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new! Days receives 6 Daytime nominations, with four in the acting field and two in the technical field

Outstanding Lead Actor Nominees: Thaao Penghlis (Tony)
Outstanding Supporting Actress Nominees: Judi Evans (Bonnie)
Outstanding Younger Actor Nominees: Darin Brooks (Max)
Outstanding Younger Actress Nominees: Rachel Melvin (Chelsea)

Days Nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup For A Drama Series
Days Nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling For A Drama Series

* For a full list of the nominees, visit soaps.com!

Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations Released
The 2007 Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations list has been released. These are the actors that the show puts in for consideration for the final nominations. The final list of who will be up for the award is selected at a later date. For now, here are the actors "Days" put in to be considered. For the list of all soap nominations, head over to Soaps.com.

Lead Actor -
Stephen Nichols (Steve)
James Scott (EJ)
Thaao Penghlis (Tony)
Peter Reckell (Bo)

Lead Actress -
Deidre Hall (Marlena)
Alison Sweeney (Sami)

Supporting Actor -
Bryan Datillo (Lucas)
Jay Kenneth Johnson (Phillip)
Joseph Mascolo (Stefano)

Supporting Actress -
Judi Evans (Bonnie/Adrienne)
Martha Madison (Belle)
Mary Beth Evans (Kayla)

Leading Younger Actor -
Blake Berris (Nick)
Darin Brooks (Max)
Matthew Florida (Ford)

Leading Younger Actress -
Kristen Renton (Morgan)
Shelley Hennig (Stephanie)
Rachel Melvin (Chelsea)

Update! Days Writers Re-Hired?
Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that at the WGA East's meeting this weekend on the resolution to the writers strike, that it was announced that the fired "Days" writers would all be getting their jobs back, because of technicalities that a fired striking writer must be replaced by another striking writer, not scab writers.

Days Writers Fired
Hogan Scheffer, who was brought in last year to take over as head writer, has been fired along with many to most of the writers under him, who have been on strike since November. Currently the show is being written by "scab" writers, writers which will cross the picket lines. Recently Hogan Scheffer's name along with the other writer's names fell off the credits for the show.

Tom Cassiello, one of the writers who was fired, has been posting about the drama on his myspace page. You can read his official "Goodbye Letter" on his Myspace page.

There has been no official announcement from Days about the following news yet. The writers strike is possibly ending this week, as contracts have been drawn up and are expected to be approved.

Writers Strike Could Hurt Soaps! 
Writers Now Set To Strike!
Writers Strike Begins!
New Negotiations Scheduled!
Negations Stalled!

Last week the Writers Guild of America voted to strike come midnight, October 31st if new contracts are not agreed upon. Their current contracts expire at midnight on Halloween. At the heart of the strike is the fact that networks are now making more money from the shows through DVD sales, online plays and download sales through iTunes, cellphones, etc . . . In 2001 a strike was averted at the final hours of the night, which could happen again tonight. The last time the writers went on strike was in 1988, and it lasted for 5 months.

Should writers strike again, a lengthy strike could be disastrous for the soaps. Soaps usually only tape 3 weeks in advance, with the final scripts of the show not being delivered too much ahead of the taping of the shows. Should the strike happen and not be resolved quickly, we could see the soaps running out of new episodes by the end of November or early December. The spots would most likely be filled with old reruns of other syndicated shows, news programs or infomercials. Current primetime TV shows would run out of new episodes in early 08. Movies too would be affected as the studios would not meet projected dates for some of their upcoming blockbusters.

Even though several deals were offered, and a professional mediator was brought in, contract talks with the Writers Guild of America broke off last night. Today. November 1st, the guild is set to vote again on whether to strike or continue working without contracts in hopes of negotiating a deal. If they vote to strike, the strike could begin as early as tomorrow, November 2nd.

On Thursday the Writers Guild of America voted to strike, but as of yet no announcement has been made to when the strike will begin. Some news reports indicate it could happen at any moment, others say it will most likely be delayed until Sunday or Monday to allow last minute attempts to resolve the contracts before striking. 

Last minute negotiations fell through, and the writers strike began at 12:01am this morning, Monday November 5th.

The soaps are currently without their writers, but have enough scripts and episodes to get through January, maybe into February. However there may be no interruption as negations to end the strike are set to begin again on November 26th.

In early December, a week after starting talks again, the WGA ceased talks and rejected deals presented to them. There have been no new talks since and the strike has gone on.

NBC Acquires Oxygen Media
Thanks to Christopher for the heads up

NBC Universal is acquiring Oxygen Media, one of the nation's leading female-focused cable television networks, thus expanding its highly successful cable portfolio. The announcement was made on October 9th by Jeff Zucker, President and CEO, NBC Universal. 

Zucker said: "In just seven short years, Oxygen has become the crown jewel of independent networks. It's a terrific property with a clear mission, strong brand, and desirable audience. This acquisition increases our foothold in the advertiser-coveted young, upscale, female demographic, and perfectly complements our current roster of cable channels and plays to our strength of running and operating cable networks." 

Oxygen was founded by current Chairman and CEO Geraldine Laybourne along with talk show host Oprah Winfrey and television producers Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner and Caryn Mandabach. 

With all the rumors swirling about for almost a year now that "Days of Our Lives" could be canceled by NBC come 2009, and with "Passions" already having been dropped and picked up by DirecTV and NBC.com for online play, the acquisition of the Oxygen Channel is good news for soap fans as it very well could become the home of NBC soaps in the near future as more and more network soaps will probably find themselves on cable channels down the road.

