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4th Week of June Weekly Summaries

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June 24, 2013

Doing The Do.

Nicole arrives outside of Eric's hotel room and listens to the moaning. "Sounds like two people are doing the do," she says. The door is unlocked so she pushes it open and gasps when she sees two random people rolling in the hay. Nic heads back to the clerks and begs them to let her know which room the priest is actually in. Upstairs, Kristen is romping in bed with him. He doesn't know what's going on but his hands have a life of their own. When he starts to snap out of it, he suddenly passes out. She turns off her video cameras. "I'm so sorry you had to pay for your bitch of a mother," she tells him as she gets dressed and goes. Moments later, Nicole arrives. She hears him rolling around gasping so she gets the door open and finds him in a heap. Kristen slips downstairs but the clerk grabs her before she can leave. "I know what you're up to," he tells her.

After corn dogs at Whoopee World, Chad takes Abby back to Caffeinated and picks the cotton candy out of her hair. That's an awkward moment. He starts apologizing. They talk about Sami. He thinks everything is his fault because he ruined Gabi's wedding. She doubts that. He keeps apologizing. She says he's tough to be mad at. Cameron suddenly barges in. Chad leaves them alone. Cam asks Abs what is going on with Chad. "I felt closer to you nine months ago than I do now," the doctor says. He thinks she's afraid of getting serious. After he angrily leaves, Chad returns and hands her a bag of stuffed pandas. She's so touched that she starts touching his face. Later, Abe runs into Cameron. The doctor asks him if he can spend more time with Theo. Abe would like that.

Kate tracks down Gabi at the hospital. They chat about Rafe still being in a coma and then Roberts explains that she fired Nick. Gabi is concerned but Kate doesn't think she should care. She lectures her, comparing Nick to Norman Bates. Gabi doesn't think she's in any position to lecture. "Don't do as I do," advises Kate. Just because she's been too stupid to learn from her mistakes, doesn't mean Gabi shouldn't. Down the hall, Will declares that he has to tell the cops everything. Sonny, Sami and EJ try talking him out of it. They remind him that he has a daughter and try guilting him into shutting up. Abe pops up and asks to speak to Will and Sonny alone. EJami leaves. Sami panics but Elvis is sure that her son will behave himself. After Abe departs, Will assures his mom that he didn't tell the authorities anything. He asks Sonny to take his mom away so he can speak to EJ alone. Will demands to know if he is planning to protect Stefano even if that means Sami has to go to prison. EJ says they can't prove anything and sending the cops after Stefano would backfire. Out in the hall, Sami and Sonny chat about her baggage. Gabi and Kate come by. She leads Sonny away to change the baby's diaper. Kate and Sami bicker about the case. Kate promises to take care of Will if Sami goes up the river. Sami blames everything on Katherine. "You are the only person in the world who could shoot someone in the back at close range and blame it on someone else," Kate snipes. When Sami lashes out at her for her affair with Rafe, Kate starts crying. Sami's family returns and everyone wanders off. Sonny takes Gabi, Will and the baby to their new place. EJ takes Sami back to Casa DiMera for a little candle-lit meal. He promises not to let anything happen to her and they kiss. A dude shows up and hands her a subpoena. She has been summoned to appear before a grand jury.


June 25, 2013

At the hotel, Nicole is horrified to discover Eric in a disoriented state. She holds him as he shivers and groans. Downstairs, the clerk stops disguised Kristen from escaping and says he knows what she's up to. The security guard arrives. The clerk says that Kristen is a thief because she never checked in. They accuse her of being a hooker. The other clerk pops up and says that she actually checked in. Kristen storms out. Nic runs in, looking for help. Kristen goes back to Casa DiMera and starts editing her sex tape with Eric. Dr, Chyka drops by. He explains that there is a problem with the drug he gave her and he can't promise that the victims long-term memory will be affected after all. She's furious.

Jenn arrives at Daniel's. He answers the door shirtless and she leaps on him. He's just fantasizing though. Really he's at work. He bumps into Jenn. It's less sexy in real life. Things are awkward. She wishes he trusted her to handle her son. He thinks she has blinders on. Marlena interrupts. Jenn walks off. The shrink talks to Daniel about her son. Suddenly, Nicole calls and explains that she's taking Eric there by ambulance. They arrive moments later. Marlena huffs. Daniel rushes him into the exam room. Roman arrives. Marlena demands to know what Nicole was doing with her son. Distraught, Nic explains. In the exam room, Daniel is confused about the test results but they pump Eric full of fluids and he rapidly improves. He goes out and tells the parents the good news. Then he takes Nicole aside and explains that the test results suggest that Eric may have been poisoned.

At Caffeinated, Abby pulls away from Chad when they nearly kiss. He apologizes, admitting that when he asked her to 'ride the wild tiger' with him, he wasn't just talking about roller-coasters. Chad doesn't think Cam is the right guy for her. He won't give her up without a fight. She doesn't want to deal with this and leaves with her stuffed panda. When she gets home, she finds her mom staring blankly. Abby confesses that she's a 'total screw-up'. She tells her mom about how great her night with Chad was. Jenn orders her to stay away from him because he's bad news. Abby goes up to her room to think.

