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3rd Week of June Weekly Summaries

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June 17, 2013

The Gravy Train.

BNicole and Brady leap onto the Kiriakis couch as they make out. They hear a noise. She thinks they should stop. He licks her neck. They head upstairs and hit the sheets. After orgasms, they have some small talk. "What have we done?" she asks. He tells her that they are mind-blowingly great. They kiss. She thanks God for giving her such an amazing friend.

Marlena drops by the hospital to thank Jenn for not throwing Sami to the press. She fills her in about Brady coming to his senses. Meanwhile, Dr. Chyka arrives at Casa DiMera. He has the 'bad thing' that Stefano asked him to deliver. Kristen is reluctant to accept his box of doom. Someone comes to the door so she hides the doctor. It's Jenn. They have a girl talk and Jenn assures her that she deserves as much happiness as anyone else. Kristen blames Marlena. Jenn thinks she should stop obsessing. The DiMera assures her she will be okay but she's being realistic about things. Jenn tries to be optimistic and then leaves. Dr. Chyka comes out of hiding and asks Kristen if she's ready to proceed.

Adrienne tracks down her son at the hospital. He tells her that Gabi and the baby are moving in with him and his boyfriend. She thinks that's a bad idea. He's young and doesn't need baggage. He should walk away. Sonny doesn't appreciate this advice. She rails about the chaos Sami's family causes. Marlena arrives as Adrienne proclaims that Will is as bad as his mother. Once Sonny wanders off, the shrink lashes out at Adrienne. The Kiriakis lists all of the catastrophes in Marlena's family but the doctor thinks that Will is the best thing to ever happen to Sonny. "Your grandson is on the gravy train," says Adrienne, who reminds the doctor of her own romantic disasters.

In the cells, a gloved figure gags Sami and knocks her out. Meanwhile, EJ meets with Justin at Mandalay. He tells him the Sami situation is even worse than it sounds. "I need someone who won't blink and that's you," he tells Justin. He offers to think about it. Over at Caffeinated, Abby drops in and asks Chad if he wants to cancel their plans for Whoopie World. She tips him off about the Sami scandal. She heads to the hospital and catches up with Sonny. When Justin arrives, his son begs him to be Sami's lawyer. He's not wild about the idea. As his son begs some more, Adrienne shows up and forbids her husband to take the case. Sonny keeps begging. His mom shakes her head.

EJ heads to the station. Sami is brought in to see him. She's been beaten and assumes it must have been a cop who attacked her. He promises that he will get her a good lawyer. She wishes they could just tell everyone Bernardi was dirty but Stefano still has the evidence against Will. "If this person wanted you dead, you would be," he says. That doesn't comfort her. Abe comes in to say that the cameras in the cells were disabled. The lawyer runs off to put some things in motion. Abe assures Sami no one on the force is after her. "Why would someone set me up?" she asks. She suggests he investigate Bernardi. Marlena arrives and agrees. Down in the square, Chad runs into his brother. EJ tells him no one wants to defend a cop killer. Justin calls EJ and agrees to be Sami's lawyer. When Chad gets back to Caffeinated, Abby shows him a picture of Bernardi. He recognizes the dead man and then looks at the video he has of Sami attacking Bernardi in the square.


June 18, 2013
The Suffering Is Just Beginning.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Hope that they are not bringing Rafe out of the coma after all. He thinks Rafe couldn't handle the chaos he would wake up to. Meanwhile, EJ shows up at the station to tell Sami and Marlena that Justin agreed to take her case. Roman comes in and takes his daughter away so she can give him a full report. Once they are gone, the shrink interrogates Elvis, sure that Stefano was behind all of this. "Make this go away," she orders. Down the hall, Sami tells her dad that she just wants to go home. Abe pops up and informs Roman that he's temporarily no longer police commissioner and Hope has to be supervised. Hope takes a distraught Sami away and Abe tells his friend that he's taking over his position. Roman's relieved to hear that. Back down the hall, Hope interrogates Sami again. Sami's details aren't consistent so Marlena suggests they hypnotize her. Once she's under, they walk through what happened in slow motion. Sami blurts out that Bernardi didn't have a knife. Roman joins them as Samanther explains that it was a razor.

