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2nd Week of March Weekly Summaries

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March 11, 2013

A Stupid Gimmick.
At Casa DiMera, Brady tells Kristen how nice his father's gift was. He hopes they can mend some fences. Brady jogs off to get a gift from her. Stefano strolls in. He notices Harold and Mary patched up the bullet holes. Kristen offers to call her brothers over. He's a bit cranky so she tells him about John's visit. Kristen decides to run off and see John, asking her father not to scare Brady off. Once she's gone, Brady returns. Awkward small talk happens. "This is awkward," Brady points out. He makes it clear that he loves Kristen but doesn't trust him. Stefano warns him not to hurt his daughter in any way.

John walks into Caffeinated and sees Roman hugging Marlena. He acts jealous and gruffly sends Roman away. The shrink is happy to see him. He's grumpy and tells her about the Brady situation, making it clear that he doesn't want her help. John goes down to Mandalay alone. Kristen confronts him and trashes his story about Isabella, saying it was just 'a stupid gimmick'. She claims that Brady didn't care for his gift. He tells her she is clueless. Kristen claims he can't get his son back with cheap gimmicks. "I can afford more than that," he says. She flirts and strolls off.

In the square, Sami is waving at Lucas in the background as clueless Rafe asks Horton about Will and then explains his sister is getting married tomorrow. He happily strolls off. Sami runs over to Lucas and tells him her plan to destroy evidence. She explains they can swipe a key card and grab the evidence. Lucas reminds her Will also signed away his rights. She says that's meaningless. He agrees to help and they plod off. At the station, she tries stealing a pass from Hope's office. She has to hide when she hears her dad talking to Lucas in the hall. Lucas manages to fob Roman off. Sami decides to steal her dad's pass. Once they have broken into the evidence room, they pass by all of the other crimes they've been involved with until they find the right one. Rafe shows up and they hide. As the cop is on his way out, he can smell something familiar but leaves. Lucas and Sami try to grab the evidence. It's hard because he can't lift her. Meanwhile, Rafe realizes what he could smell in the evidence room.

Chloe begins kissing a drunk Daniel in his hotel room. He stops her. "You look like you needed a friend," she says. The doctor reminds her that he's with Jenn and asks her to go. Eventually, he convinces her to actually leave. He calls Jenn, leaving a babbling message. Meanwhile, Chloe heads back to the apartment and worries to her mom that she's overplayed her hand. Across town, Hope arrives at the pub as the party is winding down. She begins questioning Jenn, who unloads about the Nancy situation. Maxine spots the Horton and orders her to go and see Daniel. Jenn checks her messages. She and Hope hear Daniel's and surmise that he's a mess. Anne is watching this and calls Chloe to give her a warning. Anne corners Jenn to stall her. They start threatening each other. At the same moment, the diva grabs her mom's sleeping pills and runs back to the hotel. When she gets to Daniel's room, he's out so she drugs his drink and hides in the bathroom, accidentally dropping the pill box. The doctor returns and drinks down the fluid. She emerges once he's passed out. Anne calls to say Jenn is on the way. Chloe works fast, stripping Daniel in bed and then getting dishevelled. Jenn shows up at the door and makes a pouty face when she's confronted with this scene.


March 12, 2013

Too Much Cheese?
SJenn shows up at Daniel's hotel room. Chloe answers the door. Daniel is passed out half naked in bed."You make me sick!" bellows Jenn. She storms off. Chloe's happy. The doctor groans. She wonders if she used too many pills and sneaks out. In the hallway, she calls Daniel to wake him up. He doesn't know what's going on but offers to take a cab over to talk to her. Chloe hurries home. Meanwhile, Jenn goes home in tears. She stares at the couch and thinks of dry-humping Daniel there. She can't believe that's all over. Chloe calls her and Jenn blows up at her. Maggie and her mink farm drop by the Horton house with some recipes. Jenn informs her that 'it's over' with Daniel and she doesn't want to discuss it. They do anyway. Maggie assumes this is Chloe's fault and urges her to give the doctor a chance to explain. Back across town, Daniel stumbles to his place and asks the diva out for some air. When they get out to the square, he tells her that kissing him was 'out of bounds'... but he shouldn't have been so hard on her. He threatens to cut off contact between them if she can't behave. She starts to walk away but stays in the bushes when Jenn shows up after paying his hotel room a visit. Jenn slaps him.

