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1st Week of January Weekly Summaries

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January 7, 2013
Lady Macbeth And Bambi.

Abby is at home drinking wine when her mom shows up. Her car just died. Jenn isn't happy to see her daughter having a glass of wine. Abby suggests she borrow her car and then accidentally spills the wine on Jenn's outfit. Abby orders her to change her clothes. Before Jenn can leave, Lucas shows up. He explains that Kate needs someone to book her a hotel suite and they can't trust her to do it herself. He begs her to call around. Jenn books her a week in France. When Lucas hears his sister is going out with Daniel, he grimaces and groans. "I can't believe you're so stupid," he says. Abby heads out. Lucas lectures Jenn about the doctor's sleaziness. She insists that she loves Daniel and nothing will get in their way.

Daniel is shocked to open his door and find Chloe standing there. He reluctantly lets her in. She assures him she's not in any trouble. He tips her off that Jenn is on her way over. She grumbles and explains that being around him again is harder than she'd thought it would be. Jenn sends the doctor a text saying she will be delayed. He prompts Chloe to tell him why she's there. The doctor grits his teeth as she meanders around the point of this conversation. Eventually, she explains that something 'great' has happened for them. He gets tired of her not explaining anything and asks her to go. "Parker is your son. Our son," she finally explains. Over at the pub, Kayla check up on Caroline and thinks she's doing great, even if she forgot someone's name. Stephanie calls her mom with some distressing news. Kayla offers to take care of it. She runs off to find Daniel.

Sami lectures Kristen and Brady at the hospital. "I'm going to have them disinfect your mouth and throw you in the psych ward," Sami tells him. He sends Kristen out and tells his sister that she has to deal with him being in a relationship with the DiMera. Sami fumes and lectures. He shakes his head.  They argue and he defends his lady. "So you're not Lady Macbeth and Bambi like I thought?" she sarcastically asks, stomping off. She finds Kristen in the hall. Sami huffs and puffs. Kristen reminds Sami of her own faults. "Brady's always had a thing about slutty bitches so he was easy prey," Sami grunts. Kristen reminds her that she's the kids' aunt and suggests they get cocktails. Sami would rather stick needles in her eyes. "I might be more than your children's aunt soon," Kristen smirks. She returns to Brady and worries that his family is at war over her. He just wants to go. She takes him back to her room. He admits that he's falling in love with her.

Back at the hospital, John quizzes Marlena about what she knew of his son and Kristen. She admits she knew and hated knowing what she knew. This has been killing her inside. He nearly falls over when she confesses that she's known for a month. John's furious. She rants at him for not believing her earlier. The shrink is sick of being the villain. She's sure he would have kept his mouth shut too. He doubts that. Sami interrupts to say that Brady has 'drunk the Kool-Aid' and they need to get him back. She hugs them and runs off for air. John asks Marlena if she is keeping something else from him. She insists there is nothing. He doesn't quite believe her. That infuriates her. They squint up a storm. He declares that he's getting a hotel room so he can be alone.

January 8, 2013

This Never Should Have Happened
At Daniel's, Chloe blurts out that Parker is their son. He thinks she's playing a sick game but the diva insists otherwise. The doctor says that's impossible but she explains that the results were tampered with twice and Caroline accidentally turned them back into the right ones. Dan thinks she's bonkers but she insists that this is for real. Kayla arrives and backs up Chloe's story. She even hands him a confession from Ian, the computer geek who helped Stephanie do the record switching. Daniel looks over the evidence. This all seems random. Kay says that Ian was in rehab and needed to get it off his chest. Philip had another DNA test done and it confirmed everything. "This never should have happened," Kay summarizes. Daniel and the diva decide to pay the kid a visit.

Nick and Maggie stroll the square and he brags about his new job with Kate. She thinks he'll be a great dad. Gabi shows up to second that emotion. After the redhead heads off, Gabi asks Nick if his parents think this wedding is a bad idea. He insists that they are thrilled about it. She wishes her mom would feel that way. He stops her from calling and giving her mom a heart attack. Nick gets her to call her brother instead so he can break the news more gently.

Jenn is at home blathering to Lucas about how much she loves Daniel. He tells her she'll regret going on a date with him. She's about to flounce off but trips on a random box. Billie shows up with more boxes and realizes this is her fault. Jenn wakes up. They want to take her to the ER. Billie decides she'll look after her and they send Lucas off to his party. Dan sends a text asking Jenn to delay. Billie takes Jenn to a hospital for an MRI. They wait on the results. Jenn talks about how boxes are always getting in her way. When Jenn finally gets to Daniel's, she finds Kayla waiting for her.

At Sonny's, he helps Will tie on his bow-tie. They smooch. Then Will gets changed so they can go to Nick's bachelor party. They head down to Caffeinated to tell Chad and Cameron they are having the party there. Lucas joins them. They all make fun of Nick. After they mention he got out of prison around Labor Day, a light bulb appears over Cameron's head and he bustles off. Will panics and calls Gabi to say that Cameron must have figured out Nick is not the father. Nick eventually shows up and orders some decaf. Awkward conversation dominates. Lucas notices his son seems to resent Nick for having a family with Gabi. Meanwhile, Gabi rushes over to the hospital to corner Cameron. He confirms that everything they say is confidential, but asks her if Nick knows the child isn't his. Someone eavesdrops.

