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1st Week of March Weekly Summaries

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March 4, 2013
You Are Not A Horton!

Jenn tells Daniel that they need to take a break. She doesn't think they can be together if he can't completely cut Chloe out. That's not supposed to sound like and ultimatum but it is. She's sure the diva will kill whatever they have. Jenn tells him what Chloe said to her daughter. They argue a bit and then kiss. He leaves with difficulty. She wonders if love is enough and runs out after him but he's gone.
Nancy calls Chloe at Daniel's. She's got her bags packed but the diva isn't sure it's the best time. Chloe fills her in and her mom promises her that she will get Daniel back. Later, the doctor arrives and the diva asks him about Jenn's ultimatum. They bicker about Jenn. She stomps off to call her mama. He doesn't know what the hell to do. When Chloe returns, he orders her to cross the street if she spots Jenn. The doctor heads to his hotel room. Nancy calls him. She tells him that she thinks her daughter clearly needs to move on and hopes to help make that happen. He's thrilled to hear that. As soon as she hangs up with him, she calls her daughter and says that he bought it. 

Abigail goes looking for Cameron in the hospital supply closet. She catches him changing his clothes. He pulls on his pants. She's awkward and wants to run but he stops her. Abby tells him about her fight with Chloe. She worries that the diva may actually have been right in what she said. "It should have been me in that elevator!" she whimpers. He tells her what a hero her father was and how amazing she is. The doctor asks her out. She heads home to see her mom. Abby feels like the problems with Daniel are her fault. Jenn assures her that she is not the one to blame.

At the hospital, Nick prods Will to sign papers renouncing his claims to the baby. Will's family is furious. Will starts to sign but his mom grabs his hand and asks for a second alone with Nick. Everyone files out and Sami offers to sign papers promising she will stay out of the baby's life. He's not impressed. She keeps pitching, insisting that she is the one he has a problem with. He thinks she actually means that... but he's sure she always means the things she lies about. She argues but he refuses to believe anything she says. Sami blows up at him and yells that he doesn't deserve any child. She claims she didn't mean that. He declares this conversation pointless. Down the hall, Will explains Nick's position to everyone. Nick joins them. Sonny urges Will to talk to Justin. Will is sure that Nick knows this is wrong. Fallon hands him the paper. Will signs. "You are not a Horton!" Lucas grunts. Nick rolls his eyes. EJ reminds him that he was his lawyer once and Will is like a son to him. Fallon isn't scared of him. "You're a lot more stupid than you look," says EJ. Sami cries and says she doesn't know how anyone could do something so cruel to the father of a child. EJ hugs her. She heads to work and angrily types. He follows her and asks her to let him help her. Sami doesn't want sympathy. She starts crying on his chest.
Kate drops by the hospital to see Gabi and Rafe. Gabi gives her the boot but Rafe says Kate is just trying to be nice. Kate says she just wants to help and offers Gabi a gift certificate for the spa. Later, Nick shows up and tells Gabi that everyone has finally come to their senses. He wants to marry her as soon as possible. She's thrilled. Meanwhile, Rafe and Kate have gone back to his place. They have to stop the rumpy pumpy when he gets called in to work. He asks her to wait and promises to be back soon. Across town, Sonny and Will head back to his place. Will stares at the sonogram. He understands why Nick did what he did, even if it was cruel and wrong. Sonny insists that Nick had this whole thing plotted in advance. "He's doing this because you're gay," Sonny says.


March 5, 2013
EJ The Snooki.

Sami drops by the rectory to see Eric. She hugs him so he guesses something is wrong. Sami cries and then doesn't explain. She hands him a donation for the school from Elvis. Sami talks about how great EJ is without Stefano. The priest reminds her Stefano is coming back and points out what she's recycling what she said about Rafe a few weeks ago. When she's defensive, he guesses she has become 'close' to EJ again. She rants about Rafe 'ganging up' with her enemies. The priest tries defending the cop and suggests she give him another shot. She says it's too late. She's committed to EJ and happy about it.

