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4th Week of January Weekly Summaries

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January 21, 2013


January 22, 2013
How's It Goin' There, Granny?

Daniel finds the number of Child Protective Services in Jenn's office and starts questioning her. She admits that she knows about Chloe's past as a prostitute but wasn't planning to go to the authorities. He gets buzzed away. She chases after him. Anne and Chloe watch and smirk. Jenn confronts Anne about the note. Anne explains that the new girl, Hailey, did it. She must have confused Jenn with someone else. Jenn stomps off. Later, Daniel runs into Billie and demands that she tell her mom to call him. Chloe corners him and they discuss her prostitute's past. He assures her that she is still a good mother. They hug and Anne smirks. Meanwhile, Jenn goes to see Maggie. She unloads about what just happened. It suddenly occurs to her that Chloe could be behind all of this. When Jenn gets back to the hospital, Chloe eavesdrops as the doctor apologizes to Jenn for acting like a 'jackass' earlier. He says he will always trust her. Chloe pouts as the couple hugs.

Rafe drops by the pub to see his sister. Nick explains that she's at church. He gives him back the honeymoon tickets and says they are still planning to get married. Justin arrives. Nick sits down with him and asks what his parental rights are. He wants total custody. Justin explains that he needs to convince Will to give up his rights and then adopt. When the lawyer points out that Will could change his mind again, Nick wonders what it would take to prove Will is an unfit father. Justin wonders why he'd go that far. The lawyer doesn't want anything to do with it and leaves.
At Sami's, she pressures William about what he's going to do about the baby. She urges him to fight for his rights fast if he wants to keep them. He still refuses to discuss this with her. She urges him to talk and then she talks some more. He doesn't want her advice so she tells him to talk to anyone who is on his side. As he's about to go, EJ shows up. Sami decides to leave them alone, hugs her son and leaves. Will explains how he ended up having sex with Gabi. It was stupid but convinced him of who he really is. He admits he was happy that Nick offered to be the father. He thought that would be the easy way out. EJ explains that he has already hired him a custody lawyer. Will complains that his mom is telling him what to do and she talks enough to be a crowd. Elvis tells him that it's hell to be separated from your children.

Gabi is at church praying for forgiveness for her lies. Nicole interrupts. Gabi tells her she doesn't know what to do. Rafe arrives but keeps his distance while Nic listens to his sister's problems. Nicole tells her that people learn to forgive and everything will be alright. They hug. Nic notices Rafe. He nods. She leaves. Gabi apologizes to her brother. He promises to help her anyway he can. When she leaves, he says a prayer for her. Meanwhile, Nicole spots Sami in the square. "How's it goin' there Granny?" Nic calls. After they trade some insults, Nicole puts her on notice. She admits that she helped her get Rafe back, but she only did for his sake. "I should have know you'd blow it," says Nicole. Sami shakes her head. She heads to the church and bumps into Rafe. He doesn't want to argue there but she starts railing about his sister. As they bicker, EJ rears his head. Back in the square, Nic overhears Billie on the phone to her mom. When she runs into Chloe, she warns her that he plans for Daniel have already backfired. Chloe is still determined to win him back. Meanwhile, Gabi goes to the pub. Nick says that they should get married before their license expires. Will interrupts and declares that they need to discuss the baby first.


January 23, 2013

It's A Nightmare.

At the pub, Gabi and Nick talk to Will about his mom's reaction at the non-wedding. Nick hopes Sami isn't serious about being part of the child's life. He says that nothing has changed and suggests that Will give up his parental rights. William thinks he's insane. Nick is insulted so he gets insulting. Gabi tries to stop this from turning into an argument. "Do we really want this baby raised by one mommy and three daddies?" Nick blurts out. He tries backtracking and apologizes. She gets a text reminding her about her sonogram. Will tells them that he will never give up custody. They leave. At the hospital, Nick admits to her that he didn't want Will there for this.

Chad and Sonny are at Caffeinated. Chadsworth apologizes again but Sonny isn't angry at him anymore. Chad leaves to continue his 'apology tour'. Adrienne bustles in. Sonny expects a lecture about his boyfriend. He's livid that Will has been lying to him. That's the end of their trust. Sonny assumes she must feel vindicated. "You deserve better than this," she says. He thinks she's gloating and says he's never felt worse. Later, Will sticks his head in. He tells Sonny how much he misses him and asks for another chance. Sonny needs to know what the hell he was thinking. Will was afraid that the truth would mean losing him. Sonny wanted the chance to make up his own mind. He storms off.

