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1st Week of June Weekly Summaries

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June 3, 2013
Riding The Wild Tiger.

Brady is startled to wake up to Kristen touching him at the mansion. He tells her to go away. She says she will always love him and it's not too late for them to get married. She's sorry she used him... but she now knows that love is more powerful than hate. He's unconvinced. Kristen explains that he saved her and showed her how to love. He's still furious but she's sure he still loves her. She tries quoting The Bible. He's not impressed. The DiMera reminds him of the baby they were supposed to adopt. She puts her hand on his heart and challenges him to push her away. He orders her out and shoves her through the door. Kristen keeps yelling that she loves him.

EJ and Sami are on the phone chatting about his sister. She changes the topic to their new product and they arrange to meet up later. Sami gets off the phone and starts blabbing to Hope in her office about Kristen. She rails about the maniac who shot Will and says that someone needs to pay for not keeping an eye on Jensen. Hope stares at her picture of Ciara. She admits it was all her fault. Sami assumes this is all Rafe's fault anyway. The cop corrects her. Sami threatens to go to her dad so Hope explains Ciara hid the letter. Sami lectures her for leaving the little girl alone in her office. Hope points out she left Ciara with her. Samanther sobs. The cop says this isn't her fault and explains how helpful Vargas was. Hope starts blaming herself and crying about what a lousy mom she is. Sami knows how that feels and promises that no one will ever hear about this.

Elvis meets Justin outside of the square. They discuss family and EJ tells him that real love is unconditional. The DiMera starts bragging about his new product launch. Justin is happy he is feeling so confident because Stefano will fight till the death. EJ looks worried all of a sudden. Over at Caffeinated, Cameron tells Chad that he is taking Abby out tomorrow night. Chad tells him to go for it. The doctor strolls out and bumps into the lady in question. She informs him that she has plans tomorrow night. He mentions Will. She starts tearing up about her dad. Back inside, Kate has some small talk with Chad about Will. After discussing Rafe's swelling brain, the topic changes to Gabi and he admits he's become more forgiving. Kate strolls out and Abby comes in. She wonders why he didn't tell Cam they are going to Whoopie World. He claims he forgot and can find 'someone else to ride the wild tiger' with him and his pompadour. She still wants to go and keeps saying Cam knows they are just friends. She bustles away. He smirks. EJ comes in. His brother tells him about his date and then Elvis runs off.

Stefano is in Rafe's hospital room watching him vegetate. RicarBo arrives to tell him Kate is there. Moments later, Kate and Cam come in. The volume on Rafe's machines is off and the machines were too. They turn them back on. Stefano watches from the door. The doctor tells Kate that they are expecting a full recovery for Rafe... eventually, or probably tomorrow.  Kate tells Hernandez to hang in. Then she gets a call that infuriates her. When she walks out of the room, she catches Sami and EJ making out in the waiting room. "I know what you did!" she bellows at them. Meanwhile, Stefano and RicarBo head back to Casa DiMera. RicarBo gets him a razor. And Abby tracks down Cam at the pub and informs him that her plans for tomorrow night are with Chad.


June 4, 2013

Cut It Off.
At the pub, Abby tries explaining to Cam that she is not going 'out-out' with Chad. "You mean in-out?" he asks. She says he doesn't need to be jealous. He's confused. After downplaying things, he walks off. Over at Casa DiMera, Stefano plays with a razor and thinks of Rafe. Chad stops by to check up on his sister. Stefano assures him she will be fine. His son says that it's a bummer he's not with Kate anymore. Chad strolls away. Stefano calls Bernardi. They meet in an alley and Stefano explains that he doesn't want him to kill Rafe; he just wants him to 'cut it off'.

At the hospital, Anne taunts Daniel and Jenn about his car being trashed. Maxine says that's awful. Anne jokes around. That raises Jenn's ire. Anne snorts. After she heads off, Jenn tells Daniel she knows who did this: it must have been Anne. He doubts it and says they should let it go. When he mentions JJ, she gets jumpy.

Rory and JJ head back to the Horton house, laughing about destroying Daniel's car. Maggie shows up and says she just saw him at the garage. She blabs until he introduces her to Rory, who quickly excuses himself. JJ asks her about life with Victor. She changes the topic to Jack and then even more awkwardly to Daniel. Maggie is sure he will think he's a great guy when he gets to know him. He's not enthusiastic. His mom and sister arrive. The redhead drags Abs into the kitchen to make tea. Jenn asks her son why he didn't give Daniel the money he owed him. He makes excuses. She hands him cash and orders him to give it to the doctor. He heads over to drop off the money. The doctor suggests that they get to know each other better. When he takes Parker off for a nap, JJ starts playing with Daniel's tennis racket. He asks to borrow it but Daniel says no. They have a staring competition. Back at the Horton house, Jenn tries spending some time with her daughter. Then she asks Maggie if JJ has changed. "He's a teenager," says Maggs, who adds that she saw him running out of the hospital parking lot earlier. Jenn's brain processes this.

