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4th Week of July Weekly Summaries

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July 22, 2013
Flavor of the Month.

At the school, Kristen prepares to speak to the bishop as the guests arrive. Marlena furrows her brow at the DiMera and Brady stares. Kristen tells the bishop that she has a confession to make. "It's about me and Father Eric," she explains. Victor and Maggie interrupt and joke around with the holy man. Brady asks Kristen out to the garden. Across the room, Father Matt tells Eric how proud he is of him. Eric's parents get in on the loving while Nicole stomps over to EJ to tell him how much she hates him. She's miffed that he told Eric she has feelings for him. "He's your flavor of the month," he teases. She says that's disgusting so he taunts her some more. Meanwhile, Marlena takes her daughter aside and repeats that she's uncomfortable with her marriage plans, but she wants her happy and will support her. Sami sobs and hugs her. Later, Nicole and Victor chat with the monsignor. She's impressed that Victor isn't hating on her. They share their mutual disdain for Sami and the DiMeras.

Adrienne heads over to her son's place. Will answers the door. Sonny doesn't want to talk to her and won't let her finish any of her sentences. He angrily lectures her. "You can lock the door behind us," he says, storming out with Will. Adrienne sobs. She heads over to the station and corners Abe. She explains that she has important evidence. He calls in Melinda, the prosecutor. Adrienne requests immunity for someone involved in the case. Melinda reluctantly agrees. Once they sign some paperwork, Adrienne hands over the video. Melinda calls for a warrant to arrest Sami. That doesn't take long. Abe thinks she's moving too fast. Meanwhile, Will and Sonny make it over to the church and apologize to Sami for being late. She joins up with EJ and they chat about her brother. He thinks it's time for them to share their wedding news with everyone. They make out and then share their news. Sami asks her family to pretend to be happy. Roman does his best. "When I grow up, can I get married as many times as Sami?" Ciara asks. Over in a corner, Eric tells Nicole that none of this would have been possible without her. He wanders over to his sister as she yaps to the Bishop about her wedding.

Brady and Kristen meet in the garden. She keeps cutting him off until he finally explains his father confirmed what she said. Although he's sure that her feelings for him are real, he can't forget the pain she cause. They can't go back, but they can start over. She says it's too late. He's still in love with her and thinks they still have a chance. Kristen can't handle this and runs off. When she gets inside, the bishop corners her to resume their conversation. Kristen calls for everyone's attention. She reaches into her purse and then says she lost the check she was going to give him. She makes a little speech about the underprivileged and her plan to give more to the school. The bishop is happy, but a bit confused. Kristen smooths that over. After he strolls off, Marlena comes over to needle her. "What are you up to?" asks the shrink. Kristen chomps on a cookie and warns her that she just dodged a bullet. After the DiMera strolls off, Marlena warns Hope that Kristen seemed 'armed and ready'. While Eric makes a speech, Abe, Melinda and a cop arrive. Abe tries to get Sami to leave. She won't so he has to arrest her in front of everyone.


July 23, 2013

Abe arrives at the school and places Sami under arrest for Bernardi's murder. Everyone gasps and burbles. The bishop isn't thrilled about this and asks Eric what's going on. EJ reads the warrant and Caroline promises that all will be taken care of. Melinda tells Roman to stay out of this and he accuses her of showboating. While Elvis calls Justin, Hope declares herself back on duty and pawns Ciara off on Maggie. Sami demands to make a public statement. Roman throws a journalist across the room so his daughter can talk about how great Eric is and how this should be his day. Finally, she lets the cops escort her out. A donor declares that he wants his money back and storms off. Roman tells the family that they should let Justin handle this and stay away. The bishop tells Eric they need to get this ceremony done because he has other stuff to do. Everyone files off to consecrate the school. Roman and Marlena discuss what could be going on with Will and Sonny. Roman thinks there could be new evidence. Meanwhile, Nicole and Kristen discuss Sami ruining Eric's big day. "I thought that would have been you," Nicole says. She wonders why the DiMera is even there and suspects she was there for trouble. Kristen teases her about Eric. "Man plans and God laughs," she muses before wandering out. She runs into Brady in the garden. He tells her how betrayed and full of hatred he felt. Now that he knows the truth, his feelings have changed. She wonders if he is looking for revenge. Brady isn't and he can't move on from her. He wonders if she has. Back inside, Eric tells Nic he needs to lay low for awhile. "You've worked your priestly ass off and you deserve a few bows," she says. He's too worried about his sister for that and blames himself for this mess. Nic tells him that no one could have stopped Sami from acting like 'Ma Barker'. She insists that Sami is just 'a selfish bitch' and he's another of her victims. The priest orders her to stop. "We're done," he says.

