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1st Week of July Weekly Summaries

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July 1, 2013
You Will Pay!

JJ gets inspired after seeing his mom kissing Daniel on their porch. He interrupts the smooching. The doctor wanders off. She huffs and joins her son inside. JJ accuses her of hating him. She says she could never hate him. "You're into Daniel now and he thinks I'm a criminal," he says. He tells her how innocent he is and suggests the doctor is turning her against him. JJ says it's Daniel's fault that he was shoplifting today. His mom reminds him that he's not a baby and he's responsible for what he's done. She orders him to go and make amends with the shopkeeper.

Maggie drops by Daniel's place. He tells her about the problems with JJ. She's sure JJ will grow out of whatever he's going through. She leaves, mumbling, "I hope you won't be too angry with me." Maggie heads to the Horton house and tells Jenn how bad Daniel feels for her because of JJ. Jenn can't talk about it. Meanwhile, JJ shows up at Daniel's and warns him not to attempt to turn his mom against him. The doctor gets a text from Jenn asking him to give her some time away and stop discussing her son with other people.
Hope and Roman are sitting at the pub. He's having a drink and vents about how much his life sucks. He assumes that Bernardi must have been dirty. Abe pops up to say that there is no proof of that yet. He and Hope head out. In the square, Marge Bernardi corners Sami at the memorial. She lays into her for killing her husband and trashing his memory. Sami swears that he had a weapon. Abby and Chad watch from across the square. Hope and Abe arrive as Marge cries and rails. They get her to stop. "You will pay!" vows Marge. Abe takes her away. Sami heads over to the pub to see her daddy. She beats herself up for messing up his career but he assures her that she brings him loads of happiness. He's sure that none of this is her fault. Meanwhile, Chad and Abby head into Caffeinated. She feels bad for Marge and her kid and thinks they deserve to know the truth. Chad says they need to stay out of this and blames his father for everything. He hopes he never becomes like Stefano. Abs tells him how horrible her Grandpa Duke was. She takes Chad's hand and assures him he is nothing like his father.

Justin shows up at Casa DiMera and informs EJ that the anti-Stefano plan has hit a snag. One of their backers has backed out. EJ decides to call him up and leaves a threatening message. Justin and EJ discuss Sami's case. They head over to the courthouse and meet Melinda, the special prosecutor. She brags that she has beaten Justin before. EJ's not thrilled to hear it. Sami arrives and tells them about her run-in with Marge. The hearing begins. Sami has to tell her story. Melinda rips it apart. Sami zones out and lies that she never had any previous run-ins with Bernardi. Her eyes dart around as the jury scribbles. Sami is allowed out to the hall. She tells Justin and EJ that things went well. Marge pops up and tells her she's sure the jury will think she should rot in prison. The jury returns with a decision.


July 2, 2013

It Could Have Been Glorious.
The jury reaches their decision at the courthouse. They hand it to Justin. Sami hasn't been indicted. Marge Bernardi is outraged that the commissioner's daughter is getting away with this. Justin leads her away as she sobs. Sami feels bad. "You didn't murder Bernardi. He died because he had a secret life," EJ says. Meanwhile, Kristen gasps at Casa DiMera as she tries editing her sex tape with Eric to make it look like he was into it. She notices Sami and EJ have returned. They tell her the big news and skip away. "It's too bad I couldn't have used you to get back at your mother... but I don't think you swing that way. Too bad. It could have been glorious," Kristen mumbles to herself.

Adrienne runs into her son in the square. When she mentions Sami, Will pops up and snaps at her. He gets a text that his mom hasn't been indicted. "Are you kidding me?" Adrienne blurts. Will defends his mom and then takes Sonny home with him. When they get there, Gabi tears into them because she needed them to look after the kid. She leaves for an appointment. Will tells Sonny what a great help he has been. He goes off to get them sushi. Sonny starts vacuuming. His old friend Brent shows up while Sonny cradles the baby. "Are you insane?" Brent asks. Sonny fills him in about his living arrangements. Brent doubts living with a lady and a baby is really what he wants.

Vargas joins Nick at the pub to discuss their business ideas. Kate comes over to sneer at the former cell mates. After Vargas leaves, Nick hands Kate a flashdrive for a product he developed while he was working for her. He thinks she deserves a reward for taking a chance on him. She makes a rape joke and then apologizes. Nick leaves. When she walks out, she runs into Will, who informs her that his mom is free. Kate's a bit surprised. When Will gets home, he eavesdrops on Brent telling Sonny that he can't see him playing house permanently. Meanwhile, Nick and Gabi take a walk. They rehash what each of them did. He's sure they will always care about each other but they shouldn't be married. Nick offers her an annulment but says they can try again someday if that's what she wants.

