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3rd Week of March Weekly Summaries

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March 18, 2013

Get A Clue.
At the apartment, Nancy tells Chloe that her love for Daniel has addled her brain. Chloe opens up an envelope with Parker's amended birth certificate. The father's name is now blank, but it was supposed to be Daniel's. Meanwhile, Maggie visits her son at the hospital. He doesn't want to talk about Jenn. Maggie does anyway. He asks her to look in on Parker while he goes to a conference. She keeps badgering him about Jenn until he gets a headache and she leaves. He calls Chloe and says he's coming over. She and her mom worry about her crummy strategy. The doctor shows up to say he's going to a conference. Nancy putters off to get Parker. Daniel tells Chloe she should send her mom home. She blurts out that she told Jenn about their kiss. Before he can say anything, Parker comes in. He and Daniel run off. They go down to the square and hug. Back at the apartment, Chloe tells her mom something amazing just happened. Her mom shakes her head and says that Jenn and Daniel will eventually 'get a clue.'

At Caffeinated, Marlena asks John if he is going to destroy Kristen. He won't explain. "I don't owe you anything at all," he says. She can't believe that he's letting them be torn apart. Roman interrupts. The shrink asks him to go and then probes John. She wants to know if they will be okay. He can't tell her that and walks out. Roman returns. She explains to him that things are fragile with John so she needs him to keep his distance. He promises to stay a phone call away. Marlena heads to the hotel to see John. He tries to get rid of her. That's hard. She forces him to open up. He explains that he would never give Kristen another chance, but he can't let his son know that yet.

Outside the square, Brady tells Kristen that he thinks his father still has feelings for her. He thinks that John can't handle her moving on. She claims to be skeptical. He promises no one will keep them apart. She has an idea... they should say they are getting married and see how his dad reacts. Brady doesn't like that idea. Kristen decides to go and pay Jenn a visit. He heads to Caffeinated and chats with Maggie. She fusses about her son and then asks him about life in DiMeraland. He tells her about how accepting his father has become. Brady thinks his father is jealous. Maggie doesn't believe it. He gets paranoid. She tells him to give his dad the benefit of a doubt. He heads over to his dad's room and finds him with Marlena.

Abby gets home and her mom tells her the wedding was beautiful. Jenn tidies up the house. Abby guesses Chloe did something again. Her mom orders her to go out and have fun. Once Abby is gone, Kristen shows up. Jenn unloads on her about the diva situation. "You can't let that twit win," Kristen says. They debate. The DiMera urges her to fight. Jenn heads to the square and finds Daniel with his son. She wants to talk.

Cameron gets a call in bed. He apologizes for being late last time and arranges to meet up. The doctor starts counting out a wad of cash. When he gets to work, he asks a nurse if anyone has been looking for him. Abby shows up. They have coffee. She notices he looks tired and suggests they go to a dominoes tournament. He's too busy for that. Later, he wanders off and she returns after noticing she has his pen. She trails down the hall and spots him giving an envelope full of cash to some dude.


March 19, 2013

Chloe's Unnaturally Perky Ass.

At the apartment, Chloe is confident that Jenn and Daniel won't work things out but her mom is less convinced. Maggie shows up to declare that she is not her friend. The lecturing starts. The redhead sends Nancy away and tells the diva she will never hurt her son again. "Don't you have anything better to do than play matchmaker between your niece and your son?" Chloe asks, insisting that Dannifer are doomed no matter what. Maggie warns the diva that she will soon be out on her 'unnaturally perk ass.'

