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2nd Week of May Weekly Summaries

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May 6, 2013
Holy Barnacles!
Someone lurks outside of Jenn's as she departs, noting the door was open. Over at the hospital, Daniel is chatting with Maxine. They wonder where Anne is. The babysitter brings Parker in. "G'morning little duuuuude!" the doctor growls as he picks him up. Jenn arrives. "Holy barnacles!" Daniel says. She pulls out the train she sat on this morning and hand sit to the kid. Jenn and Dan make out. Anne shows up and gags. Jenn heads to her office and Anne follows her. Milbauer rolls up her sleeves and threatens to fully enforce the hospital's codes of conduct and that means no more PDAs. Daniel appears as Milbauer lectures. After Jenn walks off, Anne tells 'golden boy' that his magic hands do not not make him the boss of her. He explains that Chloe told him about the shady things she helped her do. The doctor threatens to tell Mr. Burns if she misbehaves again. Jenn returns. "High-ho, it's back to work I go," says Anne, walking off. She huffs and puffs and complains to Maxine about the Horton. She's sure that someone will teach her a lesson. Back at the Horton house, someone picks up a photo of Jenn and Daniel.

Marlena is outside of Hourglass gorping at a wedding photo in the window. Roman bumps into her. He thinks she could use a friend and asks her to breakfast. Meanwhile, Nicole joins John at the pub to pay her condolences about the wedding. He crushes a glass in his hand. She admits she's having a hard time with it too... but if Brady loves Kristen, that's all that should matter. Victor enters. Nic is sure that John has not given up on his son. Marlena and Roman walk in. John strolls over as he picks glass out of his hand. Nic leaves while Marlena and the two men spar. The men decide to take it outside. She tells Victor she's afraid they'll kill each other. He tells her to leave things alone because she only ever makes them worse. The moustache accuses her of pushing Brady into Kristen's arms and asks what a good psychiatrist would tell her to do. "I wish I knew," she admits. He advises her to walk away before things get even worse than they already are. Outside, Roman and John rehash their past with the shrink. John agrees to stop treating her like the enemy. "She's all yours," he tells Roman. Black wanders off and bumps into Abe. John assures him that he has everything under control and will call him when he needs a friend. He vows to himself to take down Kristen.

Brady has a mysterious meeting with a woman outside of the square. After she leaves, EJ pops up and asks what that was all about. They spar over their mates and how much they love their sisters. EJ goes home and knocks over one of his father's chess pieces. Stefano tells him to behave. They chat about Brady joining the family. "It may not even happen," Stefano says. EJ's suspicious. His father says they just need to live in the present.

Eric enters his office and finds Kristen reading his Bible. She asks him to the wedding. He'd like to be there for Brady but it would be a problem for Marlena. She begins asking him about sin and absolution. The priest won't discuss theology. The DiMera begins trashing Marlena for her lack of compassion. Eric can't listen to this. She won't relent on pointing out how many lives Marlena has destroyed. He gets agitated but calms down. "It's okay, priests are people too," she says. The priest tells her he won't be at the wedding. She gets in another jab about his mom and leaves. Kristen goes to the office and calls her father to yap about the plan until Brady pops up. She offers her fiance sex on the couch but he thinks they need to talk. He pulls out adoption papers. He's called in some favors and had them fast tracked. She's shocked. "We can have a child together," he says. Back at the rectory, Nicole shows up to tell Eric what happened at the pub. "It sounds like Armageddon," the priest grumbles. He advises her to keep her distance.


May 7, 2013

The Salem Panda.