Victor and Ciara drop by the rectory. She wants to see the new school. Some nun takes her over. Eric tells Victor that Nicole is the one to thank for getting the school up and running. Victor is impressed. The priest gets the news that Sami got off scot-free. Eric strolls off and Victor asks Nic what's really going on with her. She tells him people change. "Don't kid a kidder," he says. Nicole insists he's wrong about her. Vargas eavesdrops until Nic notices him. As Victor leaves, he advises Vargas to steer clear of Nicole. Vargas informs her that he will be leaving and reminds her he knows she's in love with Father Eric.


July 3, 2013


Outside his place, Will eavesdrops on Brent asking Sonny if he really imagined being tied down to domestic life. Sonny admits it wasn't one of his ambitions. Brent pulls out some tickets to the July 4 rave. Sonny wants to go but says he needs to stay at home. After Will walks off, Sonny goes on about how bad he has it for Will. Meanwhile, Justin is at Caffeinated making calls to firm up EJ's deals. When he wanders out, he bumps into Will, who thanks him for getting his mom off. Mr. K. talks to him about the wonders of parenthood and then goes off to see his son. He gets there just as Brent leaves. Justin tells Sonny that he just ran into William. Brent sends Sonny another invite. Justin's son vents to him about this and how Brent thinks that he's become a 'fuddy-duddy' with a baby. Justin tells him that raising a child is a great adventure. Sonny claims it's all he wants.

At Casa DiMera, Kristen races to stop Eric from watching the video on her tablet. She pulls it out of his hands. Sami wonders what's up with her. The women bicker until the priest asks Kristen why she has a video with his name on it. She says it's a different Eric. The priest is shown to the door. Sami and EJ head to the pub. He gets a text from Justin saying that their plan has hit another snag. Sami notices he's worried but he covers. They walk out and bump into her son. She angles for an invite to his place. When they get there, Justin is holding the baby. Elvis and Justin slip outside to discuss their plan. The Kiriakis tries convincing him that things will be okay but EJ is getting paranoid. Inside, Sonny takes the kid to bed and Will worries he's asking him to do too much. Back at Casa DiMera, Kristen hands her tablet off to an editor to whip it into shape.

Daniel drops by the mansion to pick up Parker's shades. He and Brady discuss what happened to Eric and then the doctor asks him if he is using Nicole to get over Kristen. Brady claims not. Daniel heads back to the hospital to meet Eric. He asks him again if they can do more blood tests. The priest refuses. He thinks that God made him sick to inspire Nicole to save the day. He goes over to the rectory and his dad drops by and accidentally spills his Cola-Cool all over his collar. Out in the square, Kristen bumps into Brady. He asks why she went to Eric's room. She claims he looked lonely and then accuses Brady of treating her like a dog he sent to the pound to die. He's not sorry. "You will be... soon enough," she warns.

Roman drops by the Horton house to tell Jenn that Sami has gotten off. JJ comes down so Roman heads out. His mom lists his punishments and reminds him he could be in jail. They begin arguing about Daniel. He accuses her of putting her love life ahead of her family and then storms upstairs. Jenn strides out. As soon as she's gone, he leaves and joins Rory and Bev in the park. JJ sends them off to get their stash so they can sell it. Suddenly, some young lady named Theresa comes out of the bushes and asks JJ how good his stash is. She gets flirty. Meanwhile, Jenn drops by Daniel's to apologize for going off on Maggie the other day. She knows he thinks her son is a dink, but she needs to put him first. Jenn wants them to take a break. "Breaking up with me is not going to fix your son," he says.


July 4, 2013

Whiny Downer.

At his place, Daniel has a hard time believing that Jenn thinks dumping him is going to make things better with JJ. She lectures him for calling her son a criminal. He insists her son will come around and says she's a great mom. He tries talking her out of this but the babysitter shows up with Parker before he can. Jenn escapes. Meanwhile, JJ meets Theresa in the park. She wants some of his stash. He asks her back to his place for a taste. She's not into robbing the cradle. "I like women. I am JJ," he says. JJ takes her back to the Horton house. She plays with a Hummel figurine and asks him to roll a spliff. After he runs upstairs, Jenn arrives. When he comes back downstairs, Theresa heads out the door and Jenn interrogates her son. He refuses to be lectured by her when she replaced his dad with 'a sleaze'. She says she will always love his father but he's not convinced and won't respect her 'joke of a relationship'. Jenn cries. 

