The Bradys

Billie Reed Brady

Portrayers: Lisa Rinna 1992-95, Krista Allen Morrit 1996-Present
Date of Birth: August 29, 19XX
Parents: Kate Roberts and Curtis Reed
Entrance onto Show: Billie was Austin's little sister
Marriages: Bo Brady (June 16th, 1997, In Rome)
Romances: Roman Brady (1995 off screen) , Franco Kelly (1997)
Children: none
Occupation: Porn Actress, Singer, COO of Countess Willamina
Crimes/Incarcerations:Drug addict, hid $100,000 dollars for a crime boss, Accused of killing Curtis Reed in 1993
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: Still Alive

Billie Reed came to Salem in 1992. Billie had a job singing, but she lost it because of her addiction to cocaine. Billie's drug addiction was only one secret she was hiding from her brother Austin. Carrie made friends with her and Billie moved into Carrie's apartment. An old friend stopped by to see Billie and persuaded her to stash $100,000 dollars for him while he had to spend some time in jail. Billie objected, but he threatened to tell everyone that Billie's previous job was as a actress in porn films. Billie agreed and hid the money in an abandoned barn.

Jack found the money that Billie Reed had hidden in a barn and he used it to buy the Spectator back. Unfortunately, Billie told him it belonged to a crime boss who was expecting it when he was released from jail. In an attempt to earn the money, Billie posed as the author of the novel Jack had found in the attic of his house.

Later, Billie decided to turn her life around and started her own cosmetics company called Countess Willamina. To fund her company, Billie convinced Alive and Maggie Horton to become investors. Unfortunately, Kate Roberts bought out Countess Willamina to spite Billie for posing as the author of Jack's manuscript. Later that year, Billie befriended Tony DiMera. Tony bought up 49% of Titan Industries and then brought Billie into Titan to run the Countess Willamina division.

In 1993, Billie began to fall in love with Bo Brady, despite the fact that he was involved with Carly Manning at the time. In 1993, Carly Manning was believed to have died. However, she was actually buried alive by Vivian Alamain and was later saved by Lawrence. Carly had no memory of the past 10 years and she believed that Lawrence was James, the man she fell in love with before learning that he was Lawrence. Carly was eventually spotted by Bo and Billie. When Lawrence tried to flee the country with Carly, Billie stopped them and jogged Carly's memory by bringing Nikki to her. Carly remembered everything, but she remained in love with Lawrence. Lawrence, Nikki, and Carly all left Salem by the end of 93.

Later in 93, Billie saw her supposedly dead father, Curtis Reed, try to kill John Black. Curtis was arrested and Billie was asked to identify him, but she told Bo that he was not the man she saw trying to kill John. Billie did not want Bo to know that Curtis was her father. Curtis had gotten Billie addicted to drugs when she was younger and she also raped her. Curtis eventually drugged Billie with heroin and took her to the basement of her building. Curtis intended to rape her, but before he could he was murdered. Billie couldn't remember what happened, but she was arrested for killing him. Billie's prints were on the gun that was used to kill Curtis and part of her wondered if she did kill him. However, Billie refused to tell Bo how she knew Curtis and she made her brother, Austin, keep quiet. Bille thought that if Bo learned the truth, he wouldn't love her. Bo had fallen in love with Billie and was determined to prove that she was innocent.

As the trail continued in 1994, many secrets came out. Billie and Austin were bothered shocked when the fact that Kate was married to Curtis Reed came out. Eventually Billie admitted that Curtis was her father and he sexually molested her. In the end, it was revealed that Stefano DiMera killed Curtis in self defense and framed Billie. Billie was let go and despite fearing that Bo would want nothing to do with her, Bo told her that he loved her no matter what. Billie and Austin were also reunited with Kate, the mother they thought abandoned them. Kate told them that Curtis had taken them from her and she believed they had all been killed in a car crash.