Behind The Scenes "Days" on TivoCast!
Thanks to Bex for the heads up!

Hey Tivo users, you can now get a special program all about "Days" on your Tivos! Curious what goes on backstage in Salem? Catch exclusive behind-the-scenes looks from your favorite soap opera, Days of our Lives, delivered right to your TiVo box every week via TiVoCast. To download this program, simply open up your Tivo menu. Select "Find Pograms" from the main menu, followed by "Download TV and Movies." "Days of Our Lives" should be an option on the list that appears. You can select to download the most current episode or have a season pass which automatically sends a new show to your Tivo every Wednesday. Please note that in order to download the program you will need to have a broadband connection and have your Tivo hooked up to the connection.

The End Of Days on iTunes? NBC Goes to Amazon's Unbox
The New York Times and other sources are reporting that a fallout between NBC and Apple over the pricing of NBC shows for sale on iTunes has lead to the announcement by Apple that no new NBC shows will be added to iTunes for sale! None of the new shows debuting this fall will be added, but whether new episodes of current shows will be added is unknown. NBC says Apple must sell them, Apple says they will not. There is no information yet on whether this will affect Days of Our Lives.

NBC announced that they have stuck a deal with Amazon to distribute their shows online through Amazon's Unbox service, which allows users to watch shows online, download them to their computer or mobile devices or to have programs sent to user's Tivos. New shows for the fall 07 season will actually premier on Unbox before their television debut, and users can currently get episodes of older shows such as "Heroes" and "The Office." Head over to http://unbox.amazon.com to learn more.

How the drama between NBC and iTunes will affect "Days" status on iTunes has yet to be mentioned in any of these articles. Given the original deal was actually announced by Sony and Columbia Tri-star Television, which own "Days," it may not be affected at all. Currently though "Days" is categorized by iTunes as an NBC show. 

Thanks to Maureen for the heads up on the amazon deal.

Days Moving Time In Many Markets!
Many have been emailing me about commercials indicating Martha Stewart's show is taking "Days'" time slot at 1pm. Beginning in September, Days is moving in many markets to either noon or 2pm! Please check your local listings to find the new time slot for "Days!"

Staff Changes At Days!
Days has named a new co-executive producer and casting director. Ed Scott, formerly from "The Young and the Restless" replaces Steve Wyman as co-executive producer at the show. Additionally Roy Steinberg, supervising producer, is leaving. Marnie Saitta, who also worked on "Y&R" replaces Fran Bascom as casting director.

Source: MercuryNews.com
Thanks to Bethany for the heads up!

Days To Be Sold Through iTunes!
Variety.com is reporting that beginning tomorrow, Tuesday June 12th, "Days of Our Lives" will be available for download through the iTunes store. Episodes will cost $1.99 a piece, though 20 episode passes can be ordered for $9.99.

Not Seeing Page Updates?
I often get emails that the page doesn't appear to have been updated in days, or when trying to get the latest summary one gets the summary from last week. The problem is that your web browser is pulling a cached update off your hard drive rather than the latest update from my server. There are several ways to fix this issue.

The easiest way to fix the problem is to make sure whatever browser you are using (IE, Netscape, Firefox, Opera) is the most current and up to date version. The newer browsers are much better at correcting this issue than older browsers are. 

Other ways to correct the issue are to change the settings/options of your browser. How to do this will vary depending on the browser. One option to look for is how the browser checks for new versions of the pages you visit. Options usually include: once per session, once per day, every time I connect to a website. This option is usually found somewhere near the cache/temporary files settings (Firefox seems to not have this option).

If all else fails and the page isn't updating, go into your options and choose to clear/empty your temporary internet files/browser cache. Another option is to simply hold down CTRL on your keyboard and hit your browsers refresh/reload button, which forces an update.

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If you are getting excessive pop-ups from this site (more than 2 a day) or any other site, especially pop-ups that make it past your pop-up blockers then you most likely have spyware on your PC! Please take the time to read through the following, I have links to completely free spyware and virus software that you can install on your PC in minutes!

Two great spyware removal tools are Ad-Aware and Spybot. Spybot actually includes a download blocker in it that stops a lot of stuff from being downloaded automatically in Internet Explorer. Spyware Blaster is another program that blocks spyware from downloading onto your PC. Unlike Spybot, it supports all types of browsers. I recommend using ALL THREE programs! If you are running Internet Explorer as your browser than you are more vulnerable to spyware than say users of FireFox, Netscape or Opera.

If you have no ant-virus program on your PC, a good free one to use is AVG Anti-Virus

If your online a lot, or have a cable modem and do NOT have any type of firewall installed, your vulnerable to hackers. I recommend using ZoneAlarm. If you have an up-to-date Windows XP system running Windows Service Pack 2 then you should have Windows Firewall running. Still, Zone Alarm is a good alternative and FREE!

Finally, if you haven't already, give Firefox a try. Most spyware makes its way onto your computer through loopholes in Internet Explorer. Firefox stops a lot of spyware from getting through. Additionally it is a heck of a lot faster than Internet Explorer! There is a third browser I highly recommend, and that is Opera. The best thing about Opera is that it is fast, really fast. It's also now FREE. Netscape is another browser you can try.

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