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4th Week of March Weekly Summaries

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March 25, 2013

EJ's Idea of Breakfast
Kate and Rafe lounge in his bed when her phone starts ringing. He won't let her out of bed. They start doing it as Stefano calls. The phone keeps ringing. She finally checks her messages and pulls a face. Reluctantly, she tells him Stefano is back in town. He offers to talk to her ex but she doesn't think it's a good idea to rattle his cage. She assures Rafe that she doesn't love Stefano anymore. What they had was like the Stockholm Syndrome. "Does this mean I have to make you my prisoner?" he jokes. They make out. When he jumps in the shower, she calls Stefano and tells him to leave her alone. She's moved on. He chuckles about that.

Abby is at home thinking about what she saw Cameron do. She calls and wakes him up. He tells her he'll be over soon and shoves a bunch of cash and gun into his bedside table. Once he's dressed, he heads to Horton house with some flowers. She has brunch prepared. He turns on the charm. They yap about Anne and she worries about him living under the shadow of Lexi. He tells her how comfortable be is around her... except when it's awkward. Now she feels awkward. He knows how they can 'bust through that' and starts sucking on her face.

Sonny tracks down Will outside the square. William notices that something happened to his boyfriend's hand. Sonny admits he got into a fight with Nick and explains why. They debate how to deal with Fallon. Sonny heads to work and his mom drops by with a gift for Will. It's a little pink dress. "Don't you think that's a bit much?" Sonny asks. She explains it's for his kid. Her son tells her she can't give Will that. He explains. Adrienne doesn't understand how Will could give up the right to his child. As she says this, Kate just happens to walk by. "When the hell did that happen?" Kate queries. She is not pleased. The ladies get into it. Kate storms off. Sonny calls Will to warn him.

Sami brings some bags to Casa DiMera and gives the couch a tap. Stefano pops up. "Welcome home!" he says. He's super friendly. EJ joins them and his father talks about how happy he wants them to be. He refers to Sami as EJ's 'future bride' and strolls away. Samanther wonders what that was about. EJ claims his dad just wants them to be together permanently. She's creeped out by his father being nice. EJ carries her upstairs. After sex, she says, "I like your idea of breakfast." Will calls his mom and says they need to talk. After she runs off, EJ goes down to see his father and informs him that he is not engaged... yet. Meanwhile, Will meets with his mom and tells her to do whatever it takes to get Nick out of the way, even if that means going to Stefano.

Nick wakes up in Gabi's bed. She's still worried that she doesn't know him. "What do you wanna know?" he asks. Gabi quizzes him about prison. He admits that he got another con stuck in the pen for an extra three years. With difficulty, he explains the alliances he had to make in the prison hierarchy. He flashes back to Vargas beating him for ratting him out and then offering to be his protector. His stabbing was just a warning. He thanks Gabi for saving him when he came out and giving him the family he always wanted. Later, she calls her brother over and tells him that Will gave up his rights. Rafe's confused. She says it's been made legally official. He's still confused. She confuses him some more when he explains that she and Nick are moving into the Kiriakis house today. After she wanders off, Kate shows up and slaps him across the face. He's even more confused.


March 26, 2013

You Look A Little Disturbed.

Outside of the square, Will asks his mother to do whatever it takes to get Nick out of the way, even if that means turning to Stefano. She doesn't know what happened to make him change his mind. He's eager to get this done fast. She suggests that he come over and suck up to Stefano and then tell him a sob story so he'll want to help. She bustles off. Meanwhile, Justin drops by Caffeinated for a meeting. Before it can start, he wants to chat with his son. Sonny asks him to help Will with the custody mess. He won't actually explain anything to his father and then runs off. Will shows up and Justin asks him if there's something he wants to discuss. Will keeps mum.

Marlena bumps into Brady in the square. He breaks the news that he's marrying Kristen. She shudders, "Wow wow wow!" He's heard this '40 million times'. The shrink thinks he's 'impenetrable'. John shows up and tells his son he can't marry the DiMera. Brady rails about how much he loves Kristen and orders them out of his life. He storms off. John orders the shrink to stop trying to talk sense to his son. He recalls the vow he made to Isabella to protect Brady and swears he will keep it.

At Casa DiMera, Kristen shows off her engagement ring to her father. Sarcasm ensues. He doubts she has it in her to 'pull the trigger on Brady'. She reminds him of what a 'tough cookie' she is. Brady shows up and she tells him she's planning to have the couch reupholstered. His father calls and asks him to work this out. Brady gets emo and tells him to deal with it. After he hangs up, Stefano congratulates them and asks for a moment alone with the husband-to-be. Brady promises to get along with his whole family. As they shake on it, Kristen sends John and Marlena texts using Brady's phone. Kristen and Brady head out for a bite and bump into John and Marlena. She admits that she invited them there. Brady's irate. Marlena gives Kristen the blinks of blame. "Can you please not stand quite so close to me?" Kristen says. Brady lectures Marlena and then moans about how much he loves the DiMera. They head off. John cringes.