In 1994, Kristen, Tony, Peter, Jen, Bo, and Billie all came to Maison Blanche for a charity event Kristen held. While there, Jen and Peter made love. Also, Billie saw a woman who looked like Bo's dead wife Hope, but nobody would believe her. Hope was at Maison Blanche, but she was called Gina by Stefano and Celeste. Roman also showed up, but to arrest Peter Blake for trafficking drugs in one of his clubs. A jealous Celeste leaked gas into the cell where John and Marlena were being held and started a fire. Roman managed to rescue them. John came out and shocked both Kristen and Tony, who were horrified to see John in shackles. Kristen looked up and screamed when she spotted her dead father, Stefano. Tony ran back into the house to try and retrieve his father's computer, which contained a file on John's past. Maison Blanche burst into flames. Tony got the computer, but went blind in the process. Stefano slipped away with Hope, but John managed to catch up with Stefano and rescued Hope. Bo and Billie were shocked when they saw Hope, but Hope claimed to be a woman named Gina.

Hope returned to Salem as Gina and began to have flashbacks about being Hope. Gina had DNA tests run to determine if she was Hope, but they were inconclusive. All of Hope's dental and fingerprints were lost do to a computer problem, so there was no concrete way to prove that Gina was Hope. Gina felt an urge to join the police force and her psychological profile matched Hope's. Bo eventually believed that Gina was Hope, but Billie wasn't convinced. Billie soon learned that Celeste was implanting memories into Gina that only Hope could know. Billie even found a book with Hope's life in it. When Billie tried to show it to Bo, Bo wouldn't listen. Billie dropped the book outside the Horton Cabin, where Bo and Hope were, and she prepared to leave Salem. Hope found the book and eventually told Bo that she was not Hope. Bo went after Billie and the two attempted to marry on New Years day of 1995, but the "Desecrater" struck and a chandelier almost killed Bo and Billie.

Bo and Billie attempted to give their wedding another shot, but they were crushed when they learned that they could not marry if there was any chance that Gina was Hope. In order to help them, Gina signed a paper declaring that Hope was dead. Bo and Billie finally were married. However, Alice Horton still believed that Gina was Hope and she gave her a puzzle box which only Tom Horton and Hope could open. Gina and Bo went to New Orleans to ask about Gina's past and they learned that the man who brought Gina to the hospital, Bobby Lee Couper, stole one of her belongings. The belonging was a bracelet that Bo gave to Hope which had a special inscription on it from Bo to Hope. Gina eventually opened the puzzlebox and inside was a sealed letter that Hope wrote to Bo on the night before their wedding. Bo opened the sealed letter and began reading it, but Gina ended up finishing the letter along with Bo. Bo compared the finger prints on the letter to Gina's and they matched, Gina was Hope.

Even though she was proven to be Hope, Bo told Billie that he still planned to marry her again. Hope eventually regained all her memories while at the Salem PD's firing range. Hope rushed to Bo's boat to tell him that she remembered everything, but instead of being overjoyed, Bo asked Hope for a divorce. Hope was shattered, but she agreed to give Bo his divorce. Bo and Hope went to Santa Rosa to get a divorce and Billie soon followed them there. Bo and Hope filed for a divorce, but they learned that it would be some months before it became final. They all returned to Salem and Billie realized that Bo had not given his marriage to Hope a fare shot, so she left Salem so the two could try and work things out.

Billie returned home in the fall of 1996 and moved into the Kirkiais Mansion. Billie began to date Franco, which upset Bo. Bo insisted Franco is dangerous, but Hope accused him of being jealous. When the four go out on a double date to Smith Island, a friend of Franco's was found dead by Billie. Bo was positive that Franco was guilty. Franco attempted to frame the dead man for beating Jill by putting blue contacts in the body while it is at the morgue, but Bo learned the man was in prison when Jill was beaten the first few times. Hope becomes fed up with Bo's obsession with Franco and claimed he was using it to avoid his feelings for Billie. Hope told Bo that she couldn't marry him if he still had feelings for Billie.

