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1st Week of February Weekly Summaries

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February 4, 2013

Been There, Done That.
John drops in on Stefano in Italy. They hug. Giovanni wants to talk to him about his daughter. They share some small talk and John puts him on notice. He warns him that he better not be using Kristen as part of some scheme to get Marlena back. "Been there, done that," Stefano assures him.

Chloe calls Daniel to interrupts his chalet getaway with Jennifer. She plays a recording and claims that Parker can't stop crying. He says she can handle it. She claims otherwise and makes it sound like Parker is missing him. Jenn talks him into going home. Meanwhile, Brady walks into the mansion and catches Chloe blabbing about how daddy is coming back. Brady grabs a gift and leaves. Daniel soon arrives. Parker isn't crying. He takes the mother aside, having figured out that this was all a ruse. The diva insists that's not the case. They bicker. "Daddy!" Parker randomly blurts out. That shuts the doctor up. Chloe's relieved. Daniel is thrilled and asks for some alone time with his son.

In the square, Brady apologizes to Kristen. She forgives him. Marlena watches in the distance and cringes. He putters off to work. The shrink tries to slink away but the DiMera begins taunting her. "You're a complete bitch!" Marlena bellows. Kristen teases that she could also be her daughter-in-law. She continues taunting her and Marlena smugly insists that her plans will fall apart and Brady will dumps her. She stomps off and Kristen sneers. She heads over to Caffeinated and runs into Jenn. She senses the Horton isn't having a good night and tries getting her to open up. Jenn is staying quiet. Brady arrives. His lady friend bustles outside to take a call from her father. He fills her in about John's little visit. She tells him that she's going to make Brady want to marry her and then jilt him at the altar. He's relieved she's not marrying 'that idiot'. "Karma is a bitch and her name is Kristen," she says. Back inside, Daniel calls Jenn to apologize and tell her what just happened with his son. She says they will have other nights. Brady joins her and says that Parker seemed fine when he saw him earlier. Jenn puts the pieces together. Brady heads out and joins Kristen. He hands her a gift to celebrate their three months together. They go back to her place. After sex, she tells him how happy he makes her and thinks they take it to the next level. When she suggests marriage, he laughs and assumes she's joking. Meanwhile Chloe drops in on Jenn to apologize for ruining her night. Jenn doesn't buy it and smugly tells her that she and Daniel will get their time together.

Caroline runs into Will at the pub. She gives him a hug and says the while family loves him. He shows her the sonogram. Johnny runs in and Will shows him the sonogram. In Gabi's room, Nick ponders how to prove that Will is the one who shot EJ. He heads downstairs and finds Will gushing to Marlena about how he wants to help Gabi through the pregnancy. Will putters off for a minute so the shrink quizzes Nick about how he's handling things. He insists that it's all good. After he walks off, Will comes back and Marlena catches up with him. She hopes things don't get anymore complicated. He trusts Gabi.

EJ's carries Sami into her bedroom. She pulls off his clothes and licks his nipples. After they have sex, they relax in each other's arms. "This is like seeing you for the first time," she says as she stares at him.  Sami loves him and trusts him. She climbs on top for more. Later, as they relax again, he tells her that he always knew they would end up together. She doubts that but she's sure the kids will be happy. Since the kids are at sleepovers, she asks him to stay the night. After they do it again, she falls asleep for a moment. When she opens her eyes, he returns with pizza bagels and wine. He charms her with his imitation of a French accent and they toast to new beginnings. She calls Johnny to bid him goodnight. She and Elvis talk about how great their kids are.

February 5, 2013

Not Going To Happen.

Sami wakes up in her bed. EJ has been watching her sleep. They promise each other that they won't screw this up. They roll around. He says it feels like they haven't been together forever. She thinks they should wait before announcing their reconciliation. She's worried about how people will react. They start arguing about his sister and then make-out some more.

At home, Abby tries to get her mom to tell her what happened last night. Jenn doesn't want to talk about it. Cameron arrives with flowers. Jenn teases her daughter. Abby and Cam go out for breakfast. She has something she wants to tell him. He assumes she wants to apologize for what happened before and says she doesn't need to. They discuss gluten. That's a great time. He gets buzzed back to work and asks her to go to the movies sometime.

