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3rd Week of May Weekly Summaries

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May 13, 2013
At the hospital, Kayla and Maxine corner Cameron. They tell him how happy they are with his professional performance. Kayla wants him to be the new resident liaison. He's honored and tells her he's stopped stripping. She says her mom will be disappointed. He calls Abe. Kayla later runs into Abraham in the square. They share another Lexi moment. It's been a year since she died. He and Theo are hanging in but it's still hard for him to wrap his mind around it. She assures him that he's a good dad and Theo is wonderful.

Over at the pub, Kate assures EJ that Sami will put her gift to good use. She laughs in his face when he claims that violence doesn't solve anything. They trade barbs. He's distracted by a text and stares off. After Gabi tips her off that Rafe is headed over, Kate heads out. EJ has some small talk with Gabi and then gets a call informing him that something is 'done'. He smirks and strolls off. Meanwhile, Rafe is clobbered as he walks an alley. Rafe gasps so they kick his guts until he spits up blood. They take his bag and walk off. Kate soon stumbles over his body and calls 911.

Hope is busy at work, unaware that there is an urgent prison release notice sitting on her bookshelf. Meanwhile, Abby and JJ drop by Caffeinated. Sonny and Will greet him. He asks if they're together. "You got a problem with that?" Will snaps. JJ's cool with it. They talk about Nick. Hope bustles in and takes JJ away to catch up. She gets an emergency call and runs off. Sonny and Will decide to go to the pub for dinner so they can watch Rafe tear into Nick. When they arrive, only Gabi is there. Nick wanders in, all sweaty, and hands her a muffin bag. She explains that her brother was supposed to bring her some too. Meanwhile, JJ and Abs go to the square where she questions him about his drug issues. He insists his roommate was the only dealer. She doesn't really buy that. After she gets a call, she wanders off and he hooks up with some long-haired gentleman.
Rafe is rushed into the hospital. Hope arrives. She bickers with her daughter over the phone and promises to see her tomorrow. The cop notices Kate is standing around distraught. Kate explains that Rafe is the one who was attacked. Kayla and Maxine look at his scans. He has a cracked skull and punctured lung. Hope calls Gabi. Kay tells Kate and the cop that there is a fluid build-up on Rafe's brain and then runs off. Hope confused about why Ms. Roberts is so upset. Gabi, Nick, Will and Sonny all show up. Gabi is allowed to see her brother. She cries and gives him a religious medal. He drops it and his machines start to ring. Down the hall, Will and Sonny lecture Nick for not looking for upset. He doesn't appreciate it. They accuse him of going after Rafe and threaten to go to the cops. Meanwhile, Hope and Abe go to the crime scene. They decide that Rafe must have been targeted because of the severity of his injuries. They find Johnny's FBI jacket. The pathos is overwhelming.

Sami is with Stefano at Casa DiMera demanding to know what he has planned for her son. He already knows that she tried to steal the evidence and doesn't appreciate her meddling. She appreciates him meddling on her behalf but doesn't understand why he's suspicious of her. "I understand what happens when you marry a man," he says. He puts a pawn in her hand and walks away. When EJ arrives, she is fuming. He assures her things will be fine and suggests she apologize to his father. She hates this. They make out anyway. Stefano returns. Sami apologizes. He accepts. Kate storms in and starts screaming in Stefano's face. Sami's confused. Kate blurts out that she and Rafe were lovers. Sami and Stefano are shocked.


May 14, 2013

Do I Stand A Chance?
Hope and some cop are in the alley looking over the evidence at Rafe's attack scene. She finds a footprint. Meanwhile, Kate shocks Stefano and Sami at Casa DiMera when she blurts out that she and Rafe were lovers. From the look on Stefano's face, she guesses that he didn't know. Sami has a fit. EJ calls the hospital. Sami goes into denial. "I can't imagine anyone being stupid enough to get in bed with you!" Sami yelps. Kate reminds her that EJ and Stefano did. Sami demands that Kate explain. She says her relationship with Rafe didn't mean anything but she's still worried and storms out. Sami asks Stefano if he had anything to do with this. He sneers at her and walks out. EJ assures her his father had nothing to do with it, pointing out how caught off guard he was. After they leave, Stefano paces around and curses before smashing a glass.

