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2nd Week of July Weekly Summaries

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July 8, 2013

Out of my House.

Sami runs into Rafe outside of Caffeinated. He tries to run away. She pulls out a gun and shoots him. This is all a dream of his. His machine beeps up a storm. Kayla, Gabi and Kate rush into his hospital room. The doctor says he just had a nightmare. She's sure he will wake up eventually. Rafe dreams of being in bed with Kate and Stefano attacking him with a bat. Abe joins everyone in the real world where Kayla is explaining that Rafe will likely be confused for weeks. Kay and Abe go down the hall. She wonders what will happen if Rafe doesn't remember the last year and thinks he's still married to Sami. He returns to Gabi. They chat about what Bernardi was up to and why. Neither of them have a clue.

Daniel runs into Jenn in Caffeinated. She tries some small talk but he refuses to take the bait. He explains that he took his son to see Chloe. He'd love to talk all about their lives, but reminds her that she asked for a break. She needs time to focus on her son, even though she knows he's manipulating her. The doctor can't handle all of this 'idle chit-chat' and walks away. She gets a call from the school and fumes. Meanwhile, Rory and JJ are in the woods drooling over Theresa. Rory offers to be his wing-man but JJ wants to fly solo. He strolls over to Theresa to turn on the charm. She escapes. His mom calls and angrily orders him over to her office. She's taking away his lunch money and tells him he'll have to brown bag it from now on. She also bans him from bringing anyone home. "If it sounds fun to you, don't do it," she instructs. He departs. When he returns a few minutes later to get his bag, he finds Theresa sitting in his mom's chair. Jenn comes in and Theresa informs her that she's her new assistant.

EJ and Sami are at Casa DiMera slurping coffee and swapping spit. Justin calls Elvis to say they have a problem. She gets a call about Rafe coming out of his coma and EJ suggests she go and see him when he wakes up. She's amazed he's being so mature about this. After he sends her out the door, he calls Justin back. EJ starts yelling at his father's portrait. He calls Mr. Shin to threaten him as Justin rushes over. After making some more calls, EJ calls Shin back and tries bribing him into siding against Stefano. Moments later, they get a call confirming that EJ has complete control of DiMera Enterprises. Justin explains that means the house as well. He heads out and EJ chuckles to himself. Meanwhile, Stefano is on his jet drinking champagne with his special lady. He starts making calls to quash what Justin and EJ are up to. After they land, they head over to Casa DiMera. Stefano sends his lady upstairs. "I want you out of my house," EJ tells his father. "Ai ai ai," Stefano sighs with a laugh.

Sami arrives at the hospital. Kate grabs her before she can get into Rafe's room. She lectures her about what she did to Rafe and accuses her of just trying to make herself the center of attention. Sami stomps off to Rafe's room. Kate grabs Daniel next. He fills her in about Rafe's condition and refuses to comment on her relationship with the patient. They join everyone else as Rafe groans in his room. He slowly opens his eyes. When he sees Sami, he starts beeping and his eyes pop. It takes some convincing, but Sami finally agrees to leave. Once she does, his vitals return to normal. Daniel refuses to let Sami back into the room.


July 9, 2013

Last Chance.
Kristen is in the park on the phone with her video editor, reminding her she wants the edits ASAP. She spots some lovey-dovey couple and cringes. Over in Jenn's office, she refuses to believe that Theresa is her new assistant. Kayla comes in to explain that Theresa is actually her niece, Jeannie, Shane and Kim's daughter. Since Theresa is giving attitude, Kayla sends Jenn and her son out. She lectures her niece for treating Jenn like she's stupid. Theresa declares that she doesn't want to be a schnook like her mama. Her aunt advises her to make things work. "This is probably your last chance," she adds. Out in the hall, Jenn and JJ bicker about Theresa. Kristen shows up and compliments JJ on how grown-up he looks. He drifts off. Jenn fills Kristen in about Daniel. The DiMera tells her that she has already moved on from Brady. Horton heads back down the hall and Kay tells her how grateful her niece is for the job. Once the doctor leaves, Jenn asks Theresa why she was at her house. Theresa claims she was just asking for directions. Jenn offers to buy her a map so she won't have to drop by again.

At the nurse's station, Daniel tells Maxine about Rafe. She hands him Eric's test results. Meanwhile, Sami runs over to the rectory to moan to Eric. He nearly falls over. Eric explains his condition. She threatens to call his mom but the priest doesn't need anyone hovering. Sami has a fit when he says Daniel isn't sure what's wrong with him. The doctor shows up moments later with the test results. Sami won't stop talking. Daniel finally explains that he is waiting for a specialist to give him their opinion. Eric kicks his sister out and she continues talking to herself. Sami heads to the hospital and bursts in on Jenn and Theresa. They yap it up until the newbie goes off to fill out some forms. "She reminds me of myself when I was her age," Sami comments. Jenn shudders. Sami asks her about Eric but Jenn can't pass along medical information. After she leaves, Anne calls to moan about Theresa not showing up at HR. Meanwhile, JJ heads home and starts to google around about Theresa. After he sends her a message, she shows up, tells him she's a 'bad influence' and reminds him that there's something she wants. He fetches her a bag of spliffs. Back at the rectory, Daniel takes some more blood from Eric and advises him to take it easy. The priest prays while the doctor suddenly notices something off in the results. "What the hell?" he ponders.

