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2nd Week of August Weekly Summaries

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Aug 12, 2013
Dude, These Donuts Are Calling My Name.
In the park, Theresa finagles some extra cash out of some dude as she sells off her symphony tickets. Daniel jogs by and notices she has the envelope but no tickets. She blunders through an explanation and grumbles about her problems. She tells him how much she idolized Sami growing up and how worried she is about her. Kayla calls and orders Theresa over to her office. When Theresa gets there, Kay gives her a lecture about having a fresh start. She explains that if she can't convince Jenn that she deserves her job, she will have to send her back out west where she will be sent to jail on drug charges. Kay forces her to write an apology to Jenn. Theresa goes off and buys some coke.

In the square, Nicole stares at JJ and his friends. Bev gets uncomfortable. Before they can all run away, Nic corners JJ and interrogates him. She threatens to cause problems for him but he snubs her. "Things aren't going to work out great for you hot shot!" Nicole curses before making a call. She meets up with Daniel outside of the pub and they discuss the problem with JJ. Nic explains that she is going to Jenn's for the book club. He's shocked. She offers to talk to Jenn about her son. He jogs back to his place and fantasizes about finding Jenn in his shower.
Julie stops by the pub to pick up Hope for the book club. Bo calls and argues with his wife. She tells him to be careful and he hangs up. Julie probes. Hope explains that he is going undercover and she doesn't know when she will hear from him again. Meanwhile, Adrienne drops by Jenn's to complain about her life. They discuss how great it was when their kids were little. Jenn thinks her son is turning a corner. He soon arrives as his mom makes donuts. She has extra dough so he offers to use it up. She bustles off to get ready for her party. Rory calls and makes some plans with JJ. After he finishes making his donuts with an added special ingredient, Adrienne comes in looking for wine glasses. When his back is turned, she grabs one of his donuts. Since they don't past muster, she decides to be nice and swap his out for the ones his mom made. Moments later, Bev arrives as all of the book club ladies join together in the main room. She and JJ head out with the wrong donuts. Kayla arrives with Theresa's written apology. Nicole trails in after and Hope cracks open the wine but then gets called off to work. The ladies down some wine and then hand out the donuts. Meanwhile, Rory meets up with JJ and Bev in the park. Daniel jogs by but takes a moment to lecture JJ. "Dude, these donuts are calling my name," says Rory. As they eat them, they notice there is no pot flavor.

Abe and Theo run into Marge and Timmy at the school. Abe and Marge talk about losing their spouses. She asks him to look out for Joes' memory. Outside of the square, EJ instructs Finn to prove Bernardi was a guilty cop. He hands him fifty grand to plant in the dead cop's house before calling in an anonymous tip. Meanwhile, Sami eats and talks to herself in her cell. When she picks up her napkin, she's shocked to see it says, "You are a dead woman!" She starts puking. A guard comes by so she hides the note. Soon after, EJ arrives and Sami hands him the note. "Bloody Hell!" he blurts. He calls Abe over to complain about it. Carver walks off to look into it. He soon returns and explains that he has picked the guards who will deliver her food from now on. Abe gets a call and heads to the station. Thanks to a tip, he and Hope get a warrant to search Bernardi's place

August 13, 2013
A Vortex Of Emotions.
Gabi goes into Rafe's hospital room. He's agitated and wants to talk to Sami. She reluctantly explains that Sami is in jail. He asks her to send a message. Meanwhile, Sami paces her cell and notices that EJ is unusually calm. He claims he's just optimistic. She assumes he must have taken matters into his own hands. Gabi shows up so EJ heads off. Gabi shows Sami a video message which Rafe made for her. He says that he believes she's innocent and thanks her for saving his life. Sami sobs.

Kate wanders into the square and spots Stefano laughing it up with his ladyfriend. She storms over and accuses him of lying to Chad about Bernardi. Cecily gives them some space. Stefano swears that he didn't send Bernardi to kill Rafe. "You are a soulless whore," he tells her, insisting this is none of her business. He smashes some flowers. Kate heads to the hospital. She gets a file about Jordan, the physiotherapist recommended for Rafe. Kate pays Rafe a visit and tells him about her run-in with Stefano. She thinks he may have actually been telling the truth about Bernardi.

