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5th Week of July Weekly Summaries

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July 29, 2013
Get Your Irish Up.
At the jail, Sami tells EJ she's worried about explaining why her lawyer dropped her case. EJ has found her a DiMera lawyer. Sami isn't thrilled. EJ shows her a video of the kids. EJ tells her to think about Adrienne and get angry. He urges her to get her Irish up. They discuss the case. EJ promises he'll get her out of there. Sami thinks about making Adrienne pay.

At Hope's office, she and Justin discuss Sami's case. Hope refuses to believe it was pre-meditated. Justin says he's not defending her anymore, but he's still interested. He explains that Adrienne was concerned about Sonny, and it turns out she wasn't wrong. Later, EJ arrives. Hope asks him if Bernardi was on Stefano's payroll. EJ believes he was, but can't prove it.

Will tells Sonny, at home, that his dad dropped Sami's case. It's going to look bad. Will steps away. Adrienne arrives. She tells Sonny if he'd listened to her the last time she was there, none of this would have happened. They argue. Will reappears. Adrienne won't apologize for protecting her son. Will understands she wanted immunity for Sonny but she hurt his mother. Will exits. Sonny tells Adrienne he thinks she enjoyed doing it and she's out of his life. He leaves.

In the square, Chad tells Abigail he won't let her be blamed for any of this, but she argues the point. Chad tells her how much he cares about her, and asks her to let him protect her. Abigail says they're in this together. Sonny arrives and talk ensues about immunity. Justin appears. Sonny thanks him for coming and explains his actions. Justin asks if anyone else knew about the video. Sonny says just him, but Chad says he shot it. Justin advises Chad to talk to EJ about a lawyer. Sonny asks Justin not to turn his back on Sami, who was lying to protect Will.
In the cafe, Abby notices Chad has another headache and threatens to go confess to Justin unless he sees a doctor.
Maggie asks Nick to talk to her at the Kiriakis mansion; she's worried about him. He insists he's fine. She doesn't buy it. She warns if he stays in denial his past will repeat itself. Maggie feels he needs to deal with what happened to him, and to admit he has feelings for Gabi and the baby. He says it's all gone and leaves. Adrienne arrives. She cries that her son is practically a member of the DiMera family. She's just glad Justin dropped Sami's case. Maggie thinks things will get worse before they get better.

In the hospital, Kate tells Rafe that Sami shot Bernardi to save his life. Rafe says Bernardi was a friend. Marge Bernardi appears and says that's what she's been telling everyone who'll listen. Rafe asks about her son. She says he's not doing well because Sami's smearing his father's good name. Marge says she won't let her get away with it. Kate tries to get rid of her, but Rafe wants to hear Marge out. Marge complains Sami is saying Joe was a dirty cop. Rafe says he's sorry for her loss. After, Kate warns Rafe that Marge now thinks he's on her side. Rafe needs to talk to Sami. Kate says she doesn't have a telephone in jail. Rafe gets upset. Maxine gives him a sedative. Kate says if he wants to help Sami he has to get better. Nick arrives to tell Rafe he's sorry. Kate says he just took a sedative; she'll let him know if he can return later. Kate tells the sleeping Rafe that she can't lose him again. Hope arrives. She warns that Rafe will likely be called to testify by the prosecution.

Will visits Sami in jail. She asks if Rafe knows she shot Joe Bernardi. Will admits that Rafe associates her visit with the gunshot he heard. Later, EJ returns to tell Sami that Hope's on their side. Sami's still worried about Justin dropping the case. He appears. He goes on about Adrienne warning him that Sami was trouble. He warns EJ that Sonny must never put be put into a situation like that again. EJ says it's understood. Justin is ready to get to work. Sami is taken out. Justin says he'll see her in court. EJ questions if he can really help Sami when he's this angry with her. Justin says exonerating her is the best thing he can do for Sonny and Will.

Will admits to Sonny, at home, that he's angry with Justin. Sonny says he tried to convince him to take the case again, but he's not sure he listened.

Sami sits down in the courtroom.


July 30, 2013
A Chip Off The Old Block.

Abe visits Kayla in her office. He wants to have a confidential conversation about Sami. He asks about Bernardi. Kayla admits he should have made it. Abe notes he had excessive internal hemorrhaging in the autopsy. Kayla offers to have another look, quietly. Abe leaves and Kayla calls to have Bernardi's file pulled. 

Abigail takes Chad's hand outside the cafe and tells him to come with her.

