all out.

Ciara is with Brady in the square. She says she knows his girlfriend has a lot of money because she gives it away to people. She takes out the envelope with the photo to show him. Nearby, Hope is frustrated that she and Bo were disconnected. She joins Brady and Ciara before she can show him the photo. Ciara has a meltdown over them talking about her like she's not there. Brady goes, and Hope reassures Ciara about Bo.

In her room, Kristen tells John to take the damn jersey and go. He pulls her close and she orders him out again. He grins. He asks if she remembers the day he gave her the jersey - it was the day he realized he was falling in love with her. He thinks she can become that woman again. She says that woman's dead. "You killed her." Brady arrives and rants at John about playing mind games. John says Kristen called him. Brady grabs John. Kristen intervenes and sends John out with the jersey. Brady's upset that John's clearly not over her. He says if that intrigues her, they're finished. Kristen starts ripping Brady's clothes off.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ reassures Sami with regard to Stefano's reaction to their engagement. He appears. "This, I gather, is the big news." Sami holds up her engagement ring. Stefano declares that it's wonderful and they prepare a toast. Sami kisses up to Stefano, asking him for tips on being a grandparent. He says she'll be a natural. Will arrives, pretending to drop off Johnny's ball. Stefano invites him to stay and play chess. As they play, EJ and Sami tell Stefano that Nick blackmailed Will into giving up his parental rights. Sami and EJ keep talking about it, but Stefano doesn't rise to the bait. Later, Stefano suddenly asks Sami if she wanted to ask him a favor before.

Rafe catches up with Kate in the park and they share a laugh over his stripping escapade. She asks, "Was Sami there?" Rafe tells her where to find photos and says it was for charity. Katie ponies up $500 for the cause - and to see his act. Later, they cuddle in bed and Kate regrets mentioning Sami and sounding insecure. They kiss.

Sonny arrives at Adrienne's place and asks about Gabi and Nick living there - he's concerned how it will be for the baby. Adrienne tells him Nick seems devoted to Gabi and asks if he's trying to help Will get something on them. Sonny says, "What if I am?" Adrienne warns him to be careful of Nick, and asks what he needs to know.

Nick and Gabi chat with Hope at the pub. She mentions Will and Sonny caring for their daughter. Nick asks if she really thinks that's an ideal life for a little girl. Gabi and Hope ask what he means.  Hope suggests they work things out - the worst thing for a child is when the parents are fighting. Gabi tells Nick she agrees. Nick tells her this blended family idea is not going to happen.

At home, Ciara takes out the photo of Kristen again.

John holds the jersey and smirks in the park.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis and Candace Young wrote these stories just for you!

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