Billie decided it would be best if she left town and wrote Bo a farewell note. Bo found the note and then found Billie out on the docks. Bo told Billie that he loved her and didn't want her to leave. Unfortunately, Hope was on the docks as well and heard Bo and Billie. However, after Hope left, Bo told Billie that he loved her as a friend, his future was with Hope. Billie still decided to leave town, but Hope stopped her. Hope told Billie the only way either of them would be happy is if they both fought for Bo's love. Billie decided to stay and do just what Hope suggested. When Hope went to Santa Rosa with Franco, Bo was convinced that Hope was falling in love with Franco. To keep his mind off Hope, Bo asked to be placed on the J.L. King drug running case. Bo was demoted to a beat cop to make an undercover operation possible. Bo added to his own credibility when he became drunk one night and gambled away the Fancy Face. Hope returned to Salem and Shawn D. and her moved into Alice's house. Later, the FancyFace was burned to nothing in a fire, preventing Bo from trying to buy the boat back.Acting as a beat cop, Bo patrolled the docks and came across a man who claimed to have lost everything in a poker game. Bo let the man go, but noticed that he drop a huge wad of cash. Bo pocketed the cash and was then told by J.L. King's goon, Max, that J.L. King wanted to see him. J.L. King had Bo picking up the cash on tape and he blackmailed Bo into stealing the evidence the D.A. had on him from Abe. Bo met with Abe later and told him the plan to trap J.L. King worked. Bo tells Abe what he has to do and Abe informs Bo that he can't help Bo at all, he really had to sneak into the station and steal the evidence. Bo eventually stole the evidence and returned it to J.L. King. Billie became concerned about Bo's involvement with J.L. King and hid in King's office during a meeting between Bo and Kind. J.L. King found her and almost killed both her and Bo, but Bo claimed that Billie was his lover and she was just being nosey, but she could be trusted. Later, Bo met with Abe and they decided to put Billie into a witness protection program. Billie was about to leave town, but felt something was wrong and went to J.L. King's office. Bo was with King and King was just about to kill Bo because Billie was missing and he feared Bo was double-crossing him. Billie stopped King from Killing Bo by claiming they had a fight and she ran off. Unfortunately, J.L. already had Max plant a bomb at the Horton house, but Bo managed to diffuse it. Bo moved in with Billie to make their relationship look real. When Shawn D. walked in on a drug deal at school, he was shot by the dealer. Shawn D. was rushed to the hospital and was okay. J.L. King became worried about Bo's feelings for Hope and surprised him with an engagement ring that he was to give Billie. Bo had no choice but to propose to Billie, who accepted. Bo is hell bent on vengeance and learns that the guy who shot Shawn D., Viper, worked for J.L. King. Viper, however, refused to talk and was later killed by Max. Hope was angry with Bo, who wouldn't do anything about the drug problem, so she set out to bring down the drug ring herself. Hope learned about a drug shipment and tried to bust it. Unfortunately, the bust failed and the shipment was called off, which ruined Bo's one chance to nail King. Hope further became a problem when she saw Billie with Max, who was a known drug dealer. Hope suspected that Billie was back on drugs. While at the Horton house, Billie dropped some drugs that Max had given her at the Snake Pit. Later, a cop came over to question Shawn D. about his shooting. The cop found the pills and thought they were Shawn D's, but Billie interjected and said they were hers. Billie was arrested and while in jail she was stabbed by someone working for King. J.L. King warned Bo that if he betrayed him, Hope and Billie would both die. Bo and Billie were sent to Rome to pick up a drug shipment for J.L. King. Bo and Billie were unaware that Hope and Franco were also in Rome. J.L. King and Max came to Rome and decided to surprise Bo and Billie by arranging a wedding for them. Upon learning that Hope was also in Rome, J.L. King arranged for Hope and Franco to act as Bo and Billie's witnesses. Bo and Billie were married on June 16th, 1997. Bo met up with an interpool agent about busting King. Unfortunately, the agent was dirty and exposed Bo and Billie to King. King had Bo and Billie kidnapped and brought aboard a ship and planned to kill them and dump their bodies overboard. Aboard J.L. King's boat, Billie managed to jump overboard and return with the Rome Police. J.L. King and Mac were both busted.

Back in Salem, Abe told Hope that Bo was on an undercover case with Billie. Hope was overjoyed and jumped on a plane to Rome. Meanwhile, Billie told Bo she wasn't going back to Salem with him. Billie begged him to make love to her one last time. As they kissed, Hope showed up and secretly saw them together. Hope thought that she had lost Bo and left. Later, Bo stopped and told Billie he couldn't make love to her because it wouldn't be fare to her. Bo left Rome and returned to Salem.

