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5th Week of January Weekly Summaries

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January 28, 2013

Stupid About Women

At Caffeinated, Brady refuses to listen to another lecture from Marlena. She can't stop herself. He feels like everyone is ganging up on him. Eric calls and tells him to come back to the rectory. When Brady gets there, the priest asks him to sign a letter of resignation. Later, Marlena shows up. They discuss Brady and the shrink insists that part of this mess is her fault.

Nicole drops in on Kristen and tells 'Cupcake' that she loves Brady but he's stupid when it comes to women. "Wasn't he once in love with you?" Kristen quips. They trade insults. Everything Nic throws at her Kristen throws back. They compare their sordid histories. Nic insists that she is still a loyal friend. Kristen thinks she's bored and pushes her about her dead baby. Nic nearly clobbers her for that. Kristen orders her out. Nicole leaps on her. Brady shows up and drags Nic out. She rails at Brady in the hall. "You are all wrong about her!" he yelps. Kristen listens to them and feels kind of bad. He returns to her. She's irate but he tells her to let it go. Nic has suffered enough. He accuses Kristen of being jealous. Brady doesn't want anyone to get between them. They remember that they have jobs. She wanders off to work and starts thinking of Brady. She repeats to herself that he's just the means to an end.
Hope drops by the hospital to see Jenn. They yap about Daniel. Jenn has to admits that Chloe could be a problem. The blond loves the doctor for being a  mamma's boy who can do a great Scooby-Doo impression but he's stupid about women. When she admits she can understand Chloe's perspective, the cop stops her. She warns her not to give Chloe an opening and encourages her to take Daniel somewhere more private than the pub.
At Daniel's, Chloe tells him that she and Parker should move in. He thinks that's stupid but she thinks it would give Parker a feeling of family. She admits that she screwed up in the past and no other man could ever touch what they had. The doctor remembers what they had but that time is past and what happened between them still hurts. She claims she is glad he has moved on. They agree that this was a nice talk. He leaves to run some errands. The diva tells Parker that she and Daniel can get back what they had. She just needs to 'derail that Horton broad'. Jenn sends a text to the phone Daniel left behind. Chloe reads it, gets inspired and smears food on her blouse. Later, Jenn shows up and finds Chloe wearing no more than one of Daniel's shirts and a 'deer in the headlights' expression.

Nicole arrives at the rectory and eavesdrops on Marlena discussing John's departure with Eric. She interrupts and the priest walks the shrink out. Nic ponders how to take Kristen down and then snoops through Eric's desk. When he returns, she offers to get Kristen's resignation letter for him. Later, Hope drops in to pick up Ciara after confirmation class. Eric fills Hope in about John leaving town. "Kristen won," groans Hope. Meanwhile, Nic drops by the mansion to apologize to Brady. She claims she has a headache. When he leaves to get her some tea, she opens his laptop and copies Titan files onto a USB drive. Daniel pops up and catches her. Out in the square, Marlena runs into Kristen. She tells her to stop torturing Brady and leave him alone. The DiMera says they will be together for a very long time.


January 29, 2013

Who Says Blonds Have More Fun?

Jenn is startled to find Chloe answer Daniel's door wearing nothing but one of his shirts. "Why are you playing house in his apartment?" Jenn asks. The diva explains that Parker made a mess with his food and she had to clean up. Things are tense. Chloe says they don't need to be enemies. Everyone wants what's best for the kid. Jenn decides to go. "Who says blonds have more fun?" Chloe quips to herself. She explains her plot to Parker. His mouth hangs open.
In the square, Billie is annoyed with her mom for going after Chloe again. She tells her that this situation is all her fault. Kate doesn't want to listen so her daughter thinks she's stubborn and it's getting her nowhere. Billie explains that she's made some calls and is looking for a new job. She doesn't think they should work together anymore. Kate doesn't understand. Her daughter can't stand by and watch her scheme. Kate offers to stop but Billie thinks that's impossible. Billie compares being a heroin junkie to loving Bo and explains that clinging to someone just makes you lose them. "You can't drag me down," Billie whimpers. She runs off. Kate sobs.

Daniel catches Nicole getting up to something at the mansion and questions her. She tears up and tells him how hard it has been to see him with Parker. It's reminded her of the life she could have had. That's not answering his question. Victor interrupts to complain about her being there. She leaves as Brady returns. Victor complains that Henderson seems to let in all the people he hates. Brady points out that he hates half the town. Brady leaves for a business call and Vic complains to Daniel about Chloe staying there. Brady returns and hands the phone off to Victor. The doctor and Brady decide to spend more time together and decide on a double date. Brady worries that Kristen and Nicole could be going to war. Daniel leaves. Vic makes it clear to Brady that he doesn't want Kristen there. Brady compares his relationship with Kristen to Victor's with Maggie. The mustache thinks that bullocks.
Brady calls Kristen and they arrange to meet up. She bumps into Roman outside of the pub. She pouts as he tells her about John leaving town. Kristen insists it had nothing to do with her and says that Marlena has been acting off. She reminds him of how she nursed him back to health and brought him to town. When she gets home, Nicole shows up. "Eww gross!" Kristen complains. Nic has papers from Eric for her to sign and adds that they have unfinished business. Kristen threatens to 'kick the crap' out of her. Nic apologizes for what happened before. When the DiMera gets a call, Nic grabs one of her swipe keys before going. Once DiMera leaves, Nic sneaks in and plugs the USB drive into Kristen's laptop. Before she can run off, Brady shows up. She hides. He puts on the mood lighting and spreads flower petals on the bed. Kristen shows up. He pulls her into bed.