At Casa DiMera, Brady assures Kristen that he and Stefano have been getting along. Her father joins them and Kristen tries to force them into friendly banter. That doesn't work but they agree to keep trying. EJ arrives and takes a picture of the three of them holding hands. The couple head upstairs.  Father and son discuss returning to the house. Stefano thinks they still have a bond. EJ reminds him about Ian and the coin. Stefano thinks they are past that and asks EJ to move in with the rest of his family. Elvis says 'no' and explains how well things are going with Samanther. After EJ leaves, Stefano vows not to let Sami come between him and his son. Upstairs, Brady and Kristen are romping in the sack and talking about doing it in every room. They get lovey-dovey. He gives her a key ring. "Too much cheese?" he asks. She likes it. He gets cheesier until he falls asleep. She sneaks downstairs. Her father finds her walking around. She admits that she still has designs on John. He thinks she's crazy. She cuddles up with him and tells him how brilliant her plan is. Brady stands in the doorway and eavesdrops.

Sami and Lucas bicker in the evidence room as she tries to get the box on EJ's shooting. They hide as Rafe returns. He sniffs around and then notices Lucas cowering. "Uh... this isn't Hope's office?" Lucas asks. Rafe doesn't buy his excuses but Lucas keeps making them. The cop calls Sami to come out. She does and then tries to leave. Rafe says it's not that easy. They won't explain what they are doing and challenge him to arrest them. He guesses this is about Will and Nick. He assures them that he has thoroughly checked out Nick's files. The cop lets them go but gives them a warning that 'their asses' will go to jail if this happens again. Sami and Lucas go to Caffeinated. She's determined to try again but he doesn't want to go back to jail. They bicker about this until EJ arrives. "She is all yours, buddy," Lucas says, walking out. Elvis gives her a lecture for nearly getting caught. He orders her not to talk to Rafe and then assures her that they will find a way to help Will.


March 13, 2013

Cut The Crap.

Chloe watches in the bushes as Jenn slaps Daniel. He doesn't understand. The blond orders him to stay away and runs off. Hope shows up yelling for her cousin. The doctor tells her what happened. He doesn't still understand. She advises him to go home instead of chasing after Jenn while he's woozy. "Ooof ooof ruff-ruff," he groans as she helps him away. Chloe heads back to the apartment and fills her mom in. Nancy just wants to go to sleep. Chloe can't find her sleeping pills and realizes she left them in the doctor's room. The diva doesn't know what to do. Her mom has an idea and heads out. Chloe calls Anne over to babysit while she goes to deal with Jenn. Anne tells her to have fun making her miserable. Meanwhile, Hope drops by Jenn's place. Jenn doesn't want to talk. Hope decides to go. As soon as she does, Chloe shows up and explains that she didn't sleep with Daniel. "Cut the crap," demands Jenn. She boots her out. The Horton doesn't understand what's going on. Across town, Nancy shows up at Daniel's. He answers the door in his underwear. She enters and babbles, peering around for the pills. She starts coughing up a lung. He walks into the hall to take a call and she grabs the pills off the floor. The doctor catches her in the act. She covers with an excuse. He sends her out. After he falls asleep, Jenn calls.

