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3rd Week of February Weekly Summaries

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February 18, 2013

House Cleaning.
Chloe calls Daniel and offers to come over and help him with their son. Brady shows up at the doctor's. He starts quizzing him about Jenn. Meanwhile, over at the mansion, Victor sarcastically tells Chloe he's over the moon to have her back in town. She begins lecturing him about how non-child friendly and environmentally unhealthy the mansion is. She forbids him from going near Parker until he switches dry cleaning companies. The diva begins insisting that the ducts be cleaned. That doesn't go well. He lectures her for destroying the men in his family. She trashes Philip and Brady until he gives her the boot. That puts a smile on her face. She heads straight to Daniel's and informs him that Victor has thrown her out. Chloe moans about having nowhere to go so he suggests she move in there. He leaves to sort a few things out. Chloe is pretty happy with herself since she has no idea that the doctor is calling a hotel to book himself a room.

Nicole leaps on Eric in the confessional and begins kissing him. She snaps out of this fantasy and bumps into the priest with a gasp. He suggests she seems frustrated. She runs away. Eric goes to see Victor at the mansion. After Victor gives him a donation for the church, he lectures him about Nicole, insisting that she will never miraculously turn into a decent person. Meanwhile, Jenn heads to the mansion to see Maggie and worry about Daniel being angry with her. Maggs tells her she should talk to the doctor directly. Jenn agrees and heads off. When the redhead turns around, Victor informs her that he has kicked Chloe out. She asks him to reconsider but he won't.

At Mandalay, Rafe and Kate warn Nick that his prison record is a big liability for retaining custody. Rafe knows what happened to him in prison. He was beaten and stabbed. Nick doesn't want to discuss that. Rafe doesn't see how he can start a family if he hasn't even told Gabi about this stuff. They suggest that Nick try taking things more slowly. He refuses to wait until the baby is born to get married. Nick walks off. Rafe is happy to see that Nick is so devoted at least. He and Kate talk over the situation and stare into each other's eyes. They head back to his place and hit the sheets. Meanwhile, Nick returns to his room to go over the evidence he's collected. He thinks over when he was stabbed. "You think you know what happened Rafe, but you don't," he mutters. At that moment, the man who stabbed him is counting down the days until he's released from prison.

Lucas bumps into Jenn outside the square and asks her if Daniel has broken her heart again. She insists that she's the one who has messed things up. He tells her that Chloe wants the doctor back and Daniel 'historically has a problem with keeping it zipped'. He bustles off. She grunts. Nicole appears. She guesses something is wrong. She tells Jenn that being the good girl won't work in her fight with Chloe. Jenn rails about how everything has gone 'crazy' for her thanks to following advice from Nicole. However, she still isn't backing down from the fight. Nic asks her how she could have walked away from Daniel before. Going back to Jack was just the right thing to do, Jenn explains. After she heads off, Nic returns to the church. Lucas arrives. They instantly begin bickering. She accuses him of think he's better than her. They yell at each other until Eric interrupts. Lucas storms out. Nic tells the priest that she doesn't belong there. He's sorry that her past is exploding in her face like this. He wonders if she is hung up on Lucas. She admits she is hung up on a man, but it certainly isn't Lucas. At that moment, Daniel drops by Jenn's. Lucas is there. He tells the doctor that his sister wants nothing more to do with him. Simultaneously, Jenn arrives at Daniel's and discovers Chloe there. The diva happily informs her that she has moved in.

In her room, Kristen is underwhelmed as her father informs her that he's heading back to town. She admits to Stefano that she has been falling for Brady. Kristen doesn't see the point of breaking his heart anymore. Later, she meets Brady outside of the square. He nervously confesses that he doesn't want to lose her. Brady doesn't want to marry her, but he does think they can live together. Kristen says that won't work.


February 19, 2013
Not That Clever.

Outside of the square, Brady asks Kristen to live with him. She says that won't work. It sounds to him like she wants to end things. She asks for some time alone. Once he's done, she wonders aloud about why she can't seem to end this. She hallucinates John appearing to accuse her of falling for his son. "You're going to wind up the big loser again," he says. She snaps out of it and worries that she's losing it. 

