The Bradys

Frankie Brady

Portrayers: Billy Warlock 1986-87, 1990-91
Date of Birth: Unknown
Parents:Henri VonLeuschner, adopted by Caroline and Shawn Brady
Entrance onto Show: 1986 new boy in Jennifer Horton's school
Marriages: none
Romances: Jennifer Horton 1986-87, Paula Carson 1988, Eve Donovan
Children: none
Occupation: Worked on a Teen Crisis Hotline 198 1988, Heir to the VonLeuschner Fortune
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: Still Alive

Frankie Brady came to Salem in 1986, with his little brother Max. Max wasn't actually related to Frankie, they were on the run from Max's father Trent. The Brady's gave Max and Frankie shelter, and eventually adopted them.

Frankie Brady and Jennifer Horton met at school, and the two soon became a couple. When Jennifer's father Bill returned and tried to put a stop to her and Frankie, the two became engaged. Jennifer ended it when she learned both her mother and grandmother were schizophrenic. Jen feared she would contract or pass the condition on to any children she may have.

Frankie and Jen had their share of problems, and Eve Donovan was one of them. Eve was in love with Frankie and wanted him for herself. While Jen and Frankie were apart Frankie had an affair with Paula Carson, the women who ran the Teen Crisis Hotline Frankie worked on. Eve learned about the affair and exposed it after Jen and Frankie had reconciled, causing more trouble between them. Frankie eventually left Salem by the end of 1988.

In 1990, Frankie was held captive by Lawrence Alamain because he was really Francois VonLeuschner, the brother of Lawrence's promised bride, Katerina VonLeuschner. Frankie was to be exchanged for the VonLeuschner fortune and Bo Brady. When Jack came to search for Jen, he was imprisoned in the cell next to Frankie. Both escaped and returned to Salem.

Frankie still had feelings for Jennifer, but when he realized that Jack and Jen were in love he let go of his feelings for her. Frankie became attracted to Eve, but Eve was selfish and he couldn't commit to her. When Eve asked Frankie to marry her, Frankie turned her down because he knew Eve was only after Nick's money that was left to her in his will. When Eve fled Salem because she was named a suspect in Nick's murder, Frankie pursued her and convinced her to return to Salem.

In 1991, Brian Scofield found himself investigating Nick Corelli's murder as well. Brian & Melissa, Eve & Frankie, and Jack & Jen boarded a theme train on which Johnny Corelli had stashed the weapon that was used to kill his brother Nick. When they found the weapon, Johnny Corelli detached the car they were in and it rolled down a mountain pass and derailed into a cold forest. The couples split up and all tried to find their way out of the valley they found themselves trapped in. Eve eventually split away from Frankie and met up with a young woman named Molly Brinker. Molly drew Eve a map and Eve lead the party to a safe location and took the credit on her own. A helicopter retrieved the stranded Salemites, but Eve was seriously injured when she fell from the helicopter ladder. She lived and was treated like a star in Salem until Molly showed up and pushed Eve off of her heroine pedestal. Frankie had told Eve he loved her, but after he learned that Eve had taken the credit for saving them he once again distanced himself from her.

Eventually, Frankie was called to work for a charity organization in Africa helping the sick and hungry. Eve, who was madly in love with Frankie, gave up all the pleasures of society and departed Salem with Frankie.

Hope Williams Brady

Portrayers: Kristina Osterhaut 1974, Kimberly Jo Weber 1974-1975, Natasha Ryan 1975-1980, Kristian Alfonso 1983-87, 1990-91, 1994-Present
Date of Birth: December 24, 1974 Hope Brady in real time, 1964 according to the memorial Stone
Parents: Doug and Addie Horton Olson Williams
Entrance onto Show: Born on December 24, 1974
Marriages:Larry Welch 1984 (Married and Divorced), Bo Brady May 23, 1985 (Divorced 96)
Romances: Franco Kelly 1997
Children: Shawn Douglas Brady
Occupation: Cop, Private Eye, Model
Crimes/Incarcerations: Hope was a major suspect in the death of Megan Hathaway
Other Interesting Facts: Kristian was a contender for the Junior Olympics as a child, during her early years on the show Hope would often skate on a nearby pond.
Date of Death: July 13, 1990 (Acid Vat), January 23, 1996 Hope (Avalanche)

Hope Williams was born on Dec 24, 1974 to Doug and Addie Horton Olson Williams. Hope was Doug and Addie's miracle child, and she was named because her birth gave them hope for a future. However Addie was stuck and killed by a car in 1974 when she pushed Hope's carriage out of it's path.

Hope grew up living with her Grandparents Tom and Alice for awhile, but eventually moved back to her father Doug. However, in 1981 after Julie and her father were married for the second time, Hope was turned against them by Lee Dumonde and chose to live with Tom and Alice instead.