Brady and Nicole are going another round in his bed when he gets a call from Eric. The priest explains he's been ringing the bell for five minutes and needs to see him. Brady and Nic get dressed and agree not to tell Eric anything. When Brady gets down to the door, Eric wonders what he was doing. Nic's purse is sitting on a chair behind the priest. She is upstairs panicking about it. She sneaks down as the priest tells Brady about his problems with the school. Brady's on edge as Nic keeps trying to sneak in and grab her purse. The priest eventually notices the purse and asks if it's Nicole's. Brady makes up an excuse. Nic rings the doorbell and comes in to get her purse. She and the priest head out. Daniel shows up and notices that Brady is smiling. Brady rehashes things for him. At the rectory, Eric asks Nic to 'keep doing' what she's doing to Brady.

At Casa DiMera, Dr. Chyka unveils some vials to Kristen. He explains how they work. "Exactly the cure that I'm looking for," she grumbles. The DiMera informs the doctor that she is going to serve 'justice' to her enemies then hands him some cash and sends him off. EJ arrives with a bellow. His sister informs him that their father left town. She snarks about Sami. He blames his father for everything. She's sure he's just miffed that Rafe isn't dead. Elvis angrily gulps his orange juice and wishes his family would leave Sami's alone. He stomps off. "The suffering is just beginning," she mumbles. She gets a text from her father which forbids her to hurt Marlena in any way. She chuckles. "In the end I couldn't destroy John's son but I have absolutely no qualms about Marlena's," she says, looking at a picture of Eric in the paper.

At Caffeinated, Chad suddenly realizes the video on his phone shows Sami fighting with Bernardi. Abby spots it and gasps. He explains he was just recording some Sami craziness but it turned out to be less hilarious than he thought. Chad thinks he should give it to his brother. Abby wonders if Sami plotted to kill the cop. He arranges to meet EJ and she insists on joining him. When Elvis arrives, his brother shows him the video. Chad has guessed that Sami knew Bernardi and EJ knew she knew. EJ tries dismissing it but Chad thinks it looks like premeditation. Elvis asks them to keep their mouths shut about this.


June 19, 2013
Mostly Laxatives.

Outside of the square, EJ orders Chad and Abby to keep the incriminating video a secret. Abby's reluctant so Elvis tells her that someone is setting Samanther up. She agrees to keep mum. The second she walks away, EJ growls at his brother to keep her on a leash. Over at the hospital, Will isn't crazy with Sonny for not telling him his mom is in jail. Sonny is sure everything will be okay. When Sonny looks for a video of the baby on his phone, he notices the video Chad sent him of Sami. He makes an excuse and leaves, calling Chadsworth. They meet up at Sonny's pad and worry that the video could land Sami in jail. Sonny wants to give it to his dad but Chad suggests they just delete it.

At the mansion, Adrienne lectures her husband for defending a cop killer. She thinks they should be working to get their son away from the 'freak show'. He reminds her their son is an adult and she needs to take a step back. She heads over to the hospital to see Will and the baby. He rambles about being a father and she talks about how important it is to protect your children. She begs him to do the right thing and dump her son. Adrienne reminds him that he knows his family is a disaster. She's sure he will destroy Sonny. Will doubts that and warns her that she will be the one to take a step back from Sonny's life. "You will break my son's heart," she repeats, sure that he is as 'selfish and destructive' as his mom. Will tells the baby she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Kristen is at Casa DiMera telling a photo of Eric that she has to destroy him to make Marlena pay. She heads out, bumping into Elvis in the square. Kristen tells him what a good brother he is and gives him a hug. He's confused. They chat about their father. EJ says he's old but she thinks he's underestimating him. He senses she is up to something but she isn't explaining.