Jenn joins Daniel at the pub. She's frazzled. He's disturbed that she's not her normal perky self. She hands him his phone. He's confused. She starts to explain how she got it when Chloe interrupts, glosses the recap and then runs off. Daniel checks his phone and realizes Jenn had lunch plans for them. He wants to make things up to her. She suggests that they go away together for some alone time. Meanwhile, Chloe drops by the hospital to visit Anne. She fantasizes about firing Jenn. Chloe tells her she might get her wish.


January 30, 2013
Do You Hate Me That Much?

In the square, Kate offers to have Nick's parole revoked if Will wants it. He tells her not to do that and explains what happened with Nick, Gabi and the baby. She's sure he'll be a fantastic father. He talks about the sonogram and then senses something is wrong with her. Kate vaguely mentions Billie leaving.

Rafe shows up at the pub. Nick and Gabi jiggle over to him. Rafe says they should cancel the ceremony. He thinks they should wait. The detective departs. Nick still wants to tie the knot. Gabi contemplates delaying so people will be more supportive. Kate shows up and says that's a great idea. There's some bickering. Kate explains that she was going to fire him but Will convinced her not to. After she leaves, Nick tells Gabi that everyone is trying to keep them on a short leash. She still doesn't see why they shouldn't wait. He agrees to that if it makes her happy. Meanwhile, Marlena pays Hope a visit at work and fills her in about John running off. Hope feels responsible. The shrink is blaming someone else. Later, Rafe shows up and tells Hope about the wedding plans. He notices she seems on edge and asks her about Bo. She claims it's nothing. His sister calls and says they are postponing for now. Hope takes the opportunity to run. Back at the pub, Nick starts digging around for information about Lucas' time in prison. It takes about five minutes for him to figure out that, "Gay boy tried to murder EJ DiMera!" At that moment, Gabi gives Will a copy of the sonogram. He runs off to thank Nick.
Billie is at Caffeinated accepting a job offer over the phone. Later, she runs into her mother and explains that she just got a job in Europe. She's leaving tonight, "Do you hate me that much?" asks Kate. Her daughter says it's just time to go. Kate cries but Billie really needs to go. "I wish you didn't make it so darn hard to be in your corner," Billie says. They hug and she runs away in tears.
Nicole hides in Kristen's room as Brady and the DiMera make out in bed. He notices her laptop is open and she has Titan documents on it. She doesn't know how that happened. He tries questioning her. She's offended and runs out. He chases after her. Nic smugly saunters out. She heads to the rectory. Meanwhile, Kristen tells Brady about Nicole's second visit. He guesses what happened and apologizes to her. Brady goes over to the rectory and tells her what happened. He explains that the files were time stamped and there's no way Kristen could have actually stolen them. She suggests it must have been Henderson but he knows it was her. She blames Victor anyway. He calls her a 'lying bitch'. Eric returns as Brady rails about how stupid all of this is. He never wants to see her again and storms off. Eric wonders what that was all about. Nic explains and claims she was trying to make things better. Eric points out that she could go to jail for what she did.
Kristen bumps into Marlena outside of the square. The DiMera threatens to pat her down. The shrink thinks she should be happy that she is suffering. Kristen accuses her of getting off on self-pity. After she walks off, Brady wanders by. Marlena tells Brady that John left to get away from her. She confesses to her attempt to get Kristen on tape. When she mentions the note, something clicks. He starts to pant and then runs off. When he gets to Kristen's, he tells her that Nic confessed... but he wants to know why she lied to him about the note to Marlena.


January 31, 2013
I Threw in the Towel, You Moron.

Brady confronts Kristen about the note she wrote to Marlena. She confirms it. What bothers him is that she lied to him about it. He wants the truth about what happened with Doc. She details the whole event and how she defended their relationship. Kristen says she was just protecting Marlena. He doesn't understand. She pouts and says she was trying to protect him too. When she asks him to leave if he doesn't have her back, he refuses to go. He wants her. They have sex. "Just you and me. The rest of world can go to hell. It always does," she says as he falls asleep.

