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2nd Week of February Weekly Summaries

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February 11, 2013
The Unsexy Life.

Nicole wakes up in her bed from a taco induced nightmare. She tries going back to sleep but keeps thinking of Eric. Nic gets dolled up and heads down to the office to grab something. The priest catches her. He wonders where she's going. She gives him attitude and declares that she's going out looking for fun.  He tells her that the leather outfit she's wearing is inappropriate. She begins lecturing him about sex and says he's a freak. Nic is sick of leading an 'unsexy life'. He stares and accuses her of acting out. "It's about F.U...N!" she insists. She admits she doesn't want to hurt him. Eric tells her that he just wants her to be happy and at peace. She refuses to go back to bed. When she heads for the door, he tells her not to come back. The priest asks her what she really wants.
Sami invites her mom over and tells her to brace herself. Marlena's eyes nearly roll out of her head when her daughter explains she's back with EJ.  Sami says she is finished with Rafe for good. The shrink points out they've been down this road 'many, many times'. Sami starts to angrily clean the apartment. "This is your mother speaking: what the hell are you doing?" asks the shrink. Sami insists that the EJami reunion happened naturally over time. Marlena needs some time to accept this. She doubts he'll still be 'the new EJ' after his father gets back. Meanwhile, in the square, EJ calls his father to tell him he's back with Sami. He insists it all happened organically for once. Stefano shakes his head.  EJ drops by Sami's. The kids are asleep so they make-out. She wants to tell the kids that they are together. Johnny groans in the other room. EJ goes to check on him. Sami looks in his coat for a pen and finds a ring box. Her jaw drops.  Down in the square, Marlena gets a call from Stefano. He tells her that her husband dropped by. Then he points out how close their families are getting. "You should be happy your other son is a priest," he laughs.

In Chicago, a drunken Kirsten falls on Brady's lap. She leaps onto a table in the club and starts yodeling about how much she loves him. He catches her watering the plants with vodka. He leads her out to a couch. She wants to talk about getting married and starts venting about all the 'c words' Marlena is. Kristen tells him how much she loves him and why he should say 'yes' to getting married. She sobs about how she wants a happy ending. He takes her home to bed. Kristen says it hurt her feelings when he laughed about her marriage suggestion. Brady apologizes but he still says marriage is impossible. After he falls asleep, she sneaks out to the hall and calls her father. She tells him Brady still won't marry her. He warns her not to overstep. Kristen remains confident.

Chloe calls Daniel and tells him that Parker is in the hospital with a fever. Kayla gets on the phone to confirm that this is for real. The doctor and Jenn decide to head back to town. When they get there, Chloe is freaking out at the hospital. He checks on Parker. He's going to be okay. When Daniel mentions they were in Chicago, Chloe tells him that's not the information Jenn gave her. Kayla pops up to say the kid just has a virus which caused convulsions. The parents rush in to see him. He pretends to sleep until they leave. Chloe tells the doctor that Jenn must have deliberately fed her misinformation. Down the hall, Jenn questions Anne about Parker. Anne lectures her, "Chloe is the mother of Daniel's child and you are nothing!" Jenn heads down the hall and finds Chloe and Daniel arguing. The doctor asks her if she lied to Chloe.


February 12, 2013
You Are Looking Good.

At the rectory, Nicole shoves Eric onto the desk and starts kissing him. That's just a fantasy though. She tells him that she wants out. He wants to help her. She doesn't think that's possible. Meanwhile, Rafe sits in the square drinking and remembering Sami rubbing her romp with Elvis in his face. Once he's drunk, he heads to the rectory. He barges in and begins railing about Sami. "Nicole, you are looking good," he says, distracted. He goes back to complaining about Sami and worries about the kids. Eric tells him to go home and sleep. Rafe heads for the door. Nic wants to go too and tells him to order a dirty martini for her. Eric's appalled. He repeats to her that if she walks out, she can't come back. She looks around for cash but doesn't have much. He sits by the window and mopes. Nic has a hard time leaving. The priest doesn't expect her to live the way he does and apologizes. "I have faith in you," he says. She wishes she could see the person he sees. Nic goes back to bed and fantasizes some more about Father Eric.

