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1st Week of August Weekly Summaries

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Aug 5, 2013
A Miserable Human Being.

At the court house, Kayla meets with Justin and EJ. She's convinced that another autopsy would exonerate Sami. Meanwhile, Marge pays Sami a visit in her jail cell. Sami calls for a guard but there isn't one around. Marge pulls out a picture of little Timmy and tells Samanther that he sobs all night. She yells at her for hating Joe. Sami can't explain anything. Later, EJ arrives as Sami sobs. She tells him about Marge's visit. He informs her that the hearing has been delayed but they are cautiously optimistic. Elvis tries comforting her. Justin finally calls and explains they got a court order to exhume the body. Sami is sure this means her nightmare is over, but Marge corners Justin and declares that they will never exhume her husband's corpse.

Daniel and Eric are shocked when they arrive at Ventura's office and he explains that the woman hiding in his bathroom just destroyed all the evidence he collected. Daniel tries to talk Kristen, disguised as Susan, out of the bathroom. She shoves a note under the door that reads she's too embarrassed to come out. Eric tries getting her to open up. She knocks over some toilet paper so the men guess she's in danger. The three of them manage to barge in. She's gone out the window. Daniel assumes that the mystery woman was sabotaging them. The priest remembers meeting a woman at the hotel. Ventura thinks this was just an accident and declares that the evidence has been totally loss.

In his hospital bed, Rafe recalls Marge's words about Sami until Nicole interrupts. She catches him up on her life. When he mentions Eric, she gets defensive. Later, she meets with Daniel at the mansion and they discuss their concerns for Eric. The topic turns to JJ. She urges him not to let the kid get between him and Jenn. She explains that she caught him with something and it was 'nothing good'. When she urges him to go back to Jenn, he says he can't.

Jenn and Brady are at the Horton house. She tells him to be wise about getting back with Kristen. Over in the park, JJ probes Theresa about the man she's interested in and then pretends he doesn't care. He suggests she call her new boyfriend the next time she needs blow. She heads back to the office. Jenn is there and lectures her for not going to HR. She calls Anne in. Theresa starts to panic and accuses Jenn of being a sexually frustrated, uptight priss. Anne arrives and eavesdrops for awhile before interrupting. Jenn stomps out. Theresa says Jenn's a 'miserable human being' and Anne agrees. After seeing her in action, Anne has decided that Theresa is exactly the kind of assistant Jenn needs. Down the hall, Jenn visits Rafe. He reminds her of how great Daniel is and she thanks him for the reminder. Meanwhile, JJ heads back to school and meets with Rory. He's decided that Theresa isn't his type. He spots Bev and she asks him to hang out. Cole looks on angrily. Cole lays into JJ, gets territorial about Bev and warns that JJ is screwing with the wrong guy. Bev and JJ wander off. She invites him to the "Twilight" marathon in her basement. He'd rather find a party. Theresa calls and asks him to hang out with her later. Across town, Jenn shows up at the mansion and throws herself into the Daniel's arms.

Kristen heads back to Casa DiMera. Brady shows up and she claims she is just jittery from coffee. He thinks she's hiding something and wonders if she is seeing someone else. "You are the only man that I've thought of," she insists. He's worried that she's not wearing her bracelet anymore. She realizes she must have lost it at the rectory. After she promises to find it, she kisses him and sends him off. "No one will ever know that I defrocked your priest, okay? But why does this have to be so damn complicated?" she asks God. When she heads to the rectory and grabs her bracelet off the floor, Eric spots her.


August 6, 2013

Theresa calls JJ and tries to tempt him out. He's reluctant. When he hangs up, he makes an excuse to Bev and they arrange to meet up later. He kisses her cheek. Cole grimaces in the background. Meanwhile, Nick is outside of the square. A potential job interview calls to cancel. He wanders through the square and bumps into Theresa. She knocks over his papers and asks if he's a stockbroker. He dabbles. She lays it on thick and offers to buy him coffee. Nick has to go off to make a call. JJ shows up and tells her she's an idiot if she's trying to snag Nick. He fills her in on some of Fallon's past. She likes 'edgy' men and accuses JJ of being jealous. JJ laughs when he realizes she thinks his cousin in rich. He decides she's no fun and asks her not to call him again. After he heads off, Nick returns. Theresa freaks out at him when he admits he's unemployed. "If there's one thing I can't stand, poodle, it's dishonest people!" she bleeps as she blusters off.

