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3rd Week of July Weekly Summaries

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July 15, 2013
The Next Victim.
Eric brings Ciara to the pub. She starts yapping to Brady about Kristen and asks why they aren't getting married anymore. The priest sends her off for cookies and apologizes. He tells him that Kristen will be at the reception. Brady assures him it's no big deal. "I pity whoever she picks to be her next victim," he adds. Meanwhile, Nicole walks in on Kristen having a fit in the rectory. After lecturing her, she notices that there are sex sounds coming out of the purse Kristen hurled at the wall. The DiMera grabs her bag. There is much hollering and name calling. A nun comes in with a ticket to the reception for Kristen. Nic's gobsmacked and asks her not to ruin the event for Eric and his family. The priest pops up and the DiMera heads out. Nicole warns him about Kristen again. "I like to think of you as my guardian angel," he says.

At the hospital, Rafe demands to know why Sami shot him. His machines beep and Kayla tries getting him to relax. Abe takes Kate into the corridor. She worries to Maxine. The nurse assures her that she has been nothing but good for Rafe and everything will work out. Kayla joins them and explains that she thinks Rafe still can't differentiate between dreams and reality. They worry about how bad his short term memory might be. Since he might not recall his affair with Kate, she decides to call in someone else. Meanwhile, Nick and Gabi meet at Caffeinated. They discuss the annulment and he makes sure she is okay with money and everything. She's sorry that he must be feeling left out of Arianna's life. She reminds him that the baby is a Horton and part of his family. He's still determined to keep his distance for now. He reminds her that he can get 'crazy'. She recalls him surprising her on Valentine's. Fallon wants them to stay friends. Kate calls her over to the hospital. Gabi and Nick share a difficult goodbye and give up their rings. When she gets to her brother's room, he notices she was pregnant. She shows him a picture of his niece. Later, Nick runs into Kate in the square. She tells him how impressed she was with the patent he gave her. She promises to make sure he gets royalties. He asks after Rafe and mentions that Sami threatened to shoot him once.

Daniel is at home fantasizing about Jenn. He snaps out of it when she says she may never come back.  He fantasizes about skydiving with her. The doctor shakes his head and grumbles about trust. He heads over to the rectory with Eric's toxicology report. They send Nicole away. The doctor explains that there are no traces of a poison or virus. It's like someone didn't want it found and must have used a masking agent. "You were deliberately poisoned," Daniel suggests.

Maggie drops by the Horton house to apologize to Jenn for being so nosy. Then she tells Jenn that she's a fool for letting JJ ruin her love life. The redhead tips her off that Kristen has been worrying about her. Jenn doesn't want anyone's help with this. Maggie starts crying and leaves. Jenn huffs and sends Kristen a text. They meet in the park and argue about the Daniel situation. Kristen hopes she won't be an idiot like she has been. Meanwhile, when Maggie gets home, she finds that Brady is sending away a gift which Kristen gave him. He takes a jog through the park. When he notices Kristen and Jenn, he eavesdrops as his ex talks about everything she lost when she lost him. She sobs that he was her one chance at joy and she ruined it. "Don't get sucked in," Brady tells himself. He strips off and jumps in the lake. Nicole tries calling him to find out if the 'benefits' in their relationship are still turned off. He climbs out of the water and notices the bracelet he gave Kristen. She shows up looking for it.


July 16, 2013

A Quickie or Closure?

Brady comes out of the swimming hole naked and finds Kristen's bracelet. Kristen pops up. He hands the bracelet over. Their hands touch. She watches him put his pants on and talks about coincidence. He admits he heard her talking to Jenn and suggests that she could have set all of this up. She assures him that isn't the case. "I'm not your plaything anymore!" he says. She slaps him. He wonders if she wants a quickie or closure. Kristen tells him he's all wrong about her. She chose him over revenge and loved him more than anything in the world but he threw her away. He's heard all of this before. The DiMera points out that John can confirm what she's saying. "I chose you," she repeats. She runs off. He stares. When he heads back to the mansion, he pours himself a drink and contemplates it. He doesn't drink. After pondering Kristen's words, he calls his father. Meanwhile, Kristen tells herself that Brady is gone and she has to stay focused.