At home, Sami is shocked to find a ring in EJ's coat. Elvis appears and she pretends she didn't see what she just saw. He says he has something important to ask her… Where's Johnny's dinosaur? Sami left him in the fridge. Elvis fetches it and brings it to the kids. He and Samanther beat around the bush a bit and then he whips out his cellphone. EJ shows her the spread sheets for their division. He guesses she was expecting him to take out 'something bigger'. Sami says they are ready to take the next big step. He takes out his lipstick and tells her how many colors he has. The babysitter brings Allie home. EJ asks her to stay so he can take Sami out. They go down to the square and he wishes he was ripping her clothes off. They leave the square and start making out. He gets a business call. She smiles and heads home.

Kate is sitting at the pub. Stefano calls her up. She says it is tax time and they have to file their final return as a couple. He begins lecturing her, accusing her of being a careless woman. He does some swearing it Italian until she hangs up. She heads down to the bar in the square. Kate finds Rafe and has some words for him. She's siding with Will, even if that means siding with Sami. Rafe assures her he won't interfere with Will. Kate doesn't see any reason to make this 'unreasonably unreasonable'. He likes the sound of that and buys her a drink. She advises him just to walk away from Sami and never look back. Rafe thinks she's a hell of a woman and beautiful too. She vents about Stefano. "He's a freak who has spent too much time in pyramids with dolls hooked up to machines," Rafe says. They're drunk so he offers to walk her home. They stumble around. He tells her she's beautiful again. They make out before heading to bed.

At the hospital, Daniel asks Jenn if she really lied about where they were going. She admits it. Kay asks the parents to go and see Parker. They jog over to him. He looks fine but Kay wants to keep him overnight. The parents want to stay with him. Down the hall, Jenn corners Anne and accuses her of conspiring against her with the diva. Anne sneers and walks off. Daniel returns and takes the Horton somewhere quiet to talk. She explains why she lied. He doesn't think she's sorry enough. Jenn complains about Chloe and her tricks. The doctor says he can deal with her but she thinks he is too trusting. Things are awkward. She walks off. He huffs and returns to Chloe and their son. Meanwhile, Jenn mopes home and kicks herself for overreacting. She calls the hospital and leaves a message for Daniel with a nurse, apologizing for her behavior. Chloe just happens to eavesdrop on this and distracts the nurse so she can grab the note and rip it up.


February 13, 2013

I Can't Ever Marry You.

Brady wakes up Kristen in bed. She apologizes for being 'disgusting' last night. He says it's all okay. She suspects that he is keeping something from her. He's confused. They rehash the marriage idea. He has to go to work but agrees to discuss this later. She calls her father. He says he'll be back soon and notices she seems upset about 'John Black's spawn'. Kristen worries that Brady has a secret. Stefano tells her to get this over with.

Parker wakes up his father at the hospital by throwing blocks at his head. Chloe joins them and gives Daniel a new cellphone. She told the phone company she was his wife so it already has all of his info on it. He goes down to the nurses' station to get his messages. She offers to take Parker to his place and help him settle in. Parker and the diva go to the den of Daniel. Meanwhile, the doctor bumps into Brady in the square and they yap about Jenn. Brady goes back to Kristen's and assures her that he loves her, but he didn't tell her everything about why they can't get married. "I can't ever marry you," he says.

Hope drops by the Horton house. Jenn is in a tizzy about Chloe. She feels like she has sunk to the diva's level.  Jenn calls the hospital to see if Daniel got his messages. Hope tries assuring her that everything is cool and she shouldn't panic. When Jenn heads to Daniel's, she finds Chloe there. She offers to take a message and then announces there is something they need to talk about. Chloe lectures her for being paranoid. Jenn lectures her for being manipulative. The diva shuts the door on her. When Horton turns around, she bumps into Daniel. They have awkward small talk. Parker starts crying. Jenn runs off.

