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4th Week of May Weekly Summaries

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May 20, 2013

Whoopie World.

At the office, Hope gets a call about the prison release letter she was supposed to have received. She lectures some cop for not giving it to her. He explains he gave it to Ciara "He's lying!" lies Ciara. Hope sends the cop away and asks her daughter for the truth. Ciara points to the letter right behind her mom's desk. Hope heads to the rectory to see Vargas. She shows him Jensen's mug shot and explains he's free. He's shocked that anyone would ever let him out. Hope's clueless about what to do so he suggests she talk to Nick. He explains that Jensen targeted Nick, beat him and raped him, but Nick got revenge.

In the square, Jensen orders Nick and Gabi to go with him. Sonny and Will spot them. Jensen leads them away. Will and Sonny follow. They get on the ferry and go out to Smith Island. Jensen forces Nick to tell her they were in jail together. Jensen got put in solitary because of Nick. He pulls out a gun. Will and Sonny watch from the bushes. Gabi cries and Nick begs Jensen to let her go. Jensen pistol whips him and then marches them away. They go to a shed and he makes Gabi tie Nick up and then ties her up too. He confirms he attacked Rafe. Will and Sonny arrive outside and hear this. Sonny runs off to get help. Jensen explains that he went after Nick in the alley but attacked Rafe by accident. He hears something outside...

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May 21, 2013

The Final Nails.
At the rectory, Hope questions Vargas about Jensen. She blames herself for all of this and says that he needs to help. He remembers that Jensen used to work on the docks on Smith Island. She runs off, gets some cops and they head to the island. She soon hears Gabi bellowing in the distance. Out in the woods, Gabi starts going into labor. Sonny tries leading her away. They find an abandoned shack and he gets her to sit down on a heap of trash. He finds some scissors and she tells him how bad she feels about what happened with Melanie. He understands. She starts breathing and he yells at her to push. Meanwhile, Will tries freeing Nick in the shack when they hear Jensen return. Will hides in the corner. Jensen is not happy to see that Gabi is gone. Nick tells him to leave his wife out of this. Jensen announces that he's going to kill Gabi and Rafe after he finishes with him. Will listens as Jensen reminds Nick of how close they were in prison. "You were my bitch," he says. Will picks up a wrench. Jensen gets ready to shoot Nick and says he will shoot his baby next. Will clobbers him. They punch each other around the shack and then tussle over the gun. It goes off. Will collapses. Nick cries out and tells Jensen he will pay. Hope kicks open the door and shoots Jensen.

Abby drops by the mansion where Daniel and Parker are playing with blocks. They chat about JJ. She explains that he is still getting used to Jack being gone. Over at the Horton house, JJ tells his mom he already returned Daniel's MP3 player. She won't let him leave without telling her where he's going. He assures her that he doesn't do drugs. Jenn thinks they need to discuss his feelings. Abby and Daniel show up. JJ admits to his mom that he broke the MP3 player and then destroyed Parker's train set. He apologizes. His mom tells him he better get a job to buy a new one. Daniel assures him it's okay. Abby takes her brother away for a walk. She tells him to give their mom a break and insists that Daniel is cool. Her brother is upset. She misses their dad too. He spots some dude and pretends that they are classmates. They go off together. Back at the house, Daniel tries to be understanding. Jenn blames herself for her son's misbehavior. She's sure that once he settles down they will all get along.

In his bed, Sami prods EJ to tell her who he was overheard speaking to. He's tired of having to defend himself to her. She doesn't know why she's wearing an engagement ring if he won't tell her things. He says she doesn't need to know and assures her he wouldn't do anything to hurt her. They make out. Meanwhile, Justin runs into Kate outside of the pub and asks after Rafe. She's sure EJ was behind the attack. Justin is skeptical. Kate goes to Caffeinated. She runs into Sami and they start arguing about EJ. They discuss the Rafe attack. Sami accuses her of hiring someone to attack Rafe. Kate slaps her for that. Elsewhere, EJ meets up with Justin and tells him that someone overheard their call but no one knows they are working together yet. He hands him three envelopes and says they will be the final nails in his father's coffin.