Back in Rome, Max got out of jail and kidnapped Billie. He pumped her full of drugs because he thought that nobody would believe a junkie in court when she testified against J.L. King. Billie's mother, Kate Roberts, became concerned about Billie when she hadn't heard from her. Bo also became concerned and went back to Rome to look for Billie. After Max had gotten Billie hooked back on drugs he let her go and told her the name of some clubs where she could score some drugs. Bo eventually found Billie and Max was arrested. Bo helps Billie go through the pains of withdrawal, which included his spirit fighting Billie's dead father, Curtis Reed, for her soul. Bo and Billie went out for a bite to eat and were spotted by Austin and Carrie, who were in Rome on their honeymoon. Austin became concerned about Billie, who claimed she was battling food poisoning. Billie's withdrawal symptoms began to worsen, so Bo asked Mike to prescribe something for her. Austin eventually learned that Billie was back on drugs and Bo explained everything to Austin. Austin asked Bo to give his love for Billie a fair shot, so Bo did just that. Bo later called Kate to see how Hope was and Kate lied and told him that Hope was with Franco and was happier than ever. Thinking he had lost Hope, Bo made a commitment to Billie and the two made love. Bo and Billie returned home when they learned Roman was about to die. However, Roman was saved just in the nick of time by a cure John and Stefano had found.

Max and J.L. King were brought back to the US to stand trial. The police force tried to turn Max against King in order for a reduced sentence, but he refused. When Hope came into the station, Max decided to get back at Billie by ruining her reputation. Max told Hope that Billie was a junkie again. Hope confronted Bo with what Max had told her and Bo admitted that Billie was on drugs, which is why he stayed in Rome with her. Hope thought that perhaps there was a chance for them after all. Bo realized that Hope was never in love with Franco, and he told Billie that he could no longer deny his love for Hope and that it was over between them.

A New Years eve party was thrown at the Penthouse Grill and Billie fainted at the party, just when Bo and Hope were about to profess their love to one another. Bo came running to Billie, which gave her an idea. Billie cooked up a scheme to keep Bo by her side by pretending that Max was going to sell a newspaper the story about her drug addiction. Bo once again races to her side and convinces the newspaper not to print the story. Meanwhile, Hope talked to Max and learned that he spoke to no body. Hope confronted Billie and Billie told Hope that she and Bo were lovers in Rome. Hope didn't believe her and left. Billie had another dizzy spell and fainted. Franco and Sami found her passed out on the floor and took her to the hospital. Hope just happened to be at the hospital when she was brought in and she overheard Mike tell Billie that she was pregnant. Hope went home in tears. Bo decided to tell Hope the truth about what happened in Rome, but Hope already knew and told Bo that Billie was pregnant, which meant they were through. Bo went to see Billie, who confirmed Hope's story. Bo told Billie that he would be there for her and the baby.

Bo went to the Brady Pub to see Hope and he told her he loved her. Hope said it didn't matter now that Billie was carrying his baby. Unaware that Billie was also there, Bo admitted that he wished Billie wasn't pregnant. Billie, sobbing, went home. The following day, Hope went to Titan and overheard a call to the front receptionist from Billie, who wanted a large amount of cash delivered to her house. Hope went to the Kiriakis mansion and found Billie about to leave town. Hope called Bo, who came over and tried to convince Billie not to leave. As they argued at the top of the steps, Billie almost fell down, but Bo caught her in time. Billie realized that Bo did care about her and the baby after all, so she agreed to stay in Salem. Billie and Bo went to the hospital together for Billie's check up. Billie was very worried that her drug use would have a negative affect on the child. Later, the doctor told Bo that because of her drug use, Billie needed to have a stress free pregnancy.

Hope went to Titan to pick up a pay check and saw Billie about to pour herself an alcoholic drink. Hope reminded Billie that she was pregnant. Hope and Billie got into a huge argument and Hope ended up quitting her job at Titan. Later, Hope told Bo about Billie's drinking. Billie realized this was a perfect way to keep Bo with her and she told Bo that she had been drinking some because she was frightened about her baby and he was never around for her.