Kate wakes up in Rafe's bed and gasps when she realizes that she and the detective were intimate last night. As she starts to dress, he rolls over and wakes up.  They piece together what happened and he stops her from climbing out of bed. She says this was a mistake. He's not so convinced. They smile when they remember doing it on the stairs. He tells her this wasn't a mistake and takes her hand. They get back under the sheets. The sexy guitar music plays. They come out for air and begin discussing Gabi and Will. She offers to deal with Sami if he keeps an eye on Nick. Kate thanks him for last night but she has to go.

Outside of the square, Will tells his father that Tad isn't the one behind the threat. Lucas suspects Nick. His son rejects that. Lucas assumes it must be EJ. Will hopes he didn't tell Sami about this. Lucas would never do that. He advises his son to do nothing and claims this is all smoke. Will wishes he'd owned up to what he did.  Meanwhile, Nick listens to this conversation through surveillance. Gabi walks in on him. He covers.  She gets into bed and he promises everything will work out. Gabi thinks Sami is a bigger problem than Will. Nick suggests that Sonny could be behind the whole paternity thing. Later, Rafe drops in. His sister tells him that Sami's making trouble but asks him not to go after her and stir things up. Rafe already has an idea of who to turn to for help. At that moment, Nick drops by the station to see Hope. He tells her about the paternity test request. They assume that Sami is already pushing for custody. She promises that the Hortons will stand behind him. He asks her what kind of evidence is allowed in family court.

February 14, 2013
Bad Luck Brady.

Gabi walks into her room and finds Nick wearing nothing except a giant heart on his crotch. She leaps on top of him. After sex, she wishes she could lay with him forever. He promises to take care of her and the baby forever. Over at Caffeinated, Chad mopes about having no plans. Sonny doesn't have plans either. Brian shows up and gives him a foxy look. Sonny apologizes for the other night and tells him he was right about Will. Brian would love to get to know him better. Sonny is into that. Brian heads out. Chad is glad that Sonny already has a new guy. He leaves.

At her place, Brady explains to Kristen that he can never marry her. She assumes he must have a terminal illness. That's not it. He's scared of the fact that the other women he nearly married died. "What are you? Bad luck Brady?" she asks. He doesn't want to ruin what they have. He gets a call from work and runs off. She's still determined to change his mind. She meets up with Chad for lunch. He's still having a hard time accepting that Mel is gone and he's lost his chance with Abby. Big Sis tells him that revenge can cost you a piece of yourself. She remembers something and bustles away.

At the mansion, Maggie gives Victor a Valentine. He gets sappy and hands her a gift. It's her full family tree. She's thrilled but cancels their luncheon. She'd rather have dinner and suggests he have lunch with Caroline. He's confused. Maggie thinks the other woman needs her family and friends around her. They hug. Later, Brady stops by and runs into Maggie. She senses something is up with Kristen but he defends how great she is. Meanwhile, Kristen gets back to her room and finds roses and a card from Brady. She thinks they're trite, but knows they are also sincere. This is making her doubt her revenge plans.

Sami runs into Will in the square. She tells him that she thinks EJ will propose to her. "Why?" he asks. She says the timing just seems right. Will doesn't seem convinced. She bustles off. He pulls out the gift Sonny sent. "Does he want to get back together?" Will asks himself. It's an engraved IPod loaded with their favorite songs. Gabi wanders by and sees this. He thinks Sonny is giving him another chance.  Gabi is happy for him. He has a goofy look and runs off to get Sonny a gift. Gabi tells her bump that she wants everyone to be happy. "I can't lose you," she says. She goes home to see Nick and worries that Will and Sonny might take the baby. Meanwhile, Will goes home for a shower. He imagines Sonny joining him. After drying off, he writes a Valentine for him, thanking him for a second chance.