Nick shows up at Will's new place. He wants to apologize again. Will is sorry for what happened to him in prison. Nick doesn't think it's any excuse for how he behaved. Gabi and Sonny pop up. Sonny encourages her to take a walk with Nick. After they leave, Chad drops in to see the lads. He talks to them about wanting one more chance with Abby. Will actually thanks him for what he did at Gabi's wedding because it made it possible for him to be a father. After Chadsworth goes, Sonny and Will make out. Meanwhile, Nick and Gabi head to the square. She tells him about her living situation and they have small talk. "We sound like strangers," he comments. "We are," she says. He assures her that he meant all of the promises he made. She reminds him that he was lying to himself. Nick hopes they can still be friends. She needs to take care of her baby and brother and can't take any risks. Gabi heads home for a nap. Will fondles Sonny's ears and then sings to the baby.


June 26, 2013

Mama Bear.
Abby calls Chad to apologize for running out on him. He apologizes for telling her how he felt about her at the wrong time. Cameron and Theo are standing right beside him in Caffeinated. As Theo runs around the room, Cam asks Chad what kind of game he is playing with Abby. Chad says he's serious about her. The doctor accuses him of wanting her just because she's pushed him away. Chad assures him that nothing has happened between them yet. Over at the Horton house, Abby is in her room playing with her panda. She heads downstairs where Adrienne is railing about Sami to Jenn. Abs gets uncomfortable as they discuss why Sami shot the cop. Eventually, she interrupts. "Hello Dolly," says Jenn. Dolly putters off. The Kiriakis asks 'Mama Bear' how things are going with Cam. Meanwhile, Abby shows up at Caffeinated and tells Chadsworth that they need to resolve the mixed signals she's been sending. She's been avoiding facing her feelings. He suggests she take her time.

At Casa DiMera, Kristen lectures Dr. Chyka for failing her. She fears that Eric may be remembering what happened. He tries claiming that he was just being hyper-cautious and stakes his reputation on Eric remaining clueless. She gets sarcastic and then threatening. Once he leaves, she calls around for an update on the priest.

Lucas drops by his son's place and they discuss the case against Sami. He offers to look after the baby so they can take a break. The lads jog off. As they sit in the square, Adrienne runs into him. She starts bickering with her son about Sami. They tell her she is embarrassing herself. "If you make me choose between you and Will, it's going to be a very easy decision," Sonny warns her. He and Will stomp off. She calls her son and leaves a message, promising to always love him. She hopes that she is wrong about Will and Sami. Meanwhile, Will admits to Sonny that Adrienne may have a point. Sonny won't hear that.

Eric tosses and turns in his hospital bed. He wakes up and sees Daniel there. When the doctor tries asking him what happened, Eric freaks. He starts moaning about the meeting at the capital so Daniel explains that it has been postponed. Eric calms and says that something went very wrong. The doctor tries to figure out how he could have been poisoned. The priest has a hard time piecing things together. Daniel wanders off. Eric holds his collar and thinks. Down the hall, Nicole worries to Brady by the nurses' station. He tries keeping her calm. She tells him the priest may have been poisoned. After some sobbing, she says maybe they can go on that trip they planned. "I think we both know we can't do that," he says, telling her that her feelings for the priest are a lot deeper than she wants to admit. She guesses he still has feelings for Kristen too. They agree to cut off the 'benefits' and just be friends. Brady goes in to see Eric, who is wondering why Nic showed up at all. Brady assures him that things will be fine. When he walks out, Kristen arrives.


June 27, 2013


At the hospital, Eric puts his collar on as Kristen comes into the room. The priest tells her that he knows what happened and angrily rails at her. He assumes that she is there to rescind funding for the school. Down the hall, Nicole, Brady and Daniel try to figure out what happened to Eric. A nurse comes in with more results. The doctor gasps and runs off. Nicole calls the state capital's budget officer, claims to be a reporter and threatens to expose him for nearly killing a priest. He backs down and says the school will be approved. When Daniel gets to Eric's room, the priest declares that something is definitely wrong. He starts apologizing for snapping at her. The DiMera departs. The doctor tells the priest that the test results haven't brought anything up. He wants to run more but they will be trickier. They need to take his blood every few days. Brady and Nicole come in to declare that the school is going to open on time. Roman strolls in to say he just heard about the school on the radio. The priest runs off with his family. Daniel worries to Brady that Eric isn't worried enough about what happened to him. The doctor mentions Kristen. Brady snaps and heads home.