Hope was sent to a fancy boarding school during her teens, but eventually returned to Salem where she met, and fell in love with Roman Brady. She also became reacquainted with Bo Brady, whom she had known as a child. Bo fell in love with Hope, but Hope's infatuation with Roman caused a rift between the brothers.

By the end of 1983 Bo and Hope had grown found of each other, and on her 18th birthday Bo escorted Hope to her 18th birthday party. Bo gave Hope a book of poetry, and later after following Bo back to his place the two came close to making love. However, Hope's father Doug found them and had a coronary when he saw them together. Bo feared that his evolvement with Roman would put Hope in danger, so he pretended to date a friend of his, Diane Parker, who was also a prostitute. At the hospital Doug told Hope to stay away from Bo, and she reluctantly did. Later when Bo seemed to be dating Diane Parker, Hope became involved with the new D.A. Larry Welch.

Eventually Hope became engaged to marry Larry Welch, but Bo still loved Hope and kidnapped her from the wedding on his bike. Later Larry located the two and blackmailed Hope into marrying him, threatening to hurt Bo and the Hortons.

In 1984 Hope reluctantly married Salem's D.A. Larry Welch.

Also in 1984 Alex, Anna, and Tony picked Haiti for a photo shot for their newly formed fashion company. On board the plane flying to Haiti was Eugene Bradford, Calliope Jones, Bo Brady, Hope Williams, Anna DiMera, Liz Chandler, Carlo, Daphne DiMera, Andre DiMera, and Tony DiMera. On the way to Haiti Andre DiMera surprisingly popped up, and when he threatened the pilot to change his course the pilot died of a heart attack, and the plane crashed on a remote island. As a result of the plane crash Daphne DiMera died in Andre's arms. When Tony learned about this the to fought, and Andre met his demise in a patch of quicksand. Tony gave the necklace with the prism to and island girl, but Stefano managed to get the prism back. Roman Brady showed up, and fought with Stefano atop of a nearby cliff as Bo watched from below. Roman eventually fell, and died on the beach in Bo's arms. When Bo left Roman to get help, Roman's body was gone when he returned. Eventually the Coast Guard arrived, and everyone was rescued.

Hope learned that Larry was crooked, and after exposing him to the public she left him to go back to Bo. Bo however was consumed with grief and guilt over Roman's death, and wasn't their fore Hope. Later, Hope enrolled in the police academy.

In 1985 Hope found Megan Hathaway's body in a hot tub at the Body Connection, and became the prime suspect in her murder. Later, Hope was cleared when Larry was discovered to have been the real killer.

Later that year Shane learned that Stefano was about to acquire the 3rd and final prism through a Russian ice skating troop that came to town. Hope and Bo got the prism from the troop, but after a long chase with Stefano's men the prism ended up embedded in the ice rink.

In 1985 Bo and Hope went to England with Shane to stop the Dragon, a terrorist who planned to kill Lady Joanna. Bo and Hope chased the Dragon, and managed to trap him in the Tower of London. As a reward the Queen gave them a wedding, and on May 23, 1985 in St. Mary's Church in the Coswolds Bo and Hope were married.

In 1985 Kimberly Brady came into the possession of a roll of film that contained some prints to the location of a treasure that Victor Kiriakis, and Stefano DiMera where after, which would again come into play years down the road. In Miami Bo, Hope, Kim, and Shane were all out to destroy Victor's plan. Shane had been imprisoned by Victor, but Kimberly slept with Victor in order to spare his life. Shane escaped, and managed free Bo and Hope who were trapped with an explosive that was meant to end their lives. Later Victor Kiriakis, Savannah Wilder, and Steve "Patch" Johnson were arrested for their parts in the crime syndicate in Salem. They were all freed when Victor blackmailed Larry Welch into taking the fall for everything. Victor knew Larry killed Megan, and used it against him.

Bo and Hope moved into the Kiriakis Mansion when Bo learned he was he's father, but it caused problems for Hope. Hope was pregnant at the time, but lost the child. She left Bo, who refused to leave Victor's because he was trying to bring down his father's crime organization. Bo and Hope worked things out eventually, but decided to carry on the charade that they were separated.

In 1987 Hope learned she was pregnant again. Caroline saw what Victor was doing to Bo and Hope's marriage and she pleaded with him to reject Bo. Victor told Bo he was sterile, he was never Bo's real father, and he disowned him. Bo returned to his wife Hope, and on April 6, 1987 Shawn-Douglas Brady was born. Soon after Bo bought "The FancyFace" and he and Hope left to sail around the world.