Hope and Abe discuss Bernardi as they search his house. He shows her the threatening note that Sami received. A cop comes in with a box they found in the wall. There's not much in it. They head back to the station. EJ is waiting. He already knew they were searching the house and assumes they found something. He's shocked when they explain they came up empty. He gets sarcastic, blinks and walks off. Abe and Hope think that was odd. While EJ runs off to meet Finn, Stefano meets with one of his goons. They slipped into Bernardi's place and grabbed the cash before the cops could. "Elvis must think I'm a lot more generous than I am," Stefano chuckles. He heads to Mandalay. His son shows up to confront him. EJ declares he won't get away with what he did. Stefano taunts him and sips espresso. Back in the cells, Hope tells Sami that they got a lead that didn't pan out. She suggests that Sami not let EJ stray outside of the law because it could backfire.

In the park, Bev, Rory and JJ eat weed donuts and come to realize they aren't high. Rory thinks the baking neutralized the weed. "Maybe you have to eat the holes," jokes Rory. JJ guesses that the donuts must have been switched. He tells them his mom's book club must be eating their weed and runs off. "I hope they're reading '50 Shades of Grey'," Rory says.

At the Horton house, the book club ladies stuff their faces with donuts. "This is the best donut I've ever had!" squeals Kayla. They eat more and discuss "Alice In Wonderland." Julie starts telling them how boring cruises are. They all stare into space. They drink wine. "I'm a vortex of emotions!" Nicole blurts out. Julie rants about how much she hates cruises. Adrienne laughs so hard she snorts and starts hyperventilating. Kay gets the munchies. They raid the kitchen for peanut butter and pickles. "Eat me," Adrienne and Julie starts chanting. Nic asks them not to say that to her again. She starts ranting, grabs some wine and heads for the bathroom. Julie pulls some handcuffs out of her purse and offers to show them a trick. After she cuffs herself, she can't get loose. Kay talks obsessively about tacos. Nic returns and starts rolling her eyes. Julie calls Hope. "I need you to bring a key so I can eat soup again," she says. Hope offers to send a squad car. The car arrives just as JJ is entering the house. Jenn pulls her son in. She invites the cop in for some donuts but he just drops off a key and leaves. JJ is disturbed by the drugged donut orgy he's just walked in on. He tries cleaning up. They want more donuts. He calls them a cab. They head out cackling. Nicole leaves, sure that something strange just happened. JJ finds his mom fawning over his baby photos. She gushes about how proud she is of him. He sends her to bed and can't believe that he got his own mom stoned.

August 14, 2013
Don't Eat That!

Will and Sonny wander into the pub. Brent shows up to meet them. Sonny thanks him for all of his hard work. Brent is looking forward to his vacation and wonders if Sonny will come with him. Sonny says he's busy. Chad arrives. They all yap about the project. Will looks left out. He announces he's going and Chad offers to drop Ari's hat off to her in the park. The lads notice Chad seemed to be a bit down. When Sonny steps away, Will starts getting defensive and orders Brent to back off from his man. Brent thinks Will has Ďa case of you're so wrong', claiming that Sonny is not his type at all. Offended, he leaves. Sonny returns and wonders what happened. Will fills him in. His boyfriend assures him that no one will come between them.

Cameron walks around the park. He sends Chad a message about his tumour and then bumps into Gabi and the baby. She noticed how upset he looked a minute ago and wonders why. She doesn't get an explanation. Chad shows up with the hat. He abruptly leaves. Cam decides he needs to go too. He hunts Chadsworth down. They discuss who he should tell about his brain. Chad doesn't want anyone to know. He doesn't want any pity. They discuss chemo. "I'm gonna do whatever I have to do," Chad says.