Jenn is at home worrying about JJ. She calls Cameron over and hands him his script pad, explaining that her son swiped it 'by accident'. Abs arrives and realizes he's just there for his pad. It's awkward and he runs off. Jenn paces around and reads Daniel's card to herself. "Gosh!" she grumbles. Meanwhile, Abby chases down Cameron to the park. He accuses her of giving Chad 'real signals'. Although she may care about him too, it's just not enough. The doctor tells her she is lying to herself and she needs to figure out how she actually feels.

Rory, JJ and some of their stoner friends, Bev and Cole, run into the square and then open up their bags to see what they stole. Cole suggests they tear down the Horton tree. JJ yells at them to stop. Cole rails at him and mocks the Hortons. When he dumps his slurpy on Tom and Alice's plaque, JJ freaks out and pummels him. Some cops run over and grab them. They notice their backpacks are open and stuff is spilling out. The woman whose store they shoplifted just happens to be standing there and declares she wants to press charges. The lads are taken down to the station. Jenn is called. She tears over and asks her son what happened. He explains that he lost it after the Horton name was tarnished. "I'm sorry, but weren't your grandparents special?" he asks. She gives him a hug and says they will get through this. He tries to stop his mom from speaking to the arresting officer. She's informed that her son stole hundreds of dollars in merchandise. Back at the hospital, Anne gets a call about plaque-gate and laughs her ass off. She hunts down Daniel to yap about JJ. He practically smiles when he hears JJ was arrested.

Marlena's at the pub with Caroline, chatting about Eric. The shrink gets a call that Eric is being released. They're surprised it's so fast but thank God. When the topic of John comes up, Marlena says he's gone and she's fine with that. As they head out the door, Kristen pops up. She makes faces as she chats about Sami. The DiMera says their families will be connected until the day Marlena dies. Later, Eric's family meets up with him at the rectory to toast to his school opening. He assumes this was all an act of God. Meanwhile, Kristen heads back to Casa DiMera and meets with Dr. Chyka to talk over her worries. She has another plan in mind and gets busy editing her video of Eric.



June 28, 2013

What's Up, Doc?

At the mansion, Adrienne tries talking Justin out of taking Sami's case. He already did. She says there's a legal reason he should drop out. He has a conflict of interest because she's friends with Marge Bernardi. Justin says that everyone in Salem has a conflict of interest and accuses her of tearing the family apart. He backtracks and then asks her to simply let things play out. Meanwhile, Sami drops by Will's place as Sonny plays with the baby. "Look at the little princess!" coos Sami, turning red as a spanked bottom. She informs her son that she is going before the grand jury today. Her son suggests she tell the truth but not the whole truth. Sonny explains how to manipulate the truth on the stand. She worries about Chad keeping his mouth shut. Adrienne barges in to declare that she hasn't been fair. She's sure that Justin will get Sami off. After Sami leaves, Adrienne apologizes to Will. This conversation makes Sony uncomfortable. Will walks off to change a diaper. Adrienne offers to join the Sami Brady Fan Club if it will make her son more comfortable. He repeats his mantra about being happy with Will and the baby. "Just be happy for me," he pleads. She promises things will be better for everyone and leaves.

Chad stops by Casa DiMera and tells his brother that he's guessed Stefano hired the dude Sami wasted. He lays out his theory of the crime. "You're right about everything," says EJ. He doesn't explain much but insists that he's staying ahead of their father and won't let him get away with anything. "Does that mean patricide?" Chadsworth asks. EJ waves that off and Justin strolls in. After Chad takes off, EJ admits his brother is smarter than he thought. Elvis is excited that his plans for Stefano are going ahead today. Justin breaks the news that Sami is being charged with murder. Sami walks in on cue and freaks at the news. He tells them not to worry. She had no motive so the murder charge will backfire. Elvis assures her that this will be over soon. She goes off to hug her grandma for luck. EJ tells his father's portrait that, after today, he will be finished for good.

At the hospital, Anne tells Daniel about JJ being arrested. She asks him what Jenn's felonious son is like. He knits his brow. "What's up, doc?" she asks. He orders her to keep this to herself and threatens to call Mr. Burns if she doesn't behave. After she taunts him about JJ's downward spiral, he tries calling Jenn. Abby pops up. He informs her of her brother's arrest. JJ is down at the station with his mom. He makes excuses. Abe strolls over and explains that JJ and his friends had stolen goods. Jenn's furious. Her son makes more excuses. She doesn't believe them. After tearing into him, she asks Abe what's next. He explains that, given JJ's grief, the store owner will drop charges if the merchandise is returned. She thanks him but says it is time to stop making excuses for her son. Jenn bustles JJ out and straight home. He keeps protesting that he is innocent. She forbids him to use his father as an excuse again. "You need to go to your room and think about what you've done!" she orders. He goes up. She cries and holds her guts. Daniel shows up. She can't stomach discussing her son. JJ watches them through the window and gags as the doctor holds and kisses Jenn. JJ suddenly comes up with a plan. Meanwhile, Abby wanders by Bernardi's funeral and sobs. Sami shows up next. Marge spots and corners her. Samanther hyperventilates.

 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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