Adrienne is pacing at the station as Marge is led in. She complains about how the Brady clan are always stomping on justice for her Joe. Marge tells stories about little Timmy and cries on Adrienne's shoulder. Down the hall, Sami and EJ meet with Justin, Abe and Melinda. The DA explains that they need to clear some things up with Mz. Brady. Justin tries convincing his client to keep her trap shut. That fails. "This is starting to sound like a fishing expedition," Justin says as the questioning goes on. Eventually, Melinda shows them the video. Justin takes his client aside and lectures her for lying to him. Sami guesses she is 'screwed'. Melinda tells them she now has motive and will go back to the grand jury for an indictment. Hope's annoyed Abe didn't tip her off about this. He reminds her that it wouldn't be allowed. "I guess," she shrugs. She leads Sami off to a cell, apologizes and advises her to keep her head down. Back upstairs, Justin demands to know where the video came from. Adrienne and Marge enter. Melinda thanks the Kiriakis for her help and leads Marge off to a press conference.

Caroline, Victor and Maggie take Ciara to the pub. She's worried that Sami won't be able to get married in prison. Victor says prison marriages are common. Maggie takes her off for cookies. Caroline wishes Bo were there to explain this mess. He wishes Justin and Sonny weren't involved in it. He's sure they will both suffer for it.


July 24, 2013

Nice Clients.

Jenn and Theresa are in the office. Theresa starts teasing her about her man troubles and prods 'Jenny' to open up. Jenn isn't opening. Theresa assures her that she couldn't care less about JJ and only likes older guys. Jenn lectures her about doing her job and actually filing some papers. She stomps out. Over at the Horton house, Abs rags on JJ about his 'stoner girlfriend'. She explains that she caught Theresa high in their mom's office. He insists that he's not a pothead too. She lectures him about Rory. He blurts out that he doesn't need a second mother. Jenn shows up. JJ plods upstairs. Jenn clutches at a pillow and starts to complain about her new assistant until JJ rushes in to declare that Sami just got arrested. The ladies head out in a panic. JJ sneaks over to the hospital to see Theresa. She's buying shoes online. He's surprised that he doesn't care about her cousin. "The Waltons were a family and so were the Borgias but only one of them was real," she snipes. She vents about her family and trashes his sister. He tells her to shut up. JJ gets upset and mentions his father. She tells him they know a way to make things better. "Did you get the coke?" she asks, flashing some cleavage. He's still waiting for a call. She promises fun when the nose candy arrives.