Kate runs into Stefano and his lady companion in the square. He's smoking a cigar and laughing. She wonders what he could possibly have to laugh about. Kate jibes him about having to fly coach now. Stefano says nothing can ruin his mood today. Kate thinks he's delusional - EJ has bilked him out of everything. Stefano says he's a chip off the old block. She thinks he's planning EJ's demise. Stefano acts appalled at the idea and tells Kate she'll spend the rest of her life alone.

EJ speaks to Justin in the courtroom and kisses Sami. Eric wheels in as the bail hearing begins. The prosecutor says new evidence has come to light - now the charge is murder in the first degree. The judge and Justin both scoff. Trask wants to show the video. The judge calls a recess. Justin whispers to Sami that the video doesn't make her a danger to the community. Abe arrives and confers with the prosecutor. He wonders why she wants him there. EJ is alarmed. Sami and Eric have a heartfelt talk. She cries. The judge returns and begins to speak. The prosecutor interrupts. She wants Sami's bail revoked and claims to have a witness that will confirm she's a flight risk. Justin argues that's ridiculous. The courtroom erupts as Justin and the prosecutor shout. Trask claims she heard EJ promise to get Sami out of this. She calls Abe to confirm that she's not twisting his words. Abe says he heard it, but Justin says he couldn't possibly know what EJ meant. The judge says bail is denied. Sami sobs as she's taken out. Justin tells EJ the past just came back to haunt him and Sami. He warns him to stop talking.

Cameron assures Gabi, at the hospital, that Rafe is resting and it's the best thing for him right now. Abigail and Chad arrive. Gabi takes a call and Abigail insists that Chad speak to Cameron about his headaches. She tells Cam that Chad needs to have his head examined. Joking ensues. Gabi returns as Cameron steps away. She says Cameron's been great about explaining Rafe's condition, but he's only interested in Abigail.

Cameron enters Kayla's office and asks if she has time to treat Chad. She tells him to do it. He feels awkward, but she points out that in Salem, if you can't treat family and friends, you don't have a job. He returns to the nurses' station and tells Chad he will do some tests now. Gabi talks to Abigail about taking care of Ari. In the exam room, Chad asks Cameron if there's something going on with him and Gabi. He says they're friends. Cameron tells Chad he needs a CT scan, but everything looks good. After, Abigail is ready to leave, but Gabi asks about her, Chad, and Cameron. Abigail says she likes them both.

Kate appears in Kayla's office. She reminds her how much money she's donated and insists she make time to discuss Rafe with her. Kayla says he needs physical therapy to regain use of his legs. Kate wants to bring in her own therapist - she believes Stefano is still out to get Rafe. After, Kayla goes through Bernardi's file and gasps. She can't believe it.

Kate finds Gabi in the hospital lounge and tells her she's taking steps to help Rafe.

At the courthouse, Justin gets a call from Kayla about Sami's case. EJ decides to go with him. Eric gets Abe's promise that Sami will be safe in police custody. After, Abe hollers at Trask for putting him in that position. She has no regrets.

Eric visits Sami at her cell. She's feeling bad about ruining everyone's life again. Eric reassures her.

Chad meets Stefano and Cicely in the park. Once alone, Chad lets Stefano know he believes he sent his goons to attack Rafe. Stefano reminds him of his love and calls him a brat. Chad will pass on his love. Stefano offers to answer one question truthfully. Chad asks if he sent Bernardi to kill Rafe.

At the hospital, Cameron is stunned by Chad's CT results.

EJ and Justin arrive in Kayla's office. She says there's a good chance that Sami's bullet isn't what killed Bernardi.


July 31, 2013

Land On Her Feet

At the apartment, Will and Sonny discuss Sami. Will learns she didn't get bail and leaves. Brent arrives and they look over Sonny's plans. Brent invites Sonny on a hiking trip. They drink beer and Sonny says he'd love to go with him...and Will, but they can't leave right now.

Lucas visits Sami at her cell. He just got back from out of town, and says the kids miss her. Sami asks him how the hell she'll get out of this one. Lucas asks about Bernardi. Sami says she can't prove it, but she knows Stefano sent him to Rafe's room with the razor. Lucas feels bad - they should have got things right. Sami wishes everyone could have seen Bernardi like she did. Lucas assures her he's there for her. She's moved. Later, Sami asks the guard for water. He drops the bottle beyond her reach.

In Kayla's office, she tells EJ there's a good chance Sami's bullet didn't kill Bernardi. EJ wants to know more. Kayla explains that it was strange Bernardi went into arrest in recovery. "Bernardi shouldn't have died. Not from that gun shot." EJ asks what they're supposed to do. Kayla says they must exhume the body and do another autopsy. She agrees to oversee it if he files the paperwork.