Abby drops by the hospital and asks Maxine where Cameron is. Gossip erupts. Abby learns Cam is single again. He magically appears. The doctor awkwardly explains for himself that he's single again. Chad arrive and sees them together. He corners Cam to apologize again and says that Lexi wouldn't want them to be fighting. Cam doesn't think Lexi would be patting him on the back either. That makes Chad furious. Cameron tells him there's no way he can make things right. Later, Chad runs into Abby at Caffeinated. He's jealous about her flirting with Cam. He says the nanosecond he thought they were getting back together was the only time he didn't feel totally alone. After he walks off, Abby wanders over to Will and wonders why he is there instead of at the sonogram. Back at the hospital, Cam joins Nick and Gabi for the sonogram. He tells them it's a little girl. Will interrupts just in time to hear this and stares at the monitor.

EJ gets between Sami and Rafe as they bicker at the church. Rafe accuses her of threatening his sister. Elvis tells him to show her some compassion and respect. Sami smirks and lets EJ defends her some more. Rafe accuses her of being delusional about what Will really wants. He criticizes her parenting. EJ says that all of her kids are wonderful and orders him out. Rafe refuses to let her screw up his sister's baby and stomps out. He runs into Nicole in the square. Rafe complains to her about Sami. "I saw the real side of Sami. Guess what? It's a nightmare," he says. He's done with her. Meanwhile, EJ listens to Sami worrying about her son. He assures her that he has hired the best custody lawyer in town. He takes her out for tea and a scone in the square, repeating how important she and William are to him. She sends Lucas a text. Adrienne shows up after EJ wanders off. Sami threatens to 'take her down' if she says anything against her son. Adrienne is just concerned about her own son. Sami defends hers and says Sonny will get over it: Will has to live with this for the rest of his life. EJ returns and Adrienne leaves. Elvis takes Samanther home and they kiss.


January 24, 2013
Out With Rafe, In With EJ.

Rafe drops in at Caffeinated looking for Will. Sonny tells him that he's broken up with William. "It seems like so long ago," Sonny mopes. Meanwhile, Abby corners Chad and tells him she can't understand why he's been such a vindictive jerk. He has his regrets. Rafe wanders over to ask her where Will is. She's not helpful at first but finally explains that he's at the sonogram. Meanwhile, Justin and Adrienne walk the square. She moans about Sami and Will. He thinks they need to show a little compassion to the Horton. Lucas magically appears to thank him for that. Justin keeps his distance as they debate. After Roberts departs, Justin assures Adrienne that they will support their son, but they can't make Will a villain. They pay their son a visit at work. He wonders if they were really happy that he was with Will. They don't really answer but give him a hug.

Sami and EJ make out at her place. He throws her on the couch and dry humps her leather pants. When she reaches for his crotch, he grunts and says he can't do it. She wasn't expecting that. He claims he doesn't want to take advantage of her vulnerability. They only wind up having sex when something terrible has happened. He loves her but the time needs to be right. She wants to talk. There's a knock. They button their shirts and open up to Lucas. EJ heads out. Lucas gets snarky. "You did a horrible job buttoning your blouse," he says, pointing out that she was all over a different man yesterday. "Out with Rafe and in with EJ," Lucas observes. They bicker. She blames Gabi and Nick for everything and then turns the subject back to her sex life. He doesn't want to talk about it and then makes a joke about how she sleeps with EJ one day and Rafe the next. What actually makes him angry is that she's alienated the mother of their granddaughter. He points out she better make peace with Rafe too. They're going to be grandparents so they need to start acting like adults.
Will shows up at Nick and Gabi's sonogram just as Cam breaks the news that they are having a little girl. Cam wonders if Will should leave. Nick says he has the right to be there and even offers Will his spot. After Nick steps out, they watch it squirm on the screen. Cameron leaves and lets Nick back in. The baby kicked her gut but he missed it. Will announces that their original plan was a huge mistake and he needs to be part of the child's life. He's sure that they can work things out. Will rushes off and Nick feels the baby kick. He tells Gabi that he's made all of the arrangements and they are getting married tomorrow. They head home. Abby shows up. Gabi recaps the episode. Abby tells her that she's finally come to terms with being a virgin and worries if Cam will have a problem with that.
EJ runs into Chad outside the square. Elvis happily tells him about how things are going with Sami. Chad's life is a disaster. EJ says that in his experience, no matter how hideous things are, they always work out for him. Chad heads to the hospital and apologizes to Cam again. He wants to make amends. The doctor offers to try to get along with him. Meanwhile, EJ curls up with his pillows and calls Sami to giggle over the phone. He tells her how hard it was to use his head and resist her loins earlier.

