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May 27, 2013

 No new episode today


May 28, 2013

There Isn't Any There There.
Caroline drops by the hospital to see Will. Sami tells her he'll be fine. Caroline gives her a hug. Meanwhile, Adrienne arrives and assures Sonny that all will be well. She tells him he's a hero. He never wants to deliver another baby. They go in to see Will as Sami and Caroline head out. In the corridor, Caroline gives Sami a lecture for keeping her out of the loop about what's been going on in her family. She wants to help until she can't anymore. Sami blubbers and hugs her. Nick goes into Gabi's hospital room. The nurse arrives with the baby. Nick holds her for the first time. Eventually, Gabi wakes up and mumbles about how happy they will be. After he leaves, Adrienne and Sami come in. Gabi wonders where the baby went to. Nick has brought her down the hall to see Will.

At the pub, Marlena stares at the photo of Sy which Johnny gave her. What it means eventually dawns on her. She asks Johnny some questions and then calls Hope but she's not answering. Eric shows up and notices his mom is hopping around the room. They discuss the wedding. She says everything will be alright and putters off. In the square, Brady starts going off on Nicole when he suspects she doubts Kristen's motives. She asks him how well he really knows her. He says he was nothing and Kristen saved him. Brady asks her about her feelings for Eric and she insists that 'there isn't any there there'. They go around in circles about this and they agree to always be friends. She leaves. Marlena shows up. She tries to show him the photo but he won't let her. Brady goes to Casa DiMera and checks out the wedding set up. As he smiles to himself, Marlena arrives and refuses to go. Meanwhile, Nicole heads over to the pub. Johnny drags her over to his table with Eric. He gives them the gossip. Nic jokes around with him. "She's funny. You should marry her," Johnny tells the priest. She runs away. Johnny tells Eric that Nic looks at him the way she used to look at EJ.

John and Kristen are on her hotel bed. He pulls away for a moment and sends Brady a text, asking him to meet him in Kristen's room. They go back to making out. She pulls away and thinks of Brady. Kristen jumps across the room and asks John what he feels for her. She accuses him of being a jerk who doesn't give a crap about anyone. He puts on his belt as she lectures him. She's sick of seeking revenge and throws the necklace at his feet. Kristen hates him but Brady's love is better than hate. "I'm free to move on with my life!" she yelps. He starts yelling and barring her way when she tries leaving. Security arrives and lets her leave. When Kristen gets home, she finds Brady holding the photo that Marlena just handed him.


May 29, 2013

Who Are You?
Kristen hurries home to Casa DiMera, eager to tell Brady how much she loves him. She finds him with Marlena, staring at the picture of Sy. "Who are you?" Brady asks his fiancee. Kristen throws the blame on Marlena and suggests it is a fake. Brady sends the shrink away and continues the questioning. Kristen admits to her plot to get revenge but insists that their love changed everything. He's appalled when she tells him that his dad tried to get her into bed but she refused. "I don't need anything but you," she sobs. He proved that she could really love. Brady thinks she's sick. She gets on her knees and begs him not to walk away. He tells her their love is dead and storms out. She screams into the floor. Meanwhile, Marlena goes to the station to meet Hope and tell her about the photo. The cop is shocked to hear it came from Ciara. The shrink heads back to Casa DiMera and finds Kristen whining to herself.

Two security guards refuse to let John leave the hotel. Roman shows up to see what's happening. John's lawyer arrives. John yells about how crazy all of this is. He accuses Roman of wanting to make a play for his wife and then stalks off. He finds his son outside of the square.

Maggie bumps into Sonny. She tells him that she knows there has been a lot of bad blood, but she hopes that everyone can start getting along now. Down the hall, Adrienne and Sami pay Gabi a visit. She asks about Rafe. He's still a stable vegetable. The blondes notice the baby is gone. Gabi panics. Maxine is called in. Sami assumes that Nick ran off with the baby and she runs off to search with the nurse. Gabi tells Adrienne how great Sonny is. Meanwhile, Nick takes the baby to see Will. Horton opens his eyes. Nick flashes through all of the things he's done to Will. Sitting down he says, "Say 'hello' to your daddy." Will thanks him. Nick apologizes. Sonny watches them from the doorway. He comes in and helps Will holds the baby. Nick stands aside so they can share the moment. Sami bustles in to the middle of things so Nick leaves. Maggie runs into him and follows him outside. He tells her that Will saved his life. Crying, he explains how he was repeatedly raped in prison. He beats himself up for becoming 'a sick freak filled with hate'. She tells him he should talk to Gabi about all of this so they can work through it together. He returns to Gabi's room. She says he looks like he could use some rest. Slumping beside her, he tells her that it's time that she hear the truth about him. Back down the hall, Sami tells her son that Sonny delivered the baby. Will's impressed.



May 30, 2013
You Look Like Hell.

At the rectory, Nicole ponders Johnny suggesting that Eric marry her. The priest pops up. She mentions Johnny. He starts adjusting his collar and asks her if she's at peace living there. Nic insists she doesn't have feelings for him. They go over this for half an hour. She assures him that she can satisfy her sexual needs whenever she wants without his help and demands a 'full-throated apology'. Eric goes up to his room to pray for God to bless Nicole and her 'needs'.

