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3rd Week of January Weekly Summaries

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January 14, 2013
Lies, Lies, Lies.

Everyone is gathered at the church for the Gabi and Nick wedding. Rafe thanks Sami for giving his sister the wedding of her dreams. At the last minute, Chad leaps up and says that if this is all about living truthfully, Gabi should be marrying the real father of her baby. Everyone stares. Doug and Julie walk in and apologize for being late, "That's okay. It's a joke anyway," Chad says. He orders Gabi to tell the truth. Rafe orders him out. When Chad says Gabi's a 'lying slut', Rafe pummels him until everyone pulls him off. Eric declares that there is no violence in the Catholic church. Rafe, Hope and Chad trail outside to argue. Hope threatens to arrest Chad for assault and then calls the cops down. Hope tells Chad to accept his citation and go home. Chad explains that Nick was in prison when Gabi was knocked up. He explains what he knows. "Lies, lies, lies!" declares Rafe. The cops talk it over. Chad claims Andrew is the father.
Back in the chapel, everyone stares and mumbles. Doug and Julie wonder what is going on. Gossip and expletives flow. Sonny thinks there could be something to what Chad said. Eric announces that the ceremony can't continue. Nick argues with the priest. Will stands up and declares that the truth needs to come out. Gabi and Nick shake their heads. Will confesses to everyone that he's the father. Gabi runs away. Nick tries to run after her but he's cornered by his meddling aunts. Kate tells Billie not to point out that she will be a great-grandmother. Will chases after Sonny and apologizes for lying to him. Sonny storms off. On his way out, he confirms to Rafe that it's all true. Rafe corners Nick, who insists that he still wants to marry Gabi. This is something they decided with Will. Rafe realizes Will is the father. He's shocked and runs off. Hope wishes that Nick had thought things through better. Kate comes over to say he's not a good match for her company. He says she can buy out his contract and walks off. He corners Chad on his way out. Nick warns him to enjoy this moment, because it's the last happy one he'll have. Later, Abby lectures Chad for what he did, explaining that everyone now knows that Will is the father. Chad didn't know. She thinks Chadsworth is sick. Jenn sneers at him and takes her daughter away. Hope eventually gives Chad a summons and he wanders out. She turns to Doug and Julie and they worry about Nick.
Gabi sobs in a room in the rectory. Sami shows up and accuses her of trying to keep her grandchild from her. She then accuses her of using her and Will. Rafe walks in as Sami's tearing into his sister. Sami moans about how Gabi used her. Rafe stops her and says that Will wanted the baby gone, only Gabi saved it. Back in the chapel, Caroline tells Eric he did a pretty good job considering.
Victor heads to Caffeinated and tells Sonny that for a Salem wedding, this one wasn't so bad. He laughs as he recalls all the past disasters and how hilarious he found Sami's hypocritical reaction. Sonny's grumpy about Will. When Victor gets home, Maggie is already there. She feels like she could have done more for Nick. He hopes that everything works out for the kids. Meanwhile, Lucas chases his son down outside of the square and explains that this isn't about him and his boyfriend anymore. "Why would you let another man raise your kid?" Lucas asks. Nick arrives around the corner and eavesdrops. Lucas lectures his son about turning his back on his child. He's sure that the kid will become the center of his life and change everything.


January 15, 2013
No One Can Stop Our Love.

Nick eavesdrops outside of the square as Lucas and Will discuss the baby. Lucas assures him that it's good that the truth came out. Now he can be a father. Will isn't sure he can be much of a role model. Lucas defends Sami's mothering and tells his son that people in their family never feel sorry for themselves. "I went to prison for you!" Lucas bellows. He reminds him that his family will always support him.

At the rectory, Sami and Rafe bitterly argue about Gabi and Will. In tears, Gabi begs them to stop. Sami rants. "This is about me!" she moans to Rafe as he tries to stop her. Gabi tries explaining what happened but Sami refuses to believe anything she says. Gabi continues explaining. Sami huffs. Rafe interprets all of this as meaning that Will wanted the baby out of the way. Sami rails at them for twisting things to make Will look bad. As the insults flow out of Sami, Rafe shows her the door. Eric comes in. Gabi apologizes to him. Nick joins them and tries comforting his bride. Rafe tells them that they didn't do the right thing. Gabi reminds him of when he claimed to be the father of Nicole's baby. He tells her that he was wrong to do that. Rafe and the priest leave the couple alone. Nick tells Gabi that nothing has been ruined as long as they still love each other. They take off their rings and he says he still wants to marry her. "No one can stop our love," he promises. Across the hall, Rafe and Eric discuss the situation. Rafe tells him that he saw Sami's true colors today. "I want to run in the other direction... fast," he says, insisting they are finished forever.