Abby and Cameron kiss at her place. She unbuttons his shirt. Before he can lead her upstairs, she stops him. "It should be more special for your first time," he reluctantly agrees. She tells him that's not actually the problem, he is. Before she can explain, his phone rings. He has to go back to work and tells her that if they meet again, it will be in a public place. When he gets to work, he takes his shirt off again and changes into his scrubs. He thinks of Abby and then calls her. They both apologize. He says they can just be friends and hangs up.

Kate shows up at Gabi's and slaps Rafe, accusing him of deception. He's clueless. She explains that Will signed away his rights. He's as suspicious about it as she is and tells her how unfair this is. They ponder the situation. She feels sorry for hitting him. He asks her to get on her knees. They make out. Sonny walks in and witnesses this. He apologizes profusely and runs away. Kate goes after him. He bumps into Sami downstairs. Kate pops up, followed by Rafe. This is awkward. Sonny escapes and finds his boyfriend in the square. "You look a little disturbed," Will says. Back at the pub, Sami bickers with Rafe and Kate. Rafe thinks that Will must have signed away custody to stop the Sami-related chaos. Sami blurts out that she's moved into Casa DiMera and walks off. Kate leaves to do damage control with Sonny.


March 27, 2013

I'm A Winner.

Daniel and Jenn are by the fire in the cabin. He wakes her up with coffee and then realizes that he's not at his conference in San Francisco. When he gets his pants on, he notices he has a missed call from Chloe. They get dressed and head back to town. She heads off and he calls Chloe, asking her to call him back. Jenn heads home and fondles the necklace Daniel gave her.

Brady and Kristen head back to Casa DiMera and make out. Someone watches them through the garden door. When he climbs on top of her, he thinks he spots someone outside and goes out to check. She says it must have just been a fox. They make out and then have some salad. He tells her that he had a conversation with his brother last night and the priest was cooler than he thought he'd be. They make out some more and then Daniel shows up. The doctor thanks Kristen for helping him get his life back. He notices the engagement ring and congratulates them. They appreciate it. Brady has a headache and Daniel reminds him of when he was beaten by the thugs. He thinks Brady should see a neurologist. After he goes, Brady decides it's time to tell Victor the wedding news. As soon as he's gone, the thug she hired to thump him shows up.

Will bumps into Sonny in the square and notices he looks disturbed. Sonny flashes back to catching Kate on her knees before Rafe. Sonny is about to tell him what he saw when Lucas interrupts. The custody issue comes up and then Lucas has to run off on business. Meanwhile, Rafe and Kate are at Caffeinated worrying about how to handle Sonny knowing their secret. She says that if it gets out, then they are over. He doesn't see why that has to be and jokes about Stefano killing them. She suggests they end this, but admits it's not what she wants. Sonny and Will file in and announce they 'know'. What they know is that Kate knows about Will signing away his parental rights. Kate's relieved that Will is still in the dark. Will asks to speak to Rafe alone. He assumes that Hernandez is relieved that he will be out of Gabi's life. Across the room, Sonny explains to Kate that he didn't rat her out, but doing it in Gabi's room is crazy. Kate interrupts Will and Rafe to strategize about his rights. Lucas shows up and drags his mom away, ordering her to back off. She just wants to help but he's sure she'll make things worse. Meanwhile, Sonny tries to convince Will to pay attention to the other aspects of his life. And Kate goes outside to call Rafe and say it's time to end things. He says goodbye.

Chloe paces Daniel's, still disturbed from seeing the doctor and Jenn getting intimate on the floor. The diva heads to a public place to call her mom and check on the progress of their cunning plan. Nancy asks her if she's sure about this. Nicole walks by and guesses her friend has some crazy scheme. Chloe tells her to stop obsessing and the name calling starts. The diva says that she'll never be pathetic like her because she actually has a son. She accuses Nic of costing her Jenn. The singer bellows about being a winner. She doesn't want Nic in her life anymore. "You're not going to get what you want. Daniel may be too good for me but he's a million times to good for you," Nic says. She walks off. Chloe yells that she's a winner and she never quits. She sends her mom a text and then heads straight to Jenn's.


March 28, 2013

Brady drops by the mansion to see Victor, who expects he's 'had enough of the sneaky little bitch'. Brady corrects him. Vic's head nearly explodes when his grandson tells him about the engagement. Brady orders him not to call her any more nasty names. "She's going to suck your soul dry... and when she's done, you're going to think that drug addiction was a walk in park," Victor says. Before Brady can run off, he calms down and offers his blessing. Brady thanks him, gives him a hug and goes. Meanwhile, the dude who clobbered Brady shows up at Casa DiMera to see Kristen. She tries to get rid of him. He's got bills to pay and needs monetary help. Kristen orders him to get out and get a job or rob a bank. He tells her he's poked around about Brady and found out who his family is. She barks at him to go. This continues for ten minutes. He finally winks and leaves. Brady soon arrives and tells her that Victor is coming around. She's shocked and starts peeling off his clothes. The dude calls again. She tells him to get lost again so he calls Marlena. She hangs up on him. Back at the mansion, Henderson tells Victor how happy he is for accepting Brady's choice. Victor assures him he's not accepting the 'psycho whore'; he just wanted Brady to know he had somewhere to run when things go wrong.