Rafe wakes Kate in his bed with coffee and kisses. He licks her back and she coos. She stops for a minute to ask him what they are doing. She reminds him that she is Stefano's ex. He reminds her of the ex part and then teases her for wanting to discuss their feelings. They have sex and then discuss how they hooked up. He flirts and then gets called away by his sister. When he leaves, he runs into Sami in the square and asks if they can clear the air. He wants them to put everything behind them so everything will work out for everyone. Rafe's sure that Will will be great for the baby. He wanders off. She realizes he is clueless.

At Sonny's, Will has been unable to sleep. He and Sonny debate Nick's real motives. Sonny insists it's just homophobia. Will doubts it and really hopes that he hasn't sign away his rights to a bigot. "He's not just a homophobe; he's a jackass," Sonny says. He then trashes EJ's legal advice, saying, "EJ is a lawyer the same way Snooki is an actress." He goes down to work. Kate wanders in and notices he's not happy. He doesn't really fill her in so she demands more information.

Hope drops by the hospital to see Gabi and Nick. Fallon asks her to their wedding. He's annoyed when she says he should talk to his parole officer before taking such a step. Hope says she's happy for them and putters off. Gabi asks Nick why he's been so 'touchy'. When she pushes him, he starts talking about how hard it was in prison. He's afraid of ending up back in there or dead. They head to the pub. She's eager to tell her brother that they are getting married tomorrow. Rafe arrives just in time to hear this. Nick says they will do it even without his blessing. Nick gets a text from Will and leaves to see him. They head outside the square. Will asks if he would have blackmailed him out of his daughter's life regardless of the circumstances. Nick says yes. Will asks if it's because he's gay. "Yes," Nick confirms. Meanwhile, Eric and Abe go to the prison. Hope joins them and they discuss the dude who the priest will be mentoring. When Eric is left alone, he prays for God's help. Vargas is led in."My name is Vargas," says Vargas. 

Kristen drops by work to see EJ. Based on his pouting, she senses something is wrong. He's not sure how to deal with the latest Sami related problem. EJ vaguely explains. She suggests that he use a 'DiMera solution for dealing with nobodies'. He'd like to 'eliminate the bastard' but is trying to resist the temptation. He's afraid of using his father's tactics because it would lose him Samanther. He refuses to give Rafe any chance to prove he's morally superior. She says that DiMeras always struggle with goodness and that's what makes them interesting. Kristen heads back to her place and meets with Chadsworth. She fills him in about her new living arrangements and suggests that he move into Casa DiMera too. He's not ready to make a decision about that. Meanwhile, Sami heads for her office and kisses EJ. "Take me somewhere where Diane can't hear me scream," she says. Moments later, they flop into his bed. When she's on top of him, she asks if he really meant that he would do anything for her. He would. "I want Nick Fallon gone," she says.


March 6, 2013

Sex Ways To Return To The Fold.

Eric meets Vargas at the prison. Vargas informs him that he hasn't been a good Catholic. He's been in there for ten years but was sentenced to seven. Hope joins them. Vargas clams up. The priest and cop offer to help him adjust to life in Salem. The prisoner perks up and says he's interested. He heads back to his cell and thinks about threatening Nick for getting him stuck in there for three extra years.
Chloe drops by the rectory to see Nicole. She wonders why she is working for the church. Nic's not explanatory. The divas misses her and offers to listen to her problems using her non-virgin ears. She fills her in about moving into Daniel's and the doctor moving out. They discuss his 'Jenn-Jenn' obsession. Nic suggests Chloe get down on her knees and pray. She refuses to help her out. Chloe accuses her of being in love with Daniel. She moons about Daniel and wonders how Nic can't hate Jenn too. "Been there, done that and it wasn't that great of a trip," Nic says. Chloe reminds Nicole that she is nastier than she is and tells her to stop trying to be a good girl. She heads for the door and bumps into Eric. The diva starts gabbing about how miracles happen and she wants to 'return to the fold'. She volunteers to work on the music committee. The priest bustles off. Chloe points out to Nic that the flyer she has been handing out actually says 'sex ways to return to the fold' not six. "Someone's not getting any," coos the diva. After she leaves, Nic lectures the priest for being nice to Chloe. He thinks he's finally realized what her problem is. "What is it? Please tell me," he says, grabbing her hand.
Outside the square, Nick bluntly tells Will that he wants him out of the baby's life because he's gay. Will is baffled. Nick tells him everything Sonny said about him was true. Will keeps processing this but it takes awhile. Nick explain that he just wants to protect Gabi and the baby. Will rails that he has an emotional connection to the baby. His cousin continues arguing that the kid needs stability and suggests that Will will go through loads of boyfriends after Sonny. "You two want something to love, get a dog," Nick says. Will thinks he's sick. Nick thinks Will's sick and says that he should be thanking him. "This is a win-win for all the Hortons," he insists. Nick stomps off. Will kicks over a bench.