EJ disturbs Caroline at the pub by handing her a rose. "The answer is no," she snaps. When she turns around, a bundle of flowers arrives for her. She has a sour face when she reads the card. Sami shows up. Harry and Ma Brady go off.  When Sami sits down, EJ gives her a ring box. She gets weepy. When she opens it, she finds earrings inside. She's a bit shocked. Sami tells him he was always right about them. He can't imagine his life without her. They smooch. Later, Victor arrives to see Caroline. She thanks him for the flowers. He asks her to join him for a bite. Nick steps in and offers to be their waiter. Caroline is surprised that Maggie doesn't mind about this. Victor says his wife knows how important she is to him. She talks about how fortunate she is to have their beautiful memories. Meanwhile, Sami gets to work and finds flowers, a card and another ring box. This one has a ring inside. She nearly explodes. EJ shows up and asks her what she thinks of his proposal.

February 15, 2013

The Blond Barracuda.
Sami opens a ring box in her office. EJ asks her what she thinks of his proposal. She's amazed. He explains that this was the accountant's idea. She's confused. "It's not like we're making some kind of lifetime commitment," he says. She's baffled. Sami starts to huff and puff as he babbles, saying that he can call Diane in to take her place while she's looking after the children. He pulls out a bunch of rings. She's even more confused. He finally tells her that this is all part of their new ad campaign. Embarrassed, she admits she was expecting a different kind of proposal. He says that would have been a little bit forward. "Life with you is never going to be tedious and dull, he says, sucking her ears. They smooch. He locks the door and they climb on top of the desk. They do it on the floor. She wears his tie and all the rings. He moons about how he feels about her.

Cameron drops in at Abby's. He brought peach cobbler. She's been sorting out boxes of her stuff. He begins rifling through it and reading her old birthday cards. Then he goes through her yearbook and teases her. She drops a plate of cobbler when he mentions The Golden Circle Club. He assumes the club must have had something to do with investment banking. It didn't. He gets buzzed back to work before she can explain. She gives him a kiss. Dr. Davis heads to work and asks a nurse if she was in The Golden Circle Club. She accuses him of sexual harassment until she realizes he's clueless. The nurse explains it was a club for people who pledged to remain virgins until they were married.In her room, Gabi worries to Nick about the baby. He says that Sami and EJ are the real problem. Now that 'the other gay boy' is back in the picture, it could be even worse. She objects to his phrasing and worries about how Will's family hates her. He assures her that he has a plan and she doesn't need the details. "Will may be out of the closet, but his family still has plenty of skeletons in there," he says. That sounds like blackmail to her. He says he won't play dirty unless it is necessary.

Will heads to Caffeinated to see Sonny. The Kiriakis wonders why he is looking so happy. He assumes it must be baby related. Will pulls out the gift. Sonny explains that he ordered it a month ago and forgot about it. He should have cancelled it. That's awkward. They listen to the IPod together. Brian arrives to pick up Sonny. Will abruptly runs away. He heads over to Gabi's to tell her how wrong he was about Sonny. Will claims it's better this way and then asks her about the paternity test. She still has to look into it. Meanwhile, Brian and Sonny have gone rock climbing at the gym. After Brian kisses him goodbye, Sonny thinks of Will.

Kate drops by the station to see Rafe. He called her over to talk about Sami. They head down to Mandalay. "I wonder if we should stick to soft drinks?" she muses. He tells her Sami is demanding a paternity test. She wonders what 'the blond barracuda' is up to. Kate actually trusts Gabi to do the right thing. The person who worries her the most is Nick. She assumes Rafe doesn't exactly trust Fallon either. They debate how the custody battle could pan out. She doesn't think her grandson is in a position to raise a child on his own. She thinks they need to show Nick they are on the same side. They call Nick over. He squints when he sees them together. Rafe is vague. Nick says that Sami is the problem. Kate admits she thinks he might have an ulterior motive. "Do you?" prods Rafe. Nick is defensive. Rafe worries about his criminal record if a custody battle comes. Nick says he's paid for his crimes. Rafe knows what happened to him in prison.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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