Stefano laughs in his son's face when EJ orders him out of Casa DiMera. Elvis advises him to check his messages. When he does, he stops laughing. His son declares that he's beat him at his own game. This is his revenge for what Stefano did when he thought he wasn't his son. "You are not my father," EJ says, explaining his father's love kills people. Stefano vows to make him pay. Elvis is smug and declares the Phoenix will not rise again. They start arguing about Sami shooting Bernardi. Kristen shows up. Her brother explains that he's kicking him out and has taken over all of his companies. "I wouldn't dream of sleeping here," says Stefano. After he leaves, Kristen is annoyed with her brother. She thought they were going to be a real family. He wonders whose side she is going to be on now that the family is at war. "Oh EeJ... but I love you and Stefano so, so much," she says. He gets a call from Sami. She moans about her day and fills him in about her brother needing a specialist. Kristen congratulates her brother on his little coup and then leaves to call Chyka. They meet up in the park and she panics about Daniel calling in a specialist. Back at Casa DiMera, Stefano stops by on his way out to warn his son that one day he will beg him to take back what he has stolen. Once he leaves, EJ suddenly looks very worried.

July 10, 2013
And You Didn't Sell Tickets?

Chad drops by Casa DiMera as EJ is having Stefano's portrait removed. Elvis smugly informs his brother that it is no longer Stefano's home and he's taken over the business. "And you didn't sell tickets?" Chad asks. He's impressed. His brother is giddy. They toast to the victory. EJ tells him that things are going to change and invites him to move in and take a wing of the house. Chad has to think about that. He gets a little woozy and leaves.

Sami sneaks into Rafe's hospital room. She babbles to him about Kate and can't understand what he was doing with 'that hag'. He seems listless as she goes on about the FBI jacket. When he opens his eyes and sees her, she starts rambling about Arianna. He's disoriented and his machines begin beeping when she mentions a gun. Cameron rushes in and kicks her out. Kate and Gabi lecture her. Cam lets Gabi in to see her brother. Sami complains that she's the one who saved his life. "And now you're trying to kill him," Kate snipes. Cam returns and orders Sami not to go near Rafe again. After Sami leaves, Chad strolls in. He chats with Kate and fills her in about the big takeover. She seems happy about it. When she goes in to see Rafe, he asks her why Sami tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Sami goes home and moans to EJ about everyone ganging up on her. He tells her not to worry, gives her a kiss and then shows her that he's had Stefano's portrait replaced with a painting of them. Elvis then explains what he did to his father. She's thrilled until he adds he's been planning it for five months and never told her.

Maggie is at the rectory telling Eric what a great job he has been doing. He asks her to make sure Victor behaves at the school opening. She begins talking about how Nicole was his first love. Meanwhile, Nicole drops by the mansion to get Brady's donation for the school. He notices papers from the adoption agency in the mail. That makes him upset. She offers to call them up for him. He turns that down. She worries that he's thinking of getting back with Kristen. "Why you bustin' my chops?" he asks. Nic rails about Kristen but he's sure she genuinely cared, if only in spite of herself. She barks at him to stop with this; she's the masochist in their little duo. After she heads out, Maggie comes home and Brady asks her if it's possible to be addicted to love. He feels like he is going through withdrawal but he's determined to end this downward spiral. Brady tears up the adoption papers.

Kristen berates Dr. Chyka in the park. He insists the drug won't be detected but could really use a look at the toxicology work. She stomps off. Over at his place, after going through Eric's results, Daniel gets a clue and calls a specialist. Kristen shows up moments later. She pretends she is there to talk about Jenn. He doesn't buy it and claims he knows what she is up to. The doctor accuses her of trying to score points with Brady. The DiMera tells him she knows she has lost Brady for good. Parker yells for his dad. As soon as Daniel steps away, she snaps some photos of Eric's toxicology report. The doctor catches her snooping. Across town, Nicole shows up at the rectory and is worried when Eric tells her he had a slight relapse. She's glad to hear he's seeing a doctor about it. After she bustles off, he says a prayer and suddenly has a flash of the night he was drugged.


July 11, 2013

Mega Hit.

At Casa DiMera, Sami is furious that EJ went behind her back for months as he planned to oust his father. He thinks she just wants to bitch and moan because she wasn't included in the plot. EJ yells about how he now has all of the power and accuses her of acting like 'a petulant adolescent'. She's sure that his father has kept his need for revenge and reminds him that Stefano still has things over them. Sami says that EJ's been too worried about his daddy issues to think about her issues with her son. Elvis says he would never let anything happen to William. If she couldn't figure that out, he doesn't know why she's marrying him. He yells in her face and then yells in her ear about how much more powerful he is than his father. They throw each other around the room and do it on the couch. "Tell me that you know I did the right thing," he prods after. She does. They giggle and sweat. He promises that they will have a happy ending.