Jenn and Daniel make out in the doorway of the mansion. He pulls away for some air and they jog off to his apartment to hit the sheets. After two sweaty minutes, they crawl up in the fetal position and she says she doesn't want to lose him again. She has to run back to work for a conference call. When she gets to work, Maxine gives her some messages. Jenn won a PR award. They hug and Jenn runs off. She finds her son waiting in her office. He notices she's in a good mood and asks if there is something she wants to share.

At the courthouse, Marge informs Justin that he won't be exhuming her husband's body. The lawyer explains that no one thought the shot from Sami could kill Joe. They still don't know the whole picture. Marge points out that her husband was cremated to save money. She says his client can kiss her life goodbye. Down in the cells, EJ promises Sami that she will be home soon. Johnny calls and speaks to his mom about what he's been doing lately. She sobs through the small talk. After that, she and Elvis discuss their wedding plans and she promises that this will be her last. Justin calls with the bad news. Sami has a fit. "What do we do now?" she asks.

Nicole runs into Brady at the pub. She offers a truce on Kristen if he will keep Eric safe. He assumes there is more to what she's saying. Nic admits that Eric has caught on to her being in love with him. She worries about how Father Matt keeps prodding her to head to the confessional. "Just tell him... tell him how you feel," Brady suggests. She thinks that would ruin everything. "This is the least bad that I've ever been," she says. Brady doubts that trying to protect Eric by lying to him when he already knows the truth will work out. Meanwhile, Eric walks into his office and finds Kristen crawling on the floor for her bracelet. He guesses there is something she's not telling him. She claims she is just there to tell Nicole that her affair with Brady is now over because he's all hers again. The priest taken aback so she assures him it was just meaningless sex. She leaves him to ponder that. When she gets home, Brady arrives just in time to zip up her dress. Father Matt shows up. He explains that the bishop would like her to join in on helping out with scholarships. When he mentions it would involved Eric, she snaps that she won't spend any more time with him. Back at the rectory, Nicole walks into Eric's office. He bluntly asks if she's sleeping with his brother.


August 7, 2013
I'm Easy.

When Jenn finds her son in her office, he notices she seems happy and wonders why. She's evasive and they discuss his plans for the evening. Once he bustles off to see Will, Jenn calls Kay to tell her things aren't working out with Theresa. Out at the nurses' station, Daniel is bumbling though a conversation with Maxine about Jenn. They wonder why Jenn didn't tell her they are back together. After he runs into JJ, and Deveraux says nothing, Daniel guesses he doesn't know either. He goes in to see Jenn and asks her bluntly if they are actually back together. She tries to fob this off but the doctor is upset that she's keeping it quiet. Jenn insists she is committed to him but she is still concerned about her son. Increasingly frustrated, the doctor prods her to explain things. She needs more time so JJ can recuperate. "We just have to keep it a secret," she says. He's angry, especially since he just bought them symphony tickets. Daniel says sneaking around is sleazy but she thinks it could be romantic. Daniel declares there's no way in hell he's going along with this and walks out.

Theresa calls JJ, leaving another message ragging at him to hook up with her later. She goes into the pub. Caroline joins her and they soon begin arguing. Theresa accuses her of spitting out psychobabble and judging her. She just wants to be left alone. Caroline has to stop her from running out. She mixes up her name and gets upset. Theresa gets upset too and starts apologizing. When she heads over to the hospital, she bumps into Daniel and he asks her if she wants some tickets to the symphony. She gets her hopes up. He hands her the tickets and tells her to find someone to go with. She decides to run off and scalp them.