At the station, Adrienne admits to Sonny and Will that she gave the cops the video. "You fool!" bellows EJ, unleashing the squints of anger. Justin forces everyone to calm down. He sends the lads off and then escorts his wife out. EJ rails at Abe, who reminds the lawyer that he's not the one who hid evidence. Abe challenges him to produce evidence that Bernardi was guilty. EJ can't. Meanwhile, Justin and Adrienne argue outside of the square. He's furious that she never told him about the video. She reminds him that she kept trying to tell him and he wouldn't listen. He thinks she is so desperate to get their son away from Will that he would send a woman to prison. She insists she was just protecting their son and shows him the immunity papers. It dawns on her that no one told him about the video. "Nice clients you have," she says. He's pissed and walks off.
Brent meets with Chad at the pub to discuss their new designs. When Sonny and Will show up, they declare the meeting over. Will's distraught. Brent departs. Chad's filled in about what happened. He calls Abby and asks her to meet. Will and Sonny head back to their place to wait for Justin. The lawyer has been intercepted in the square by EJ. Elvis wants to throw Adrienne to the wolves. Justin doesn't like that idea and is annoyed that EJ risked putting Sonny and Sami is prison to avoid sidetracking his plot against Stefano. "Find yourself another lawyer," Justin declares. At their place, Sonny explains to Will that he accidentally sent the video to his mom. Will assures him it's okay and gives him a hug. Justin strolls in and demands to know everything. William tells him the whole story, including the fact that he shot EJ. He blames himself for everything and begs him for help. They lie about no one else being involved and then each give a dollar to claim attorney-client privilege. Justin tells them to stay quiet. Meanwhile, Chad meets with Abby and promises her that he will protect her. He beats himself up for being a 'train-wreck'. Over at the mansion, EJ lunges out of the bushes to corner Adrienne and threaten her. He merrily strolls off.

Brady and Kristen are in the garden. After thinking of Eric, she tells him there hasn't been anyone else. He wants them to start with a clean slate and tells her about Nicole. They head over to Casa DiMera. After some awkwardness, he kisses her. He breaks away before things can go too far. Brady gets a text from Marlena about Sami. Jenn shows up. She wonders if she is interrupting something. Brady heads out. Jenn probes for the latest. Kristen fills her in and says that this could be great as long as she's not being played. Deveraux tells her not to 'question it to death' and bustles off. Kristen contemplates whether she can give up revenge to get Brady back.


July 25, 2013

Nowhere Is Better Than Here.

At the office, Maxine teases Jenn about Daniel. JJ shows up. Maxine licks her lips at him and heads out. Jenn and her son talk about her taking a break from Dr. Dan. He assures her that he is getting his life together and promises she can count on him. Theresa jogs in so Jenn chases her son off. She tears into her assistant. Theresa turns on the waterworks. Jenn thinks that's a load and doesn't appreciate her using her family as an excuse. She stomps off. Theresa huffs and storms out, saying, "Nowhere is better than here." Meanwhile, JJ heads to school and meets up with Rory. He orders him not to make any deals while the cops are looking for them. Bev pops up. JJ asks them to score him some coke. Rory agrees when he guesses it's for his 'new thing'. They bump chests. Rory almost falls over. Bev looks put out.

Daniel drops by the rectory and tells Eric they need to figure out why he was poisoned so they can discover who did it. Nicole shows up. There's some uncomfortableness. The priest sends the doctor out so he can talk to Nic. She starts to ramble about her feelings. He actually wanted to discuss her Sami hatred and how difficult it is for him to deal with it. The priest postpones this discussion and departs. He and Daniel meet Mason Ventura, a forensics detective, at the pub. They are planning to go back to the room where Eric had his first symptoms. The priest ponders and agrees to help. Mason goes off to look for evidence. The priest confesses that part of him doesn't want to know the truth. He can't handle the fact that he may have made an enemy.

Brady drops by Casa DiMera with daffodils for Kristen. They have some awkward chit chat. He's eager to catch up on what she's been doing. She remembers doing Eric. They decide to go out for waffles. At Mandalay, she gets him to chuckle and they hold hands. Nicole walks over, spots this and nearly barfs in the maple syrup. Kristen asks her to bite her waffle. Brady takes Nic across the square. She assumes the DiMera has sucked out his brain. He explains that Kristen really loves him and he can't get her out of his system... just like she can't get Eric out of hers. "Can't I find one guy who is not a complete idiot?" she asks before stomping off. He returns to Kristen. She assures him that he's the only man she's made love to lately. When she asks him for 'some kind of commitment', he leads her to the mansion so they can tell Victor they are back together. Everyone is out. She gets a call from her brother and walks off to take it. Eric shows up at the door and tells Brady that Daniel is looking for clues. Suddenly, they hear something break in the other room. Over at the pub, Nic bumps into Jenn and they discuss the book club. They talk about Lewis Carroll, Sami and Daniel. Jenn doesn't want to discuss the latter. Nicole is sure that their relationship can survive anything if it has already survived her and Chloe. Back at the hospital, Maxine prods Daniel about Jenn. He heads down to her office and tries writing her a note. Theresa ogles him.