Across town, Henderson informs Victor that Philip is in the mansion with Parker. Later, Maggie returns and finds Victor moping. He explains what happened and says that Parker will still be part of his life. He's worried about how Philip will deal with saying goodbye. Eventually, he points out that this means the kid is her grandson. They get sappy about it. Daniel and Chloe show up while Maggie plays peek-a-boo with the kid. Chloe gets Parker to toddle over to Daniel.

January 9, 2013

Happily Ever After.

Rafe saunters into Sami's and notices the giant love pinata. "OMG! I just reduced your sister's wedding to an ethnic stereotype," she realizes. He fobs it off and they make out. She reminds him that they need to go to the pub. He tells her she can let her guard down and then suggests she tell EJ what's happening between them. She promises to tell him soon. Rafe suggests they start their own 'happily ever after' once the wedding is over.

Gabi joins Nick outside the pub and tells him that Cameron knows he's not the father. Someone eavesdrops on them from the bushes. Nick gets paranoid but she assures him that he will keep his mouth shut. He calms down. Inside the pub, Abby is putting out the party favors while Will helps her. She senses he's bugged about the wedding. Gabi and Nick come in as Abby leaves to take a call. Nick isn't happy to find out that Will already knows Cam knows. Will doesn't like getting the blame for things. Sami and Rafe show up and fuss over Gabi while Nick apologizes to William. Later, they all sit around a table and Sami reads a prayer to them in Spanish. Everyone claps. Sami tears up and asks Gabi to think of her as a substitute mom. Rafe takes his sister aside and explains that their mom will get her news in the morning.
Jenn is startled to find Kayla at Daniel's. The doctor won't explain what's going on. Meanwhile, Daniel is at the mansion hugging Parker. Maggie and Victor tear up. Chloe declares that they are finally a family. Daniel doesn't look so convinced. The diva explains that she left her job and apartment so she can stay as long as he wants. Chloe putters off. Vic explains Philly is breaking the news to Kate. As Victor hooks the kid up with milk and cookies, Chloe heads for the door. Jenn is standing there and startled to see her. The diva keeps mum. Jenn spots Parker and the doctor explains what happened. Chloe gives Parker his bunny and leaves. Kayla shows up and apologizes to everyone for what Stephanie did. Later, Parker wanders back in because his bunny's ear is busted. Daniel gets some thread to fix it. Jenn asks him how long Chloe is sticking around. He admits he won't let the kid get away from him again. Maggie and Victor show up to fuss some more. "He's a monkey. He takes after his father," Daniel says. Off in the corner, Victor worries about what this will mean for Jenn and the doctor. The blond says she won't worry about that right now. Before she can slip away, Daniel catches her and makes it clear that he still wants her in his life. They kiss.
At the church, Nicole senses Eric has problems and tries to get him to open up. He won't gossip with her about his family. He's snippy so she gets stroppy and strides out. Nic meets Chloe at Caffeinated. The diva talks about how her life has really turned around. Nic is happier to hear about that than her own crummy life. She wonders what her friend is planning. "I'm going to have everything that should be mine," Chloe says. Her friend guesses that means she's after Daniel and warns her that he's in love with Jenn. Chloe remains confident. Back at the church, Sami hears Nick being congratulated about his new job and starts interrogating him. She was going to give him a job offer at the reception and demands to know what Kate offered him. Sami tells him she won't hold this against him, but the same doesn't apply for Kate. Eric eventually shows up and talks about marriage. Rafe and Sami recall their wedding as someone lurks in the distance.


January 10, 2013
The Slut Is Part Of The Package.

Kate hunts down Victor at Caffeinated. She's furious that they are losing their grandson and rails about Chloe. They go outside and he insists that they haven't lost Parker. He actually thinks everyone has behaved themselves and they should just accept how things have panned out. Kate refuses to accept that. Her eyes bug out when he tells her Chloe is back for awhile. "The slut is part of the package," he says. She realizes he's still the grandfather either way and storms off.
Daniel wakes up at the mansion and finds Chloe reading to Parker. She leaves the doctor to finish the book. The diva returns a moment later to announce she got a job as a music teacher in town. She's sure this is a new beginning for her. They vaguely discuss how things will work. Later, Kate shows up, demanding to see her grandson. "Will isn't here," Chloe declares, making it clear she won't let her see Parker again. She reminds Kate of all the things she did to her in the past and says she'll never let her hurt her son. Eventually, Chloe shuts the door, leaving Kate to swear to herself. She realizes that Daniel still doesn't know that Chloe was a prostitute. Meanwhile, Victor drops by the hospital to check on Daniel. The doctor tells him his dreams are coming true. Victor isn't happy to learn that Chloe is sticking around but Daniel insists she will accept that he's moving on with Jenn.
Abby opens her door to Chad. He wants to take her to breakfast. Gabi appears. Chad congratulates her. Being mad at her was too exhausting so he stopped. Gabi grunts as he and Abby hold hands. He heads out. The pregnant chick encourages her friend to ask Chad to be her date. Meanwhile, Rafe corners Nick at the pub. Nick is expecting a lecture so he tries to impress him with spread sheets about their finances and how he will look after the family. Rafe's actually there to give him tickets to Cancun. Gabi arrives to hear about this and is thrilled. Her mom calls Rafe, rants and hangs up. Gabi guesses her mom hates her. Rafe is sure that she will come around after she sees the baby.

