Jude StClair

Jude StClair

Portrayers: Jeff Griggs 1995-96
Date of Birth: unknown
Parents: unknown
Entrance onto Show: Jude ran Peter's Club, the Blue Moon
Romances: Jude lusted after Hope Williams Brady
Occupation: Manager of the Blue Moon
Crimes/Incarcerations: Ran drugs at the Blue Moon, kidnapped Hope and Jennifer, attempted to rape Hope, planned to sell Hope into white slavery, attempted to kill Hope.
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: Jude StClair was killed by Peter Blake in 1996

Jude StClair ran Peter's club, the Blue Moon. After hours the Blue Moon changed from a normal nightclub into a club which ran drugs and provided exotic dancers as entertainment.

With his upcoming wedding to Jennifer Devereaux, Peter Blake decided to rid himself of all criminal activities. Peter planned to turn the Blue Moon over to Jude StClair and ordered him to get rid of any and all evidence that linked him to the club. Hope Williams Brady posed as a bartender at the club in an undercover operation in hope of busting Jude StClair and his associates. Jude took a liking to Hope, having no idea she was a cop, and asked her to perform as a stripper. Not wanting to blow her cover, Hope began a striptease show when Bo burst into the club and provided her a reason to stop her show. Hope was ordered by Bo to give up the undercover operation, which not only angered Hope, but it angered Jude because he had developed a thing for Hope. Jude's attempt to get anywhere with Hope are doused when Peter orders Jude to search for dirt on Jack. Jude's search takes him to The Meadows where he learns that Jack Devereaux and Laura Horton were lovers.

Jude went to Aremid to tell Peter the news and to get some money. Peter gave Jude the deed to the Blue Moon, but Jude drops it at a pavilion where Peter and Jen were to be married. Jack finds the deed and reads it, but Jude knocks him out and also knocks over a lantern, which causes the pavilion to go up in flames. Later, Peter pays Jude off with a matchbook that contains the numbers to a bank account in the Cayman Islands. Jude attempts to leave Aremid, but he is found by Jen. Jude kidnaps her and ties her up in an abandoned warehouse. Jude is spotted in the woods by Jack, but he gets away when Jude warns him that he has Jennifer. Jen manages to escape and she takes the matchbook with her. Jude is furious that he has lost everything, but then he sees Hope in Aremid. When Jude gets violent with her, Hope puts out his eye.

Jude was forced to hide in a cabin and tend to his eye, but he was spotted again by Jack. Jen eventually stumbled upon Jude and he took her hostage. Jude swore to Jen that he didn't kill Tony, but she refused to believe him. Jen managed to escape, but she took the matchbook that Peter had written the bank account number on. Jude was furious, but later he found Hope Brady buried in an avalanche. Hope was alive and he took her back to a cabin he was hiding in and nursed her back to health.

Bo Brady decides to go search for Hope in the mountains of Aremid one last time. Bo takes flight in a helicopter and upon hearing it nearby, Hope starts a fire in the cabin that Jude is holding her in. Bo goes searching for the cabin, but is lost in a snowstorm. Jennifer Blake, Peter Blake, Jack Devereaux, and Mike Horton come looking for Bo and eventually find him. Bo escapes his sickbed and finds Hope, who has escaped from Jude. Jude shows up and shoots Bo, hitting him in the arm. Peter and Jack show up as well and Jack witnesses Peter shoot Jude St. Clair in cold blood. Peter claims he was defending himself and everyone else believes it. They all return to Salem shortly after.

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