Jenn and Daniel are at the hospital flirting until Maxine tells him his afternoon surgery has been cancelled. "I have a hole in my day," he says. Maxine encourages them to find something to do with it. Jenn asks Daniel make plans. Over at the office, Kristen is taken aback when Brady shows her adoption papers and explains that they can't be turned down. She becomes distraught. "I can't go on like this. You don't deserve this!" she moans. He tells her how much he wants a child with her. She keeps repeating that he doesn't deserve this. Kristen explains that his father put holes in her heart. He kicks himself for dredging up when she lost her child. Jenn bursts in. Brady decides to go. Jenn hands Kristen the jewellery Daniel gave her so she'll have something borrowed for the wedding. Kristen pulls on her hair and explains how much Brady loves. "Kristen, you've won," Jenn points out. The DiMera keeps crying and saying that she's not a good person. Jenn reassures her and they hug. Kristen goes home and tells her father what Brady did for her. She confesses that she has actually fallen for Brady 'in a way'. She asks him for the key to the secret room. He's reluctant but agrees to get it from Harold. When she gets in there, the flashbacks start to flow. Meanwhile, Daniel bumps into Brady in the square and notices he's moping. Brady explains what just happened with Kristen. He blames his father. The doctor runs off to hit the sack with Jenn. They romp around on top of Parker's toys and then eat ice cream. "Next time I'll keep the reptiles in the cage," he tells her. Across town, someone wanders around the Horton house. They look at a photo of Dannifer. Later, Daniel walks Jenn home. After he leaves, she is shocked to turn around and find JJ there.

Sami rushes into Casa DiMera and tells EJ that Bernardi, the dirty cop, is getting the evidence today and she plans to grab it before Stefano can. They smooch and she runs upstairs. Her phone rings. He's about to take it out of her purse but notices there is a gun on top of it. When she returns, he confronts her about it. She says it was a gift from Kate and waves it around, making him uncomfortable. He wants to go to the station with her but she insists on doing it alone. Once she's gone, EJ calls Justin.

At the mansion, Ciara hides the Kristen photo as Justin, Adrienne and Hope show up. The little girl tells Adrienne that Bo is probably never coming back. Hope assures her that's not the case. Justin takes her away for a treat. Hope admits to Adrienne she doesn't know when Bo is returning. The cop takes her daughter away to see the Salem panda. They head to the office first. Ciara is bored. Sami drops in, expecting her father to be there. She tries having small talk with the kid. Ciara shakes her head. Hope runs off to file some paperwork. Ciara tells Sami that her mom is a constant mess-up and her dad is a liar. Sami tries to be reassuring. She hears Bernardi leaving and runs out. Some cop shows up looking for Hope. "She'll be back ten minutes ago," Ciara complains. He places an envelope about the prison release program on  Hope's desk. Ciara harrumphs and then hides the envelope on a shelf. Her mom returns and they leave for the zoo. Meanwhile, Justin and EJ meet at some bar in the middle of nowhere. The Kiriakis has some questions but he thinks that Elvis has a real shot to take over his father's empire. Justin wonders if he is really prepared to destroy Stefano. "I just don't care," EJ says. He guffaws about it. Outside of the pub, Sami tracks down Bernardi and tells him that Stefano sent her to get the evidence from him. And John meets some dude outside of the park. He's got cash. The dude gives him a key and runs off. John heads straight to Casa DiMera and surprises Kristen in the secret room.


May 9, 2013

Finally, Finally Done.
Maggie heads to the hospital to see her son and worries about all of the pressure that Brady is under. She wants him to check on Brady and make sure he's coping. The doctor heads off. Over at Casa DiMera, Brady worries when Kristen isn't answering her phone. EJ taunts him and strides off. Daniel bustles in. Brady guesses Maggie sent him to check up. He explains that he is going to make his father pay if he keeps trying to ruin his relationship. Harold strolls in. He lets Brady know that Kristen is in the 'wine cellar'. Down in the secret room, Kristen is startled when John pops up. She doesn't want to play with him and orders him to leave. Kristen explains that she is 'finally, finally done' with him. She just needs to be free of the past and get away from the wallowing. His son is beautiful and she wants the best for him. "I want my happy ending," she says. They rehash the wedding that wasn't. She starts to think that the past will never let go of her. He tells her how memories always come back and apologizes for what he did to her. "My feelings for you are... complicated," he says with a squint. She says that's better than sheer hatred. He won't let her open the door. Brady starts banging on it.

