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2nd Week of June Weekly Summaries

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June 10, 2013
He's Not My Father.
Bernardi sneaks into Rafe's hospital room and pulls out the blade. As he lifts up the blanket, he can hear Gabi coming and hides. She sits at her brother's bedside and blabs to him about his new niece. Eventually she leaves. Bernardi gets ready again but then hears Maxine coming. He slips out.

At Casa DiMera, Sami mocks Kristen as she calls Brady. Sami calls her 'trash that cannot be recycled'. Kristen rolls her eyes about how boring this is. The Brady lectures her for being 'evil' and demands she move out. Kristen's sure EJ will chuck Sami 'out on her fanny' soon enough. "You're such a little slut," Kristen says, listing Sami's many lovers and teasing her for being a grandma. They bicker back and forth and the DiMera vows that Brady will not move on from her. Sami heads over to the hospital to yap with Gabi about Rafe and the baby. Gabi tells her about breaking up with Nick. Sami offers to help her find a place to live. She goes in to visit Rafe and sobs as she tells him about helping his sister and how proud she is of him. "I don't know what I would have done if I'd have lost you," she says, adding that so many people love him. After she leaves, Bernardi enters again. As he's about to slice, Sami shoots him.

John shows up at the rectory to ask Eric how Marlena is doing. The priest suggests he talk to her himself. John plods off. He meets Doc at the pub. She wants the whole truth about what happened with Kristen. He gives the recap. She's not pleased he let her be 'collateral damage'. John still loves her. The shrink knows... but she thinks he's never quite gotten over the other woman. He can't deny it. Doc sniffles. She slaps him when he confesses the feelings for Kristen are still there. Meanwhile, Kristen shows up at the rectory. Eric doesn't want to listen to her. She reminds him that he's obligated to hear her confessions. He refuses and tells her to talk to Father Matt. She doesn't want to give him a heart attack.

At his place, Daniel grabs JJ by the throat and lectures him for almost letting Parker get in an accident. Jenn shows up and demands the doctor get his hands off. Abby joins them. Jenn is filled in. Daniel walks off to see his kid. Jenn sends her children home. Abby lectures JJ. He's sick of hearing about how perfect the doctor is supposed to be. "He's not my father," he moans. Back at Daniel's, the doctor grumbles about how JJ is 'not cool'. He lists the things her son did. Jenn heads home and lectures her son. JJ apologizes for what happened with Parker and tells her how much he loves her.

Nicole drops by the mansion and orders Brady to leave with her. She's determined to distract him. They start bickering about his brother. She's defensive and insists she doesn't have feelings for the priest. They go bowling and then sit around at Mandalay. The manager shows up and hands Brady the phone he forgot there. Brady has a lot of messages and decides he should start responding. As soon as he leaves, Kristen shows up and grabs Nic. They get territorial over Brady. "Priest wouldn't put out for ya?" Kristen taunts. They order each other to stay away from Brady. Kristen shoves her to the ground. Meanwhile, Brady drops by Daniel's place and they catch up


June 11, 2013
Do You Have A Souvenir For Me?

Brady drops by the rectory to see Eric and apologize. "I love you like a brother," says the priest. They hug. Brady feels stupid. Eric thinks he was just grieving and Kristen deserves all the blame. They joke around a bit and then Brady heads out.

Outside of the pub, John admits to Marlena that his feelings for Kristen never died. She slaps him. "I guess I deserved that," he says. She thinks he's destroyed everything. The shrink rehashes the past few months and says that not trusting him before makes sense now. He's sorry. She's sorry too because he is even worse than Kristen. "I am done!" she declares, storming off. He wipes his nose.

Some random woman gets between Nic and Kristen as they shove each other around in the square. The ladies send her away. They compare notes and the DiMera accuses Nicole of trying to use Brady to hide from her feelings for the studly priest. Nic says that she enjoys seeing her jealous and isn't going anywhere. She talks about the 'comprehensive friends with benefits package' that Brady has to offer her. "I'm available if he needs to bury his... rage," Nic taunts. Kristen slaps her. Nic slaps her back. They grab each other by the hair. Nic rips out some of the DiMera's. Brady runs in between them. Kristen offers to explain things. "You're the queen of explanations!" he rants. Eric, Marlena and John arrive and watch as Brady tears into Kristen. He hates her. She says she loves him. He hopes she does because at least that will make her miserable. She sadly walks away. Nic gives him a hug and the priest assures him everything will get better. Brady and his father share a glare. He tells John that he's ready to talk. Down the street, Marlena corners Kristen. Meanwhile, Eric and Nicole head back to the rectory. When he asks her how involved she's planning to get with his step-brother, she abruptly heads to her room.