Eric goes down to the cells to meet Sami. She says she's remembered something important. He suggests she'd be better off not going to trial because her credibility isn't great. The priest wonders why she shot instead of shouting. She wasn't thinking and tells him he doesn't need to defend her, she has a lawyer for that. Sami goes upstairs to meet with Justin. She fills him in about the hypnosis session. He thinks using a razor is an awfully personal way to kill someone... but changing her story doesn't look good. The lawyer asks if she's keeping anything from him. EJ interrupts. Justin says that at least she doesn't seem to have a motive. He arranges for a bail hearing. Later, Eric travels to the capital and checks into a hotel. Once he goes up to his room, Kristen arrives in disguise. The clerk stares at her cleavage and wonders if she's in the right place. She demands room 201. Eric returns as she argues with the clerk.

JJ drops by Cameron's office. The doctor is sorting out a shipment of drug samples. JJ tells him he has his back while Chad is making a move on Abs. He coughs up a lung so Cam will get him some water. Abby pops up. She putters out and the doctor follows so JJ fills his bag with drugs and wanders out as one of the residents comes in. JJ chases down his sister and Cam. She's sobbing because she's confused. Her brother decides to leave. Abby vents about how she needs to keep a secret but it's making her feel sick inside. Cam is confused. She gets a call and says she has to go. Abby goes over to Sonny's to meet him and Chad. The three of them debate what to do about the video. Chad compares this situation to what happened with Jenn and Nicole. Eventually, they brow beat her into complying. They delete the video. EJ calls and his brother assures him that everything is under control. Meanwhile, JJ and Rory meet up at the Horton house and start going through the pills. They are mostly laxatives. Eventually, they find something to get excited about.



June 20, 2013

Spiteful Bitch.

In the capital, a disguised Kristen tries talking the hotel concierge into letting her have room 201. He says a priest is next door. She demands it anyway. Eric pops up and offers to help. He thinks he knows her. She flounces off. When a different clerk pops up, Kristen bribes her for the room and heads up. She sneaks into the priest's room with her vial. Kristen hides in the closet until Eric comes out of the shower and then she shoots him with a dart. Once he's knocked out, she prepares to inject him.

Nick meets Kate at the pub. She has a sour face and says he's an idiot because his formula has been stolen... by Sami and EJ. He says 'no' a million times. Roberts is relieved that at least she now has an excuse to fire him. She offers to help Gabi and the baby. He accuses her of being a 'spiteful bitch'. "That's exactly what I am," she warns. She walks off. He looks at his severance package and groans before making a call. He goes to see Vargas at the rectory. Nick tells him he's lost everything so he can't be threatened anymore. He suggests they work together on a new project. Vargas says maybe but thinks that Nick should probably put more energy into trying to get his wife back.

Maggie is at Daniel's picking up Parker. He admits to her that he and Jenn aren't talking. She assumes this is about JJ. He mentions his suspicions about the young man. The redhead tips him off about seeing JJ in the parking lot when his car was smashed. She takes the kid over to Caffeinated. They run into Kate and yap about the baby. Maggie hopes that Nick and Gabi can work things out. Kate doubts that and tells her Nick is a monster. She storms off.

JJ and Rory at the Horton house digging through their stash of ripped off pharmaceuticals. They are thrilled to find some pain killers. Jenn shows up. She sends Rory out so she can talk to her son. JJ changes the topic and tells her his sister seems distraught about something. She's glad he cares. They chat about Daniel and he wishes her good luck. He meets up with Rory. They go off and sell some pills. Rory thinks they should get some more. JJ calls Cam for an excuse to return to the hospital. When he gets there, he flirts with a doctor who lets him wait in Cam's office.