At the hospital, Will and Sonny accuse Nick of trying to beat Rafe to death. He has an alibi but they don't buy it. They keep questioning him. He gets fed up and walks off. Will admits his alibi seems solid. Down the hall, Cameron tries to revive Rafe, Gabi bursts into his room to moan. Maxine takes her out and asks her to be cool. Kate arrives and sobbing Gabi updates her. Kate assures her that he'll be fine. Kayla comes up to say that Rafe isn't dead but he isn't okay. His brain is swelling. Nick takes Gabi off and tries assuring her that they are past the worst. He sends her back and gets a call about the investment he made with Vargas' money. Back down the hall, Sami and EJ arrive. Elvis and Kate stare at each other. He talks Kayla into letting Sami in to see Hernandez. She tells him how much she and everyone else cares about him. He was her hero. She runs out and into EJ's arms. Cam tells Sonny and Will that whoever attacked Rafe was trying to send him to the morgue. Hope arrives and stares at EJ. Sami runs over to her and asks about the case. The cop tells her about the jacket. EJ admits he was supposed to meet Rafe to get it. Hope says he's a suspect. Sami rolls her eyes. Kayla comes out and asks Gabi for her permission to put Rafe in a coma so his brain can rest. The doctor explains that they gave Bo's brain a break once and that panned out. Gabi gives her permission. The doctors put Rafe in a coma.

Will and Sonny take a walk. Horton worries about Rafe coming out okay. Will is sorry for complicating his life. Sonny doesn't want him to blame himself for any of this. He assures him that he will always be by his side. Meanwhile, Abby drops by Caffeinated to hlep Chad out when no one else shows up for work. She helps him deal with a line of angry customers. Chad flirts with her. Once the rush is over, they chat about her brother. Cam calls her to say he's swamped at work and can't make their date. Chad and Abby chat some more. He wonders if she is really giving things a shot with Cameron. He reminds her of when they kissed on New Year's Eve but then he ruined things at Gabi's wedding. "Is it too late? Do I stand a chance?" he asks her. She runs away. "She didn't say 'no'," he mumbles to himself.


May 15, 2013

I'm Done With You.

Nicole is in the rectory bickering with herself about Eric. The priest runs in and drags her out. Meanwhile, Daniel drops by Rafe's hospital room to check on his brain. He wanders out and bumps into Elvis. They begin bickering and accusing each other. After Elvis plods off, Nic and Eric arrive to see Rafe. Nic's nauseous. They discuss Rafe's brain and whether he needs a priest. Eric decides to perform a sacrament. Nic wonders if this is her fault. When the priest comes out, she's allowed in. She gives the coma patient a pep talk and tells him to cut his spa treatment short. "We're not as good without you," she sobs.

Marlena runs into John in the square. She claims she's given up. "I'm done with you," she says. Crying, the shrink prods him to tell her if he wants a divorce. There's a long pause. They are both distraught. She gets a text about Rafe. They head to the hospital. John walks off to find Daniel while Eric fills his mom in on what he knows. She decides to go and see her daughter. John insists on going with her. As they head over, he tells her that he hasn't been fair with her. He urges her to go ahead and file for divorce. Meanwhile, Eric and Nicole return to the rectory and she recalls her past with Rafe. She continues blaming herself for this. He tries to comfort her but she jumps away.

Brady finds Kristen wandering around Casa DiMera looking at wedding decorations. He wants to get married immediately. He gets a call from the office about the battery on Rafe's brain. EJ strolls in as they speculate about who was behind it. The men taunt each other. Elvis insists on his innocence. Brady stomps out. "Did you do it?" Kristen asks her brother. He smirks and then has a laugh about the Rafe and Kate affair. "Gross," says Kristen. Brady returns so EJ leaves. Brady rails to her about the evil deeds of Elvis and declares that he doesn't want her family around, especially if they are going to adopt a child. He stomps out again. She becomes distraught and trashes some flowers. Brady sticks his head back in and looks shocked. She tells him that she is a DiMera and she won't turn her back on her family. If he can't handle that, they should call the wedding off. Meanwhile, Elvis heads over to the hospital. The guard won't let him into Rafe's room.