Gabi wakes up in her room as Nick mutters to himself about his plan. They start making out. He feels the baby kick. As he gets dressed, she asks him how he got that scar on his back. He doesn't want to talk about it and bustles off. He heads to Jenn's to pick up a letter of recommendation to show his parole officer. They sit down and he tells her how excited he is to be having a daughter. She worries and brings up when he was attacked in prison. He asks her to keep that quiet and then has a flashback about being threatened for snitching.

Johnny runs into the pub and steals Rafe's bacon. He tells him that he and Syd had a sleepover because 'mommy had to do something'. Johnny tells him that Sami said he'd be spending more time with them. "I can't wait," he says. Caroline join Rafe. She's confused because she thought that Sami was spending the night with him. "Isn't it tiring taking the kids overnight?" he asks. Rafe gets pensive. She assumes it's about Sami. He says he can't forgive her for lashing out at his sister so he's staying away from her. "If you don't go there, you know who will," Caroline warns. Gabi comes down and Caroline goes off with Johnny. They discuss Sami. He says they no longer have a relationship. She thinks he should try to work it out. "That's never going to happen," he says. She thinks he's being a coward.

Brady wakes Kristen up in her bed with his groping. She says that they could wake up like this every day if they were married. She's not joking. He says it would just look like they were sticking it to his father and he doesn't want to do that. Kristen bustles over to Caffeinated to meet her brother. He tells her he's back with Sami and thanks her for making that happen. He's sure that Stefano will 'have a cow' about this. Meanwhile, Sami bumps into Brady. She lectures him about 'dating a homicidal maniac'. They bicker and she blurts out that she's back with EJ. "You've lost your freakin' mind," he says. She trashes Kristen. He reminds her of the Sydnapping and RoboRafe. She accuses him of being even more selfish than she is. He laughs at that. She asks him for a favor. Sami wants this kept quiet. He heads back to Kristen's. She's waiting for him and hints that they should get married in secret. Over at the pub, EJ picks up Johnny and tells him he's had a wonderful day. At that moment, Sami bumps into Rafe outside of the square and insists that they talk.

February 6, 2013
Young At Heart.

IAt her place, Brady tells Kristen once again that they can't get married right now. He says that everyone needs to absorb their love before they can make a show of it. Meanwhile, Hope drops by the rectory to ask Nicole some questions. The blond insists that Eric stay. Hope is investigating a theft at Titan. Nic wants to call 'sanctuary'. Hope explains that a complaint has been filed. Nicole assumes it must have been by Brady and blames Kristen. Eric calls Brady and asks him over to the police station. Nic and the priest make their way down there. She vents. Eric thinks she needs to dial it down. Brady arrives. She accuses him of setting her up. Back in her room, Kristen calls her father to blab about her plan floundering. They complain about each other. "I'm going to get what I want!" she blurts. She heads over to join Brady and the others. Hope finally shows up. Nic pouts about going back to prison. Kristen and Brady aren't about to press charges. Victor arrives to say he will. He brought candy too. "You son of a bitch!" Nic curses. Victor explains how he knows she's guilty. Hope decides to speak to him alone. She lectures him for being immature. "I think of it as young at heart," he says. She threatens to tell Ciara he's a jerk. He says that he won't press charges. When he asks her what's up with Bo, she refuses to say. Meanwhile, Kristen tags along with Nicole so they can 'clear the air'. Kristen offers Nic a truce if she can be civil. She starts teasing her about Eric. "You know how to spell 'forbidden fruit'?" Kristen asks, advising her not to fall for a priest. She goes home and meets Brady, telling him about the truce. He's impressed and offers her a reward. She stares at her ring finger. Back at the rectory, Nic tells Eric that Kristen was nice and then tries avoiding him. He wants to know why.

Julie drops by the pub to give Gabi a gawdawful outfit for the baby. Julie thanks her for being so great with Nick. She drops the news that he was stabbed in prison. Gabi is gobsmacked. Nick arrives and orders Julie not to say anymore. He changes the subject. Gabi vents about Sami. Julie offers to get her to back off. After she putters off, Gabi tells Nick they should discuss the stabbing. He thinks about it, stares blankly and shakes. She snaps him out of it to say she loves him. Nick explains there were things that happened in prison he had to push out of his mind.