Will drops by the mansion to see Gabi and discuss the baby. He's sure that everything will work out fine. She tells him things are good with Nick 'for the most part'. Meanwhile, Vargas is with Nick at Caffeinated. He wants to know what's up with his money. Nick explains increasing his investment will take time. Gabi strolls in and asks if everything is okay. Vargas decides to leave. Gabi thinks he's a creep. She leaves to do some shopping.

Outside of the pub, Sami tells Bernardi to give her the evidence he has for Stefano. He tells her she's nuts and walks off. She chases after him. Once he stops, she repeats that the plan has changed and he's supposed to give the evidence to her. He decides to call Stefano but she rips the phone away. Sami offers to bribe him with the 30,000 dollars. When he refuses, she jumps on him. He manages to get her off and run. Meanwhile, Will finds EJ at the pub for an update on the Sami situation. William feels better about all of this knowing that Elvis is involved. EJ tells him about when Johnny was kept away from him and how great it is to be a dad. They discuss Samanther and EJ assures him he could do worse in a parent. Sami runs in, huffing and puffing. She claims that everything will work out and doesn't explain what just happened. After she sends her son off to see Caroline, she tells EJ that her plan was an 'epic fail'. He rubs his eyes and asks her to try not to get into any more trouble. Sami runs out the door. She tries to come up with a story to tell Stefano. Someone grabs her outside of the square.

Jenn is shocked to head home and find her son there. JJ is worried about what she's been up to. Her hair is frazzled. "I've got a lot going on," she says. Abby runs in to greet her brother. Jenn runs off to change. Abby tells her little brother that he looks a lot different since she saw him at Jack's funeral. She wonders why he's back. He asks 'Abs' for a reprieve on answering and questions her about Cameron. Abs blabs about how they all deserve to be happy. Jenn returns to speak to her son alone. She emailed his school and they had no idea he was leaving. Jenn has to take a call. Daniel shows up. JJ isn't friendly.


May 9, 2013
What's Your Problem?

John won't let Kristen leave the secret room. He is about to kiss her when Brady starts banging on the door. Eventually, she answers and assures him that everything is alright. He heads back upstairs. She tells John that Brady has arranged for an adoption. She walks out. He arches an eyebrow and fondles her pearls, dropping them in his pocket. Kristen meets with Brady upstairs. He knows that wedding stuff has been down there for years and wonders if any of her old feelings for his father are coming back. She admits they are, but only the pain and humiliation of it all. Kristen has closure now and is optimistic about their future. They do some wedding planning.

Father Eric is saying a prayer in his office when his mom arrives. She tells him that her marriage to John may be over. The priest wishes he could help. They take a walk and bump into John in the square. Marlena tears up and runs away. "What's your problem?" Eric barks at John. "What's your problem, son?" John asks Father Eric. He advises him to stay out of this. The priest asks him not to hurt the family again. "Leave it in God's hands," he says. Thunder can be heard. "Sorry God, but I'm not going to stand by and watch that woman destroy my boy," John tells God.

Daniel is shocked when JJ answers Jenn's door. Things are awkward. JJ starts sniping. Jenn pops up and her son wanders off. The blond tells the doctor that she needs to talk to her son. He flashes the dimples of concern and then leaves. She yells for her son and confronts him about being expelled for dealing drugs. He swears that none of this is his fault. His roommate was just selling wacko tobacco. She almost cries and can't understand why he handled this on his own. He was afraid she wouldn't believe him. His mom insists that she does. Meanwhile, Abby meets Cameron at Caffeinated and tells him her brother is back. He explains that he got a custodial gig. She feels bad but he assures her he'd rather be mopping floors than upsetting her. She wants to show him how much she cares. Cam says he can wait until she gets married but she insists she is ready now... or soon. Daniel shows up and says he met her brother. Abby and Cam head to her place to see JJ.