At Caffeinated, Will wants to tell Gabi about Nick blackmailing him but Sonny thinks he's being ridiculous. Will is determined to stop Gabi from marrying Nick. Sonny gets worked up about 'precious Gabi and the homophobe man of her dreams'. He urges Will not to be stupid and walks off as Marlena arrives. Will tells the shrink he has something he needs to own up to. As he heads for the door, Sonny tries to talk him out of his plan again. Will won't listen. Meanwhile, Rafe is at the pub checking on his sister. He apologizes for being a jerk and admits he still has 'some reservations' about Nick. But she loves the ex-con so... why not? She hugs Rafe when he finally confirms he'll attend her wedding. After big brother leaves, Will shows up. Gabi tells him she's getting married tomorrow. Hope bustles in and they talk about how great the Horton family is. Will stares and then decides not to say anything after all. He wishes her well and leaves. Hope joins Gabi and they gab about having the wedding in Horton house. This makes Gabi optimistic. At that moment, Will returns to Caffeinated and tells Sonny that he didn't go through with his plan. It would have hurt the family too much. He feels helpless.

At Casa DiMera, Brady comes down the stairs and overhears Kristen explaining her plot to Stefano. She realizes Brady is there and covers. Brady joins them. Stefano makes himself scarce. Brady assures her that he loves her, regardless of who her father is. He tells her that he could get used to mansion life. She gets him to play "Beautiful Dreamer" on the piano for her. Kristen actually cries. They smooch. He gets a call and has to run to the office. "It's breaking my heart that I have to break yours," she admits to herself. Stefano comes down and talks to his daughter about her plan. She has more planned than just dumping Brady at the altar. He chuckles after she explains. He's sure John and Marlena will be miserable for the rest of their lives. "You are a true DiMera," he says, approvingly. Meanwhile, John jogs around the outdoor mall until he nearly falls over. He recalls his last conversation with Kristen. After he gets an ice pack, he rests in the square. Brady wanders by and spots him. He thanks him for the gift. John thinks they should hang out more. His son explains that would be conditional. John offers to try accepting Kristen in his life. They set up a breakfast date.


March 14, 2013
A Terrible Time With What's-Her-Name.

Gabi and Nick are lounging in bed. He gives her some 'bling' and they discuss the wedding. She tells him about Will's puzzling visit yesterday. She wants to call him but Nick stops her. Across town, Will sleeps at Sonny's until his mom calls. She recaps the last few weeks and promises to stop Nick. He asks her to stay out of this. She hangs up. He assumes things will go from bad to worse. Sonny tells Will that he needs to come up with a cover story about giving up his rights. They worry about what his grandmas will say. Nick sends Will a text requesting a meeting. Sonny thinks he should tell Nick to shove it but Will is optimistic that something may have changed for the better. Meanwhile, Sami meets with EJ at Mandalay. Elvis admires how clever Nick is and then informs her that his father is back and he's seen him. She's not thrilled. He assures her it won't make any difference. She blurts out that Stefano could help her son. EJ hopes she's not serious. He tries to stop her but she runs off. He chases after her, reminding her that Stefano blackmailed Will too. She still thinks that Stefano could be her son's 'savior' and asks Elvis to help. EJ refuses. She begs. He urges her to think and explains she will owe his father. Sami would sell her soul for her kids. Elvis explains there may be a way to guarantee his father's help. They could move into the mansion with the children. 

Will meets Nick in the square. Fallon quizzes him about what he was saying to Gabi. Will confesses he wanted to convince her not to get married to a 'psycho, homophobic idiot'. Nick gives him a warning. Then he says they should all be 'pleasant' to each other. Will can barely believe what he's saying. He wanders around until Sonny bumps into him. Will has realized that Nick has genuinely changed since he want to prison. Being reasonable with him is a waste of time. He feels like this is a losing battle. Sonny gives him a hug.

At home, Rafe comes out from under the covers with Kate when the phone rings. It's the office. Stefano is back in Salem. She claims she couldn't care less... but she's worried about how he would react to finding out about them. Rafe's not afraid. He kind of likes the idea of sticking it to Stefano. They have sex and then he explains he has to go and see his sister. She wants to come along and give Gabi a gift. They head to the pub. Kate gives Gabi some blue earrings. Gabi's confused about what he's doing with Kate. "She's an interesting woman," he says. The woman in question slips away and mulls over Stefano's return.