Will stops by Caffeinated to talk to Sonny. He hands back the apartment key. They have some awkward small talk. Will hopes they can be friends. Sonny agrees. They still care about each other. Sonny almost suggests they make-up but Will interrupts to babble about the baby. Sonny warns him to be careful with Nick and Gabi. Will's optimistic. Sonny thinks he's naive. Will blurts out that he was willing to give up the baby for him. Nick arrives outside and watches them. Sonny's sorry. Will feels like a screw-up and mopes away.

Sami bumps into Rafe outside the square. He wants to run but she wants to talk. Rafe doesn't want to hear the details of what she has been doing with EJ. Samanther is offended by his tone. He thinks she should go to hell. She thinks he's jealous. "You wish," he shoots back, claiming he fell in love with a woman who doesn't exist. Rafe wishes he could delete every memory he has of her. She thinks that's awful. He taunts her. She refuses to believe he means anything he's saying. Rafe's sick of dealing with her 'bull' year after year. She moans that sex with EJ was the best night ever. He declares that what they had is dead and asks her not to harass his sister. She demands that her son have equal rights over the child. Sami brings up Nick's criminal record and Gabi's crimes. She's sure a judge would give her son the baby. He threatens to come after her if she plays any dirty tricks. Sami isn't quaking in her boots. He stomps off. Rafe drops in on his sister. He warns her that Sami may make trouble. Nick arrives outside the door and listens to Rafe venting about what Sami said. Meanwhile, Sami calls her son over to her place and tells him to call the custody lawyer and order a paternity test immediately.


February 7, 2013

Club Inferno.

Daniel is at home smiling at a photo of his son. Jenn barges in and starts smooching him. She set up a double-date for them with Brady and Kristen in Chicago. She booked them a room at the Walton's hotel. He likes the sound of all that. They bump teeth. Over at the rectory, Eric demands to know why Nicole is pushing him away. She complains about computer coding. He wishes she had opened up to him about her plan for Kirsten. Nic asks him to leave her alone. The priest keeps questioning her, worried that 'that lady' has threatened her. She admits the DiMera got under her skin. He warns her not to mess with Kristen. She pushes him to go. Once he's gone, she pouts. Jenn shows up, which perplexes Nicole. The Horton wants some insight into Chloe. Nic is reluctant. Jenn urges her to help for Daniel's sake. "Don't give her anything that she could use against you," Nicole warns.

In the square, Chloe catches Lucas talking to Allie on the phone. She says he's a great dad. He's not that crazy to see the diva. He snipes about how she ruins men's lives. He wishes she'd get back with Daniel. "Then he could leave my sister the hell alone," he says, stomping off. She heads to the mansion and finds Daniel teaching his son how to use a stethoscope. The doctor mentions that he's made plans for later. She tries suggesting that he shouldn't be spending time apart from their son. He's sure one night will be okay. The doctor putters off. The diva mutters to herself and ponders her next move. Meanwhile, Daniel goes to see Jenn. She notices he's writing out the numbers for where they are going to be for Chloe and Maggie. After he jogs off, Chloe appears with the stethoscope Daniel left at the mansion. She asks for the information about where they are going. Jenn claims they are just going to Club Inferno. Daniel returns and wonders what the diva is doing there.

Eric meets with Lucas at the hospital. He asks him if he's interested in taking a position on the church board. Lucas says that will only happen if he never has to be in the same room as Nicole. The priest can't promise that. Lucas agrees anyway. Eric goes into one of the rooms to say some prayers with a patient. Nicole watches and then tells herself she can't have feelings for him.

EJ and Johnny are at Caffeinated having hot chocolate. Johnny starts talking about Rafe. EJ makes a face. Meanwhile, Sami has called Will over to her place. She suggests that he make Gabi have a paternity test. He doesn't think that's necessary. Sami tells him he can't trust Gabi because she's a girl and can be talked into anything. Johnny and EJ arrive. Sami takes the little one off and EJ starts encouraging Will to have the test done. Sami returns as the lawyer tells her son that facts are like a suit of armor. "I don't ask my friends to take paternity tests," Will protests. He wonders why EJ has it in for Gabi. Elvis isn't allowed to explain what he knows about her. William caves in and agrees to talk to her. He leaves. Elvis tells Sami that Rafe has been promising Johnny a bigger FBI jacket. "That is not happening!" she says. She assumes Rafe is using Johnny to get between them but EJ doubts it. He's not worried about Rafe.