Brady dreams of rolling around in bed with Kristen. He wakes up and realizes he's with Nic. She notices he's startled. He says it was just a bad dream. When she starts talking about sandwiches, he asks her to go away with him in his private jet. They confirm that they are strictly friends with benefits at the moment and plot their vacation. She goes shopping and bumps into Daniel in the square. He's writing a note to Jenn. They chat and she informs him she's going out of town with Brady. He sighs and warns her that Brady is not ready to move on. When he heads to work, he catches JJ going through Cameron's desk. Across town, Jenn shows up at the mansion and apologizes to Brady for not coming to see him sooner. She assures him that Kristen's feelings for him were very real in the end. He doesn't want to go there. After she leaves, he wonders if Kristen really did love him.


June 21, 2013

Over My Dead Body.

At the rectory, Nicole notices that Eric forgot his notes behind. She tries calling the hotel but the room phones are down. She asks the clerk to get a message to the priest. He tells her she can send a fax. After she does, she calls and asks a different clerk to take the fax up to Eric's room. She refuses. Meanwhile, Brady paces around the mansion and wonders how real Kristen's feelings for him really were. Off in the capital in Eric's hotel room, a disguised Kristen is about to inject him when Brady calls her. She answers. He claims he has the wrong number and hangs up. She's furious and smashes her phone. Eric seems slightly awake. She makes sure he's out and then shoots him up. The priest gasps and rolls over. When he wakes up, he's disoriented and doesn't know who she is. She starts kissing him. He resists but it's not long before his towel is on the floor and they are under the duvet. Downstairs, Nicole arrives in the lobby and demands that the clerk show her to Eric's room. "Over my dead body," he says. When he goes off duty, she tries with the other clerk. She's a tool too so Nic tries bribing her. The clerk tells her 'the other woman' offered her a bigger bribe. When Nic finally gets upstairs, she can hear groaning through the door. She starts knocking anyway. The door opens and she gasps at what she sees.

Jenn runs into Maggie and Parker outside the mansion. The redhead tells Jenn to get over herself and not let JJ pressure her. Maggie and the kid go inside and chat with Brady. He tells her he almost made a stupid mistake and fills her in about calling Kristen. When he mentions that he's been spending time with Nicole, Maggie's not thrilled. Brady hangs out with the kid while Maggs fetches his blankie. When Brady remembers his plans for a family with the DiMera, he gets upset and walks out. He heads over to Casa DiMera where Harold informs him that Kristen left with a suitcase.

Over at the hospital, Daniel catches JJ going through Cameron's desk. He has a prescription pad in his hands. Daniel lectures him and JJ walks out. The doctor chases him down. JJ challenges him to go ahead and nail him but Daniel decides to let him confess to Jenn himself. When she arrives, Daniel leaves them alone. JJ makes excuses but she has a hard time believing them. After he uses Jack's name as an excuse, she lets him go. Daniel returns and she makes excuses for her son. He thinks that JJ needs to face the consequence of his actions but she says it's not his call to make. When the doctor walks off, he accidentally drops the note he wrote her. She reads it and sobs. Meanwhile, JJ calls Rory and tells him he's got another brilliant idea.
Sami jogs around Casa DiMera. She goes upstairs to kiss the kids. EJ calls Sonny and orders him not to tell anyone about the Sami video, not even Justin or Will. Sonny won't make that deal. When Sami returns, EJ decides to tell her about the video. She freaks out. He assures her that the video has been destroyed... but Sonny will tell Will about it. Sami won't let that happen and runs out the door. At the hospital, Sonny goes to see Will as Maxine leaves with the kid. Sonny helps his boyfriend get dressed and assures him that he is letting his problems with Gabi go. Sami enters hyperventilating with EJ behind her. Sonny tells them that he isn't going to change his mind so Elvis explains the video problem to William. He quickly guesses that Bernardi is the guy who swiped the evidence and this was all because of him. Will declares that he is going to handle his own problems now since everyone else only makes them worse. Maxine comes in to announce that Abe is on his way over to speak to him. Once she's gone, Will tells his mom that she is not going to prison for him and he will tell Abe everything.

 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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