Will bumps into Rafe in the square. Rafe still cares about him. Will assures him that he's made up with Nick and Gabi and they are having a girl. Rafe congratulates him and then mumbles to himself, "It's going to be a miracle if this works out." Will heads over to Caffeinated and finds Sonny alone. Will wants to have 'the talk' with him. He tells him about the sonogram and says that he wants him to be part of the baby's life too. Suddenly, Will blurts out that he misses him and plants a big kiss on him. He wants to take him to bed but Sonny says that sex won't make things better. Will apologizes for being an idiot and leaves. Meanwhile, Rafe drops by the pub and Nick tells him that he's marrying Gabi tomorrow. He hopes he can count on him if he has to fight Sami and Will for custody. Rafe offers his support.

January 25, 2013

The Dull One.
Daniel is at home on the phone to Chloe. He says Maggie is coming to help him look after the kid. Parker and his dad answer the door. It's Nicole. She wasn't expecting the kid to be there. She gives him a gift and starts sobbing. He tells her she will find somebody who is right for her. They discuss Jenn. Nic's about to warns him about Chloe when Maggie arrives. Nic wishes them well and runs off in tears. Maggie puts the kid to sleep. The doctor complains about all of the time he's missed with his son and how he is still a stranger. Maggie wishes she'd been around to bandage his knees when he was a kid, but she says things turned out okay for them. Out in the square, Nic bumps into Father Matt. He's impressed that she's been organizing the office for the nuns. They sit down and she complains that a friend of hers is clueless and dating 'the dull one'. He suggests she isn't being objective and tells her it's none of her business. The priest thinks she should try doing something for someone else.
Chloe shows up in Jenn's office. She thought they should talk face to face. Chloe pays her condolences for Jack. She suggests that Daniel is just a post-Jack transition and worries that she might not stick around in the doctor and Parker's lives. Jenn doesn't buy that. Chloe confesses to being a former prostitute. The blond doesn't hold that against her. The diva cries about how her relationship with Daniel was ruined. Jenn's not sure what the point of this conversation is. Chloe makes it all about Parker and says she's heard about her getting the number of Child Protective Services. An orderly barges in and says that someone wants to talk to Jenn. Chloe leaves. Maggie shows up later and Jenn fills her in about what just happened. The blond thinks that Chloe is out to make her look bad so she can get Daniel back. Maggie doesn't think she needs to worry. Meanwhile, Chloe is at Daniel's with their son. She suggests that they move in permanently so they can bond.

Brady and Kirsten arrive in Eric's office. He says that they can't work together to build the school. Kristen offers to resign and tells the step-brothers not to let scandal get between them. Brady refuses to stay on the board without her. The priest doesn't think they can ever work together anyway. He lectures him for being 'tacky'. He doesn't want him reflecting badly on the church. Brady defends Kristen so Eric accuses him of being selfish and letting John and Marlena split up. Brady overturns a chair and storms out. Nicole shows up and finds Eric's collar. He'd thrown it at Brady earlier and moans about how his step-brother is being played. Nic is inspired to get Kristen out of Brady's life and happily wanders off.

Marlena meets John at Caffeinated. He's leaving town today. She slumps and accuses him of not being willing to fight for them. He can't think in Salem. He's going to Italy. The shrink accuses him of throwing everything away. He accuses her of having no faith in him. When he heads for the door, she wraps herself around him and sobs. Kristen watches through the window as Marlena kisses John. He says he will be back and leaves. Marlena stoops and cries. Kristen giggles and jumps up and down. She chases John down and gloats. He tells her to go to hell and plods off. He bumps into his son and tells him he's leaving town for awhile. Brady advises him not to come home until he can accept that Kristen is part of his life. He runs into Marlena next and tells her he's sorry that she's having problems with his dad. She says they are all her fault. Over at the church, John says goodbye to Eric and tells him that Kristen is the devil. Meanwhile, Kristen calls her father to gloat. He thinks it's time for her to dump Brady. She still has plans for him. Nicole shows up at her door

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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