Stefano is at home drinking and contemplating Rafe's penile dismemberment. He puts on some music and pulls out his baton to air conduct. Meanwhile, Kate drops by Gabi's hospital room. She tells her that she will finally get her happy ending. Down the hall, EJ arrives to see Sami. Maxine informs him she's with Rafe. In the room, Sami spots Bernardi raising his blade to Rafe's manhood. She whips out her gun and shoots him. Kayla and EJ run in and catch her with the smoking gun. He drags her out and takes the gun. Security arrives and takes the weapon. Gabi and Kate arrive. Hernandez wonders who would try to kill her brother. Kate claims she doesn't know, but she admits that she gave Sami the gun. Abe and Hope arrive and are filled in. This all sounds straightforward to him but nothing is ever straightforward for Hope. Elvis takes Sami down the hall and tries to get to the bottom of things. She moans about protecting Rafe. Abe and Hope join them. EJ blurts out that Sami is the victim in all of this. He doesn't want her to say anything but Sami does anyway. She gives a statement, though EJ keeps trying to stop her. Abe gets the victim's ID and informs Sami that she shot a cop. Hope's eyes narrow at her. EJ insists that Sami stop talking and leave with him. Abe forbids it. He explains that no weapon was found on Bernardi. Meanwhile, Stefano gets a call. "Do you have a souvenir for me?" he asks. He's not happy by what he's told. Kate shows up and tells him to send his thugs after her next time he goes after Rafe. Otherwise, she'll make sure he's a dead man. Back at the hospital, Gabi goes to see her baby. She moans to Maxine that everything is her fault. "None of this is your fault. You're a mom now," says the nurse.


June 13, 2013
I'm Free.

In the square, John assures Brady that he did the right thing. "For me or you?" asks Brady, confronting him about his plan to sleep with Kristen. John claims he was just trying to save him from a lifetime of pain. Brady admits he was wrong about Kristen, but wants his father to admit that he still wants her. John avoids answering so his son accuses him of being just like her. Meanwhile, Marlena corners Kristen outside of the pub to discuss the future. The doctor orders her to leave town and never come back. The DiMera accuses her of feeling threatened. She shrink guffaws and tells her to go for John if she wants him. Kristen thinks it's funny that neither of them want John anymore. "You came here to destroy us but the person who got hurt the most is you," says the doctor. She urges her old enemy to disappear and then walks off. Kristen throws her bag. John wanders over. He lectures. She's glib and says he has no power over her anymore. "I'm free," she declares. When she gets home, she grumbles to herself that she isn't done with Marlena yet. Across town, Marlena drops by the mansion to see Brady. They hug and commiserate. She's optimistic that he'll pull though this. He admits he doubts things will ever be okay with his dad again. After the doctor leaves, he stares at photos of Kristen on his phone.

At the hospital, Kayla fills Kate in about the cop Sami shot. Bernardi's wife, Marge, and their child arrive. Kay tries to be reassuring. Marge cries. Kate heads down the hall. Will and Sonny are eating fries and chatting about the baby. Kate tells them about the shooting that just happened. Will shakes his head. She admits she gave Sami the gun. He shakes his head more. Kate suggests that Gabi and the baby should move in with her when they are released. Her grandson isn't so sure and asks to speak to Sonny privately. Sonny explains that he got them the two bedroom apartment across the hall. He thinks that Gabi and the baby should move in with them.

Down the hall, Sami insists to Abe and Hope that Bernardi had a knife and she just did what she had to do. Elvis declares that the questioning is over. Once the cops go, Sami suggests that Stefano must have sent Bernardi after Rafe. EJ doesn't want to jump to conclusions. He's more worried about her going to see Rafe at all. She asks him if he wishes Rafe were dead. He thinks she could have just shouted for help. She assures him that Bernardi will never admit that he had a run in with her before because it would incriminate him. Sami assures EJ that she only loves him. Elvis wanders off. He joins the cops to search Rafe's room. After he gives Hope some advice about policing, Roman arrives. He's informed about what's happened. Hope spots something in the vent. EJ reaches in and pulls out some nail clippers. They walk out and Kayla informs them that Bernardi died after surgery. Back down the hall, Marge and the child sit and wait for news. Sami stares at them and knits her brow. They start chatting about peeling potatoes. Marge cries. Sami offers her coffee and tells her about becoming a grandma. She says life is too short to worry about mistakes. Marge starts telling her about her husband until Roman and the others file in. Roman pays his condolences. Marge breaks into tears. Sami is horrified.


June 13, 2013

Death Row Again.

At the hospital, Marlena shows up and runs into Kate. The shrink nearly falls over when Kate informs her that Sami shot a man. "Wo-wo-wo," the doctor says before running off. Down the hall, Roman informs Marge Bernardi that her husband is dead. Sami is horrified to watch the woman weep. Marge wants some answers. Sami starts apologizing. Maxine comes in, wakes up Bernardi's kid and takes him away for ice cream. Sami blurts out that she shot the cop. She apologizes. "You didn't spill wine on my carpet!" Marge yells at her. Sami tries to explain. Marge decks her. The cops take her away as Marge vows that Samanther will pay. Marlena storms in to hug her daughter. EJ tries telling Sami she did the right thing and then walks away to call Justin and plot about Stefano. He spots Kate. She's sure that his father was behind this and she's determined to take him down. Kate asks him how it feels to know that Sami would kill for Rafe. "Go away," he says, aggressively dunking his tea bag. She saunters off. Back down the hall, Marlena tells her daughter that Rafe's lucky she was there. Sami explains what happened. "I'm gonna end up on death row again," she worries. Her mom is sure that EJ and Roman will protect her. Roman and Hope show up after completing the search and promising Marge justice. They tell Sami that they couldn't find the weapon. Hope places her under arrest. Roman cuffs her and they lead her off in tears.