Maggie finds Will studying in the park. She tries to encourage him to concentrate on the good things and not worry about his mom. She guesses he is having problems with Sonny. He worries that Sonny doesn't have much of a life because of the baby and everything. She suggests that he not make assumptions. Maggie heads off when JJ arrives. They discuss his mom until Bev arrives. JJ introduces them around and then tells Bev that his mom needs to meet her before they can go out tonight. "She just needs to make sure you're not a forty year old stripper," he says. He gets a brainstorm about what they can do tonight.

Father Matt drops by Casa DiMera and asks Kristen if she wants to help with the school scholarships. She refuses when he explains it would mean spending more time with Eric. Brady wonders why she has a problem with that. She backs down. After the priest leaves, she claims she just doesn't want to upset Marlena. Brady wants to hit the hay but she needs to get to church. Once she's alone, she calls Dr, Chyka over. He assures her that Eric's memory can't be jogged. Meanwhile, Brady heads over to the mansion and tells Maggie that he has started seeing Kristen again. "Oh God!" she groans.

At the rectory, Eric asks Nicole if she is sleeping with his brother. "It was short term," she admits. Nic tries to explain. She admits she had feelings for Brady 'for a few days' but then he wanted to get back with 'the witch'. "No biggie," she says. The priest is disturbed by how cold she sounds. They argue about whether or not she's really that shallow. "I'm easy," she explains, saying she dumps a man as soon as he has feelings for her. Father Matt interrupts. Nic bustles off to decorate pews. Father Matt tells Eric that the Kristen will be working with them on the scholarships. Eric reminds him that Kristen has done a lot to hurt his family, but he agrees to work with her. Moments later, Kristen arrives. Father Matt heads off, leaving Eric and Kristen to discuss how awkward this is. When they shake hands, he gets an odd feeling. His grandma sends him a text, explaining she left her prescription in his car. He jogs off to deliver it. Nic returns. "What the hell are you doing here?" she blurts out. Kristen informs her that she's her new boss.


August 8, 2013


Justin drops by Rafe's hospital room. He has some questions for him about Joe. Kate rears her head and forbids it but the cop wants to help. Kate is still overprotective so they make her leave. Rafe says that Bernardi seemed like a good guy. Down the hall, a distraught Adrienne drops by Kayla's office. Kay doesn't want to talk to her after what she did to Sami. Adrienne admits that this has caused problems with Justin. The doctor finally admits she understands her actions. Kate shows up and complains about Justin badgering Rafe. The three women run off. Back in his room, Rafe asks Justin about the video but he won't explain. Kayla comes in and ends the conversation. Justin walks out and bumps into his wife. She wants to talk. They go outside the square and he accuses her of hanging him out to dry. She accuses him of putting work over family. She has no respect for him as long as he's in EJ's pocket. "I'm done with this!" he declares. Back at the hospital, Kate gives Kay some recommendations for a physical therapist. She sits by Rafe's side. He worries he may never walk again. Kate's sure that he'll be okay.

Chad strolls through the square. He spots Cameron and Abby making date plans and interrupts. She goes off to make a call and Chad accuses him of making a move on Abby. Cam attempts to give him a medical pep talk. The specialist calls to arrange an appointment with Chadsworth. He bustles off as Abs returns. The doctor and Abby head to the park to eat a salad. Then they have dessert and recall him quitting his job for her. He doesn't regret it. After she wipes some chocolate off his face, they kiss. At the hospital, Dr. Landrum tells Chad they need an MRI immediately. After he has one, Chad is left to think. He thinks about Abby until Landrum comes in with the results.

Marlena sleeps at her place and dreams of John until Kristen appears and warns that she's just getting started with her. The shrink snaps out of it. Meanwhile, Eric attempts to avoid Brady at the pub. Brady wonders what his problem is. "It's about Nicole," says the priest. "It was a blip," Brady explains, insisting they were totally honest with each other. The priest claims that she is torn up about what happened. Marlena interrupts. She yaps about Sami and then Eric prods his brother to tell Marlena his big news. Eric runs away. Brady slowly explains that things have changed with Kristen. She gasps and asks him why he isn't listening to his bones. He explains his father told him the truth and he decided to give Kristen another shot. She thinks he's bonkers and Kristen can never change. "Pull your hands out of this fire or you will end up with charred stumps," the doctor advises.