Bo and Hope were on the run from Victor Kiriakis. Victor was desperate to find his son and was having him trailed around the world. While in Paris, Bo wrote Hope a goodbye note in which he said he would keep on running, but he wanted Hope and Shawn D. to have a better and more stable life. Hope and Shawn D. returned to Salem, both were devastated and Hope blamed Victor. Unknown to Hope, Bo was kidnapped by Ernesto Toscano. Ernesto had planned on using a plastic surgeon to switch the faces of Bo Brady and a renegade ISA agent, Johnny Corelli. Bo managed to convince Johnny not to go through with the operation and they both fooled Ernesto into believing that their identities had been switched. Bo returned to Salem and Johnny eventually escaped his cell and returned to Salem as well. Unfortunately, Bo had to keep up the charade of pretending to be Bo. Ernesto suspected that Victor had his wife's diary and he wanted his fake "Bo" to get close to Victor and steal the diary from him. Bo hurt Hope badly and forced her to leave him, but he did it for her own safety. Eventually Bo explained everything to Hope and the two were re-united. Bo also came face to face with his true father, Victor Kiriakis.

Still without the diary of his late wife Loretta, Ernesto planned a cruise in which he plotted to pay back all his enemies and recover the diary. Ernesto invited Roman II/John Black, Isabella, Victor Kiriakis, Julie Williams, Jack Devereaux, Jennifer Horton, and Bo and Hope Brady. Onboard the ship, Ernesto was reunited with his daughter Isabella. Their host was a mystery to all but Victor, who knew Ernesto well. Deciding that the truth had to be known, Jack returned the missing pages of Ernesto's diary to Isabella. Isabella learned that she was Victor's child. Isabella told this to her father and then confessed to killing Marina. Ernesto claimed he did not love her any less, but secretly he despised her and felt she truly was the daughter of Kiriakis. Ernesto escaped his ship with Isabella and fled to a nearby Island. There he held Isabella prisoner and slowly poisoned her as he had done to her mother. A bomb exploded aboard the cruise ship and miraculously the passengers found their way to the island. On the island, Jack and Jennifer made love. Roman II/John Black sought to find Isabella because he knew she would be in grave danger. John and Bo set out to search the island and Hope followed Bo against his wishes. John made it to Toscano's house and rescued Isabella. However, Ernesto had captured Hope and was holding her prison. Everyone was lured to a cave where Ernesto held Hope with him in a cage that suspended a vat of acid. Ernesto offered Bo the chance to save Hope if he could convince him that she should be spared. Bo made a moving speech to Hope, but it failed to move Ernesto. Suddenly and explosion occurred which sent the cage crashing down into the vat of acid. Both Ernesto and Hope vanished and were declared dead after hours of searching the island. Shane eventually arrived and everyone was escorted back to Salem.

In late 1994, John Black received a mysterious puzzle from Stefano. When he assembled the puzzle it showed a picture of an old plantation which he somehow recognized. After learning that the place was Maison Blanche, John went to New Orleans to visit it. When he arrived he was taken prisoner by Stefano and his henchwoman Celeste. Stefano chained John up in the basement and planned to re-brainwash him. Celeste, who liked John, told him that everything he needed to save himself was in his cell. After searching the cell, John found a block that had Johnny Black, 1984 inscribed on it. Behind the block John found a necklace with a crucifix and a prayer on a piece of paper. Using a recording of John's voice, Stefano lured Marlena to New Orleans as well. When she arrived, Celeste knocked her out with either and locked her up with John. Stefano was planning on erasing John's memory, so Marlena tried to prevent him from doing it with a strip show. Stefano also forced Marlena to call Roman and tell him that she was on vacation with John Black. Meanwhile, Celeste became jealous of Marlena because she knew that Stefano was in love with her. Later that year, Kristen, Tony, Peter, Jen, Bo, and Billie all came to Maison Blanche for a charity event Kristen held. While there, Jen and Peter made love. Also, Billie saw a woman who looked like Bo's dead wife Hope, but nobody would believe her. Hope was at Maison Blanche, but she was called Gina by Stefano and Celeste. Roman also showed up, but to arrest Peter Blake for trafficking drugs in one of his clubs. A jealous Celeste leaked gas into the cell where John and Marlena were being held and started a fire. Roman managed to rescue them. John came out and shocked both Kristen and Tony, who were horrified to see John in shackles. Kristen looked up and screamed when she spotted her dead father, Stefano. Tony ran back into the house to try and retrieve his father's computer, which contained a file on John's past. Maison Blanche burst into flames. Tony got the computer, but went blind in the process. Stefano slipped away with Hope, but John managed to catch up with Stefano and rescued Hope. Bo and Billie were shocked when they saw Hope, but Hope claimed to be a woman named Gina.