In the hospital waiting area, Kate warns Gabi that Rafe may be called to testify against Sami. Meanwhile, Rafe dreams that Stefano is choking him and then awakens. The nurse tells Kate and Gabi he's awake. They agree not to tell Rafe about testifying. Kate lets Rafe know he's stuck with her, and then he visits with Gabi. They discuss Ari, and then Nick. Gabi says it's starting to feel like it's over.

Cameron goes into Kayla's office and shows her Chad's CT scan. She says it could be nothing, or something serious. She agrees with him seeing a specialist in the morning and offers to talk to Chad. Cameron says he'll handle it.

Nick meets Vargas in the square. Vargas confronts him about not being okay - he's letting Jensen mess up his life all over again. Nick reminds him he tried to use it against him. Vargas says he was wrong, and tells Nick he's a survivor. Nick sees Gabi has texted.

Nick greets Gabi in the hospital waiting area. He misses her. She misses him too; the good times. They go in to see Rafe. Gabi leaves them alone. Rafe tells Nick he's sorry what happened to him in prison, but he went there for a reason. He complains about him plotting to separate to Will and Gabi and treating Will and Sonny like crap. Rafe says now he has to prove he's a different man...or not. Nick says he's not the reason he's there. Rafe knows. It's about the only thing he's not blaming on him.

In the park, Chad makes Stefano laugh by asking if he sent Bernardi to kill Rafe. Stefano denies it. Chad can't believe Sami would kill a cop for no reason. Stefano agrees it's outrageous. Chad says what's outrageous is Stefano not being involved - he's  not buying it. They bicker. Stefano warns him it's a bad mistake to turn on him.

In the square, Stefano tells Cecily it went better than expected with his son.

Outside Brady's Pub, Kate spots Chad, who says Stefano swore he didn't send Bernardi to kill Rafe. Chad asks her about Stefano's word. She admits he never gave his word and then lied to her face. He thinks Stefano told him the truth.

Lucas and Will meet up outside somewhere. They discuss Sami. Lucas insists she'll get through this and land on her feet like always.
Will visits Sami. He says they'll find a way to fight this. EJ appears. "We already have." Will goes. Sami asks EJ what's going on. He tells her Kayla thinks there's a chance her bullet didn't kill Bernardi. She thinks someone wanted to make sure Bernardi didn't wake up and tell who he was working for. EJ says, "Stefano."  EJ tells her they have to exhume the body. This may be the last night she spends there.
Will returns home. Brent leaves. Will asks what they were talking about. Sonny says Brent wanted him to go on a hiking trip. Sonny tells Will what he told him. Will thinks he should go on the hike and not put things off because of him and Arianna. Sonny just wants to be there with him.

Still in the square, Stefano gets a call. He asks, "When did this happen?" He seems concerned. Stefano chuckles when he hears what their next move will be.


August 1, 2013

I Can't Be A Phony.

Cameron meets with a specialist at the hospital to look at the CT scans of Chad's brain. The specialist says he needs to see him right away. Over in the park, Abby is impressed as she watches Chad show Theo magic tricks. She finally interrupts and they have a picnic. Theo chases after a frog. Later, Abe arrives to get his son. After they take off, Abby marvels at how great Chad is with his nephew. They chat about this and then make plans for later. Cameron calls and asks him to come in and get his results immediately. When Chad gets to the hospital, Cameron tells him that the situation is serious.

Hope calls Jenn to discuss Daniel. Jenn doesn't want to. Meanwhile, Lucas drops by the Horton house and chats with JJ about Will. JJ says he'd like to see Will but he's grounded. Lucas guesses he wants him to run interference with Jenn. They discuss their mutual dislike of Daniel. When JJ runs upstairs, his mom shows up. She and Lucas bicker about her son and she gets defensive about her mothering skills. After she calms down, he suggests she give JJ a break. Once Lucas heads back to work, JJ comes back down. His mom gives him permission to pay Will a visit, he's thrilled and picks her up. He even offers to get the groceries. The second she putters for work, he calls Rory and tells him it's party time. They meet up at the school and Rory hands him some coke hidden in a calculator.