JJ is at home yacking to Rory on the phone about Theresa when Abe shows up. When he starts to lecture him about Jenn, JJ tells him not to try filling in for his dead father. Carver gets a call about pot dealing. JJ listens in. He apologizes for snapping at him. Abe tells him to be the man of the house. Then he tells him there has been criminal activity at the high school. Jenn arrives to hear this but Abe has to run before he can explain anything. JJ apologizes to his mom for treating her badly. She apologizes back and says that they need more family time. After she heads off, he feels sorry for himself. Meanwhile, Theresa is in Jenn's office wishing she had more dope. Roman show up. He promises that he will be checking in on her to make sure she doesn't get into any trouble. "Uncle Ro, I'll be fine," she says. Theresa heads over to the Horton house. She compliments JJ on his eyes and asks if he has more pot. "You want to go up to my room and do it?" he asks. She points out how easily they could be caught. She pays him for a baggie of bud. Theresa takes a walk through Salem. "This whole place is one major suck," she observes.

At home, Will puts the kid to bed and then suggests that Sonny take Brent to a movie. Sonny doesn't want to go out but Will nags him into doing it. They smooch. Sonny heads out. Meanwhile, Sami meets with her mom at Caffeinated. They discuss the DiMera takeover and Marlena warns her Stefano will be back for revenge. The topic turns to Adrienne. Sami rants that Adrienne is 'bi-polar'. The shrink says no one cares what Adrienne thinks. They head to Will's. Sami vents about Adrienne. Her son assures her that things will be fine. After Sami heads out, Will worries to his grandma about not being fun enough for Sonny. She worries that he's started pushing him away. He worries he's behaving like his mom. Marlena laughs and promises she'll warn him if that happens. Across town, Adrienne is at the pub rambling to Justin on the phone. When she sits down, she tries to figure out how to share a video. The video of Sami attacking Bernardi comes up Adrienne pants. She realizes her son put it on her phone. He arrives. They snap at each other over Sami. He has a fit and storms out. His mom wonders if she should be giving Sami the benefit of a doubt. She heads over to Casa DiMera. Sami greets her in silver leopard print pants. The Kiriakis explains she's there to give Sami the chance to explain herself.

July 17, 2013
Eviscerating EJ.

EJ and Justin finish up paperwork at the pub. Elvis wonders how all of this is affecting Justin's personal life. He offers Justin a permanent position as his chief counsel. They ponder what Stefano must be up to. The lawyer agrees to think the offer over. EJ strolls off. Meanwhile, Adrienne shows up at Casa DiMera to confront Sami about Bernardi. Samanther is beyond sorry for his widow and little Timmy but she was cleared by a jury so this is over. She orders Adrienne to back off. Adrienne huffs and accuses her of ruining her husband and son's lives. Sami puffs and insists on her innocence, bobbing her head in a threatening way. The Kiriakis vows to protect her son and stomps off. Sami smashes stuff. Adrienne heads over to the pub to see her husband. She rails about Sami. He tells her to give it a rest. She notices the contract which EJ offered him and orders him not to work with the DiMeras anymore. He reminds her that she's not the boss of him and tells her she is irrational.

Will drops by Caffeinated and Sonny informs him they just got a liquor license. Sonny putters off. Brent comes in and talks to Will. It becomes clear that Sonny broke the news to him first. Sonny returns and asks Brent to help him redecorate the place. They go off to discuss this, leaving Will behind. His mom calls to warn him about Adrienne. When she gets off the phone, EJ arrives at Casa DiMera and she fills him in about the scene earlier. They relax on the couch and discuss their weeding before giggling. She licks his stubble as they discuss all of the power they have. They head off to do it on the stairs.

Nicole fusses over Eric at the rectory. He's keeping quiet. She nags. He finally explains what Daniel thinks about his possible poisoning. She suggests he check out Kate. Maggie drops in with a donation for the school. Nic fetches some cider. She eavesdrops as Maggie explains that Victor promised not to trash Nicole anymore. Eric wishes she could realize how much she had to offer. They hope things get easier for her. Nic gets choked up. She doesn't enter until Maggie leaves. He guesses she was listening in. Nicole thanks him for saying such nice things.