Hope returned to Salem as Gina and began to have flashbacks about being Hope. Gina had DNA tests run to determine if she was Hope, but they were inconclusive. All of Hope's dental and fingerprints were lost do to a computer problem, so there was no concrete way to prove that Gina was Hope. Gina felt an urge to join the police force and her psychological profile matched Hope's. Bo eventually believed that Gina was Hope, but Billie wasn't convinced. Billie soon learned that Celeste was implanting memories into Gina that only Hope could know. Billie even found a book with Hope's life in it. When Billie tried to show it to Bo, Bo wouldn't listen. Billie dropped the book outside the Horton Cabin, where Bo and Hope were, and she prepared to leave Salem. Hope found the book and eventually told Bo that she was not Hope. Bo went after Billie and the two attempted to marry on New Years day of 1995, but the "Desecrater" struck and a chandelier almost killed Bo and Billie.

Bo and Billie attempted to give their wedding another shot, but they were crushed when they learned that they could not marry if there was any chance that Gina was Hope. In order to help them, Gina signed a paper declaring that Hope was dead. Bo and Billie finally were married. However, Alice Horton still believed that Gina was Hope and she gave her a puzzle box which only Tom Horton and Hope could open. Gina and Bo went to New Orleans to ask about Gina's past and they learned that the man who brought Gina to the hospital, Bobby Lee Couper, stole one of her belongings. The belonging was a bracelet that Bo gave to Hope which had a special inscription on it from Bo to Hope. Gina eventually opened the puzzlebox and inside was a sealed letter that Hope wrote to Bo on the night before their wedding. Bo opened the sealed letter and began reading it, but Gina ended up finishing the letter along with Bo. Bo compared the finger prints on the letter to Gina's and they matched, Gina was Hope.

Even though she was proven to be Hope, Bo told Billie that he still planned to marry her again. Hope eventually regained all her memories while at the Salem PD's firing range. Hope rushed to Bo's boat to tell him that she remembered everything, but instead of being overjoyed, Bo asked Hope for a divorce. Hope was shattered, but she agreed to give Bo his divorce. Bo and Hope went to Santa Rosa to get a divorce and Billie soon followed them there. Bo and Hope filed for a divorce, but they learned that it would be some months before it became final. They all returned to Salem and Billie realized that Bo had not given his marriage to Hope a fare shot, so she left Salem so the two could try and work things out.

Hope got an undercover assignment posing as a bartender at the Blue Moon. Hope was attempting to uncover Jude StClair's illegal drug rink and she ended up getting involved in his late night exotic dance shows. Jude asked Hope to strip for some customers and she did so only so she didn't blow her cover. As she was about to go all the way, Bo burst in and busted Jude.

Hope went to Aremid in late 1996 for her cousin Jen Devereaux's wedding to Peter Blake. While there, Hope was confronted by Jude. Jude became violent with her when she rejected his advances and she ended up putting out his eye.

In the Winter 1996 Bo and Hope decided to go skiing in the mountains near Aremid Neither were aware that Jude St. Clair was hiding out there and is plotting to get his revenge on Hope for poking his eye out. Hope went off to the ski slopes and Bo learned from a ranger that there is an avalanche warning posted. Bo called Hope's to warn her, but an avalanche occurred and buries Hope. John's trial was put on hold when Hope was lost in the avalanche. John was released because he is an excellent tracker. John lead the search to find Hope, and though he's given the chance, John refused to escape and save his own life. Eventually the search is called off and Hope is presumed dead.

Unknown to everyone, Hope did survive the avalanche and was kidnapped and held hostage by Jude St. Clair in an abandoned cabin. Bo Brady decides to go search for Hope in the mountains of Aremid one last time. Bo takes flight in a helicopter and upon hearing it nearby, Hope starts a fire in the cabin that Jude is holding her in. Bo goes searching for the cabin, but is lost in a snowstorm. Jennifer Blake, Peter Blake, Jack Devereaux, and Mike Horton come looking for Bo and eventually find him. Bo escapes his sickbed and finds Hope, who has escaped from Jude. Jude shows up and shoots Bo, hitting him in the arm. Peter and Jack show up as well and Jack witnesses Peter shoot Jude St. Clair in cold blood. Peter claims he was defending himself and everyone else believes it. They all return to Salem shortly after.

Bo and Hope soon became lovers again and were engaged to be married. Hope returned to her job as a police officer and Bo gave her a silly case in order to keep her out of harms way. Hope was assigned to investigate a guy name Bennie who continued to call the police station because he heard aliens plotting to takeover Salem on his wireless radio. Hope started to believe that Benny was actually hearing conversation of Stefano's, but she didn't come forward right away because she was afraid of being laughed at if she was wrong. Eventually Hope told Bo the truth, but it was almost too late. Stefano had attempted to kidnap Marlena Evans and Rachel Blake. Bo promptly suspended Hope from the force for 6 months. This caused a problem between the two, but they worked things out.