At the rectory, Nicole makes it clear to Eric that she isn't hung up on Lucas... she's hung up on someone else. He assumes she is talking about Daniel and gives her a little pep talk. The priest encourages her to pray. Hope interrupts to plan some field trips. Once Eric is gone, the two women bicker. Nic insists that she doesn't want to be 'Eric's concern'. Hope's sure that he won't walk away from her until she's on her feet again. After the cop bustles off, Nic tells herself that she needs to stay away from a man she can never be with. She heads out and runs into Syd and the babysitter. Nicole gives her a hug before she leaves for her play date. EJ shows up. They trade barbs and he rubs the EJami reunion in her face. He calls her a loser and strolls off. She interprets this as a sign that it's time to leave town. Meanwhile, Eric is shocked when someone walks into the rectory and points a gun at him.

Marlena is at Caffeinated when John gives her a call. His phone cuts out. EJ plops himself down beside her. Elvis assumes he already knows how she feels about the EJami reunion and suggests they try to get beyond their differences. She's still confident that he and his family will only cause misery for hers. She remains confident that he and Sami won't last and tells him not to break her heart. He heads to the pub. EJ runs into Brady and starts chatting about his sister. After Elvis leaves, Eric arrives. Brady pushes him to admit he's wrong about Kristen. The priest won't so Brady storms off. Meanwhile, Marlena catches Kristen talking to herself outside of the square. She tells her that she is working things out with John and she's sure that Brady will figure out what she's up to. The shrink smugly walks off to take a call from John. He tells her that he is going to be in Italy for a while. He's curt and hangs up. Across town, Kristen returns to her room and beats up her pillows as she curses Marlena. She was going to cut Brady loose, but not now. "I'm going to have to destroy you after all," she says. Brady shows up a moment later. He's surprised to find that she has changed her mind about living together.

Chloe greets Jenn when she shows up at Daniel's. The diva informs her that she's living there now. They exchange jibes until Chloe shuts the door in her face.  Later, Maggie shows up and asks her to move back to the mansion. She refuses. Maggie accuses her of being incapable of staying away from Daniel. She's guessed that she deliberately had herself thrown out. Chloe claims she's not that clever and suggests that the redhead is just afraid that Daniel will dump Jenn for her. Maggie advises her not to unpack.

Abby finds Daniel outside of Jenn's. She lets him in and makes it clear that she doesn't want him messing with her mom. He tries to assure her that his feelings for Jenn are sincere. Jenn walks in as Abby promises to make the doctor sorry if he hurts her mom. Abby heads upstairs. Jenn fills him in about her encounter with Chloe. He informs her that he has booked himself a hotel room. She doesn't appreciate him deciding all of that without consulting her. He accuses her of not trusting him and of thinking that he's a moron. The doctor storms out. When he gets home, he finds Chloe playing with Parker. He informs her that he's going to stay in a hotel. His mom calls and he invites himself over. Back at the Horton house, Jenn mopes. Her daughter worries about her. Jenn's kicking herself for letting Chloe get to her and bustles off to fix things. She finds Daniel in the square with Parker.

February 20, 2013

Until The Cows Come Home.

At the pub, Julie walks in on Gabi asking Cameron about getting a paternity test. She's concerned. The doctor escapes. Julie tells Gabi that the test can endanger the baby. "This has Sami Brady written all over it," she surmises.  Julie's sure Sami won't back down and promises that the Hortons will support her and Nick. Meanwhile, Will drops by Sami's office and starts teasing her about getting engaged. She informs him that she was wrong about that happening. She begins putting on the pressure about the paternity test. He accuses her of trying to take over his life. They debate until Julie shows up. Will wants to run away but they won't let him. Julie tells Sami she needs to back off. Sami assumes Gabi sent her. Will sides with Julie. Sami claims she will back off. After Julie departs, Sami sends her son off for protein bars and then sneaks out.

Nicole calls Rafe over to Caffeinated to announce that she is leaving town. He doesn't think she should and wonders if this is about Daniel. It's not. He guesses it must be about Eric. She claims that she just wants a clean break from bad memories. He'll miss her. They discuss EJami. He claims he doesn't give a damn. Nic doubts that. They hug. Across town, Eric is praying in the rectory when some dude shows up with a gun. He wants the money in the safe. Eric tells him that stealing to buy drugs won't help. The junky pistol whips him. The priest opens the vault and continues encouraging the guy to get treatment. Nicole walks in. The junky grabs her and demands all of her jewelry. She refuses to give up her necklace and elbows him. Eric punches the guy. The junky then grabs a giant crucifix and swats him in the head before taking off. Eric is bleeding and unconscious. "You can't die! I love you!" Nic whimpers.