Abby is sitting on the couch at home. Her brother returns home and spots her raising a donut to her lips. "Don't eat that!" he blurts as Jenn walks down the stairs. He grabs it and claims he sneezed all over it. His mom apologizes to him for getting bladdered with her friends. JJ wanders off. Abby worries about Sami. Her mom wonders why she's so upset. Abs confesses that she's been hiding something and can't do it anymore. She admits she knew about the video and kept it quiet. Jenn guesses Chad made her keep her mouth shut. She thinks they need to call a lawyer but her daughter says they can't go to the police. Her mom heads off to make calls. When Jenn gets to her office, Daniel barges in and promises that he will be there to help her with whatever she is worried about. He's also agreed to be with her in secret. He throws everything off the desk and uses her ass to polish it. This is just a fantasy. Back at the house, Abby fills her brother in about what she did. He makes her lunch and promises to be there for her. Then he gloats about Daniel being out of their mom's life.

Kristen tosses and turns in Brady's bed. She wakes up and they get lovey-dovey. Krissy feels insecure and paranoid. He assures her that he is committed to their relationship. She promises she's his forever. They kiss. She pulls herself out his mouth because she needs to go and deal with scholarships. He woos her with promises of dinner. "I love it when you're obvious," she says. He offers her some woo in the shower.

At the rectory, Daniel admits to Eric that they may never know why he has been so sick now that Mason's research has been destroyed. The doctor worries the priest could still be in danger. Eric starts probing him about his personal life. Daniel vaguely recaps the story of his life in Salem. He gets choked up when he talks about his son. Parker has made him determined to live a more honest life. The priest suggests he try praying. Kristen shows up. Things are uncomfortable. Daniel departs. He runs into Brady in the square. Mr. Black tells him he has a date with Kristen. The doctor is happy for him but warns him to be careful. When Daniel gets to the hospital, he's cool to Jenn. She asks him if he's reconsidered her idea. He hasn't. Back at the rectory, Eric and the DiMera meet with some kid and her mom. They give a scholarship to one. The mother starts rambling about how she just got pregnant again. Kristen looks at her dayplanner and makes a face. "I'm really, really late. It's not possible," she grumbles to herself.

August 15, 2013

She's A Snake!

At the rectory, Kristen panics when she realizes how late she is. In the hall, Eric and Brady are bickering about Marlena. "At least things couldn't be any worse," says Brady. They go into the office. Brady takes a moment alone with his fiancee and asks her what happened with Eric. She insists nothing did. He heads off. She's about to leave when Eric tells her he needs her... for one more interview with a depressed orphan. The kid won't talk so the priest and her guardian take a walk. Kristen tells the orphan she lost most of her family too. The DiMera promises she won't always be sad and the people she lost will always be in her heart. They sob and hug. Eric sees this. He lets the orphan leave and tries telling Krissy she's good with kids. She snaps at him and then apologizes. After babbling about her feelings, she runs off.

Justin shows up at Casa DiMera and demands to know what EJ has been doing. He lectures him for sabotaging the case. EJ's clueless. Justin wants him to stay out of this but EJ refuses. Elvis whines about how hard this is on the children. He hands Justin some info on Melinda's next move. Meanwhile, Sami's children drop by the cells to see her. That's just a dream. She wakes up and calls a guard to ask about her bail hearing. He brings her some fresh clothes. EJ sent her the pink dress. She's brought up to the courthouse. The hearing commences. Justin pleads for her release. Melinda objects. Justin then suggests the cops and Melinda have been harassing the jury. He wants a closed hearing for his client. The judge declares a recess. When he comes back, he denies bail but will allow for a closed hearing. Samanther sniffles. EJ promises this isn't over. Melinda hands them the witness list. Sami's miffed that it's full of her family. She's taken back to the cells. Justin notices Marge is not on the list so he wonders if she's hiding something. EJ thinks they should grill the widow.

Nicole sits in the park reading "Alice In Wonderland." She tries to relax and not think about Eric. Suddenly he appears, half naked and wet. It's only an hallucination. It's just some swimmer who says they need to clear out for the memorial that's being held there. She heads to the pub and bumps into Brady. They talk about it being the one year anniversary of the Daysaster. He's been thinking about Madison and Jack all day. Brady regales her with tales of his dead girlfriend. Nicole wonders how he could go from her to Kristen. He thought she would understand Kristen since they have so much in common. Nic knows, but adds, "She will eat you up and spit you out!" Brady trusts her anyway and asks Nic to trust his judgement. She heads to the rectory and Eric tells her how impressed he's been with Kristen. "She's a snake!" moans Nicole. Meanwhile, Brady bumps into Kristen as she's looking at pregnancy test kits.