At Caffeinated, Kate probes Sonny about her grandson. He's evasive and gets back to work. Will arrives and Kate says she wants to help him. He acts aloof. After she leaves, Will rants to Sonny about Nick's bigotry. Meanwhile, Gabi and her brother are talking at the pub about Nick's time in prison. She doesn't want to talk about this. She's happy when he agrees to try to attend the wedding. Nick arrives and she tells him Rafe's blessed their union. The men shake on it and the cop heads off. Gabi starts asking him about who stabbed him. He changes the topic and babbles about how super she is. Nick shows her the baby clothes he bought and promises that everything will work out.
Sami and EJ roll around in his bed. She tells him she wants Nick Fallon gone. As they canoodle, she talks about how much Nick needs to go. She starts talking about Will and that turns him on even more. When she confirms for EJ that she wants Nick dead, they kiss passionately. Suddenly, she decides they have to do something other than kill him. He tries thinking but he seems distracted by her freckles. EJ wonders if she could live with Nick dying for her son's sake. Elvis says that he will do what's right for the little girl. They start trying to think up a way to get him to break the conditions of his parole. And then they have sex again. Taking a break, he points out how much plotting murder turns her on. They joke about which of them is more shallow and make out some more. They scheme about all of the evidence they'll have to destroy.


March 7, 2013
You Hurt My Feelings.

Daniel and Jenn stare at each other at the hospital. A nurse takes him away. Kayla and Maxine have been watching the former couple. Kay teases her about being Nurse of the Year. She thinks they should bring the doctor and Jenn back together at the party. Kay corners Jenn and orders her to the party. Across the room, Maxine gives Daniel the evil eye when he says he can't make it to the shindig. After she gives him a lecture, he promises to be there. Maxine walks over to Kayla, who has had less luck with Jenn. The nurse thinks it must be a lot more than just a lover's quarrel going on. Anne stands around the corner and eavesdrops on all of this. Meanwhile, Jenn goes home to Skype one of JJ's teachers. Kayla shows up and offers her a lift to the party. She's insistent. The Horton complains about Chloe. Kay insists that Daniel's heart only belongs to Jenn.

Chloe is at Daniel's sorting out her scarf collection when her mom arrives. Nancy assures her that if she could get rid of Mike Horton, they can get rid of 'the boring Barbie'. Nancy starts going through her pills, including her sleeping pills. They plot and Nancy warns her daughter that she can't make someone love her. Chloe's still optimistic. Anne calls her to give her all the gossip. Nancy chases Parker around the apartment. Daniel drops by and the diva takes off. Nancy promises him that she will get her daughter to back off. Chloe returns with groceries and the doctor leaves. Maxine's party is at the pub. Anne spots Jenn going in and calls Chloe. "Oh crap!" says the diva. Anne follows Jenn and Daniel around and reports to Chloe, who freaks out. The doctor starts molesting Jenn's ears. He tells her he's 'crazy in love' with her. They hug. Anne tells Chloe. They both cringe.