At the Horton house, Abs interrupts her brother's video-gaming and tells him to play in his room. He complains that Parker has taken over it. His mom shows up and explains he's going to summer school at Salem High. Abs eavesdrops as Jenn tears into her son for being a pot dealer. JJ plays the victim routine. His mom thinks he's lucky not to be in an English prison. "You're not the son I raised," she says. "He had a father," he snipes and then claims that he never even smoked weed because it makes people stupid. They discuss Jack. His father understood him, even though he almost never talked to him, but she clearly doesn't. She hugs him and sobs. He smirks. Abby eventually interrupts. Her mom asks her to take her brother to school to be registered. Later, Daniel drops in to see Jenn and tells her about Rafe. He senses she's upset about something. Meanwhile, Abby and JJ walk. He keeps insisting on his innocence. Gabi sends her a text about Rafe so she bustles off. JJ returns home and finds his mom making out with Daniel on the couch.


May 16, 2013
The Happiest Guy On The Earth.

At Casa DiMera, Kristen tells Brady that she's not turning her back on her family and, if he can't handle it, they should call the wedding off. This doesn't make sense to him. She explains that he's too good and she'll hurt him. Kristen begs him to take the exit she's giving him. He's still confused. Maggie barges in with a wedding gift. Kristen leaves them alone. Maggie starts prying. Brady tells her that his father is the problem. He storms out.

JJ interrupts Jenn and Daniel making out at the Horton house. "You sure are around here a lot," JJ observes. They have a passive-aggressive conversation and JJ asks if he can play with Parker's train. He heads upstairs. Jenn hands Daniel her copy of "Revolting Rhymes." He blabs about his MP3 player. JJ returns and listens as this conversation drags on. Eventually, he asks if he can borrow his mom's MP3 player but Daniel lends him his instead. JJ jogs away. After the doctor goes, Maggie drops in and Jenn talks about how great Daniel is. JJ later drops by the hospital to see Daniel and explains that his MP3 player was hit by a truck. He hands him the pieces. "Bummer," he adds.

Lucas drops by the hospital to see Sami and Rafe. "I can't lose him." she moans to Lucas. She tells him that his mom was sleeping with Rafe. "She always has a talent for humiliating herself," he says. They argue about whether or not EJ was involved in the attack. Gabi shows up to hear this. Sami tells her not to listen to Lucas. He and Sami bicker about that until she flounces off. Over at the station, Hope is in her office worrying about Rafe. Kate shows up. The detective wonders why Kate didn't tell her that she was sleeping with Hernandez. Kate insists Stefano didn't know until after the attack. Hope questions her about the relationship. Kate says they didn't talk much and doesn't appreciate all of the condescending remarks. She walks out. Kate meets her son at Caffeinated for more condescending remarks about the Rafe affair. They're both sure that Sami will always suspect EJ. Meanwhile, Sami heads to the station to answer some questions from Hope. The detective soon says this repetitive conversation is unconvincing. Gabi suddenly shows up and says she remembered something. She tells them about the call EJ got at the pub after the attack. Across town, some dude reads about Rafe's attack in the paper then crumples it up and dumps it in the trash. He heads to the hospital with some flowers and hangs around outside of Rafe's door.

Outside of the pub, Marlena is shocked that John wants a divorce. He thinks she deserves better. The shrink slaps him for that. "You disgust me!" she says. He used to be action man, now he's nothing man. She storms away. He chases her down. They rehash everything that's happened since Kristen came back. Kristen suddenly pops up. "I guess I'll go," Marlena says. She leaves. John tells Kristen about the divorce and wipes away a solitary tear. Kristen hopes he meets someone new and walks off. Brady shows up. The two Blacks bicker. "I'm done with this conversation," John declares. He leaves. Kristen comes back. Brady says he's not marrying her family, he's marrying her. He thinks she should become Kristen Black and make him the happiest guy on the earth. She has to think it over. Brady wanders off and runs into Marlena. She's sobbing. Back outside of the square, John corners Kristen and asks if she is still going to marry his son.

