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1st Week of May Weekly Summaries

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Aprl 29, 2013

Please Get To The Point.

Sonny and Lucas meet up at the pub and discuss their strategies for helping Will. Lucas tells him he's happy his son has someone to love. Over at Casa DiMera, Stefano asks Sami and Will if they are looking for a favor. She claims she's not and then asks him if he's offering one. "Please get to the point," he says. Will explains what Nick has been doing. Sami wants the evidence to disappear. Stefano says that means she would owe him. He agrees to help and wanders off. They're amazed he's actually going along with this. She gets a call from Lucas and she and Will bustle off. EJ lounges around and talks to his father's portrait about how busy he is going to be. He starts making calls to move some money around.

Some dude gives Vargas a bunch of cash in the square. Vargas looks shifty. Meanwhile, Gabi and Nick go back to their room at the mansion. He talks about work and removes some files from his computer. She reminds him that he said they would never work things out with Will. He says he'll do what he can. Vargas calls and demands a meeting. Nick heads out to meet him. Vargas reminds him that he would be dead if he hadn't received his help in prison. He hands him 30,000 and explains that he wants Nick to triple it. Meanwhile, Will calls up and arranges to meet Gabi at the pub. They chat about the baby and he rambles about always being willing to help her. She assures him he will be part of the baby's life. Across town, Sami and Lucas get Allie and bring her over to the mansion to distract Maggie. Lucas and Allie go out to the garden with the redhead. Sonny arrives and offers to help Sami search for the evidence. They find it fast and then search for copies. Nick arrives outside.
Kristen and Brady make out in her office. He is tired of his father stirring up the past. They discuss the jersey but she insists that she is just looking forward to the future. Meanwhile, at school, Ciara's teacher catches her with the envelope. She tells her that private stuff doesn't belong in school. Ciara leaves for her playdate. She spots Kristen in the square and goes over to chat with her. Ciara explains that she got into trouble because of her. Kristen is confused. Ciara misses her daddy.

Outside the square, John holds the jersey and thinks of his fight with Kristen. Roman shows up and asks what he's trying to do. John runs off. Roman follows him into Caffeinated and gives him a lecture about treating Marlena like crap. "Just how dumb are you?" the cop asks. John asks if he's threatening to make a move on the shrink. They bicker and then Roman leaves. John chews on his lip. His son walks in and demands to know what he's trying to do. John starts speaking in an accent about how he just wanted to remind Kristen of who she used to be before her miscarriage. Brady walks off and finds Kristen chatting with Ciara in the square about how they both lost a sibling. Ciara pulls out the envelope, explaining that it's a present. She asks Kristen to open it. Meanwhile, Roman suddenly strolls into Casa DiMera looking for his daughter. Bumping into Elvis, he points out that he will soon be his father-in-law and that means that everything EJ does is now his business. The cops is sure Sami never told him about the engagement because she knows it's a stupid idea.


April 30, 2013

Coming Out of the Closet.
Adrienne tries to stop Nick from entering his room at the mansion. He's stalled long enough for Sonny and Sami to hide in the closet. Nick puts the cash from Vargas in a briefcase. He's about to open the closet when he gets a text from Sonny and leaves. Sami and Sonny come out. "Too bad Will didn't get to see us coming out of the closet," she says. They try hacking into the computer and she grabs all of the flashdrives she can find. After he runs off, she opens the briefcase and finds Vargas' money. She takes it. Downstairs, Adrienne starts babbling to Nick and gets him to move a box. After he does that, he heads to Caffeinated to meet Sonny. The Kiriakis worries to him about Will and urges him to reassure his boyfriend. They've had this conversation so many times that Nick wonders what the point of it is. Sonny starts to lecture him. Nick leaves.