At the rectory, Nicole asks Eric why he can't see what's right in front of him. He's 'dense' and needs an explanation. Before she can give him one, Ciara interrupts with a drawing. "Is that God or Jesus?" he asks. She says it's him. They hug and she says she wants to marry him when she grows up. She pouts when he explains that's not too likely. Nic pouts too. The priest lists the reasons why they can't get married. He has the church instead of a wife. Nic heads out. Eric follows her. She confesses that she loves him and has never moved on from their past. He apologizes and says they shouldn't see each other anymore. This conversation has all been in her mind. Eric shows up in real life. "You hurt my feelings," she tells him. He's clueless. Sobbing, she tells him how hard she is trying to change. They head back to the rectory. He has to leave to give someone the last rites. She tells herself she needs to accept that she can't have him.

Victor is moping at the mansion. Maggie is trying to keep a handle on him as Brady gets ready to move out. Maggie takes his muffin order and Victor rants at him for moving into Casa DiMera, "The mouth of Hell." Victor tells him that if he goes, he can't come back. He won't kick him out of the company though. Maggie hopes Brady will come to his senses some day. He worries what this could mean for their relationship. The redhead tells him her heart will always be open to him. Hugs. Meanwhile, Kristen arrives at Casa DiMera. Harold gives her the key. She strolls around and talks to her father's portrait. Pouring some champagne, she toasts to herself. Brady arrives and they toast to making good memories there. He fills her in about what happened with Maggie and Victor. Brady thinks she's worth the trouble anyway. She says they should 'christen every room in the house'. They start on the chess table. Someone shows up at the door. His pecs quiver and he pulls on his pants. It's John.

March 8, 2013

Home For Good.
Brady and Kristen pull on their clothes when there is a knock at the door of Casa DiMera. It's John. He and Kristen arch their eyebrows. While Brady looks for his belt, Kristen flirts with John under her breath. John enters the house and hands his son a box. It contains the plaque from a Venetian gondola Isabella once rode with him. Brady's moved. Kristen's pissed. John heads out. His son hopes that he still has the chance to be close to his father. Meanwhile, Stefano's plane lands. "Home for good," he mutters.

Hope catches Marlena staring at her phone in Caffeinated. The shrink explains that John doesn't want to talk to her. Hope feels responsible for driving a wedge between them. Marlena blames Kristen. Roman shows up to say that John is an idiot for taking his anger out on her. He sits with her, holds her hand and says that he will always care for her. The cop gives her a pep talk about what a good person she is. As he starts hugging her, John arrives.

Anne is at the pub reporting to Chloe over the phone about Jenn and Daniel. The diva tells her to break things up before kissing can happen. Anne rushes out and interrupts. The doctor asks Jenn to meet him in the square in a few minutes. Anne tells Chloe about this. The diva has a tantrum and notices the doctor left his hospital ID on the couch. Nancy warns her not to scuttle the reunion. She offers to do it herself. Nancy runs down to the square, hunts down Jenn and babbles about Mike. Jenn has a fit. "You want to send him a note with a cherry bomb attached?" Jenn snipes. Nancy wishes they could all get along. The Horton says that won't happen. They rake over the past. Jenn starts railing at her. Daniel walks by and interrupts. The blond is furious to learn that Nancy's coming to town was partly his idea. Nancy leaves. Jenn rants. "I am done!" she declares, storming off. Meanwhile, Anne has run over to Daniel's to see Chloe. The diva instantly sends her back to her spying. Back at the pub, Jenn arrives as Maxine is honored with a plaque. Anne watches Daniel arrive and start drinking. She guesses he's having a bad night. After getting a mysterious call, Cameron heads out. Daniel and Jenn stay on opposite sides of the room and stare at each other until he leaves. He heads to his hotel room and Chloe soon arrives. She offers to make him a hangover cure. He says no but she does it anyway. Woozily, he asks her to go. She starts kissing him instead. At that moment, Jenn tells Kay and Maxine about her big fight with Daniel. Maxine orders her not to go to bed mad. "Tomorrow might be too late," the nurse warns

Abby walks the square and recalls her fight with Chloe. Chad literally bumps into her and notices she's distracted. He asks her out for coffee. She starts vaguely venting about Chloe. Abby admits the diva might be right about her. They discuss what it's like to lose a parent. Cam arrives and sees them holding hands. He interrupts. Chad departs. The doctor apologizes for asking her to meet him where she just had a brawl with Chloe. They discuss grief.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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