Sonny isn't happy when Chad shows up at Caffeinated. Chad claims he would have kept his mouth shut if he'd known Will was the father. That doesn't mean much to Sonny. Outside, Johnny rides around the square on EJ's shoulder. They go inside Caffeinated. Chad fills his big brother in about the wedding. EJ realizes Sami must be devastated and smiles about how proud his brother is of his handiwork. Chad wanders off to find Abby.

Marlena is at the hospital calling John without luck. Abby arrives and demands to know why Cameron didn't tell her the truth about the baby. Marlena hears this. She butts in. Cameron explains Chad overheard a confidential conversation. Abby breaks the news to the shrink that she will be a great-grandma. Marlena's hair wilts as she goes into denial and runs away. Abby apologizes for lashing out at Cam and wanders off. Abby runs into Chad outside of the square. He tries apologizing. Cameron shows up and orders him to leave her alone. He lectures him for eavesdropping on private conversations. Abby isn't thrilled that Chad isn't full of regret. The DiMera walks away. Cam admires her for standing by her friends and says it was nice seeing her.

Will enters Caffeinated. "I hear you had a bad day," EJ says to him, offering his help. After he and Johnny leave, Will corners Sonny and offers to explain things. "With more lies?" asks Sonny. He stomps off. Marlena shows up. Will's mom calls and says they need to talk. He insists it can wait until tomorrow. Sitting down with the shrink, he apologizes for lying. She still has faith in him. Once she leaves, Sonny watches Will sob. Eventually, Will says that he will pick up his stuff from his place... but he doesn't want to lose him. He walks away and Sonny holds in his tears. Meanwhile, when Sami gets home, she finds EJ waiting for her. He tries comforting her and says that everything will work out, just like it has for them. He assures her that they will be there for William together.

January 16, 2013

The Aluminum Christmas Tree.
Chloe runs into Brady at Caffeinated. She starts hugging him until Kristen shows up. After the ladies are introduced, Kristen teases Brady about how hot Chloe is and then tells the diva they should have lunch some time. She putters off. Chloe clues in to who she is. She teases him about dating his almost step-mom and guesses he got his shiner from his father. Chloe rehashes everything he did for her before she left town. They worry that Kate might tell someone about her turning tricks. The diva is optimistic she has Kate out of her life. Meanwhile, Kristen calls her dad. He's already heard about her and 'John's idiot son.' He reminds her that she promised not to hurt Marlena. She's still seeking revenge.

Jenn and Daniel are at the pub blabbing about kids. Kate and Billie arrive. Kate tells the doctor...


January 17, 2013
The Debbie Downers.

In the square, Chloe vents to Daniel about Kate being 'pure evil'. They beat around the bush about her Kate anxiety. He wheels Parker off to see Maggie. Chloe starts wondering if she should just give in to Kate. When the doctor returns, she changes her tune about her enemy. Later, Chloe drops in on Nicole at the church. Nic tries on a habit and they bicker about who is the bigger 'Debbie Downer'. Nicole reminds her of the last time they fell for the same guy. "You gave me flesh eating bacteria," Chloe recalls. She clues in to the fact that Nic has known Daniel in the Biblical sense. "You bitch!" blurts the diva. They throw things in each other's faces and Nic refuses to apologize for loving Daniel. She also thinks he deserves someone better than both of them. Besides, he doesn't want either of them anyway. Chloe refuses to accept that and yells that she will get him back. Nic doubts he'll drop 'Jenn-Jenn'. The diva heads over to the hospital. She bumps into Anne, who vents about how much she hates Jenn's guts. Chloe gets a bright idea.

Kate is in Jenn's office telling her that Chloe was a prostitute. Kate worries about what could be in store for Parker. She doesn't want him to have the kind of life her children had. Roberts offers Horton the chance to save the doctor and his son. Kate claims that when she was a prostitute, it was to help Lucas, whereas, Chloe is just a skank. Jenn still insists it isn't her place to say anything to Daniel. Kate reminds her that Chloe is a home-wrecker. Jenn still refuses. "He really messed up that transplant. You needed a brain instead of a heart," Kate snipes. Jenn claims she isn't threatened by Chloe so Roberts reminds her of how talented the diva is at being a 'liar' and a 'slut'. Once Kate storms off, Jenn's little chin quivers and she bounds away. Meanwhile, Billie meets up with her mom at the pub. Nicole overhears Kate gloating about destroying Chloe.