Will drops by EJ's office. He's nervous that everyone is laying things on the line for him. Elvis assures him this will all be over soon. William keeps worrying. Sami shows up with the flashdrives. Sonny comes in next. EJ checks one of the drives, puckers his lips and copies it. Will finally discovers the confession. Sonny grabs the other drives and runs off to return them before Nick notices they are gone. Will thanks his mom and EJ. He takes a walk to throw the drive in the river. EJami are thrilled and think they are home free. They're so please that they nearly do it on the desk but he's distracted by the wad of cash she spills. Meanwhile, Sonny gets to the mansion and heads upstairs to put the drives back. He gets out just before Nick returns. He meets up with Will and they congratulate each other. Will's sorry the last few weeks have been all about him.

At Caffeinated, John tries to run away from Marlena. Victor watches as they bicker. John hands the shrink his key. She spots the jersey. He doesn't want to talk and tells her to go see Roman. She huffs and walks off. Victor takes John back to the mansion and interrogates him. They have squinting match. John assures him there is nothing going on. Victor threatens to 'pick Brady's brain'. John asks him to keep his mouth shut, but agrees to tell him his plan. "It's sick and it's twisted but it's the only way," John says, explaining that sleeping with Kristen is the only way to open his son's eyes. "Couldn't you do something less drastic? Couldn't you just kill her?" Victor asks, pointing out he will lose his only son. John still thinks it's necessary.

Brady joins Ciara and Kristen at Mandalay. The little girl gives Kristen the envelope. "I hope you both like it," she says. Hope shows up before it's opened. She's not pleased that her daughter is talking to the DiMera. The cop lectures her about fighting with her teacher. The Bradys leave Brady and Kristen to try and figure out what's going on. She finds a card for Bo in the envelope. They guess Ciara gave her the wrong one. He comments on how great she is with kids. Meanwhile, Hope takes Ciara to the pub. The little girl notices she gave Kristen the wrong envelope. She starts to draw angrily and tells her mom she doesn't want to talk. Hope spots Marlena and runs over to chat with her. Marlena admits that she thinks John is finished with her. Across town, Kristen goes home and chats with her father. He wonders if she's having second thoughts about her revenge plan. She admits she cares about Brady but she hates even John more. "You think what I'm doing is sick and twisted, but it's the only way," she insists. She plans to sleep with John and make sure Brady walks in on them. Meanwhile, Brady meets with some woman and tells her to make his plan happen.


May 1, 2013

The Eddie Haskell Act.
At the hospital, Maxine smiles as Cameron and Abby make-out. They make date plans. Down the hall, Daniel and Jenn make plans for a date in her office. He explains that he's got them tickets to meet her favorite chef at his new restaurant. They run into Abby and Cam. The doctors and Deverauxs pair off. Cameron gets a call from the florist to say his credit card was declined. He doesn't even have cash for a meal so he decides to cancel the date. Over at the Horton house, the ladies are getting ready for their dates. Abby tells her mom how nervous she is. Jenn calls Daniel and they gossip about her daughter. When Daniel turns around, Maxine grabs him and says there is something he needs to know. Meanwhile, Cameron shows up at the Horton house, kicking himself for being 'Dr. Moron' and not coming up with an excuse. Daniel shows up and tells Cameron and Abby that her mom convinced him to get them tickets to the new restaurant in town. Abby and Dr. Moron are thrilled. They run off. Jenn asks Daniel how he got so generous. They get pizza for Parker and Jenn moons about how generous he is. At the restaurant, Abby and Cam chuckle. She suggests they come up with a special dessert.

Abe and Eric head to the pub and discuss Vargas. The priest admits that things haven't exactly been going as he'd expected. "You're going to heroic lengths to keep this vague," Abe observes, asking him if there are issues between Vargas and Nicole. At the rectory, Vargas calls Nick to bother him about his money. Nicole catches the ex-con threatening his former cellmate over the phone. She accuses him of still being a con and says he's 'Eddie Haskell' act won't work. When she threatens to tell Eric about him, he grabs her arm and threatens her back. Eric walks in and asks what's going on. They apologize until he ends the conversation. Vargas gorps at Nic and then walks out. She assures the priest that nothing will ever happen between her and Vargas. Abe shows up and chats with Eric some more about the prison release program. After Abe departs, Nic warns the priest that Vargas is not what he thinks he is.