May 17, 2013
I Think You're An Idiot.
Ciara is in the square with the envelope of doom. Nicole pops up and asks what she's doing. "It's private. You know what means?" Ciara shoots back. Caroline shows up and sits with Nic while Ciara and Johnny play My Little Pony. Nic and Ma Brady discuss Eric, Rafe and Sami's idiocy. Meanwhile, Johnny asks Ciara to show him what's in her envelope. She tells him what's in her envelope isn't for boys. He tries to take it from her Caroline comes over and stops them. Johnny grabs the envelope when Ciara isn't looking.

Brady finds a miffed Marlena outside the pub. She asks him to make the last three months disappear. She's about to storm off when Eric pops up. He tries comforting her. The three of them go into the pub. She tells him that she is not giving up on John. The shrink starts lecturing Brady. He says his father is jealous of him and tells her to give up on John just like he has. She walks off. The priest tells Brady that he's full of it. "I think you're an idiot," Eric adds. Brady asks him to the wedding anyway. The priest can't do that to his mom and leaves. Nicole comes in and tries cheering Brady up with a gift. He runs off. She heads to the rectory to ask Eric if he's going to the wedding. He's not.

Outside of the square, John asks Kristen if she is still going to marry Brady. She tells him to go away. He tells her that's not what she wants. They go around in circles. Some random kids kick a soccer ball at them. While John is distracted, she pulls out a piece of paper and drops it. John tells her that Brady doesn't need to know about them. He molests her elbow so she slaps him and storms away. He's smug and notices the piece of paper. It's a bill for the Salem Inn. He cocks his head. Meanwhile, Brady heads to Casa DiMera, Kristen promises him that tomorrow is going to be the greatest day. They chat about his dad. She's sure that John will end up back with Marlena once the wedding is over. He gets a call and has to leave to take care of something.

At the station, Sami paces as Gabi tells Hope about the call EJ got after Rafe was attacked. Sami moans and rolls her eyes as she defends Elvis. "How stupid can you really be?" Gabi asks her. She reminds her of all of the things EJ has done to her family... and Sami's. Gabi starts blaming herself and her muffin cravings for this. Hope realizes there were no muffins at the crime scene. The pregnant lady stomps off. Sami huffs. Hope and Sami argue about Elvis. Sami tries reassuring herself that she can trust EJ. She heads to Caffeinated and flashes through her past problems with Elvis. Meanwhile, Hope picks up Ciara and they go back to the office. Hope gets a call about the prisoner who was released.

At Caffeinated, Sonny and Will get confirmation that Nick's alibi checks out but Sonny doubts it anyway. Meanwhile, EJ drops by the hospital and asks about Rafe. The nurse won't say anything. He threatens her job and she runs away. He turns around and spots a dude with flowers. EJ follows him. Meanwhile, Nick meets up with Vargas in an alley. He hands him his cash. Vargas is pleased and offers him a reward. Nick says they are done but Vargas says this is just the beginning and stomps off. Nick heads over to the hospital and runs into EJ. They bicker. Gabi pops up. EJ instantly strolls away. Gabi tells Nick about the muffin issue and that her brother was planning to talk to her about him. Will and Sonny arrive. Nick insists on taking his wife away to talk. After they leave, the dude reappears and shoves his flowers in the trash. Out in the square, Nick assures his wife that the muffin matter is just a coincidence. Suddenly, the dude pops. "Nick Fallon! I even recognize you from behind," says the dude named Jensen. He has a gun in his pocket and asks Nick to go somewhere private. Jensen insists that Gabi come along. Back at Caffeinated, Sami asks EJ if he had something to do with Rafe's attack.

 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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