At the rectory, Eric goes looking for a favor from Nicole. He asks her to share the office... with Vargas. Nic makes faces. Vargas starts making calls for jobs. All of his aggressive pencil fondling is hard for her to take. She leaves to get some air. Vargas keeps making calls and has lousy luck. Father Eric goes to meet his mom at the pub. She tells him she's destroyed everything. He suggests that she ask Jesus for help. It worked for him. They smile until their cheeks turn pink and then Father Matt calls him back to work. She starts praying.

Daniel returns home and notices Chloe isn't there. He sits around and daydreams about playing choo-choo with Parker and Jenn. The doctor heads out to get a toy train. He bumps into Nicole and informs her that he and Jenn have worked through all of their problems. She starts cringing but says she's glad. "Does Chloe know?" she asks. He claims it has been handled. She urges him to tell her soon and runs away. When she gets back to the rectory, Vargas complains about how hard looking for work is. She explains that turning your life around takes more than an hour and Eric won't give up on him. Nic adds that it hasn't been long since she got out of prison. They chuckle about that. Eric returns and gets an update from Vargas. Nic encourages the priest to give him a handyman job. The priest agrees. Vargas jogs off and Eric admires Nic for being so encouraging.

Chloe shows up at Jenn's and declares that they are 'way past the little game' stage. The diva says she saw 'the sweaty moaning' Jenn was doing with Dr. Dan.  Jenn is disgusted. Chloe claims she's finally convinced that the doctor really loves the Horton. Jenn explains that she loves him deeply and hopes they can all move on. That's not what the diva has in mind. Her phone starts ringing but she won't pick up. Chloe wants to talk about Parker. She accuses Jenn of dumping her hatred on her son. The blond thinks that's absurd. Chloe declares she can no longer be around her son. She orders her to take herself out of Daniel's life or she will take his son away from him. Meanwhile, Daniel calls Nancy to check on his son. Judging by the fact that she can barely string a sentence together, he surmises something is wrong.

March 29, 2013

At home, Daniel calls Nancy to ask about his son. She tries convincing him that they are in New York but room service shows up speaking Portuguese. She covers but he's suspicious. Maggie shows up with a toy train for her grandson. They discuss Chloe and she quizzes him about Jenn. Over at the Horton house, Chloe gives Jenn an ultimatum. Daniel can be with her or Parker, not both. Jenn thinks this is ridiculous and won't work. Chloe explains that she has sent her son out of the country and Daniel will never be able to find him. Chloe whips out her laptop and Skypes her mom. Nancy says they are in Brazil. Jenn thinks this is insanity and threatens to call the police. Chloe explains that Daniel has no legal rights to her son and shows her the paperwork to prove it. She threatens to use what he did for Nicole against him if this goes to court. They go around in circles. Jenn doubts he would buy her break-up excuses. Chloe reminds Jenn that she works in PR so she should know how to lie and make it work. "I really hate you!" pouts Jenn. Chloe leaves. She calls her mom and says it's up to Jenn now, but she's so 'dense' who knows what could happen.

Hope helps Gabi and Nick move into the mansion. He eavesdrops in the hall as the ladies discuss his time in prison. Hope advises her not to take Victor too seriously. She heads off and Nick hangs out with his wife. Gabi worries that Hope won't be so nice when she learns about Will being forced out of his rights. She explains that Rafe knows. Maggie arrives and welcomes them. She promises a baby shower and Gabi weeps. He gets called away to work. Gabi never imagined she would be where she is now. She feels loved and safe. Down at the rectory, Eric chats with Vargas, who thanks him for everything. The priest is sure he won't let him down. After he goes off, Hope drops in and chats with Vargas. She suggests that he talk to Marlena and also gives him her cell number. Vargas takes a walk and thinks about Nick. He takes out his wrench and hunts Fallon down outside of the square.

Kate and Rafe have sex in his bed. "We should break up every day," he says. They go at it again and then discuss the reasons they should call it quits. She admits she felt sad when they broke up earlier. So did he. She still thinks they should end it because of Stefano. He says she'll just have to learn to keep her hands off him in public. They agree to break up later and she leaves. He finds her bangle in the sheets and they arrange to meet up. He heads down to the square. Daniel wanders by and quizzes him about the bangle in his hand. Rafe covers but the doctor recognizes the bracelet. "Oh!" he blurts when he spots Kate. He runs off and the cop runs after him. Rafe asks him to keep this quiet. Daniel can keep a secret but warns him that she's a handful. "A happy Kate makes the world a safer place," he adds. Rafe returns to Kate and assures her that they are safe. She thinks they need to be more careful and agrees to meet up later. Stefano wanders up to them. Meanwhile, Daniel shows up at Jenn's with flowers. She's in tears.

 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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