At the hospital, Maxine isn't thrilled to see that Daniel has been surfing with Parker. Theresa sighs when she sees photos of the shirtless surgeon. Anne drags her down the hall and tells Theresa that she's at the bottom of the food chain. She warns her to get her 'skinny ass' to HR to sign her paperwork immediately. Anne stomps off. Theresa pulls out a cigarette and looks for a match. Hope catches her. After giving her some advice, she explains that Kimberly has filled her in on what she's been getting up to. "I can't be a phony!" Theresa whines. Hope says that this could be the last chance for her. Down the hall, Maxine needles Daniel about Jenn until Lady Horton herself strolls by. She interrupts Hope lecturing Theresa, who takes the chance to run off. Hope begins lecturing Jenn about throwing Daniel away and suggests that she treats the doctor the way Jack used to treat her. The detective departs and Anne shows up to complain about Theresa. Meanwhile, Theresa runs into one of the nurses and starts probing her for information about Daniel. When he wanders by, she stalks after him.

At the rectory, Nicole worries that Eric may be getting transferred. He assures her that he's not going anywhere. This is where he belongs. "What about you and me?" she asks. He assumes she means their fight about Sami. She blubbers about how much her timing sucks. She turns the topic to Brady and Kristen. The priest tells her they just need to pray, not interfere. "The heart wants it wants," he says. Hope pops up. Nic runs out. The priest asks the cop if she thinks Nicole has developed 'inappropriate feelings' for him. Hope suggests that Nic is struggling with how she feels. Over in the park, JJ calls Theresa. She declares she has a date and hangs up so she can keep following Daniel. When JJ stands up, he bumps into Nicole and drops his coke.


August 2, 2013

This Chick Has To Go.

Abby's about to leave the Horton house when she bumps into Adrienne at the door. She immediately begins crying about how her husband and son don't understand her. Over at the hospital, Cameron tells Chad how serious his test results are. Chad thinks he's playing a game. The doctor insists this has nothing to do with Abby. Reluctantly, he admits that Chad may have a brain tumor. Cameron urges him to see a specialist. Chad is livid and swears him to secrecy. After he leaves, he runs into Abby in the street. She senses something is up but he fobs her off. She strolls over to the hospital. Cameron fobs her off too.

Ventura, the forensics investigator, calls Eric and tells him he's getting to the bottom of things. When the priest gets off the phone, Father Matt shows up in the rectory and assures him that no one thinks Sami's problems have anything to do with him. Eric assures him he doesn't want any scandal to befall the parish. Meanwhile, Kristen calls Ventura to make sure he's in his office. She's about to run out of Casa DiMera when she runs into Brady at the door. He wants to have some naked breakfast but she's busy. Brady tells her he's never stopped loving her and they have a real shot this time. She tells him how much she means to him and they smooch until she runs off. After dressing up as Susan, she heads to Ventura's office and starts complaining about her cheating husband. Ventura tells her he's not a PI, but she says her husband has been leaving body fluids all over town. She 'accidentally' spills his coffee all over his desk. She keeps spilling things until he yells at her to leave.

In the park, JJ tries calling Theresa while he's fondling his cocaine. He asks to meet her but she claims she has a date and hangs up. He angrily gets up and bumps into Nicole, dropping his drugs. As he grabs them, she says she recognizes him. She babbles until he realizes she's Nicole. "Holy crap!" he says, reminding her of what she did to his mom. He tears into her. She doesn't know how he turned out to be such a jerk. JJ says his mom must be a wimp if she decided to forgive her. He encourages her to chase after Daniel. Nic doesn't like him 'pimping' the doctor to her and threatens to tell his mom to check his pockets. She storms off. When she gets to the rectory, Father Matt tells her the church could be facing potential problems. He reminds her that she can come to him for confession if she needs to.

At the hospital, Anne is lecturing Jenn for not keeping Theresa under control. They bicker. Anne suggests that Jenn is the hospital's major HR issue. She rails at her until Brady interrupts. Anne departs. Brady thinks Anne must be sexually frustrated and decides to take Jenn for a walk. They head to her place to discuss Kristen. He thanks her for pushing him to go back to her... but he senses that she is up to something. Jenn worries he might be right.

Theresa follows Daniel into the pub and invites herself to sit down with him. She babbles about how much she doesn't want to eat alone and complains that no one is nice to her. She lays it on thick. Eric strolls in and joins the doctor. This makes things awkward for Theresa. She attempts to convince the doctor to walk her back to work. Theresa pretends she has a twinge her back, bends over and nearly plops her ass on his plate. He ignores this so she saunters out and calls JJ. They meet up in the park. He yelps when he discovers that the coke spilled in his pocket. She's not snorting pocket lint. He begins questioning her about her 'date'. Meanwhile, Daniel and Eric head over to Ventura's office. Kristen spots them through the window and runs into the bathroom. The priest and the doctor arrive. The investigator informs them that the woman in the bathroom just destroyed all of the evidence he collected.

Fun Fact: Candace Young and Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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