Kristen and Stefano are having breakfast at Casa DiMera. Brady enters and announces he's having breakfast with his father. He tells Kristen that John is softening on them. She offers to come along but he says no. After he heads off, the father and daughter bicker until Chad shows up. After some small talk with his big sister, he goes in to see his dad. They catch up fast. Stefano wishes he could have been there for him during his 'terrible time with what's-her-name'. Chad snipes at him but then says he's willing to give the family another chance. They joke about Stefano's funeral. Chad still hasn't made up his mind about moving in. "You are my son. That's all that counts," Stefano says. Meanwhile, Brady meets his father at Caffeinated. He admits that he suspects John might be 'working' him. John denies it and claims he's realized that he has to accept Kristen. Brady is skeptical. They go around in circles until Kristen shows up. Brady gets a call from work and heads out. She asks John what he's really up to. The blond fondles his finger and darts her tongue, explaining that he can only get to his son by going through her.

March 15, 2013

I Can't Do This.
Marlena bumps into Brady outside of Caffeinated. He stops her from going in. Inside, Kristen tells John he has to go through her to get to his son. He can deal with that. Brady comes in after sending Marlena away. He finds his lady and father chuckling. John asks if they can bury the hatchet. Kristen smooths her eyebrows. John suggests the three of them have dinner. "We have to eat, right?" Kristen says. She leaves and tries to figure out what's going on. The DiMera heads to the hospital to tell Marlena that Brady wasn't eaten by Satan last night. "Thanks for that," says the shrink. Kristen puts the boot in about having breakfast with John and how they are having dinner tonight. Marlena refuses to get riled up. Kristen shows her a text with the dinner reservation in it. The sniping continues. Back at Caffeinated, Brady and his father analyze the situation. John tells him he regrets some of the things he's said. Brady leaves and meets up with Kristen by the square. He tells her that he thinks his father has never gotten her out of his system. Meanwhile, Marlena finds John at the pub. She assumes he's come back to town to destroy Kristen. He arches an eyebrow.

Outside the square, EJ tells Sami that if she wants his father's help, they need to move into Casa DiMera with the children. Rafe strolls by as they smooch. EJ smirks. Sami leaps up and blurts that he needs to know what Nick has done. EJ covers. Rafe wanders off. Sami pants. She and EJ go back to discussing the move. He's sure his father will be no problem... and her brother and Kristen live there too. Sami flips. "I can't do it," she says. Kristen tried to kill her mom. "Everyone tries to kill someone some time or other," he says. They discuss strategy and stare into each other's eyes until he gets called away to a meeting. She decides to make 'sucking up an art form' and then fantasizes about being Kristen's terrorized minion. "I can't do this," she decides.

Nick runs into Gabi's room to smooch her in her dress. They go downstairs and Caroline gives them something old. She tells them that marriage is tough and then putters off. Gabi's impressed that Will's family is being so nice. Over at the Horton house, Hope badgers Jenn about Daniel. The blond can't do this right now. Soon, Rafe arrives and Hope pokes him about his feelings concerning the marriage. The bride and groom arrive. Alone, Nick thanks Rafe for being there. "You are family to me now," he says. They hug. Meanwhile, Hope and Jenn give Gabi a gift from Jessica and a bracelet from Alice. Rafe makes a little speech and then the wedding starts. They exchange rings and are pronounced husband and wife. He vows to protect her and the baby.

Father Matt and Eric are at the rectory discussing Vargas. Nic comes in and says they are bonkers. Matt takes off. Eric tells Nicole that he needs to help people, even criminals. She worries that Vargas could hurt him. He's sure things will be fine. Nic worries some more so he encourages her to be more compassionate. She doesn't believe in miracles. He bustles off. As Nicole talks to herself, Caroline shows up to say that no one will hurt Eric. "What is this about, Chloe?" she asks. Nic squints and corrects her. She explains an ex-con will be living there. "You?" Ma Brady asks. She thinks that Nicole should trust the priest's judgement more. Over at Statesville, Vargas does push-ups in his cell and strikes off another day on his calendar. He thinks about vowing revenge on Nick. After he gets dressed, he tells his guard that he has plans. Eric arrives to pick him up.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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