EJ shows up at Sami's door to tell her he has no idea what his sister has been up to. They agree not to let that get between them. She makes some wedding calls and he cleans his fingernails. Johnny runs in and his father offers to take him to school. EJ babbles to Sami about how normal and happy he feels around her. "We make a great team," she says. He says he's in love with her... again. She tears up. Johnny drags his dad out the door before she can offer much of a response.

Will rolls over in Sonny's bed. His boyfriend has brought him breakfast and a gift. It's a key to his apartment. He even cleared out half his closet. Will's thrilled. He wants to start moving stuff in now. After he leaps into the shower, Sonny makes a call about his Valentine's gift. Sonny meets up with Abby at Caffeinated. She wonders why he didn't move in with Will sooner. He encourages her to give Chad a call. Meanwhile, Will tells his mom he's moving in with his boyfriend. She gets weepy and makes him promise to be happy. He teases her about making 'sexy eyes' with Rafe. Will just wants her to be happy too. Later, she runs around getting ready for the wedding when Rafe shows up. They make out.
EJ and Johnny run into Chad in the square. They're all in a good mood for once. Abby calls Chad and asks him to be her date. He's down for that. Back at the pub, Will meets with Gabi. She worries about being a mom. He's sure she'll do a good job. She's come up with a way for him to be in the baby's life. When she suggests he be the godfather, Nick interrupts and declares, "No way in Hell!"

January 11, 2013

What The What.
Rafe and Sami kiss at her place. She thought they were going to wait until after the wedding. They're too horny. Before they are naked, Hope shows up. Rafe puts his jacket on without a shirt and leaves. Sami is panting. Hope helps her get dressed and quizzes her about Rafe. She's thrilled to hear they are trying again. Sami jumps up and down.

Daniel cringes at the hospital when Chloe shows up to say it feels like old times. They discuss pediatricians and then she suggests they get coffee. He has other plans and makes it clear to her that he is with Jenn now. She claims she has no illusions about that. When she wanders off, she overhears Anne mocking Jenn "Her Royal Hortonness" to one of the nurses. She rails about all of the Hortons and their 'saintly' reputation. Chloe decides to ask her out for coffee.

At Caffeinated, Sonny is perplexed to hear that Chad is going to the wedding. "What the what?" asks Sonny. Chad explains he's tired of being mad all the time. Besides, the wedding is an excuse for a date with Abby.  Meanwhile, at home, Abby interrogates her mom about what she did with Daniel last night. Jenn explains it wasn't what she expected. She breaks the news about Parker. Later, Daniel shows up to tell Jenn that Parker doesn't need to change their relationship. She promises to always be there for him. They agree to have a 'shopping date' to get things for the kid. When he heads back to the mansion, he finds Chloe with Parker. She tells him she's always sensed that he was the boy's real father so she wants them to change his name to Parker Daniel Jonas. After she putters off, he promises the kid he will never let him go.

Lucas is startled to see his mom striding through the park. "The bitch is back," she announces. She fills him in about Chloe's return and the child. He finds this hilarious. Billie shows up. Lucas makes it clear he wouldn't go near Chloe 'with a  chair and whip'. He's just happy that Chloe will go after Daniel and get him away from Jenn.

At the pub, Nick clamps down when Gabi suggests that Will be the child's godfather. This annoys Will. Nick defends his point of view. He's sure it would be torture for Will to be around the child all the time and never be able to tell it the truth. Will still wants to be involved. They tell him again that he's already done enough. Gabi goes off to get into her wedding dress. Sami joins her and advises Gabi 'not to get on the hormone train'. She says that she will always be a sister to her and they will always be connected through the baby.

At the church, Eric joins Will, Nick and Rafe for a little pre-ceremony chat. When Nick and Will are left alone, William assures him they are okay. Rafe has snuck across the hall with a call from his mom for Gabi. Her mom apologizes and says how excited she is about the baby. Gabi cries so Sami fixes her make-up. The Brady slips off and makes out with Rafe in the hall. Caroline, Victor and Maggie arrive at the church. Then Chad joins Abby and tells her how beautiful she looks. Billie and her family file in. She finds Hope and Jenn and quizzes them about Chloe. Eric and Nick show up to start the ceremony. Will and Abby go up the aisle next. Lucas jokingly tells Sonny he can be one of the bridesmaids at his wedding. Rafe walks Gabi down the aisle. The readings begin after the priest's welcome. The vows are exchanged and things wind down. At the last moment, Chad jumps up and declares that Nick is not the real father of the baby.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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