Abby drops by the hospital with some treats for Cameron. The duty nurse fills her in about telling the doctor of The Golden Circle Club. Abby rushes over to the pub to tell her pregnant friend about her virginity and how Cameron learned about it. Gabi's sure the doctor will think it's cute. Later, Sami arrives to lecture Gabi for turning Will's family against him. Will gets between them. Sami tries pushing Gabi to go and see a doctor right now. Rafe arrives and asks his ex what the hell she is doing. He threatens to get a restraining order against her. They bicker until Gabi gasps and grabs her gut. Meanwhile, Abby returns to the hospital to speak to Cameron.

Jenn spots Daniel in the square with Parker. She's about to run over to him when she bumps into Abe and Theo. They chat with her for a second. Once they're gone, so is Daniel. Chloe bustles over and spills her shopping bag full of lingerie at Jenn's feet. The Horton vows that the diva won't get what she's going after. She accuses Chloe of living in a 'delusional fog'. The diva insists that she is just trying to give Daniel and his son time together. They insult each other for a while. Jenn's sure Daniel can see through the diva. Chloe says he can 'wise up until the cows come home' but it won't make any difference. She walks off. When Chloe gets back to Daniel's, Anne drops in and teases her about downsizing. Chloe tells her that Daniel has moved into a hotel and then Jenn annoyed her so much that she overplayed her hand.

At the mansion, Maggie tells Daniel that she's sure that Chloe deliberately had herself thrown out and she thinks he should be more forgiving of Jenn's little slip up. Maggie tells him that Jenn sent him an apology. He never got it. Jenn sends a note asking to see him. His mom tells him not to screw things up this time. When he gets to Jenn's, he apologizes for being a jerk. She just wants them to get back to where they were. They kiss and make up. The blond doesn't think Chloe will stop pursuing him so she demands that he have no contact with her.

February 21, 2013

Guardian Angel.

At the pub, Rafe orders Sami to back off. She rants that Gabi is stalling about the paternity test. Will begs his mom to leave. She continues railing until Gabi gasps and grabs her guts. Once she settles down, Nick arrives. Sami starts giving advice so Rafe takes her aside. Nick and Will want to have Gabi checked out. The baby starts kicking. After Will tells him what Sami was doing, Nick strides over and orders her to leave. Sami refuses. Gabi starts gasping again.  Meanwhile, Abby drops by the hospital to see Cameron. She confirms that she's a virgin. That's kind of awkward. All of this makes sense to him.  Maxine interrupts and calls the doctor away. Abby feels mortified. Down the hall, Cameron meets Gabi and her friends and family when she is rushed in. Sami lurks nearby. Rafe spots her and tells her to stay away. Will is furious and says he will never forgive her if something happens to his baby. "Other people's feelings do not matter to you," he says. She starts promising that the baby will be okay.  Gabi gets checked out. Kayla and Cam tell her the baby is alright and she needs to stay calm. The doctors fill her family in and worry that this could be a prelude to premature labor. Nick goes in to see Gabi in her room. He blames himself for this and vows to protect the baby. Nick walks out and narrows his eyes at Sami. Will asks his mom to back off again. She apologizes to Rafe and says she has learned her lesson. As soon as the men's backs are turned, Sami sneaks in to see Gabi. She wakes up the pregnant woman and apologizes. Gabi begins gasping again. Sami runs out and yells for a doctor. Maxine declares that she's gone into labor. "The baby won't make it!" Nick says.

Chloe is at the mansion asking Maggie if she has heard from Daniel. The redhead doesn't think the doctor is too thrilled with the diva. She chastises her for being manipulative and says they are no longer friends. Maggie decides this conversation is 'stupid' and walks away. Chloe hangs out. Abby drops by looking for Maggie. Chloe informs her about moving into Daniel's. "Unbelievable," says Abby. She walks out.