Kate drops by the hospital to cheer up Rafe. He's annoyed with her for believing Stefano. She says there might be a connection between Bernardi and Stefano, but that seems to be it. Rafe won't let all of this cost Sami her life. She changes the topic to his niece. He's still pretty glum. Kate assures him he'll be moving again soon. She leaves when Maxine comes in to check him over. The nurse tells him that physio sucks but gets better. Jordan, the physiotherapist, shows up. Before she can introduce herself, EJ barges in and kicks her out. Meanwhile, Kate pays Sami a visit in the cells. She says they need to discuss Stefano.

Aug 16, 2013

At the mansion, Parker plays with his trucks while Daniel reads about the anniversary of the Daysaster. He thinks of calling Jenn. Parker yawns and sticks out his tongue. "You are such a smart man," Daniel says, hugging him. The kid goes out to play with his nanny. Maggie buzzes in. The redhead suggests that he should be helping Jenn through today. He sent a text. His mom thinks that's a cop out. She explains it was all part of God's plan for her to endlessly nag him, Jenn and her family so they can eventually get things right.

After the memorial ceremony, Jenn, JJ and Abby walk in the park. They discuss remembering Jack. The kids are both a constant reminder of him for their mom. JJ wanders off. Abby tells her mom that she's met with her lawyer and might have to testify. When JJ returns, Jenn tells him Jack would be proud of him. She heads off. JJ goes home and calls Rory over. He announces that it's time for them to get back into business.

Kate drops by the cells to see Sami and discuss Stefano. Sami doesn't want to talk and reminds her old enemy that she sent her to death row once. She's expecting a shiny red apple next. Kate explains that Stefano swore he didn't send the cop to kill Rafe. She asks Sami not to be 'a stupid chump'. They go over the details of what happened. It dawns on Sami that Bernardi wasn't actually in position to slit Rafe's throat. Eventually, they figure out that it wasn't the head on the end of Rafe's neck he was after. They assume no one would believe this. Samanther asks her to go. "I hope you can beat this," says Kate.

At the hospital, Jordan walks into Rafe's room to introduce herself. EJ barges in and sends her away. "I came her to bury the hatchet... and not in your head," Elvis says. He wants them to work together. Rafe says that's unlikely. He'd like to help Sami but he doesn't see how he can. Elvis thinks they need to blacken Bernardi's name by dropping hints he was being paid off. Rafe understands that he's desperate but he won't plant false evidence... or rat EJ out for asking him to. EJ rails at him. Rafe tells him that it's a bad plan and yelling about it in a public place doesn't help either. Elvis hopes he rots and storms out. Jordan returns. Kate swans in. She's taken aback when Jordan explains that she's the physical therapist. Down in the cells, Sami explains to Elvis what she and Kate just figured out. "I wish he'd finished the job before you shot him," EJ says.

At the rectory, Nicole complains to Eric about Kristen. She does her best not to swear. The priest tells her that Kristen won't pay any attention to her. She heads over to the hospital and bumps into Daniel. She nags him about not being with Jenn on her big day. Back at the rectory, Maggie drops in to see Eric. She starts nagging him about working so closely with Nicole and Kristen. He tells her how maternal Kristen seemed today. Meanwhile, Brady wanders into the pharmacy and catches Kristen in the pregnancy test aisle. She claims she was just looking for some snot rags because orphans make her cry. He guesses she's hiding something. After they go to the square and get a latte, they pick up the conversation. She changes the topic to Madison. He hates memorial services and he hates talking about his dead lover. Kristen tells him how much she likes him. Brady kisses her and heads off. Later, Kristen bumps into Jenn as she's coming out of the pharmacy. Horton's bulging muscles accidentally knock the pregnancy test out of Krissy's hands. She spots it and gasps. Kristen runs. Jenn runs after her and magically guesses that Brady must not be the father. The DiMera claims he had a one night stand while she and Brady were broken up. When Jenn putters off to call the hospital and tell them she'll be late, Nicole pops up as Krissy holds the test in her hands.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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