In the hall, Nick eavesdrops as Rafe warns Gabi about Sami threatening that the court wouldn't look kindly on her marrying a murderer. He remembers eavesdropping on Will and Lucas' discussion and wanders off. Rafe keeps warning his sister about vengeful Sami. He adds that she's already back with EJ and they deserve each other. Meanwhile, Nick stops by the Salem surveillance shop and purchases a voice activated recording device that looks just like a pen. He heads back to the pub as Rafe departs. As soon as Nick promises Gabi that everything is going to be okay, Will bustles in. He tells the couple that they should get a paternity test before the baby is born. "What?" blurts Gabi. Nick squints but then says it's no problem. Will is pleased. Gabi is confused. Nick tells them both that he will make sure what's best for the baby happens. Will gives him a hug and Nick plants the recorder on him. Slipping upstairs, Nick uses an untraceable phone to send Lucas a text reading, "I know your son shot EJ DiMera."

February 8, 2013

Android Lounge.
At the Horton house, Jenn deliberately misinforms Chloe about where she and Daniel are going. She chases Chloe off. The diva heads back to the mansion. Maggie babbles about how terrific Parker is. Anne shows up. Sheꞌs all dolled up for a night out with Chloe. Anne has some kind of extreme laxative she plans to slip into Jennꞌs drink to ruin her night. Anne plods off to Club Inferno. She comes back later to say that there was no sign of the Horton. Chloe guesses she has been tricked. They head back to the mansion. Maggie says she needs to run off and help an alcoholic friend. Anne notices that Parker was passed out with a fever. They rush the kid to the hospital. Chloe tries calling Daniel. No luck.

At the mansion, Brady runs away from Maggie's advice. He picks up Kristen and they join up with Daniel and Jenn in Chicago. They go to the Android Lounge. The ladies get a table and chat. Jenn assures her that she is not the most hated woman in Salem. They discuss the Chloe situation and the little white lie Jenn told. Some drunken dude flirts with them. They reject him until he leaves. When Kristen steps away, the dude returns. Over at the bar, Daniel worries to Brady about making Jenn happy. They notice the dude is coming on to Jenn. He tries pulling her onto the dance floor. Daniel clobbers the guy, breaking his phone with the blow. After the dude is dragged out, Kristen returns drunk as a skunk. Jenn and the doctor trail away and Brady tell his lady to slow down. Meanwhile, Daniel and Jenn head for their hotel. Brady has lent him his phone so the doctor checks his messages. A call comes in from Chloe, in a panic about Parker.

Lucas is shocked when he gets an anonymous text saying that they know his son shot EJ. Meanwhile, in Gabi's room, Nick uses his surveillance device to listen in on Will talking to Gabi down in the pub. They discuss what is best for the baby until his dad calls. He tells him they need to meet immediately. Will heads out. Nick trails after him. He listens in as Will arrives in Lucasꞌ office and shows him the text. He tried tracing the call but had no luck. They try figuring out who could be blackmailing them. Nick is thrilled that they bluntly explain everything. Will didn't think he'd be blackmailed for the same thing three times. Lucas assures him that they can get through this again. Will suddenly remembers that he told Tad that he shot EJ. He doesn't think Tad would do it. They rehash all the evidence that was collected. The cops never bothered running Will's prints. Lucas assumes that Nick must be behind this, but Will refuses that possibility.

Tad drops in at Caffeinated to ask what is going on with Will. Sonny recaps the situation and doesn't want to discuss it any further. Gabi waddles in. "Geeze! You having twins?" Tad blurts when he spots her. She doesn't appreciate it. He tries congratulating her and then keeps making things worse. Finally, he leaves and she starts lecturing Sonny for how he's treating Will. He's defensive. They argue about who is hurting Will more. Meanwhile, Will bumps into Nick in the square. Fallon manages to grab the surveillance pen from his pocket. He goes to Caffeinated to get Gabi and they head home. On the way, she tells him that Sonny knows what she did to Mel. He guarantees that everything will be okay. Meanwhile, Will tracks down Tad and accuses him of blackmailing him. He calms down. Tad assures him that he may be an ass, but he wouldn't do that.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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