At the Horton house, Jenn tells Daniel that they can only be together if he cuts all ties with Chloe. He doesn't see how that is possible. She thinks he can get a mediator to deal with Chloe. He thinks she's overreacting. Jenn is tired of dealing with the diva. He asks her to trust him. The blond thinks that boundaries are necessary. She makes convoluted analogies until he stops her. The doctor just wants things to be smooth for Parker. Jenn is relentless but he refuses her demands. A moment later, he says they can talk more tomorrow. They love each other. He walks out. Soon after, Abby barges in and rails about Chloe and the games she's playing. Jenn hopes she won't have to deal with her much longer. Meanwhile, Chloe and Parker call Daniel to tell him how much they miss him. She asks him over to read a story but he turns her down. She gets suspicious. 

Nicole gasps at the rectory as Eric bleeds from having his head battered with a crucifix. She says that she loves him. He groans and regains consciousness. She calls the police. The priest tries making a joke. She hugs him and whimpers about how scared she was. Nic wonders what he heard. Eric only heard her calling his name. Roman arrives with a cop. Nic says that the priest saved her life. Eric nearly keels over. Nic orders him to see a doctor. He says she's his guardian angel.

February 22, 2013

Gabi goes into premature labor at the hospital. Everyone panics. Nick and Will demand to know what Sami did to Gabi. "This is not my fault," she claims. EJ arrives. Will asks his mother to leave. She refuses so he orders her to. EJ takes her down the hall. She rails about Gabi and explains what happened. He assures her that everything will calm down. Meanwhile, Maxine and the doctors drug Gabi to stop her contractions. Maxine keeps her calm. Will sobs at the nurses' station. Rafe tries comforting him. Will just wants to be a better a parent than his own and worries he's being punished for failing.
Brady and Kristen lounge in bed. He shows her brochures for the condo he thinks they should get. She already has her own idea... they should move into Casa DiMera. "Wouldn't that be a hoot?" he says sarcastically. Kristen isn't joking and they would be living with her father. He claims that Wyoming wouldn't be big enough for him and Stefano. Her father is too evil for him. She reminds him Victor is no saint. They debate how John and Marlena would react. Kristen gave her father her word that she would move in with him. Brady doesn't understand why this is so important to her. He pulls on his pants and declares that this will never work. After he leaves, she starts to think she has overplayed her hand. She ponders dumping him and claiming that she's never cared. Kristen goes over to the mansion to speak to him again. 

Kate sits at Caffeinated and smiles as she thinks about sex with Rafe. Sonny says that judging by the look on her face, that coffee she's drinking must be amazing. "I never thought I'd like decaf... but then I found one that is amazing," she says. She wants a 'refill' and tells him he was very good with her grandson. Lucas arrives at his mother's behest. She worries about Will and the baby and tells him to stop Sami from screwing everything up. Sami calls to fill him in about Gabi. He and Kate run off. Sonny overhears what's going on and trails after them. After Kate and Lucas check in with Rafe and Will, William notices Sonny has arrived. Lucas heads down the hall and interrupts an EJami kiss. Sami starts blaming herself for everything. She sends EJ off and recaps everything for Lucas. He's annoyed but knows she meant well. She promises to behave herself. Back down the hall, Sonny gives Will a hug. Rafe and Kate sit in a corner and chat. EJ wanders by and glares at them before checking in on Will. Kate heads across the room to speak to Nick. Fallon tells her that Gabi and the baby have given him a purpose in life. Maxine comes out and announces that the contractions still haven't halted. Gabi and the doctors start praying with Maxine. That calms the pregnant lady down for a second. Eventually, the doctors go out and inform everyone that the contractions have subsided and everything is back to normal. Gabi's sleeping so they can all go home. Cam explains that she was dehydrated and overstressed. Everyone stares at Sami. Sonny asks Will out for coffee. When they head to Caffeinated, Will goes to the washroom and Sonny notices a letter with his name on it in William's bag. He reads it. It's Will's letter thanking him for a second chance. Will returns and they lock eyes. Back at the hospital, Kate tells Rafe that they should get together later. EJ spots this. Once she walks off, Elvis starts quizzing Rafe. Down the hall, Nick corners Sami. "You blew it lady," he tells her.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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