Kate drops by the Salem gun shop to pick up a new firearm. Meanwhile, Rafe calls Nick, who snaps at him when he thinks he's someone else. Rafe asks him to meet at Caffeinated. Nick meets him. Hernandez is worried about his sister. Nick says he's just trying to protect her. They argue about Will. "What? You talkin' 'bout what Will is?" Nick asks. Rafe accuses him of trying to get Will out of the picture and hurting Gabi in the process. Nick's sick of hearing this and leaves as Kate enters. She joins him but he gets called off. Meanwhile, Nick makes some calls for investments and then notices the money has gone missing.

At the office, EJ asks Sami why she has 30,000 in cash in her purse. She admits it's not hers. She stole it from Nick. He warns her that this could drive Nick nuts. He tells her to turn it into one dollar bills for her strip club trips and starts laying into her about Rafe. She assures him that she only has eyes for EJ DiMera. They make out until Kate calls her to announce she's on her way over. EJ dances his way out the door. He runs into Rafe in the square and apologizes for missing his stripping act. "It was right up your alley too," Rafe says. They taunt each other and Rafe tells him how loudly Sami was cheering. Meanwhile, Kate arrives at the office to offer Sami her 'condolences' on her engagement. She reminds her of the Sydnapping and brain spattering. Sami accuses her of being lonely. Kate assures her that's not the case. Samanther finds that hard to believe. Kate hands her a gift. Sami's shocked to discover it's a gun.



May 2, 2013
Mr. Wonderful.

In the square, Rafe tells EJ that even if hell freezes over, he still wants nothing to do with Sami. Elvis thinks he's lying to himself. Rafe is about to walk away but EJ drags the kids into this and tells him not to punish them to get back at Sami. They continue to bicker and taunt. EJ jumps between squinting and blinking. Eventually, Rafe leaves.

Brady calls Daniel to confirm that he and Jenn will be at the wedding. Over at the rectory, Nicole tells Eric that Vargas isn't who he thinks he is. The priest is confused. Nic says Vargas could be taking advantage of the program. She's about to tell him something when Brady interrupts. He arranges to meet the priest later. Eric leaves. Before Brady can follow, Nic congratulates him on his engagement. Brady guesses she wants something. She asks him to check out Vargas for Eric's sake. After he goes, Vargas comes in from eavesdropping. He orders her to make Brady call off the investigation. Meanwhile, Brady and Eric meet at the pub. Brady invites him to the wedding. Eric has to think that over. They decide this is progress. The priest putters off to his his grandma. Nic calls Brady and asks him to call off the investigation. Vargas is pleased. He does a fake orgasm. Nic doesn't appreciate it. They threaten each other and he molests her cheeks.

Nick is in his room searching for the 30,000 that went missing. He guesses that someone was in his room. Downstairs, Maggie shows pictures of Allie to Gabi. Nick joins them. Maggie tells him that Lucas and Sami were there and he notices that the blond isn't in any of the pictures. He rushes off. Rafe drops in. He tries quizzing her about Nick but he assures her that he's been 'Mr. Wonderful'. Rafe hints that Nick hasn't been telling her everything. When she goes up to her room, she finds it trashed.

At DiMera Industries, Samanther is flummoxed when Kate gives her a gun as a gift. "It's the perfect gift for someone marrying into the DiMera family," Kate tells the pink streak. "If I cared about you, I would feel sorry for you," Sami snarls. Kate warns her of Stefano's mistresses and minions but Sami says she doesn't use protection. Kate repeats that things tend to go wrong at that house and refuses to take the gift back, sniping, "Try not to shoot your future husband again." As soon as she's gone, Nick shows up and confronts Sami, ordering her to give the money back. She reaches for the gun. He reaches for her bag and EJ rushes in to back him off. After Nick leaves, Sami worries about how desperate he was but EJ assures her that this is almost over. He heads to a meeting. She plays with her new gun. Nick heads home and finds Gabi packing her suitcase. She demands to know what's going on and threatens to leave him. Meanwhile, Kate runs into Stefano outside of the square. They taunt each other. He admits he knows she has a man and then strolls off. She calls Rafe up and they meet in secret. Kate tells him they are over... again. Back at DiMera, EJ takes a secret meeting. "Over the next few months, I am planning the total destruction of Stefano DiMera," he declares.