Hope and Bo eventually moved into the Fancyface together and became engaged, but Bo knew that Hope longed for a house. Unfortunately, Bo couldn't afford a house on a cop's salary. However, Hope became a model at Titan and suddenly found herself with more money than she knew what to do with.

Hope went to the Cheating Heart and was saved from a violent patron by Franco Kelly. Bo was very suspicious of Franco and thought he had ulterior motives. When Shawn and Shawn D. went fishing, Shawn fell in and Franco saved him. Shawn was so grateful that he gave Franco the spare room in their house to stay in. Everyone seemed to love Franco, and he began working with Hope as a model for Bella Magazine. Bo ran across a girl named Jill Stevens on the pier, and she had been badly beaten. Jill described the man to Bo and he becomes convinced that Franco was the man who beat her. Bo and Hope both end up investigating Franco, who is acting suspicious, but it turned out that Franco was planning an engagement party for them. Hope felt like a fool, but Bo still refused to trust Franco.

Franco and Hope went to Santa Rosa for a modeling job. Franco managed to sabotage the pluming in his room, so he was forced to share "The Room of Eternal Love" with Hope. Bo came to Santa Rosa to surprise Hope, but instead he found Franco and Hope in bed together. Later he learned that it was all very innocent. However, Bo found a wrench in Franco's room and suspects it was more than innocent. Jill continues to be beat up and the man she described to Bo fits Franco's description, but Jill claimed the man who was attacking her has very blue eyes.

Billie returned home in the fall of 1996 and moved into the Kirkiais Mansion. Billie began to date Franco, which upset Bo. Bo insisted Franco is dangerous, but Hope accused him of being jealous. When the four go out on a double date to Smith Island, a friend of Franco's was found dead by Billie. Bo was positive that Franco was guilty. Franco attempted to frame the dead man for beating Jill by putting blue contacts in the body while it is at the morgue, but Bo learned the man was in prison when Jill was beaten the first few times. Hope becomes fed up with Bo's obsession with Franco and claimed he was using it to avoid his feelings for Billie. Hope told Bo that she couldn't marry him if he still had feelings for Billie.

Bo and Hope were supposed to marry in November of 96, but other people had other plans for them. Billie, depressed about the wedding, went to Smith Island. Jill Stevens came to see Bo and she had been badly beaten again. She told Bo that the man who beat her was heading out to Smith Island. Bo knew Billie was out there, so he went to the island on the night before his wedding to Hope. Franco was out there waiting and managed to let Bo's boat loose. Franco took the last ferry back to the mainland and left Bo and Billie stranded on the island. Bo attempted to swim to the mainland, but he ended up passing out in the cold water. Billie rescued him and brought him back to the cabin. Billie stripped Bo of his clothes and used her own body heat to warm him. The next morning, Hope asked Franco to take her out to Smith Island and found Bo and Billie asleep in front of a fire. Hope returned to Salem and told everyone that the wedding was off. Bo blamed Franco, but Hope refused to believe him.

Jill was beaten up once again and this time she fingered Franco. Bo arrested Franco and brought him in, but Jill had vanished. Without a witness, Bo had no way of holding Franco. Later, Jill was brought into the ER as a Jane Doe. She had been beaten badly and was unconscious. Billie saw Jill and took pitty and visited her often. Eventually, Billie learned that the Jane Doe is the woman Bo was looking for. Billie considered not telling Bo about her, but in the end she told him. After she recovered, Jill told Bo she's ready to ID her attacker. Bo brought Franco in, but Jill claimed her attacker wasn't in the lineup. Later, Franco visited Jill and paid her a huge some of money to leave town.

Hope and Franco went back to Santa Rosa to work on another modeling assignment. In Santa Rosa, Franco told Hope that he loved her and would wait till she was free to love him. Hope returned to Salem after she learned that Bo had gambled away the FancyFace. Hope and Shawn D. moved in with Alice shortly after. Later, the FancyFace was burned to nothing in a fire, preventing Bo from trying to buy the boat back. At the Horton House, Hope found a joint in Shawn D's backpack and vowed to rid the streets and schools of drugs. Hope pressured Franco into trying to help her and they checked out a place the could score some drugs at, J.L. King's club, the Snake Pit. When Shawn D. walked in on a drug deal at school, he was shot by the dealer. Shawn D. was rushed to the hospital and was okay. J.L. King became worried about Bo's feelings for Hope and surprised him with an engagement ring that he was to give Billie. Bo had no choice but to propose to Billie, who accepted. Hope was angry with Bo, who wouldn't do anything about the drug problem, so she set out to bring down the drug ring herself. Hope learned about a drug shipment and tried to bust it. Unfortunately, the bust failed and the shipment was called off, which ruined Bo's one chance to nail King. Hope further became a problem when she saw Billie with Max, who was a known drug dealer. Hope suspected that Billie was back on drugs. While at the Horton house, Billie dropped some drugs that Max had given her at the Snake Pit. Later, a cop came over to question Shawn D. about his shooting. The cop found the pills and thought they were Shawn D's, but Billie interjected and said they were hers. Billie was arrested and while in jail she was stabbed by someone working for King. J.L. King warned Bo that if he betrayed him, Hope and Billie would both die.