Kristen explains to Nicole that she's her new boss. Nic thinks she's 'batso'. The DiMera taunts her. Nic gets her ire up and forbids her ruining Eric's life. "Too late for that," says Kristen, accusing Nic of already doing that with her 'tacky "Thornbirds" fantasy'. She orders Nicole to stay away from Brady. They get territorial and Kristen warns Nic than she will suffer unimaginable pain. She bites at her. Eric pops up. Once Kristen heads out, she contemplates throwing away the video but doesn't. Nic rails to Eric about how much she hates Kristen. He wonders if that's because of Brady. Meanwhile, when Kristen gets to Casa DiMera, Brady calls to warn her about Marlena, who happens to show up at that very moment.

Aug 9, 2013

I'm A Big Boy.
EJ takes a little video of Will and the baby at his their place. Elvis tells him how hard he is working on the case. Will is sure he won't let anyone get in his way. EJ strolls off and makes a cryptic call. Meanwhile, Sonny stops by the cells and finds Sami doing sit-ups. His hair droops as he blames himself for landing her in there. She tells him not to do that and asks him to convince her son that none of this is his fault either. Sami admits that she will never be a fan of Adrienne, but reminds Sonny that she only did what she did to protect him. Once he takes off, EJ arrives. He shows her the video from Will. She cries about everything she's missing so he promises it will be over soon.

Outside of the square, Justin tells Adrienne that he suspects she wants their marriage to be over. They bark at each other about their feelings. He needs some time. Justin rails at her for pushing him and their son away. She screams back that it's not fair that she is being made into the bad guy. Later, her son finds her sitting at Mandalay. They have some small talk and then she cries about losing her husband. He tells her how much he misses her and promises to tell her about everything that goes into his day.

At the doctor's office, Landrum informs Chadsworth that the results are conclusive. After hearing them, Chad walks out and takes a deep breath. Meanwhile, Cameron and Abby are smooching in the park. She wonders why he's being so passionate. His day has been crap. She feels like crap for not asking about it. Abby admits she still doesn't know what she wants. She thinks he's a 'saint with a much better body' than Mother Theresa. They kiss again. Chad walks by and spots them. He walks away. Abby pulls away and says she doesn't know how she feels. He gets a text from Chad and has to take off. He tells Abby he just wants her to be happy and she can take as long as she wants. Once the doctor leaves, she sends Chad a text. He assumes she's chosen Cam. He meets with Cameron at the pub. "You really suck!" accuses Chad. Cam turns the topic to Landrum but Chad doesn't want to discuss it. Then he admits he's dying of a brain tumor. Across town, Abby goes to see Will to ask what it's like to be into two people at the same time. Will wasn't in Sonny and Gabi at the same time. He tells her she's obviously got a problem but it's hardly a real one.

Victor finds Brady talking to himself at the mansion. He advises him to learn how to mumble and warns that he seems to be making the same stupid mistake with Kristen again. Victor used to be stupid about women too. Vivian may have been evil, but Kristen is evil and deranged. He's sure there is nothing between Brady and Kristen but sex. "I'm a big boy. Butt out," Brady says. After he leaves, Victor spots Justin and tries catching up with him. "You were usually the one who used his brain... the only one acting like a man in the Kiriakis family is your wife," Victor states. He lectures him for what he did to Stefano and what he let Sami get away with.

Marlena barges into Casa DiMera to warn Kristen that she won't get away with anything. "Poor baby! I you only knew what I've already gotten away with," Krissy says, taunting her about Eric. The DiMera says Marlena is just angry over losing John. She continues taunting until the shrink lunges at her. "I love it when you play rough," Kristen jokes, shoving her off. She points out that she has won. "I'm in bed with all the men in your life," she says. Brady arrives and orders Marlena out. She vows to do whatever it takes to keep her family safe. Once the shrink has gone off to visit her daughter, Kristen tells Brady that she is not going to take flack for every time she has to defend herself. He slams the door and they hit the desk. Meanwhile, EJ meets with some dude named Finn in the park. He orders him to make sure there is evidence that Bernardi was dirty.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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