Nicole bumps into Brady in the pub and admires his shiner. John walks in. The Blacks stare at each other. John nods to himself and leaves. They change the topic to Chloe and her baby. Nic vents about Daniel and then tells Brady to take care of himself. He wanders down to the square and buys some flowers. Brady bumps into Daniel and they chat about Kristen. Jenn shows up so Brady runs off. Daniel asks her why she didn't tell him who Brady was sleeping with. They discuss not having secrets between them. Meanwhile, when Nic gets back to work, Chloe shows up to apologize. Nic tips her off about Kate.
Wired Marlena barges into Kristen's room and insists that they get everything out in the open. The shrink tells her that she has won this time. Marlena challenges her to gloat and get over her feelings. Kristen picks the lint off her jacket next to the wire she's wearing. Roman barges in. He wonders what's going on. They don't explain. The shrink suggests he go talk to Will. He putters off. Marlena prompts her enemy to make her 'victory speech'. Kristen gives her a speech about her real her feelings are for Brady instead. She reminds the shrink that she knew about the affair and hoped it would keep her from John. Kristen keeps playing innocent and shows her to the door. At the last minute, she flashes a little note reading, "I know what you are doing!" The shrink sneers and stomps off. Kristen chuckles and tears up the note.
Outside of the square, Brady runs into his father. John wants to talk. Brady accuses him of being jealous and insists that Kristen makes him happy. "If you can't accept it, don't call me son," Brady says. John won't accept it so his son says goodbye. Brady goes straight to Kristen's. They make out. She slips away to take off her clothes. He finds the torn up note and puts it together. Meanwhile, John wanders over to Caffeinated. He notices the recording device on the table while Marlena gets coffee. He listens to the recording and hears her admitting she knew all about the affair and kept it quiet. His face spasms.

January 18, 2013

The Bottom Of The Barrel.
At the church, Nicole breaks the news to Chloe that Jenn knows she was a hooker. The diva almost falls over. "It's not like you had a chance with Daniel anyway," Nic says. Chloe remains determined. Down in the square, Jenn wants to talk to Daniel about Chloe. He doesn't and insists that she can't hurt them. The doctor babbles about what a super mom Chloe is. The diva suddenly jiggles her way over yelping. "I um yep er um I uh er um," she stammers for awhile. Daniel's not sure what this is about. She talks about booster shots. Jenn and the doctor head back to work. Chloe guesses the doctor doesn't know but Jenn does. Nic shows up. Her friend fills her in. They wonder how to handle this. The diva gets an idea and runs off. She meets with Anne at the pub and they plan to wipe the smile off Jenn's 'prissy little face'. Anne heads to work and sends a minion off with a note before she calls Jenn down to the nurses' station. Meanwhile, Chloe gets Daniel alone and confesses that she was a prostitute. She explains that she was blackmailed into it but won't say by whom. He's sure that she's still a good person. She explains that Jenn knows but must have been above telling him. Down the hall, Anne's minion plants the note on Jenn's desk. When Jenn returns to her office, Daniel shows up to say that he knows that she knows and Chloe knows too. He notices the note. It's the number for child protective services. "Is this about Chloe?" he asks. 

Brady is confused at Kristen's after he has put together the note she ripped up. He wonders what, "I know what you're doing" is supposed to mean. She claims it was just from a business call. He's sure that's a lie. She perks up her cleavage to distract him. He starts to spasm and falls over. She calls Cameron over. The doctor thinks this could be connected to the concussion Brady suffered in the mugging. Kristen recalls paying the muggers off. Cam departs. Kristen fusses over Brady and his damaged brain. "Hey, it's not like you planned it," he says. He goes off for a shower and she tells herself to stay focused. 

Back at the rectory, Nicole rants at Eric about the lousy bookkeeping. He thinks she should tell him her problems. She refuses since he won't reciprocate. He blurts out that Brady is involved with Kristen. She's shocked. "I thought he was scraping the bottom of the barrel when he was with me," she complains. Nic asks the priest out for drinks to make up for being a pain. He thinks an apology would be sufficient. They gossip about Chloe.
At Caffeinated, John groans after listening to the recording of Marlena admitting why she never told him about the affair. He confronts Doc and accuses her of not having faith in him. She admits that what Kristen accused her of is true but she was 'flailing around' like an idiot and didn't know what to do. He's still furious. She's confident part of him still wants Kristen. He feels like he's surrounded by clones. "I know exactly how that feels," she says. He needs to figure out what to do next. Salem is toxic so he needs to go somewhere to think. She begs him not to but he refuses to talk to her anymore. 

Sami heads home and finds Will there. He wants to run but she won't let him. "I need to understand," she moans. She gets in his face and questions him about the abortion. Sami rails at him, saying he turned his back on the whole family. She wishes he would learn from her mistakes. He's learned that getting her involved just makes things worse. He just wants his child to have a mother and father who don't hate each other. Will thought that letting the child grow up in peace would be the best thing for it. "This is because of me," she says. He says it isn't. She thinks he needs to come to terms with how things have changed. Passing the child off as another man's isn't an option anymore. "Are you going to be a father to this child or not?" she challenges.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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