Abby drops by Daniel's den to apologize for what happened with Parker. He assures her that it's not her fault. She tries to explain her brother's behavior and is sure it will just take him time to adjust. Over at the Horton house, JJ wonders why his mom is still worrying. "What did I do now?" he moans. She shakes her head and tells him Maggie saw him at the parking lot when Daniel's car was vandalized. JJ rants. She obviously thinks he's guilty but claims otherwise. Later, Rory arrives and JJ complains to him. They start planning a deal when his sister drives up. Rory goes out the back. Abby comes in. Her brother whines and brings up the trashed car. She refuses to comment and tells him to just do the right thing. Meanwhile, Jenn heads to Daniel's. They discuss her son's possible guilt. He thinks it's more than possible. "So you're saying I'm a lousy parent who doesn't know my kid at all?" she blurts. That's not exactly what he was saying. She insists her son is innocent and walks out.

Sonny tells Will that he put down a deposit on a two bedroom apartment. He thinks Gabi and the baby should live with them. Gabi shows up and informs them that Sami's victim is dead. "Oh my God!" Will groans. Everyone is discombobulated. Gabi doesn't know where she's going when she's released. The lads ask if she and the baby want to move in with them. She's shocked but it's what they want. The nurse brings in the kid. Kate soon comes in and is informed that Gabi is moving in to Sonny and Will's new place.


June 14, 2013

Enter The Madonna.

At the Horton house, Rory and JJ are discussing long-term marijuana financing until Abby interrupts. Rory gets tongue tied. Abby calls her brother out for not being in school. "You're not my mother!" JJ whines. They bicker some more. Cam arrives so the stoners leave. Rory is hot for Abs. JJ says they need to focus on their next big score. Rory suggests they rip off Daniel but JJ has other plans. Back inside, the doctor notices Abby is frazzled. Cam fills her in about the killing. He's about to leave and reminds her she has plans with Chad. She's sure that Chad has no ulterior motives as far as she's concerned. He doubts that and they start smooching.

The babysitter arrives at Daniel's den as he's running for the door. She shows him the newspaper article about the shooting at the hospital. Over at the hospital, Jenn is trying to deal with the press. Anne watches and sends a reporter over to accuse Jenn of trying to cover-up because Sami's practically a member of her family. Jenn huffs and orders them all into her office. Anne wishes her good luck. The reporters keep drilling Jenn about covering up. Daniel arrives to listen as Jenn defends her reputation. Once they file out, Daniel tells her how impressed he was by how she handled that. He takes her back to his place for some peace and quiet. She works for awhile and then they make out. When she wanders into the bedroom, JJ arrives at the door. He gives the doctor another apology. Jenn listens in. Once her son is gone, Daniel and Jenn begin debating how sincere the apology was. He still thinks JJ trashed his car. She's annoyed and storms off. Meanwhile, JJ goes home and overhears Cam telling Abby that he has to check out some drug samples. Inspired, he calls Rory with a plan.

When Nicole gets to the mansion, Brady hands her the article about the shooting. "It's not like her to have such good aim," she says. Brady's not chuckling. Meanwhile, Roman runs into John in the square and tells him to steer clear of Marlena. He suggests that he get out of town and declares that Doc is no longer part of his family. Over at the rectory, Eric tries reassuring his mom. He offers to cancel his trip to help her out with Sami. She tells him how familiar all of this stuff with Sami is, but having a useful son is new to her. Roman joins them and the shrink runs off with him after Nicole arrives. She gives the priest a hug as he worries about his sister. She tries talking him out of cancelling his trip. He accuses her of being cold-hearted and insensitive. Nic flounces off. Down in the square, John tries talking to Brady, who tells him not to waste his time. When he gets to the mansion, he worries about his sister until he hallucinates Kristen climbing onto his lap. He jumps across the room. Nicole shows up. She can see he's frazzled. She decides to distract him with a kiss. He says this probably isn't a good idea. They keep doing it.

At Casa DiMera, Kristen tells her dad that sometimes murder is the only solution to a problem. She wonders why he has a suitcase packed. He remains tight-lipped. She asks if he made the arrangements she requested. "You really want this in here?" he asks. She does. He takes off. Pretty soon, Marlena rears her head. "I'm here for the children," she declares. "Enter the Madonna," snipes Kristen. They begin arguing about John and how neither of them care about him anymore. Marlena declares that she has won the war and now they are done. She stomps off. Kristen grumbles it's far from over. Moments later, a man arrives. Her father had called him over. "You just might be my last hope," she says. Over by the pub, John bumps into Marlena and offers to help out. "Walk away," she says.

 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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