Hope and Franco were sent to Rome on another modeling shoot. Both Hope and Franco were not aware that Bo and Billie were in Rome as well. J.L. King and Max came to Rome and decided to surprise Bo and Billie by arranging a wedding for them. Upon learning that Hope was also in Rome, J.L. King arranged for Hope and Franco to act as Bo and Billie's witnesses. Bo and Billie were married.

Hope returned to Salem and Abe told her that Bo was on an undercover case with Billie. Hope was overjoyed and jumped on a plane to Rome. Meanwhile, Billie told Bo she wasn't going back to Salem with him. Billie begged him to make love to her one last time. As they kissed, Hope showed up and secretly saw them together. Hope thought that she had lost Bo and left, unaware that it never went beyond that kiss. Upon returning to Salem, Bo went to Hope and told her everything. Hope gave him the cold shoulder, which confused him. Bo eventually returned to Rome.

In the fall of 97, John, Hope, Stefano, and Kristen all traveled to a jungle compound where they were introduced to Dr. Rolfe, the man working on the cure for Roman. Dr. Rolfe recognized Hope, but Stefano managed to warn him not to say anything to Hope. Hope ended up breaking into a storage room, which infuriated him because there were things, including a table, in that room that could jog her memory from the missing four years of her life. Stefano promptly locked the room up with a high tech lock. When Dr. Rolfe finally finished the cure, the vial containing the cure was dropped and it was lost. Dr. Rolfe and Stefano tell John and Hope that the only way to make another cure is for someone to brave the jungle and the natives and retrieve a special orchid. John and Hope volunteer to find the orchid. Hope and John found the orchid and John put it in his backpack, but a native knocked John off a cliff and Hope, Kristen, and Stefano thought he was killed. John's backpack was recovered, but the orchid was missing. Hope managed to find some of the orchid's seeds and Rolfe made a cure using them. As they were about to return to Salem, John showed up alive, but was poisoned by a native's dart. John was cured and they all flew back to Salem. On the way back, their plane crashed in the Bermuda triangle, but they managed to return to Salem with the cure.

In December of 97, Max and J.L. King were brought back to the US to stand trial. The police force tried to turn Max against King in order for a reduced sentence, but he refused. When Hope came into the station, Max decided to get back at Billie by ruining her reputation. Max told Hope that Billie was a junkie again. Hope confronted Bo with what Max had told her and Bo admitted that Billie was on drugs, which is why he stayed in Rome with her. Hope thought that perhaps there was a chance for them after all. Bo realized that Hope was never in love with Franco, and he told Billie that he could no longer deny his love for Hope and that it was over between them.

A New Years eve party was thrown at the Penthouse Grill and Billie fainted at the party, just when Bo and Hope were about to profess their love to one another. Bo came running to Billie, which gave her an idea. Billie cooked up a scheme to keep Bo by her side by pretending that Max was going to sell a newspaper the story about her drug addiction. Bo once again races to her side and convinces the newspaper not to print the story. Meanwhile, Hope talked to Max and learned that he spoke to no body. Hope confronted Billie and Billie told Hope that she and Bo were lovers in Rome. Hope didn't believe her and left. Billie had another dizzy spell and fainted. Franco and Sami found her passed out on the floor and took her to the hospital. Hope just happened to be at the hospital when she was brought in and she overheard Mike tell Billie that she was pregnant. Hope went home in tears. Bo decided to tell Hope the truth about what happened in Rome, but Hope already knew and told Bo that Billie was pregnant, which meant they were through. Bo went to see Billie, who confirmed Hope's story. Bo told Billie that he would be there for her and the baby.

Bo went to the Brady Pub to see Hope and he told her he loved her. Hope said it didn't matter now that Billie was carrying his baby. Unaware that Billie was also there, Bo admitted that he wished Billie wasn't pregnant. Billie, sobbing, went home. The following day, Hope went to Titan and overheard a call to the front receptionist from Billie, who wanted a large amount of cash delivered to her house. Hope went to the Kiriakis mansion and found Billie about to leave town. Hope called Bo, who came over and tried to convince Billie not to leave. As they argued at the top of the steps, Billie almost fell down, but Bo caught her in time. Billie realized that Bo did care about her and the baby after all, so she agreed to stay in Salem.