Kristen sits outside of the pub wishing Eric didn't have to pay the price for Marlena. Stefano calls her for a meeting. They meet in the park. He wonders if she was involved in EJ's takeover plans. She claims ignorance. He's sure of it. She assumes he wants her help 'eviscerating' EJ. They discuss her plans for Marlena. He questions her choice of going after a priest so she gets defensive. Stefano repeats that he doesn't want her to physically harm Marlena, but she can be ruthless beyond that... just as he will be with Elvis. Once he departs, she calls the bishop.

John stops by the mansion to speak to Brady. His son wants to know all of the details concerning Kristen. John is scant on the details so his son probes. Brady needs all the facts. His father admits that Kristen backed out of the lovemaking. "She was dead set on marrying you kid," John says. His son shows him out. "An attack of conscience at the last second doesn't undo a damn thing kid," John says as he leaves. Brady is shocked to admit to himself that Kristen really loved him... but does she still?


July 18, 2013

Ass-Backwards is the New Sure.

Nicole runs into EJ at the pub and tells him how impressed she was about what he did to his father... even if it is fleeting. He doesn't like the sound of her addendum. She taunts him, suggesting that his sister will take him down if his father doesn't. He thinks she's lashing out over Brady. She asks him to put a muzzle on Sami when he brings her to mass. Nic tells him he'll always be in his father's shadow but he's sure Stefano will never rebound. She rolls her eyes and tells him his kids are going to suffer for all of this. EJ tells her to worry about her own life.

Brady walks through the park and recalls his father's admission that Kristen was set on marrying him.  Shirtless Daniel jogs over. Brady admits to him he's not sure about his feelings for Kristen anymore. "I'm in this universe where everything is ass-backwards. Maybe ass-backwards is straight ahead. Ass-backwards is the new sure," Brady philosophizes. He explains what his dad told him. Daniel barely gives advice. They have some small talk about the doctor's personal life. Brady goes home and fantasizes about Kristen.

At Casa DiMera, Kristen notices her brother's new portrait on the wall and gags. Meanwhile, the Bishop and his coterie tour the new school with Fathers Matt and Eric. Kristen calls the Bishop and asks if they can have a little chat. They arrange to meet. Before she can run over, John pops up. He asks her to leave his son alone. She tells him to get lost. He teases her. She taunts him and gives him the boot. After smashing some flowers, she tells herself to let Brady go and focus. Back at the school, the Bishop thanks Eric for the terrific job he's done.

In her office, Jenn nags Theresa about being useless. Jenn wishes she would show more initiative. Theresa doesn't want to waste her youth under compact fluorescents. They bicker. Jenn suspects she's trying to get fired and won't make it easy for her. Theresa calms down. She says everyone is just 'up in her grill' and that's made her uptight. She complains about having to deliver a gift. Her boss sends her off to do it. Theresa drops by the rectory to give Eric a gift from her mom. It's Grandpa Shawn's Bible. The priest invites her to mass. She has work, plus church stuff isn't her thing and she's not planning to spend much time with her family. He assures her they all love her. She hurries off, upset, and stroking her weed. Daniel drops by the rectory next and reminds the priest they need to have a serious talk about his condition. Once the doctor departs, EJ strolls in with a donation. He warns Eric that Nicole has been acting 'protective' of him the way she used to be of him, Brady and Daniel. "That's how she acts when she's in love," says the DiMera. Over at the school, Kristen corners the Bishop. He gets called away before she can say anything. Brady appears.

At the Horton house, Rory and JJ are checking out his new glow in the dark sneakers. His sister isn't impressed. He pretends the shoes are his friend's. Abs bats her lashes at Rory and sends him to the kitchen. She lectures her brother and lets him know that their mom and Daniel are taking a break. JJ is relieved since Dr. J is a 'frickin' creep' but Abs insists he's a good guy. When she mentions her dad, he suggests she's forgotten about him. She thinks he's insane and Jack wouldn't recognize who he was turned into. Later, his mom shows up. JJ offers to go on a fun run with her sometime. She notices his shoes. He says they are Rory's. Jenn doesn't really buy that and stomps off.  He gets a call. "Arro?" he answers. It's Theresa, looking for a spliff delivery. When she gets off the phone, Abs shows up in the office and sniffs. "Have you been smoking weed in here?" Abs asks. JJ arrives in the hall but stays away.