Sami babbles to herself outside of the square until Nick grabs her. He drags her into an alley and demands his money. She kicks him in the groin and threatens him with her gun. Nick's not impressed. He reveals that he has a copy of Will's confession on his phone. He explains that he has at least a dozen more than the one she stole from his room. Nick threatens to go to the cops if she doesn't give him the money. She threatens to kill him. He warns her that even if she kills him, the cops will still get the confession. Sami hands him the cash and he orders her to keep her mouth shut. Nick goes off and makes a call to set up a cash deposit. Meanwhile, Rafe meets with Will at the pub and demands to know what's really going on with Nick. Will talks around an answer for half an hour. Eventually, he admits that Nick doesn't want him in the baby's life because he's gay. The cop curses. Marlena shows up. She chats with Will about the baby. Rafe leaves and tracks down Nick outside of the square. "I know exactly who you are now, Fallon," angry Rafe says.

May 10, 2013

Stop Fighting.
Sami storms into Casa DiMera yelping for Stefano. EJ tells her to calm down. She has a fit until Johnny comes in and yells at them to, "Stop fighting!" They tell him they weren't fighting. EJ goes off to get him some dessert. When he returns, he hears Johnny saying that he liked living with Rafe better. He misses Rafe but loves his daddy. He wishes he could live with his dad and Rafe. Sami laughs at that one. Elvis sits down with them and feeds the kid dessert.

At Caffeinated, Kate joins Will and Sonny and hands him some booties for the baby. Will asks his grandma why she broke up with Rafe. She doesn't want to discuss this but he demands answers. Kate avoids giving any and heads out. She thinks of calling Rafe but doesn't.

Hope bumps into Vargas in the square. They chat about Nick and then she bustles off. Outside of the square, Rafe tells Nick that he thinks his sister should dump him and never look back.  Nick assumes that Will has been bad mouthing him. Hope calls Rafe and asks to meet him. Nick asks Rafe not to speak to Gabi until he can explain his side of things. Rafe says he'll tell Gabi what kind of man he is the next time he sees her. The cop heads to the station and works on a case with Hope for a few minutes. She tells him how angry Ciara has been with her lately. She says she can't be mommy and daddy at the same time. Rafe suggests she lower her standards. Bernardi shows up and tells Rafe his package arrived. It's Johnny's new FBI jacket. He calls EJ to tell him. They arrange to meet at the pub. EJ calls and tells one of his minions he has a job for them. Back at Casa DiMera, Sami asks Stefano to teach her how to play chess and then tries to get him to reveal what he has planned for Will.

At the pub, Caroline orders Gabi to rest. She talks about dealing with Alzheimer's. Nick calls his wife and says he'll be over soon. Vargas calls him and badgers him about his money again. Nick heads into Caffeinated to bellow at Sonny and Will. Horton tells him that Gabi would realize he's 'a homophobic jerk' without him saying anything about it. Nick objects but they lecture him. He plods off to find Rafe. Will kind of feels bad for Nick, but feels really bad for Gabi. Back at the pub, Kate strolls in and chats with Gabi before handing her a baby gift. More booties. EJ strolls in and thanks Kate for the gift she gave Samanther. "I'm sure she'll put her gift to good use," she says. Out in an alley, someone clobbers Rafe as he heads to the pub.

At the rectory, Nicole fantasizes about making out with Eric. She snaps out of it. "Damn it!" she curses. She wishes God would help her stop lusting. The priest shows up and helps her clean her purse off the floor. She tells him how wonderful he is. He tells her about the problems with John. She tells him how great he is again. He says she's helped him too. The priest adds that he'll be sad to see her go. "I'm not going anywhere," she says. He looks shocked. Vargas eventually interrupts this practically structureless conversation to say he is going to strip the floors. The priest goes off to do some work. Vargas teases Nicole about lusting after Eric. When Eric returns, Vargas makes himself scarce. Nic and Eric share another awkward moment.

 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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