At the hospital, Kate accuses Sami and EJ of ripping off her anti-aging formula. "Playing dumb comes naturally to you Sami, but this time it's going to get you nowhere," says Roberts. She's discovered they are rolling out the same product earlier than she is. She stomps off. Sami assumes EJ is guilty and she loves it. He admits that he got it off of one of Nick's flashdrives. When she spots Cam, she starts quizzing him about Rafe. He can't go into the details with her. EJ clears his throat and leaves. Down the hall, Gabi drops in to Will's room. They talk about their baby and she admits that she doesn't know where Nick is. She tells him she knows everything that's happened. Kate pops in and Maxine brings in the baby. Chad arrives next. He's surprised that she has Grace as a middle name. Will asks him to hold the baby. Chad talks about Grace. After some banter with Will, he walks away. He runs into Cam in the hall. The doctor orders him to stop playing games with Abby. Chad reminds him that he and Abby have a history. Back down the hall, Sami and Kate start bickering about Rafe. Sami is sure that he will contradict all of the claims Kate has made. EJ eavesdrops as Kate accuses Samanther of being jealous. Kate taunts her about all of the hot sex. Sami blows up about how great she and Rafe were.

June 5, 2013
Gotta Bounce.

At Daniel's, he and JJ are squaring off when Abby arrives to babysit. "Gotta bounce," says JJ. He leaves abruptly. Abby wonders what that was all about. JJ meets up with Rory. He needs some cash. Rory has none so JJ has to think of something. He heads back to Daniel's and asks his sister for money. Abs asks him what the deal with Dr. Dan is. He's not explaining. She leaves him to look after the kid for a minute. While he puts on an MP3 player, Parker runs around and tries climbing up a bookshelf to get his toy plane. Meanwhile, Adrienne drops by the Horton house to chat with Jenn. They discuss JJ. Jenn's not sure what to do with him. Her friend assures her that JJ's friends will fail him and he'll come looking for guidance. Later, Daniel arrives and Jenn informs him that she won't be able to stay out with him for awhile. She needs to spend more time with her son. He understands. "A relationship isn't all sex," he jokes. The Horton questions him about her son. He avoids explaining. When he heads home to grab something, he catches Parker before he can fall off the bookshelf. Abby runs in. Daniel sends her away with Parker and then grabs JJ, threatening to tear him apart if he ever puts his son in danger again.

Gabi is in Will's room at the hospital. She doesn't know if she loves Nick anymore. Nick shows up. It's pretty uncomfortable. He thanks Will for saving his life again. Gabi and Nick are about to leave when Maxine shows up and orders her to sign the birth certificate. Nick thinks they will be good parents. After the parents sign off, Gabi takes Nick down the hall. She wishes he would have opened up to her earlier. "It was too ugly," he says. Part of him loves her. He just wishes he'd done all of this for the right reasons. She makes it clear that she and the baby are not going home with him. He's sorry. "Stop saying that," she says. She's determined to be a good role model. He's sure she will be.

Down the hall, EJ eavesdrops as Kate taunts Sami about Rafe. Kate thinks that Sami can't accept Rafe moving on and accuses her of wanting to keep all the men she's ever been with. After she stomps off, Sami puffs and huffs. Elvis joins her for a moment before she putters off to see Will. He sits and mulls over what she said to Kate about Rafe. Later, he goes down the hall and meets the baby. He and Will discuss being fathers. EJ bustles off with Sami trailing after him. Things are awkward between them. She tells him how much she hates Kate. He wonders why she's hating her more than usual. 

Stefano meets Bernadi in an alley and asks him to pay Rafe a visit and 'cut it off'. "You want me to cut it off?" Bernardi queries. He's got mixed feelings about this. Stefano hands him a razor. Bernardi heads for the hospital. He hears Sami blabbing in the corridor and ducks for cover. Over at Caffeinated, Sonny tells Chad that Nick may not be so bad after all. After Kiriakis leaves, Kate shows up, complaining about Sami sucking the air out of the hospital. Chad points out that Stefano is sitting behind her. He prompts her to bring an espresso over to him. She offers Stefano an apology. Kate claims that her fling with Rafe was meaningless. He tells her to move on. Once she walks away, he calls Bernardi and orders him to go ahead.

June 6, 2013


June 7, 2013


 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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