Lucas drops by the hospital to see his son. Sami and Sonny are already crowding around Will and the baby. Sonny and Sami head to the hall to talk about how great her son is. Back inside, Will blabs about how great seeing the baby was. He's sure everything will be perfect now. Down the hall, Nick tells Gabi she needs to know the truth about him. He confesses to blackmailing Will because he's gay. He's not homophobic because he's religious, but because of what happened to him in prison. When he met her, he invested everything in her so he could avoid facing his demons. But when Will turned out to be the father, his demons came back. He's been lying to himself so much that he doesn't even know if he loves her; he doesn't know who he is. Nick explains that he has to deal with being raped. He's sorry that he used her. "I wish you'd never met me," he says. Sonny and Sami interrupt with the baby. The nurse comes in with the birth certificate. Nick says the name of the father is wrong: it should be William Horton. Sami says they are doing the right thing. She and Sonny leave. She joins up with Lucas and they talk about how Will is a better person than both of them put together.

"You look like hell," John says when he runs into his son outside of the square. Brady asks him what he did with Kristen. Before his father can answer, Hope interrupts. Brady shows her the photo and explains what he thinks Kristen did to him. She takes the photo and walks off. Brady asks his father again what he did with Kristen. John doesn't answer so his son storms off. Brady stands under a streetlight. Some dude comes up and offers to sell him some blow. Brady turns it down. Nic shows up. "You look awful," she says. He tells her that things are over with Kristen. "I don't know how I could have been so stupid," he says.

Kristen is yelling at the floor in Casa DiMera. When she looks up, Marlena is standing there. "Bitch!" Kristen groans. The shrink is smug. Kristen hates her more than ever and wishes she'd killed her when she had the chance. "You put on quite a show, but I never bought a ticket," says Marlena. Kristen takes a drink and tells her about John having her on her back. She taunts the doctor, telling her that John has been trying to seduce her for weeks. His pants may have been on, but she could tell he was ready to go. What he feels for her will never die. Marlena rants about Kristen's ranting. The DiMera smashes a glass and tells her that she really has changed. She blames the shrink for ruining all of their lives and taunts her again about John. Hope shows up. The doctor leaves. The detective questions Kristen about the photo, making it clear that she will be charged for conspiracy. Marlena runs into John in the square. He tells her they won and can put things right. She doesn't even want to discuss this.

May 31, 2013

Red Herring.
At the hospital, Daniel informs Jenn and Maggie that the wedding is off. They all start making calls. The doctor and Jenn discuss his tires being slashed. She heads home. He asks his mom what JJ was like as a kid. Over at the Horton house, JJ and Rory are baked and discuss how to get some cash to get more reefer. JJ notices his mom is back and sends Rory out the back. Jenn comes in as he hides his ganja in the desk. He tells his mom he's been thinking a lot and is going to turn everything around. She understands; she wasn't a perfect teenager either. His mom thinks he should concentrate on school instead of work so she cuts him a check. They chat about Jack. She decides to give him more money. "You're the best!" he says. He runs off and cashes the checks, then meets up with Rory. Daniel jogs by and catches them bumping fists. They asks about his car and snicker.

Nicole and Brady spent the night sitting on a bench. He doesn't know how he can keep making the same mistakes. She tells him he's too trusting and kind. Brady really loved Kristen. He asks Nic for some space. Over at Caffeinated, Chad tips EJ off about the cops picking up their sister last night. Meanwhile, Hope has Kristen at the station. She questions her about Sy until Stefano strolls in and announces he's taking his daughter home. She leaves with the lawyer. Stefano tells Hope that Sy is a 'red herring'. When he gets his daughter home, she tells him she couldn't go ahead with her plan. Her brothers arrive and wonder what's going on. Kristen fills them in and tells them the wedding is off. EJ asks to speak to her alone. She doesn't want to hear any lectures. He's confused by her feelings but tries to be reassuring. She tells him she is not moving on. Chad returns and she goes off for a shower.

Marlena drops by the rectory and tells Eric the wedding is off. The priest hopes this means the whole family can start healing and moving on. She stares. He guesses that isn't good. Hope shows up and tells them Kristen is not in jail. After she bustles off, Nic shows up to say that Brady is in good hands. Marlena wants to see him but Nic talks her out of it. The shrink leaves. The priest and his secretary discuss last night. She announces she is taking some time off to help Brady and walks out.

Victor bumps into John and happily yaps about the wedding being cancelled. John is pretty glum. He still needs to talk to his boy. When Victor heads home, Maggie is waiting and Brady arrives. He expects a lecture but Victor gives him a hug instead. Brady thinks he needs to get to an AA meeting. Victor tells him he's welcome to stay in the mansion. After Brady passes out of the couch, Maggie tells Vic she'd like to slap Kristen around. After they leave, Kristen appears at Brady's side and wakes him with a caress. Meanwhile, Marlena runs into John and says that Brady has made it clear that he doesn't want to talk to them. She adds that she doesn't want to know whether or not he slept with Kristen. He wants to explain himself anyway. And Hope meets up with Ciara at the pub and tells her they shouldn't have any more secrets. Ciara promises to be good.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

 Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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