Larry Atwood Portrayers: Fred Bier 1977-78
Date of Birth: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Entrance onto Show: Showed up in 1977 and became obsessed with Julie Williams
Marriages: none
Romances: Jeri Clayton 1977/78
Children: none
Occupation: scultper
Crimes/Incarcerations: Raped Julie Williams and framed Doug Willaims for a drug bust
Other Interesting Facts:
Date of Death: Shot in 1978

Lary Atwood came to Salem with plans to break up Doug and Julie. Larry managed to frame Doug as being involved with a Dope Bust while he stayed in Salem and helped Julie run the club. When Larry had managed to keep Doug out of town long enough he raped Julie at his apartment. Julie didn't tell anyone about the rape until Doug suspected her of having an affair with Larry. Later Larry would be shot to death by his assistant Arlo Roberts, but Julie Williams was accused of the crime.

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