Sami calls EJ and says they need to talk later. He bumps into Rafe in the square and asks after Gabi. He snipes about how the Hernandez family keep fathers from their children. Elvis tells him to stay away from Sami and William. They trade barbs and EJ tells him he lost. "I threw in the towel, you moron!" Rafe says, explaining that he and Sami were back together. EJ's eyes narrow. Meanwhile, Sami calls Will and says they need to look after something. She bustles into the pub to harass Gabi and accuse her of trying to get full custody. Sami reminds her that Nick is a convicted murdered. Gabi reminds her that that didn't get in the way of her planning the wedding. She insists that no one is taking the child from Will. Gabi tells her about the sonogram. Sami remains paranoid. Upstairs in Gabi's room, Nick manages to figure out that Lucas went to prison for Will. Horton sticks his head in and thanks him for letting him be at the sonogram. Will babbles about how awesome it is that they can all be parents and starts hugging him. Nick heads downstairs and catches Sami laying into Gabi. Fallon tells the granny-to-be that stress is bad for babies. Sami decides to go shopping. Gabi tells her beau that being around Sami makes her feel like she's choking. Rafe shows up and offers to take them out for dinner. They complain about Sami and take a rain check. She heads upstairs and Nick complains about Sami some more.

Abby is at Caffeinated caffeinating. Sonny looks miserable. Abby tells him that Will's mistakes may have been big, but he should give him another chance anyway. Besides, considering how Sonny reacted, maybe Will was right to keep secrets from him... Sonny claims that he just needs room to figure out how he feels. He still loves Will but has questions. Cameron shows up and notices Chad gorping at Abby. He says he looks like a stalker. Chad still feels bad for everything that's happened. Elvis strolls in and quizzes his brother about Sami and Rafe at the wedding. Chad admits people were gossipping about them being together. "Don't ever be a woman's second choice," EJ advises. After his brothers leave, Chad corners Abby. She tells him to try being a better person and leaves. Across the room, Brian startles Sonny. They joke about how Will's baggage includes a diaper bag. They flirt. "Go big or go home," Brian suggests. They start kissing. Meanwhile, Abby runs into Cam at the hospital. They talk about second chances. He gets buzzed away but she wants to talk some more. So does she. Chad runs into Will down in the square. Chad says he would have taken the secret to his grave if he'd know Will was involved. Will shows him the sonogram. Chad says he'll be an awesome dad and urges him to talk to Sonny. When Will gets to Caffeinated, he looks through the window and spots Sonny and Brian kissing. 

EJ shows up at Samanther's. She recaps the past five months and admits she kept trying to get back with Rafe. Sami claims she could never tell EJ about it because part of her was trying to save herself from Rafe. Now that she's seen the real Rafe, she knows that he's not for her. She didn't want to throw EJ away. Although she's afraid of her feelings for him, being with him feels right. "I want you," she says, hoping she hasn't lost him. She can't stay away from him and won't give up. "We belong together," she says. He checks to make sure his hands are working. She blubbers. They start kissing her. Rafe bangs on the door.

February 1, 2013
Can't Wait To See That Cake.
At Sami's, EJ's left speechless after her lengthy talk. As they start kissing, Rafe bangs on the door. They ignore him. Rafe keeps banging. She answers. The cop insists on bickering with her about his sister. He snarks about her and EJ and then confronts her for harassing Gabi. After she claims she'll stay out of his sister's face, he leaves. EJ chases after him. He tells Rafe that he's done with Sami now. Rafe reminds him he already said that in the last episode. He remains unphased and tells him EJ that he and Sami deserve each other. Rafe happily strolls away. EJ returns to Samanther to say Rafe won't be back. They gulp wine. He's disturbed by how calm she is being. She worries about Will. He's reassuring but skittish when she tries molesting his hand. He runs across the room and stutters. She thought he wanted her. He does but he's waiting for an interruption. They start kissing. She apologizes for being so stupid for so long. He claims she's the only woman he's ever looked at. Sami thinks that he's finally become the man he was meant to be. Elvis is about to leave but she asks him to stay. His head bobbles. They kiss some more. Meanwhile, Rafe is at the office with Hope. He complains. She assures him that things will be okay. He insists that he's finished with Sami. Hope's sorry. He's not. He doesn't even think Sami has a heart,

Daniel is at the mansion yapping with Parker and his mom. He explains he's going away with Jenn. Chloe wants to talk to him about what Kate did to her. He impatiently listens to her dredge it all up and insists that she's an amazing mother and that's all that matters. The doctor wants to run. The diva thinks he's moving too fast with Jenn. He doesn't. He runs for the door and bumps into his mom on the way. They have a quick chat and she promises a 'who's your daddy' party for Parker. "Can't wait to see that cake," Daniel says. He runs off. The diva worries to Maggie that Jenn and Daniel won't pan out. Maggie halts the conversation. They bicker about Jenn and Maggie thumps away.

Hope drops by Jenn's to get some sleeping bags. She notices Jenn has some luggage packed. Jenn explains she asked Daniel to spend the night with her and now she's worried it's too soon. A pep talk commences. Later, the doctor arrives to pick up the blond. They head to the chalet and make out. She unbuttons him and he inhales her face. The phone rings. It's Chloe, yelping that there is a problem with Parker. 

Will peers through the window of Caffeinated and spots Brian making out with Sonny. The lads leave together. Will mopes away. He bumps into Justin, who senses that something is up. The lawyer tries making small talk and suggests he get a good custody lawyer. Will has one but doesn't think he'll need her. Meanwhile, Brian and Sonny go back to his place. Brian tells him how sexy and special he is. They put on some Kenny G and make out.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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