May 22, 2013

He Saved My Life.
On Smith Island in the shack, Nick curses Jensen for shooting Will. Hope kicks the door open and shoots Jensen. Hope calls for a medivac chopper. She sends the other cops off to find Gabi and Sonny. "He saved my life," Nick tells Hope. The medivac arrives and take Will away. Meanwhile, Gabi delivers the baby in a cabin. Sonny catches it but the baby isn't crying. He slaps it until it whines. He gives Gabi a pep talk. The cops show up.

Marlena bumps into Lucas outside of the pub. They chat about the EJami engagement. He thinks that Sami is flying off the rails because she's becoming a grandmother. The shrink says it defies analysis. At Caffeinated, Sami accuses Kate of putting Rafe in a coma. Kate slaps her, calls her a bitch and says she has no idea what Rafe means to her. Sami guesses she loved him and mocks her for it. Kate can't believe that Sami is doubting Rafe's choices. Kate just wants Sami to leave Rafe alone. Hope calls Sami to say that Will has been shot. Outside of the square, EJ hands Justin some envelopes and says they will be the final nails in his father's coffin. He's managed to leverage some votes to kick his father out of the business when the time comes. Sami calls EJ and tells him to head to the hospital.

Hope and Nick arrive at the hospital with Will. Maxine informs Fallon that he's a father. Sonny and Gabi arrive. Maxine takes the baby away to check it over. Nick runs over. After Nick hugs his wife, Hope steps up to tell them Will was shot. Maxine ushers Gabi away to be checked out. Will's family arrives. Hope tries to fill them in. Sami flips out, blames everything on Nick, then starts swatting him and screaming. Elvis pulls her away as she rants. Hope explains what actually happened. Kate suggests they all go and see the baby together. Later, Gabi holds the baby and is fine. Meanwhile, Hope apologizes to EJ for accusing him of going after Rafe. He recycles a joke from last week and then snipes about Nick. Across the room, Sonny tells his father about delivering the baby. He worries about losing Will but Justin assures him that Will has the will to live. Vargas shows up and gets an update from Hope. He pays Nick a visit and tells him this doesn't change anything between them. Daniel announces to everyone that Will is okay. Vargas gives Hope a pep talk and tells her not to beat herself up. Maxine lets Sonny in to see Will. As he kisses his hand and promises they will be together, Lucas and Sami arrive but keep their distance. Down the hall, Kate and Marlena fawn over their great-granddaughter. Nick takes a walk outside and crumples up by a wall.


May 23, 2013
A Better Man.

At the hospital, Lucas and Sami watch as Sonny tells Will how much Arianna Grace needs her dad. Sonny rehashes the history of their relationship. The best day of his life was when Will said he loved him. Sami finally interrupts and gives him a hug. She and Lucas thank him for everything he's done. Sonny heads out. Lucas sits down and talks to his son about what a hero he is. "You're a better man than I'll ever be," he says. Sami joins him to tell their son to do the opposite of everything they do. The parents wander off and discuss their son. They toast with coffee to becoming grandparents. Later, Lucas takes Sonny aside to apologize for what happened between them before. He's realized how good he is for his son. There is no one he would rather Will be with.

John shows up at the nurses' station and asks EJ what happened. Elvis takes him for a walk and fills him in. John squints. EJ asks him about Marlena. John says it's over between them. "It's a fact," he adds. EJ wants to discuss Kristen and tells him he has no choice but to accept her relationship with Brady for what it is. "What it is is over," John grumbles to himself. He calls the hotel where Kristen is staying to see if she has checked in.

At the Horton house, Daniel tells Jenn and her family about Will. She hugs him. JJ cringes. The doctor takes Jenn out. JJ complains that everyone acts like Daniel is the second coming. He says that Daniel will never be better than their dad. Abby says that torturing themselves isn't what Jack would have wanted.

Hope drops by the pub to tell Caroline what happened and then hangs out with Marlena. The shrink tells her that John wants a divorce. The sitter drops Ciara off. The little girl says she needs to have a talk with Johnny but her mom wants to have a talk with her first. She takes her outside. Johnny comes in and yacks with the shrink. He admits he's been fighting with Ciara. EJ shows up. His son runs off to get them cookies. Elvis asks Marlena to babysit. After he leaves, Johnny returns with the photo of Kristen and Sy. He tells his grandma that he did a bad thing. Meanwhile, Hope takes Ciara to Caffeinated to give her a gentle lecture. Ciara says Johnny took something that was hers. Her mom asks her to behave herself.

