Emmy Borden

Portrayers: Susan Diol 1990-91
Date of Birth:?
Entrance onto Show: Emmy was infatuated with Bo Brady
Marriages: none
Romances: Emmy loved Bo Brady
Crimes/Incarcerations:Emmy mistakenly poisoned Bo Brady while trying to poison Carly Manning
Other Interesting Facts:
Date of Death: 1991

Emmy Borden was infatuated with Bo Brady, even though he didn't love her. Emmy befriended Bo and on the night before Carly Manning was to marry Victor Kiriakis, Bo asked Emmy to deliver a note to Carly pledging his love to her. Emmy took the note to Victor, who forged a note from Carly telling Bo that she was happy with Victor. Emmy gave this note to Bo and Victor forged another not from Bo to Carly in which Bo told her to marry Victor. Bo refused to give up on Carly when he received the forged note from Emmy. Emmy was furious and decided to kill Carly. Emmy got stole of a small amount of the virus that Lawrence was infecting people with from Victor and she dumped it into a wine glass that she expected Carly to drink from. Emmy's plan failed and at Carly and Victor's wedding, Bo showed up and grabbed the glass with the virus in it. He toasted to Victor and Carly and then drank the poisoned champaign that was meant for Carly.

Emmy had been kidnapped by Victor Kiriakis because she threatened to tell Bo the truth, but Lawrence Alamain bribed Kiriakis' henchman and planned to use Emmy as bait to lure Bo to a warehouse. Lawrence wanted to give Bo the cure in hopes of saving his relationship with Bo's sister, Kimberly. The plan failed and Emmy was given a lethal dose of the virus. Emmy died in Bo's arms, but not before telling him that she infected him with the virus.

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