At his place, Daniel catches Kristen snooping at Eric's medical files. She claims she was just looking at a note from Jenn and then slips off as Maggie arrives. He's annoyed at her for getting involved in his mess with JJ and Jenn. Although he doesn't want to, Daniel tells his mom that he needs to respect Jenn's wanting a break. After he sends Parker off with Maggie, he pours over Ericꞌs tests some more and then calls for confirmation that the priest was poisoned. A specialist tells him there is no evidence of it. Meanwhile, Chyka meets with Kristen in the park. He explains that the pictures of the results she sent to him don't reveal anything. Kristen meets with her video editor next. They watch the footage again. Kristen's eager that it be ꞌa mega hitꞌ.

Jenn drops by the rectory with a press release for the school. She notices Eric is not looking well but things are uncomfortable when he mentions Daniel is treating him. They discuss her son's problems and he agrees to pray for him, but urges her to try and fix things with Daniel. Meanwhile, Theresa drops by the pub to see her grandma. She tells Caroline how glad she is that she's doing better. Theresa jogs back to Jennꞌs office. The Horton is waiting for her and lectures her for not getting to HR. They bicker about JJ. Theresa says he's a good kid. Jenn says they can put that behind them and peppily reminds her that her son is in high school. After Jenn stomps off, Theresa looks at the spliffs in her bag that she got from JJ and tells herself that she will do what she wants on her own time. Back at the pub, Eric drops in to see his grandma. She tells him about Theresa. When he gets back to the rectory, Kristen pops in and tells him she has something to share with him.

At the mansion, Adrienne berates Justin for bringing chaos into their lives. She doesn't know when he suddenly turned into someone with integrity and morals. He accuses her of being a hypocrite. Justin insists that he trusts their son's judgement, but he has some doubts about hers. After he storms off, Maggie comes by with Parker. He plays with dolls. Adrienne shows him a picture of Arianna. She leaves her phone on and the video of Sami attacking Bernardi starts to play. The ladies are too distracted by lemonade to notice.

July 12, 2013

A Duel Or Something.

Eric is uncomfortable when Kristen shows up in his office to tell him she has something that could shock a lot of people. She tells him that she's a lousy Catholic and needs some spiritual nourishment. Kristen vents about her family and then Marlena. "If you know you're going to Hell, what's the point in trying?" she asks. They discuss redemption. She feels free of all duty and responsibility. He probes. After more theological debating, the DiMera angles for an invitation to the opening ceremony for the school. She wants to meet the bishop and promises not to cause a scene. Ciara runs in with her friend Jamie. They chat about the new school changing lives. The priest takes the children for a tour. "What the hell are you looking at?" Kristen asks Jesus. She argues with him about Eric and yells that this is all his fault until she chucks her purse at him.

At the hospital, Kate is concerned that Rafe is still sleeping. Cameron explains that sleep is his defense mechanism. Outside of the room, Abe complains to Kayla about how bad things are at the department thanks to the Bernardi situation. Kate and Cam join them and they discuss Rafe until the young doctor runs off for lunch. Kate tells them that Rafe asked her why Sami tried to kill him. Kay has a shit fit. A nurse comes by the say Rafe's waking up again. They join him. He recognizes each of them and then asks. "Why, why did Sami shoot me?"

Abby spots Chad in the pub and joins him. He's leaving a message for Cam. She asks him not to and barks that this is her decision to make. He explains that he was actually planning to talk to him about moving into Casa DiMera. "Did you think I was going to challenge him to a duel or something?" he asks. Cameron shows up. Chad asks them both about his big move. They give some advice and then the doctor advises him again to get his head checked out after his fall.

Brent drops by Will's place looking for Sonny, who left his watch in Brent's car. Will's uncomfortable to hear they were out together. Lucas shows up and hangs out with the baby. Once Brent goes, Lucas starts questioning his son about letting his man out at night 'partying it up and whatever, whatever'. Will assures him they weren't having sex; Sonny's allowed to have a social life. His father is impressed that he's so mature. "Your mother has like four kids and she still acts like she's twelve," he adds, giving his son a cuddle.

Adrienne drops by Caffeinated to nag her son. When he mentions Brent, she's glad to hear he still has a social life that doesn't include baby duty. He starts railing at her for this, telling her that he has lots of fun with his new family. Sonny doesn't want variety and declares he will never break up with Will. She reminds him of how happy he was before Will. He keeps defending his life until Brent shows up. Adrienne rambles to him until he goes. Sonny bickers with his mother. When he heads home, he apologizes about Brent. Will assures him it is fine and they kiss. Will looks a bit worried. Meanwhile, Adrienne runs into Lucas in the square. She starts fumbling with her phone to show him a video of the baby. Her battery is dead so she offers to send it to him later. She wants to discuss their sons but he really doesn't want to go there.

 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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