Jenn approaches Daniel while he's playing with Parker in the square. He wonders if she's there to slap him again. She promises she just wants to talk about Chloe. Jenn starts rehashing but he says it is meaningless. He says this is all really about Jack and her feelings of guilt. The doctor doesn't think she's ready for a relationship and she's using Chloe to push him away. Jenn can't believe this. He thinks they need to walk away from each other. He walks away. Nancy watches all of this from the Mandalay window. Jenn mopes home. Maggie is there and tells her that the cabin will be all ready again tomorrow. Jenn is a misery guts and doesn't want to explain. She does anyway, admitting that things are worse than ever with Daniel. Meanwhile, Daniel takes his son home. He bids his farewell and takes off as Nancy returns. She informs her daughter about what she witnessed. Chloe is giddy. Across town, Daniel is packing when he notice the instant photo-booth pictures he and Jenn took. He says he needs to make things right.

At the hospital, Abby spots Cameron handing off a loaf of cash to some dude, who tells him he's late. Anne approaches her. Abby snaps at her. Anne snaps back. Abby calls her names and Anne storms after her. "God deliver me from you Hortons!" Anne says. She badmouths the Horton until Cam crashes the party. "It's nepotism's poster child," Anne sneers at him. He threatens her. She storms off and Abby stops him from going after her. Abby asks the doctor to tell her his problems. He complains about Anne and the difficulty of living up to the legend of Lexi.

Kristen wanders Casa DiMera and recalls John dumping her. She pours herself a drink as EJ arrives. He says she looks like she's about to jump out of her skin. Elvis fills her in about asking Sami to move in. They discuss who has to behave themselves the most and agree not to get in each other's ways. They deflect their way through a conversation. He wishes he knew more about who she is. EJ is clueless about how things really stand between her and Brady. She snaps that it is none of his business. Then she explains that she really does care about Brady but she doesn't see them being happy. He compares what she has with Brady to his relationship with Samanther. That doesn't thrill her. She recalls her past failed run at marriage but doesn't want to talk about it.

Brady shows up at his father's room as John is in the middle of promising Marlena that he'll be getting rid of Kristen. Brady misinterprets all of this and assumes that John has asked Marlena to join them for dinner. John makes an excuse to get her out of that. Brady thanks his father for giving Kristen another chance. John and Marlena's eyebrows are all over the place. Brady shows her the plaque. He gets maudlin. When John joins in, Brady snaps at him. "You lying son of a bitch!" Brady blurts. He accuses them of plotting and declares that he is finished with them. Brady storms out. He heads to Casa DiMera, drops on his knee and asks Kristen to marry him. Meanwhile, Marlena chases after John but he orders her to stay out of his life.


March 20, 2013
Sinful Agenda.

At Casa DiMera, Brady pops the question to Kristen. She's thrilled but wonders why he suddenly changed his mind. She grabs some cider. He tells her to keep it on ice. At that moment, John paces the streets and leaves messages for Brady. After spotting them, the younger Black heads out. He finds his father sitting on his hands outside the square. "I did what I did because I love you," John explains. Brady sighs and then says he's marrying Kristen. He walks off.

Hope and Vargas arrive at the rectory with Vargas. He asks Hope to recommend some counselling for him. They go to the pub for lunch. Upstairs, Nick and Gabi roll around in the sack. He says that Maggie says she can move into the mansion until she has the baby. Caroline calls her to cover for a few hours. When she gets down, Hope wonders why she is at work when she just got married. The cop heads up to see Nick and tell him how proud she is of him... but she thinks he should get therapy. She heads back downstairs for lunch with Eric and Vargas. The cop tells the ex-con that she's sure he can get his life back on track, just like her cousin Nick did. She asks if he knew him at Statesville. Over at the bar, Eric forgives Gabi for lying and gives her a bottle of wine. He heads back to the table and tells Vargas that Gabi is Nick's wife. Ominous music. The priest and former prisoner head back to the rectory. Vargas peels off his shirt and begins trying to fix the busted heater. Back at Gabi's, she shows her husband the wine and says she wants them to share a toast with Will after the baby is born. "No," he snaps, explaining that Will signed away his rights. She's shocked.