Gabi feeds Rafe his breakfast at the hospital. He's come to accept that Sami didn't shoot him; it was just a dream. Cameron advises him not to push himself too hard and leaves. Rafe wonders why Kate isn't there. Gabi goes off and calls Kate over. She arrives moments later. Kate admits to Rafe that she was worried he wouldn't remember her. He couldn't forget her. They hold hands. He asks questions about what happened to him. She says they need to focus on the positive. He stares down at his lap. "I could really go for a chocolate milk shake," he says. After she chuckles and strolls off, an orderly brings Rafe the paper. He's disturbed to read about Sami killing Bernardi. Meanwhile, Gabi bumps into Cameron in the park. They sit on the bench and chat.


July 26, 2013

This Chick Has To Go.

Daniel tries leaving Jenn a note in her office when Theresa strolls in. She ogles him. He ignores her until he realizes that she is Kayla's niece. After he putters off, she gets on the phone and whines to a friend of hers about Salem until her aunt interrupts. Once Kay gives her a little lecture, she runs off and Theresa picks up Daniel's picture. Meanwhile, Jenn sits in the square and talks to the Horton plaque about how everything has gone wrong. Abby spots her and guesses she is stressed out. Jenn begins venting about Daniel and JJ. The topic turns to Theresa and Jenn begins railing about her. "This chick has to go," says Abs. Her mama runs off, dropping her library card. Abby heads straight to the hospital to tell Daniel how sad her mom is. There's nothing he can do about it. Only Jenn can fix it. Down the hall, Jenn returns to her office and is startled to discover that Theresa has actually been working. Abby shows up with the library card her mom dropped in the square. Once Theresa perkily wanders off, the two blonds wonder why she just did a complete 180.

At the hospital, Rafe is confused when he reads the newspaper and discovers Sami killed Joe. Kate takes the paper away. He demands some explanations. Will, Gabi and the baby show up. The baby sticks her tongue out. Rafe makes random remarks until he realizes something is up. Gabi explains that she broke up with Nick. Then she explains how muffins are to blame for everything. "No more blame for anyone," Kate declares. Rafe concurs. Daniel arrives and sends them out. Kate worries because Rafe has to go through therapy and it will be long, tedious and exhausting. Back in the room, the doctor tells him about all of the physiotherapy he will need. Rafe has questions. "Rest your mind," advises the doctor. Kate returns and Rafe thanks her for being the only person to tell him the truth. He asks her why Sami shot Bernardi. "She did it to save your life," Kate explains. Meanwhile, Gabi and Will go home and discuss how things didn't work out with Nick. She's happy anyway.

At the mansion, Kristen drops a glass after overhearing Eric telling Brady that Daniel and his detective friend are searching for evidence he was poisoned. The priest is confused to see her there so Brady explains they are getting back together. Eric isn't thrilled. She stops him from running away and excuses herself. As soon as she's gone, the priest asks Brady if he's lost his mind. Brady insists that Kristen has really changed. Eric hopes he doesn't live to regret this and urges him to be careful. "I won't be fooled again," Brady assures him. "We may only be steps but, in a lot of ways, we're even closer than blood brothers," Eric says. Meanwhile, Kristen heads over to the rectory and chats with Sister Bernadette. She offers to help her with the computer. The nun bustles off to file a check so Kristen snoops around until she discovers who is investigating Eric's poisoning. She writes down his address and runs back to Casa DiMera to ponder her next move. She paces and contemplates disguises. "I couldn't be Susan again... could I?" she asks. She digs up the teeth.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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