Theo runs up to Chad in the square. Cameron follows after. Abe shows up to get his son. The two uncles offer to take Theo to the fireworks. Once Abe and Theo leave, Chad tells Cam that they don't need to be enemies just because they are competing for Abby. The choice is hers. Abby is meeting with Gabi in the pub. Abs asks if she loves being a mom. Gabs does but it can be kind of a nightmare. Abby vents about the guys in her life. Gabi is impressed and tells her to enjoy it. Chad sends Abby a text asking to meet her. Gabi orders her to go. Once Abby leaves, Cam arrives. He chats with Gabi and she teases him about his stripping past. Meanwhile, Chad meets Abby at Caffeinated and tells her that Sami got off. She realizes that the video would have definitely led to an indictment. Chad shrugs it off by explaining that at least Bernardi's family won't have to face what he was really like.

In the square, Kristen warns Brady that he, and everyone around him, are going to be sorry. She says he's 'a whiny downer'. Nic shows up to defend him. Kristen starts taunting Nicole about Father Eric. They wonder why she is so obsessed with the priest. She annoys Nic some more. "Don't feed the animals," Brady tells Nicole. The DiMera makes another threat and walks off. Brady goes to get coffee. Kristen returns to pick up the shopping bag she left. She taunts Nic again. "I really had what you want and it was wonderful," she purrs. Brady returns. Kristen taunts some more and walks off. Nic and Brady head back to the mansion and vent about Kristen. He assures her that life is good now that he knows what Kristen is really like. Across town, Dr. Chyka drops by Casa DiMera. Kristen rails at him. He assures her again that Eric will remember nothing. Meanwhile, Eric starts to have another attack while he's in the shower. Once he gets out, he calls Daniel and tells him what happened. The doctor heads over to the rectory. The priest is okay by the time he gets there. Daniel still thinks he needs to have more tests. Eric is reluctant but agrees.


July 5, 2013

In The Middle.

At Caffeinated, Will and Sonny prepare a picnic. The Horton suggests that Sonny give it a miss but the Kiriakis insists there is nothing he would rather do. Meanwhile, Abby drops by Gabi's to see her and the baby. They awkwardly discuss Abby's boy problem. Abs complains that Cam doesn't seem willing to wait indefinitely. Gabi suggests she come to the picnic. She needs a distraction from thinking about Nick. "My marriage is over," she explains. Sometimes she really misses him... she's confused about her feelings. Will and Sonny pop in to pick them up for the picnic.

JJ lounges around his room with his shirt off and thinks of his problems with his mom. Downstairs, Jenn plays with a cooler and recalls her happy days with Daniel and Parker. Adrienne shows up. Jenn informs her that she's not going to the picnic. Adrienne changes her mind. Meanwhile, Tad joins Chad, Theo and Cameron to throw a ball around in the woods with their shirts off. Pretty soon everyone shows up and they start preparing the picnic. Will thanks Abby for keeping quiet about the video. She spots her brother as he arrives and walks over to harass him about being let out of the house. Jenn gets a call from work. Sami getting off has caused rumors of a hospital cover-up. She leaves to take care of that and orders her son to behave. Adrienne tells JJ stories about how he used to fall on his face as a child. He'd only behave himself for Jack. When she tells him his dad wouldn't want Jenn to be alone, JJ gets uncomfortable and walks off. Across the park, Tad holds the baby. Brent shows up and gets introduced to everyone. He asks Will about becoming a father and tells him how mature he is. Justin walks over to Gabi and explains that Nick asked him to handle the annulment.

Theo chases Abby down as she looks for her brother in the woods. Chad and Cam follow. "Will you be in the middle?" Theo asks her. The three of them awkwardly wander off and go swimming. Cam tells her she's beautiful. Theo gets her ice cream and she returns to Gabi. She tells her how mature her two suitors were. That's not making choosing any easier. Down by the water, Brent and Will towel off. Brent assures him that he never hooked up with Sonny. He just finds it weird to see Sonny living such a settled life. Will's defensive. Sonny comes by and his mom follows. She apologizes if she was insensitive about his mom. Later, Will tells Sonny that he should go out tonight so that he can study alone. Sonny would rather watch the baby. Adrienne and Justin watch videos of the baby. When they are momentarily distracted, the remaining copy of the video of Sami attacking Bernardi pops up.

JJ slips over to the square to give Bev and Rory some dope. Bev tells him he's amazing and she's split up with her boyfriend. After he sends them off, he runs into Theresa. He offers to show her some fireworks. She teases him about being grounded. He tries to tempt her with his stash as they flirt but she strolls off, leaving him frustrated. At the hospital, Anne taunts Jenn for having to come to work on a holiday. She lectures her for overstepping her bounds in the human resources department. Anne teases her about JJ. Jenn's lips crinkle up.

 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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