At Horton house, Abby notices her mom has packed up for a trip. Jenn's going to Smith Island. She doesn't want to discuss this. Meanwhile, Daniel is growling in his hotel room. He stares at a picture of Jenn and decides to go and make things right. He heads to the Horton house and Abby tells him where her mom is. The doctor hands her the photo booth picture of he and Jenn. As he's about to leave, Kristen shows up. She guesses he didn't patch things up with Jenn and asks him if he slept with Chloe. He's shocked so she explains what Jenn saw last night. He gives her a hug and runs off. Kristen leaves a note for Jenn and then heads back to Casa DiMera. Brady slips a ring on her finger. "You're making all my dreams come true," she coos. 

At the apartment, Chloe and her mom bicker. Nancy thinks her daughter is going to drive Daniel back to Jenn. The diva putters off. Nicole shows up and starts bickering with Nancy about whether Chloe is desperate or a tramp. "I hope you brought an umbrella because I'm about to rain all over Chloe Lane's parade," Nic says. Meanwhile, Chloe bumps into Jenn as she's waiting for the boat. She regales her with tales of Lucas and Daniel in the cabin. Jenn confronts her about last night and calls her a 'tramp'. Chloe's sure Daniel will never want to be with the blond again. The diva plays the Parker card and then wheels the kid away. When she gets home, she finds Nicole waiting and eating bananas. Nic tells the diva that the church board has rejected her application to be a music teacher. She refuses to let her exploit the church for her 'sinful agenda'. After Nic leaves, Chloe tells her mom that Dannifer are finally over.  When Nicole gets to the rectory, she finds Vargas, sweaty and half naked, in her office. Out on Smith Island, Jenn opens up the cabin for the season. She takes a walk. Daniel shows up and yelps for her until they bump into each other.


March 21, 2013
It Could Be Fun.

At the apartment, Nancy is confused as Chloe packs up to follow Daniel to San Francisco. Chloe insists she has a plan to make this make sense. She knows that deep in Dan's heart, he still wants her. The diva makes a call to get a hotel room on the same floor as Daniel and discovers that he's cancelled his reservation. She guesses something is wrong. Nancy advises her not to chase after the doctor. Meanwhile, Daniel rushes to Smith Island and searches for Jenn. He molests her tea cup until she shows up at the cabin with flowers. He declares that he loves her and wants to make things right. The doctor tells her that he finally knows what she saw. When she slapped him, he was clueless about that. He admits that Chloe kissed him. They bicker until he blurts out how much he loves Jenn. They start making out and then do it by the fire. After sniffing and kissing each other, they do it again. Chloe arrives outside and spots them through the window.

At home. Nick informs Gabi that Will signed away all of his parental rights. She's baffled. She wants to call Will but he forbids it. She's sure that he did something bad to make this happen, like blackmail Will. Nick insists it was necessary to keep Sami and Sonny away from the baby. Gabi's appalled that he's blackmailing Will. Nick refuses to see it that way and asks her to stay quiet. He putters off to take care of something.

Will and Sami sit outside of the square and discuss their shared hatred of Nick. She tells her son that the fight is not over. From her vocabulary, he can tell she's taking cues from EJ. Sami offers to 'shut down' Gabi and Nick. They argue about this. He doesn't want to drag his family into this any more than he already has. She explains that they would be getting help from Stefano. Will reminds her that he pointed a gun at the DiMera for blackmailing him. "What you are talking about is worse than what Nick did," he says. She's baffled. He doesn't want her help because it only makes things worse. After she leaves, some kid shows up and says, "Daddy? Why don't you want me?" That was just a little hallucination.

At Caffeinated, EJ gives Eric a charity donation for the new school. They chat about Nicole and EJ says she's lucky to have Eric. After the priest leaves, Elvis chats with Sonny about William. EJ's impressed by how much he hates Nick so he offers to help him make Will's pain 'go away'. Sonny doesn't want to manipulate Will into doing something he doesn't want to do. EJ says he likes Will and crushing Nick could be 'fun'. The DiMera strolls away and meets with Samanther in the square. He asks for her decision. She's ready to take the next step with him but isn't sure Casa DiMera is the best place for them to move. He promises this will make everyone happy and the child will know that Will is her father. Meanwhile, Gabi drops by Caffeinated looking for Will. Sonny tells her that Will has nothing to say to her. Will arrives and disagrees. She takes him outside and asks if he is really okay with giving up his daughter.