July 19, 2013

Stay With Me.

At the lake, Daniel sees Jennifer. She apologizes for disturbing him and then takes it back - she's not sorry. As they watch Parker swim, Jenn tells Daniel she misses him - so many people think she's an idiot. Her own heart says she's stupid. Daniel kisses her. They cuddle and he says he'll back her up.

At home, JJ tells Rory that he nearly walked into a fight between Abigail and Theresa, who was caught smelling like weed. JJ has an idea how to avoid being implicated. JJ will need Rory's help. Rory shows JJ he's sent an email from his mom's account to Jenn's account about the shoes. They laugh. JJ calls Jenn and gets her permission to study at the library. She says she got the email about the shoes and apologizes for rushing to judgment. JJ and Rory high-five.

Jennifer hangs up from JJ and kisses Daniel goodbye. She'll see him soon. Daniel happily dries Parker.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena startles at a giant portrait of EJ and Sami. Sami says they're taking over the DiMera Empire. She tells Marlena they're getting married in two weeks. Marlena suggests she wait. Sami observes that she doesn't really want her to wait; she wants her to back out completely. Marlena warns that Stefano will want revenge. Sami thinks EJ is as powerful than Stefano. Marlena wonders if EJ's as ruthless. If he's not, they're in danger, and if he is, why would she marry him? Sami loves that EJ goes after what he wants and doesn't want to discuss it more.

At the rectory, EJ tries to convince Eric that Nicole's in love with him. Eric says they're just friends. Hope appears and Eric goes. Hope notes EJ irritated Eric. EJ says some are irritated by the truth. He moves to exit, but she wants to talk about Stefano. They bicker about whether he's truly no longer a threat. EJ isn't concerned about Stefano. He and Sami are looking to the future.  

In the school classroom, Father Matt and Nicole discuss the bishop getting called away. He doesn't think it's good. By the school doors, Kristen flashes to the video as Brady appears. He's surprised to see her there. She says it will be a day they'll all remember. He tries to tell her something, but she repeatedly cuts him off.  Nicole appears. She makes cracks to Kristen about her family. Brady asks for time alone. Eric appears and Kristen flashes to them in bed. She drops her bag and Eric picks it up. Eric goes off with Nicole. He asks if they're friends. She learns EJ said something and tells him not to listen. Hope and Ciara arrive, followed by the bishop looking for Kristen. Meanwhile, Kristen enters the classroom looking for the bishop. She imagines a child called Brady Black Jr. Brady appears.  He tries to tell her what John said but she erupts about him and his family judging her and storms off. Kristen spots the bishop with Eric and takes him aside. She says she's committed a sin that could ruin the school. 

Jennifer arrives at the hospital and learns that Theresa didn't get an important document out and is nowhere to be seen.

Daniel arrives at Jennifer's house He informs JJ he was invited and will make phone calls while he waits. Jenn arrives. JJ is leaving and questions her about Daniel. She says it's not his business. JJ says he's done everything she asked to get back on track and worries Daniel will ruin it. Jenn protests. JJ says he'll find a way to deal with it. Jenn joins Daniel and acts strange. Daniel says, "He did it again!"  He pleads with her not to do this to them. Daniel insists that she stop letting JJ make her choose between them. He knows she's scared, but promises she won't lose her son. "Stay with me." He warns if she keeps pushing him away it will kill their chances. Daniel doesn't want to see or hear from her until she gets that.

Sami and Marlena see EJ in the square. Sami goes in the pub and Marlena lets him know she didn't give her blessing to their wedding plans. EJ insists he'll do everything he can to protect his family, including her. Sami reappears. EJ says Marlena was just telling him how happy she is that her daughter is marrying the man she loves.

At the school, the bishop questions Kristen if now is the time and place. She watches Marlena enter with EJ and Sami and says it has to be here and now. "Bless me father for I have sinned."

Near the pub, JJ tells a buddy that he made sure his mom wouldn't get back with Daniel.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis and Candace Young wrote these stories just for you!

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