After Stefano was hospitalized when he had a heart attack at Kristen DiMera's funeral, Hope decided to use Stefano's stay in the hospital to search out what happened to her during the four missing years of her life. Bo convinced Hope to let him help her and they broke into Jonsey's townhouse. There, Hope saw a picture of a painting which she recognized. Bo and Hope had to split when Bart, Stefano's henchman, showed up.

Hope confronted Stefano about her past and Stefano told her the same old story, he found her in New Orleans and cared for her for four years while she underwent painful surgeries. Hope didn't believe Stefano and went to Celeste. Celeste told Hope she couldn't help her because she was only with Hope a few weeks before John rescued her. After Hope left, Celeste sent her a box of possessions Hope had while at Maison Blanche. Later, Stefano visited Celeste and ordered her to tell Hope that she was with her for four years at Maison Blanche. Celeste went to Hope and told her this and she said she lied before because she didn't want Hope to remember that she underwent many surgeries over the four years and they were very painful. Celeste also tried to retrieve the package she sent Hope, but Hope opened it in front of Celeste. Inside were a lipstick container, a silver comb, and a silver compact with a G on it. Hope asked Celeste why she would have these things if her face was scarred for four years. Celeste admitted she lied about being with her because Stefano forced her to. Celeste also suggested that Hope drop her search because Stefano would be furious if he learned she was searching for her past.

Hope went to Titan to pick up a pay check and saw Billie about to pour herself an alcoholic drink. Hope reminded Billie that she was pregnant. Hope and Billie got into a huge argument and Hope ended up quitting her job at Titan. Later, Hope told Bo about Billie's drinking. Billie realized this was a perfect way to keep Bo with her and she told Bo that she had been drinking some because she was frightened about her baby and he was never around for her.

Hope traveled to New Orleans to try and uncover the missing four years of her life. When Hope went to the hospital Stefano claimed to have found her in she met up with the doctor who performed her surgery. Hope was hoping he could give her some information, but all her records were lost. However, the Dr. did have one picture of what she looked like before her surgery. Hope also learned that the doctor in New Orleans planned all her surgeries, but only performed one. Hope was taken out of the hospital by her mysterious benefactor and the surgeries were finished elsewhere. Later, Hope met a woman who claimed to be roommates with Hope. She told Hope that she used to have terrible dreams and wanted to get back to Bayou Dugar, where the river meets the forked tree. Hope called Billie looking for Bo, but he wasn't there. They fought on the phone and Hope hung up. Later, Billie tells Bo that she got a call from Hope, who was in New Orleans. Bo became angry and told Billie he was going after Hope. Billie reminded Bo that they were waiting for the tests on the baby, but Bo promised to return in time to go to the doctor with Billie.

Hope went out to the Bayou Dugar and met Wayne and Earl, some locals who warned her that strangers weren't welcomed in these parts. Hope told them her story and they were shocked by the picture she had. Earl commented that there couldn't be two of them. Hope ignored their warnings and proceeded into the swamp. However, a mysterious stranger through a rock at her and knocked her out. Hope, with a bruised head and ego, returned to her hotel. When Hope came back to the hotel, Bo, John, and Marlena were waiting for her. Bo had come out of concern and John and Marlena were vacationing there. Hope wanted to return to the swamp and was talked into letting Bo go with her.

Bo and Hope went back out to the Swamp. A storm came up and Bo and Hope were forced to make a shelter to keep dry in. As they slept, Swamp Girl went through their things and stole Hope's silver compact. When Bo and Hope woke up they were forced out of the bayou by Wayne and Earl, who were brandishing shotguns. As Hope and Bo were flying back to Salem, Hope realized that her compact was missing and thought that Swamp Girl took it. After landing, Bo learned from Kate that Billie went to New Orleans with Roman. Bo called Roman, who was worried that Billie wasn't around. However, Billie finally showed up and Roman and Billie returned to Salem.

Upon arriving home, Billie decided to hang out in Salem Place. Billie saw Hope and the two got into a huge argument. Billie sped off in her car and Hope went to see Bo to tell her about the awful fight and awful things she said to Billie. Billie, who was to angry to concentrate on driving, ran off the road. Billie was found by a country doctor who treated her. Billie also coaxed him into going along with a story she had made up. The doctor called Bo, who was with Hope at the time. Hope and Bo both went out to see Billie. Billie had told Bo that she went into labor early and lost their baby girl. When Billie saw Hope come into the room, Billie screamed that Hope killed their baby. Billie claimed that her argument with Hope got her so upset that she went into labor, crashed her car, and lost their baby. Later, Billie, with the doctor's help, staged a fake funeral for her and Bo. Hope blamed herself, which is what Billie wanted, but Bo also blamed himself. In reality, Billie lost the baby down in New Orleans when she went into the bayou and searched for Bo and Hope.