"Brady Black is to weddings like his step-sister is to weddings," Stefano says to his daughter at Casa DiMera. She tells him she is still going ahead with her plan to give John what he deserves. Brady collects her and they depart. Stefano grumbles. Brady returns and informs Stefano that he and Kristen will move out once they are married. He's okay with that. Daniel drops by and offers to take Brady out of the 'temple of doom'. They go out to the batting cage and then get take-out. Brady wants to run over and surprise Kristen. In her hotel room, Kristen fantasizes about being happy with Brady. Jenn shows up with pizza and wine. She tells her that she deserves as much happiness as anyone else. Kristen asks her to stop gushing. She changes the topic. They chat about JJ. Kristen begins weeping when she mentions that Brady wants to adopt. Once Jenn leaves John shows up.

May 24, 2013

You Wanna' Play?
At the church, Nicole asks Eric what's going on. He dismisses what he was upset about as being small potatoes next to what happened to Will and Rafe. He complains that all his permits got put on hold and he'll be embarrassed when the Bishop arrives. Nicole feels bad for him. She tells him how lucky they are to have him there.

At the pub, Johnny tells Marlena he took something from Ciara. She asks to see it. Abe appears. Johnny's sent to another table while they whisper about Will. Abe says John came to see him. She says, "Then you know."  Abe admits he hinted that things were rough between them. He says he got a bizarre text from John this morning asking him to look out for her. Marlena says they're getting divorced. Abe can't believe it. He prays she finds a way to cast Kristen out. They hug. Abe leaves. Johnny tells Marlena he has the thing he took from Ciara, but he thinks it belongs to Aunt Kristen. He hands Marlena the photo.

Kristen opens her hotel room door to John. He says she knows why he's there. She asks, "You wanna' play?" He nods. She warns him with one phone call she can have him thrown out. He challenges her to call. She lets him in, muttering that this is twisted. John says tonight is about what she wants. Kristen doesn't know. The bicker about what they're supposed to be feeling. John holds up the pearl necklace. "I thought you were going to wear this for the right man?" He puts it on her and talks about her wearing the pearls and nothing else. They bicker about the pearls and the wedding that never happened. He apologizes and asks to finish what they started. Nothing is going to be right until he picks her up off that floor; it's why she came to Salem. Room service comes and Kristen types a text to Brady to come to her hotel room but doesn't hit 'send'. She tells John that the waiter's arrival stopped her from doing something stupid. John asks if she's sure and kisses her. She sends the text to Brady, sets her phone on the table, and their clothes start coming off as they land on the bed.

JJ is with his baked friend in the park. JJ wonders where the fun is in this town.

In the square, Brady tells Jenn and Daniel he's going to see Kristen one last time. Jenn thinks it's a bad idea, but Brady says he isn't superstitious. Daniel tries to stop him too, but Brady won't listen. Jenn says Kristen needs to be alone. Brady asks what's going on. JJ watches as Jenn tries to explain Kristen's mood change earlier. JJ seems irked by Daniel holding Jenn and kissing her. His baked friend wants to move on. JJ shushes him. Jenn and Daniel part ways with Brady and then kiss. Nicole runs into Brady. They have a jokey conversation and he offers to keep her company. They wind up bickering about Eric. Brady's upset that he chose sides. Nicole says he'll never meet a better man in his life. Brady looks at her. "Oh my God." Brady realizes Nicole has feelings for Eric. His phone has fallen to the ground and is showing Kristen's text as they talk.

JJ and his pal make their way back to the park. JJ gets a text from Jenn that she's swinging by the church and will see him at home. JJ has an idea for some fun. They do something and run back through the trees laughing.

Jenn and Daniel are at the church with Eric. Daniel steps out and Jenn talks to Eric about not going to Brady's wedding; it must have to do with John and Marlena. Daniel returns. Jenn's sorry they won't see Eric tomorrow and says family is complicated. They leave, but Daniel returns. He can't get a phone signal and someone slashed his tires. Later, Eric prays for Brady's happiness.

At home, Jenn and Daniel tell JJ about someone vandalizing Daniel's car. JJ gets Daniel alone and says, "Sorry about your car." Daniel gets a knowing look and sighs.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis amd Candance Young wrote these stories just for you!

 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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