Shirtless and sweaty Vargas is repairing the boiler at the rectory when Nicole walks in. She gorps at him as he slips into some plaid. Eric shows up. Nicole rails about him inviting a psycho ex-con there. It is quickly revealed that Vargas is the prisoner in question. Ironic guitar music plays. The priest introduces the two former jail birds. Vargas heads off to his room. The priest says he's more worried about what Nic might do to Vargas than the other way around.

March 22, 2013

You're A Moron.
Brady and Kristen are at Casa DiMera. He hopes her dad takes their wedding news better than his did. Stefano is out of town. Brady needs to go and tell someone else. When he heads out, she guesses something is wrong. In the square, Sami tells EJ how romantic it is for them to move in with his dad. They smooch and then she warns him that she might have to deck his sister. They head to Casa DiMera and find Kristen in her robe. They inform her that they are moving in with the children. She claps and gives Samanther a hug. Sami notices the ring. Kristen breaks the news. "I'm going have a sister again. Yay!" says Kristen. Sami cringes. After the Brady heads out, EJ asks his sister if she still wants what she just got. She's sure she does. They cuddle up.

Brady drops by the rectory and tells Eric he's marrying Kristen. "I was wrong about you. You're not a compete jerk. You're a moron," the priest says. That doesn't mean he's refusing to marry them though. He wishes him the best and wonders what else is on his mind. "Nothing," Brady says. He admits he's scared. Every woman who cares about him suffers for it. Eric assures him God is not planning to kill his new lady. Brady complains about how his father lied to him. The priest offers to work on his issues with Kristen. Encouraged by this, Brady heads back to Casa DiMera and Kristen tells him their news is getting around. He thinks they should set a date.

Nick bursts into Caffeinated looking for Will. Sonny won't tell him anything. They bicker. Nick admits he can't stomach the idea of 'the gay boys' around his daughter. When he heads for the door, Sonny grabs him. Nick calls him a 'faggot' so Sonny smacks him. They throw each other around the joint. Outside of the square, William admits to Gabi that cutting himself off from his daughter is tearing him apart. She says they can always be friends. He grumbles about not being able to see his baby. She complains about how much of a threat his mom is. Nick shows up. He claims that he doesn't have a problem with Will being in their child's life and then leads Gabi away. Will laughs. When Gabi and Nick get back to her place. She asks him if she really knows him. He says that she knows him better than anyone ever has. Meanwhile, Will heads back to Caffeinated and tells Sonny what just happened.

Chloe is aghast when she arrives at the cabin and spies Jenn and Daniel doing it on the floor. Jenn hears a noise and wonders if it's a bear. The doctor gets his pants on and grabs a broom so he can look around outside. Chloe hides behind a tree and cries. She heads home and spills the news to her mom. The diva decides it's all over. "Don't die. Think. I'll help," Nancy says. She thinks Chloe's wasting herself and reminds her that she still has her son, something Jenn will never be able to give Daniel. Nancy is sure the doctor is just another man who can't keep it is his pants but the diva is sure that he would never cheat on someone he loved. Her mom disagrees. Chloe still feels like the insecure Ghoul Girl she used to be. "This isn't 'Beauty and the Beast'," her mom says. Chloe remains sure that Daniel will only leave Jenn if the Horton forced him to. Chloe mopes and ponders. After staring at a photo of Daniel and Parker, she gets an idea. This worries her mom. Back in the cabin, Daniel gives Jenn a necklace. She thanks him for fighting for her. "The fight is over," he says.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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