Bo and Billie went to the Dr's to have an amniocentesis done on the baby, but they were told it would be a few days before the test would be completed. Billie got a call from Hope, who was looking for Bo. They fought on the phone and Hope hung up. Later, Billie tells Bo that she got a call from Hope, who was in New Orleans. Bo became angry and told Billie he was going after Hope. Billie reminded Bo that they were waiting for the tests on the baby, but Bo promised to return in time to go to the doctor with Billie. Roman was offered an assignment from the ISA. Roman soon learned that he was going to New Orleans to talk with an ISA agent about the case. Billie learned that her amnio results were fine and went with Romanto find Bo and tell him the good news. In New Orleans, Roman learns that the job is finishing up an ISA case in Paris, that they both were involved in. Billie was in Paris trying to forget Bo, Roman was in Paris trying to forget Marlena by working for the ISA. Bo and Billie met up and Billie helped Roman infiltrate a dangerous smuggling ring by posing as his mistress. Billie begged Bo not to take the case, so he decided to think about it some more. Bo and Hope boarded a plane back to Salem while Billie headed out to the bayou in search of Bo and Hope. Billie passed out in the Bayou and was found by Wayne and Earl. Erlene, there mother, instructed her boys to bring Billie inside. Erlene was a midwife and told Billie she was in labor. Billie had a baby girl, but she was still born. Erlene, Wayne, Earl, and Billie all held a funeral for the baby, who Billie had named Georgia. After the funeral, Swamp Girl put the compact she had stolen from Hope on the grave. Billie found it and because a G was engraved on it, she thought it was a sign from God and took the compact.

Upon arriving home, Billie decided to hang out in Salem Place. Billie saw Hope and the two got into a huge argument. Billie sped off in her car and Hope went to see Bo to tell her about the awful fight and awful things she said to Billie. Billie, who was to angry to concentrate on driving, ran off the road. Billie was found by a country doctor who treated her. Billie also coaxed him into going along with a story she had made up. The doctor called Bo, who was with Hope at the time. Hope and Bo both went out to see Billie. Billie had told Bo that she went into labor early and lost their baby girl. When Billie saw Hope come into the room, Billie screamed that Hope killed their baby. Billie claimed that her argument with Hope got her so upset that she went into labor, crashed her car, and lost their baby. Later, Billie, with the doctor's help, staged a fake funeral for her and Bo. Hope blamed herself, which is what Billie wanted, but Bo also blamed himself. Bo helped Billie get over the loss of their baby. However, Bo told her that he still loved Hope and wanted to make a life with her. Billie was outraged, slapped him, and told him to get out of her life. Bo promptly filed for a leave of absence with the department and took off on his motorcycle.

The Horton's and Brady's hosted a family barbecue for the Fourth of July. At the picnic, Billie and Roman reminisced about their case in Paris and it finally came out that they had made love. Later, Roman told Billie that he was taking the ISA job. Billie was determined to go with him, but he told her flat out no way. However, Billie snuck onboard Roman's jet and Roman reluctantly agreed to allow her to join him when he released he'd need her to play the part of his mistress again.

While shopping in Lugano, Billie ran into Hope. Billie claimed to be in town on Countess Williamina business. The two had a fight and Hope decided to just avoid Billie all together. Later, Hope questioned a salesperson about a silver compact similar to the one she had lost. Billie eavesdropped and learned the compact she had was actually Hope's.

Billie and Roman attended a dinner that Ms. Faversham was hosting and were shocked to see John and Hope there. Roman explained to him that he was posing as Jesse Bob Thorton, a texas Oil Tycoon, and Billie was his mistress Ruth Anne James. Roman knew Ms. Faversham years ago when he first began working on this art smuggling case for the ISA. Ms Faversham had lost a great deal of art treasures due to a theft. However, Roman was convinced it was an inside job. Over the course of the evening, Ms. Faversham told Hope that she was the toast of all the balls in Lugano and had many gentlemen callers, but remained true to only one man. Ms. Faversham also told Hope that she was like a daughter to her and was going to leave everything, including "Garden at Twiglight" to her. Alas, "Garden at Twilight" was stolen many years ago. Meanwhile, Lucille became irritated with Princess Gina and drugged her champaign to bring the party to a close quickly.

Billie decided to ali herself with Lucille, who had a strong dislike for Hope. Lucille was convinced she was a fake. Billie hoped to find more out about Hope's life as Princess Gina in order to use it against her.

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