Upon returning to Salem, John showed Hope a picture he found at the ruins of Maison Blanche. The photo was of Hope standing infront of a building wearing an odd suit. Hope told John about her trip to the Bayou and John told Hope that he had heard stories about the Swamp Girl while at Maison Blanch. Apparently, the Swamp Girl wrestled alligators and killed men. John and Hope decided to go see Celeste and ask her about the picture, but she had no idea when it was taken. However, Vivian recognized the outfit as one made in the 30s by a famous European designer, very little were ever made. Vivian told John and Hope that they should use some of her architecture books in her townhouse to try and find out the building in the picture. While going through the books, Hope found a picture of the painting "Garden at Twilight," which haunted her and caused her to remember a strange waltz.

Meanwhile, Bo helped Billie get over the loss of their baby. However, Bo told her that he still loved Hope and wanted to make a life with her. Billie was outraged, slapped him, and told him to get out of her life. Bo promptly filed for a leave of absence with the department and took off on his motorcycle.

The Horton's and Brady's hosted a family barbecue for the Fourth of July. At the barbecue, John told Hope that he had spoken to a friend of his at a university. He told Hope three locations the picture could have been taken. Lugano, Switzerland was the one that stood out to Hope and she knew that was where she had to go. However, John managed to convince her to wait until they could learn more. Hope had sketched a portrait and shocked everyone with her artistic talent, something she never had before. John ID'd the portrait as the one they saw at Vivian's. The next day, Maggie gave Hope a book on the Impressionists when Alice had recognized the sketch was by Paul Renet. In the book it was revealed that Renet was from Lugano Switzerland. When Maggie accidentally broke Hope's silver comb, Hope found an engraving inside that read "Made in Lugano." Hope decided then and there that she was going to Lugano. John, with Marlena's blessing, went with Hope to keep her out of danger.

John and Hope arrived in Lugano and went into an antique shop and showed the comb to a man there. He identified it as being from a collection, which was stolen. The shopkeeper told them to leave immediately and he wouldn't report them to the police. After leaving, John and Hope witnessed the shopkeeper give the comb to a woman named Lucille. John and Hope followed Lucille to a grand house, which John recognized as the one from the picture of Hope. John and Hope entered the house, claiming to be in Lugano studying architecture. The house was owned by Ms. Faversham, Lucille was her caretaker as she wasn't a well person. Upon seeing Hope, Ms. Faversham called her Princess Gina, which shocked Hope and John. Ms. Faversham told Hope that they were good friends and she came to all the balls she used to host before she got sick. However, she mysteriously disappeared from the dance floor and hasn't been seen since. Hope wanted to continue talking to Ms. Faversham, but her caretaker Lucille said that Ms. Faversham needed to rest and they should go.

John and Hope left, but planned to return. John went into town to check out newspapers for info on Princess Gina and Ms. Faversham. Hope decided to act the part of a princess and went shopping for an elegant gown. While shopping, Hope was stunned to run into Billie. Billie claimed to be in town on Countess Williamina business. The two had a fight and Hope decided to just avoid Billie all together. Later, Hope questioned a salesperson about a silver compact similar to the one she had lost. Billie eavesdropped and learned the compact she had was actually Hope's.

John and Hope attended a dinner that Ms. Faversham was hosting and were shocked to see Roman and Billie there. Roman explained to him that he was posing as Jesse Bob Thorton, a texas Oil Tycoon, and Billie was his mistress Ruth Anne James. Roman knew Ms. Faversham years ago when he first began working on this art smuggling case for the ISA. Ms Faversham had lost a great deal of art treasures due to a theft. However, Roman was convinced it was an inside job. Over the course of the evening, Ms. Faversham told Hope that she was the toast of all the balls in Lugano and had many gentlemen callers, but remained true to only one man. Ms. Faversham also told Hope that she was like a daughter to her and was going to leave everything, including "Garden at Twiglight" to her. Alas, "Garden at Twilight" was stolen many years ago. Meanwhile, Lucille became irritated with Princess Gina and drugged her champaign to bring the party to a close quickly.

Hope and John decided to drive out to the country to see the grandson of Paul Renet, Maurice Renet. Earlier that day, John was shocked when two nuns recognized him as Father Black. At the Renet Estate, Maurice told John and Hope about the last party Ms. Faversham gave which he attended and showed them some pictures. Hope is nowhere to be found in them, but John is! John appears in one of the pictures with a beard and long hair. John asked Ms. Faversham if she remembered a priest being at past art auctions and she said there was a priest who was close with Princess Gina, but she hadn't seen him in over 15 years. Suddenly, Lucille showed up with Hope's passport and told Ms. Faversham and "Princess Gina" was a fraud. Hope explained her dilemma to Ms. Faversham, who later proved that Hope was Princess Gina because of a birthmark on her head. Ms. Faversham told Hope that perhaps she was really Princess Gina and made to believe she was Hope Brady.

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