Abby and Cameron are at the restaurant having small talk about the one day she worked in her life. He tells her that he worked as a waiter to help pay his tuition. The doctor gets a call from the club but refuses to go in. This ruins the mood for her. She worries about all the women who stick their hands in his pants. He calls the club to declare that he is finished with the dancing game. She orders some whipped cream and slathers it all over his cake. The chef comes out to say what a perfect lady she is. Cam walks Abby home. She invites him in but he kisses her goodnight.

May 3, 2013

Damn You Stefano!
Rafe and Kate meet in a secret cafe. She tells him that they are over. He jokes that they should go back to his place and 'talk it out'. She says no. He guesses this is about Stefano but she says that things have just become too serious between them. Rafe doesn't buy it. "You're too much of a distraction," she claims, saying that they both knew this couldn't last. Rafe's not used to a relationship ending like a cancelled cell phone plan. They shake on being friends and he leaves. "Damn you Stefano!" she curses.

"Ba-dump-a-dump," Stefano sings outside of the square until detective Bernardi appears. Sami eavesdrops from around the corner as Stefano asks the cop to make some evidence disappear. He tells him not to destroy any of it. Sami doesn't like the way that sounds. The cop leaves. Sami huffs. Meanwhile, Adrienne catches Will and Sonny congratulating themselves at Caffeinated. They tell her it's nothing. Will runs off. Sonny tells his mom that things might work out but he can't explain what he's talking about. Will returns and Adrienne babbles about baby clothes until Sami joins them. The lads go to get the lattes. Adrienne tells Sami that they should bury the hatchet. They shake. Adrienne spots the engagement ring and gags. Sami doesn't care what she thinks. Their sons return and Sami snipes at Adrienne before dragging her son away. Sami tells Will what she overheard. She tries being positive. Will looks uncomfortable. Later, Rafe drops by to see Will. He asks him what happened with Nick. Will won't explain so Rafe asks him why he really signed his rights away. Will makes a face. "I have my answer," says Rafe. He walks out into the square, thinks about waking up with Kate and smiles. Back in Caffeinated, Sonny thinks that he and Will should celebrate but William doesn't want to jinx things.

At home, Gabi demands that Nick tell her why he has been acting so strangely or she's leaving. He tells her he lost a flashdrive from work but finally found it. Fallon apologizes and tells her how much he loves her. They head to Mandalay. He calls Sami to ask for his money back. She's not having any 'sympathy attacks' and hangs up. Nick gets his wife frozen yogurt and tamales. He tells her that, no matter what happens, he'll always cherish their time together. This makes her assume something is wrong. He claims he's just being poetic. They head back to their room. As she gets ready for bed, he notices a text from Vargas, badgering him about his cash.

Elvis meets with Justin at the office and announces that he is plotting the total destruction of Stefano. Justin finds this hilarious but EJ isn't laughing. The Kiriakis laughs for five minutes straight and then has to sit down. Elvis is insistent that Justin is the only lawyer he knows who doesn't have tied to his father. EJ's sure that Justin hates Stefano enough to help. Justin is skeptical and won't make any decision tonight but Elvis remains confident that his plot will work. He leaves a pile of papers for him to look through. Justin reads them and smirks, admitting that this might actually work. When he heads home, his wife tries tempting him to watch TV with her. He's distracted but decides to go upstairs with her. They smooch. She talks about how disgusting EJami are but notices he's still distracted. Meanwhile, EJ goes to Casa DiMera to drink a toast to himself. Sami arrives and they start making out. They go to bed. After sex, she tells him about eavesdropping on his father. She worries Stefano will use the evidence against them. He promises to take care of his father. Later, Kate calls Stefano and tells him that she ended things with her man. He laughs and says he doesn't care. Kate tells herself how good she was with Rafe.

 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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