The Bradys

Max Brady

Portrayers: Adrian Arnold 1987; Ryan Brennan 1987-88, 1990-92
Date of Birth: unknown
Parents: Trent Becker, Adopted by Shawn and Caroline Brady
Entrance onto Show: Came to Salem in 1987 with Frankie
Marriages: none
Romances: none
Children: none
Occupation: none
Crimes/Incarcerations: none
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: none

Max Brady came to Salem in 1987 with Frankie, he was running from his father Trent who beat him badly. Max and Frankie stayed with Caroline and Shawn, who later adopted them.

Roman Brady I

Portrayers: Wayne Northrop 1981-1984, 1991-1994, Josh Taylor 1997-
Date of Birth:August 26, 19??
Parents: Shawn and Caroline Brady
Entrance onto Show: 1981 Roman was assigned to guard Dr. Marlena Evans
Marriages: Anna Brady (Divorced 82), Marlena Evans February 9, 1983 (Divorced April 94)
Romances: none
Children:Carrie Brady (By Anna) Sami and Eric Brady (By Marlena)
Occupation: Police Detective/Commander/Captain, ISA Agent
Crimes/Incarcerations: Framed as the Salem Slasher by Stefano
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: 1984 believed dead after a fight with Stefano, April 14, 1997 (Reported Dead by Shane Donovan)

Roman arrived in Salem in 1981, and is the oldest of the natural Brady children, Kim, Bo, and Kayla are his siblings.

Roman was an ISA agent, but worked in Salem as a cop. His first assignment was to guard Dr. Marlena Evans, who's apartment had been broken into by the Strangler. Roman slept in her apartment on the floor in a sleeping bag.

In 1982 when Roman noticed that Marlena had been taken hostage at gunpoint by Jake Kosnitchek he barged in to save Marlena. Jake and Roman fought, and when the gun went off Jake was shot and killed.

Roman and Marlena both grieved over the situation, and eventually fell in love. Before Roman could marry Marlena he had to have his wife legally declared dead. Roman believed his wife Anna was killed in a boating accident. Because her body was never found she couldn't be legally declared dead. Roman went to Mickey Horton for help, who told him he would get to work on it.

However, Roman was shocked when Anna turned up in Salem, with his four year old daughter Carrie. Anna told Roman she was rescued, but was sold into white slavery, and showed Roman scars on her back as proof. However when Abe did some checking up on Anna he uncovered she had a Swiss bank account with a hearty supply of cash.

Roman also was involved in a high profile drug case, of which Alex Marshall was the head drug runner.

Later that year Roman and Anna divorced, but soon after Roman was brought up on charges that he was accepting bribes. Roman knew he was framed, as did the ISA, but he was suspended from the police department. When Roman learned that Stefano DiMera had used Anna and Carrie against him he vowed to get revenge.

On February 9, 1983 Roman married Marlena Evans. At the wedding Alex Marshall attempted to have Roman murdered, but failed. Afterwards Marlena left for her honeymoon with Don Craig, disguised as Roman. Roman stayed behind and planned his revenge against Stefano and Alex.

Roman got the evidence he needed to put Stefano away, but Stefano was trying to make an escape from Salem, and had Marlena and Liz held hostage in order to make a safe getaway. Roman and Abe found Marlena and Liz, and Roman stopped Stefano from leaving. Stefano was sent to prison, where he suffered a stroke and died.

In 1983 Stefano came back from the dead and planned his revenge against Roman. Stefano brought his nephew Andre to town, who had plastic surgery to look exactly like Tony, and together they framed Roman for the Salem Slasher murders. Andre killed a woman named Daisy on the pier while wearing a mask of Roman's face, and made sure to be seen by Marlena Evans Brady and Sandy Horton. As a result Roman was sent to prison for the murders, but Marlena stood by his side.

Roman escaped jail with the help of his brother Bo and Alice Horton's help. Alice brought Roman some drugged donuts, and as a result he was rushed to the hospital. On the way to the hospital Alice and Bo blocked the road, and Bo managed to free Roman.

Roman met up with Anna DiMera in a warehouse where she was hiding out from Alex Marshall. Anna had found a letter of Kelly Chase's which implicated Alex in dealings with Stefano. The two decided to team up together.

Anna and Roman split up when it was safe for Anna to return to Salem, but Roman was still a wanted man. To make it easier for him to get around he managed to make it appear he was inside his house when it blew up. Roman revealed to Marlena and a few others he had not died, and he hid in Eugene Bradfords basement. While hiding in Eugene's house Roman discovered the entire house was rigged up to project holograms of Trista Evans, and Eugene's family Talisman was more than it appeared. Roman figured out that Stefano DiMera was not dead, and he was behind everything.

Stefano learned that Roman hadn't died in the explosion, and planned to have Andre kill Marlena on a TV benefit for the hospital disguised as Roman. However his plan faced failure when Roman planned to send Marlena out of town because she became pregnant. Stefano tricked Marlena into staying and captured Roman. He showed Roman a TV monitor showing Marlena with Tony (Andre), and then another TV with Tony and Anna in chains. He let Roman escape because he knew he'd go to the theater to rescue Marlena, and he could kill them both. Roman rescued Anna and Tony from the penthouse, and then went to the theater. Stefano's bomb was located and disarmed by Eugene's talisman. Stefano tried to flee Salem, but his car plunged into the Salem River, and his body wasn't found. Tony and Andre fought, but Andre managed to escape. Roman was eventually cleared of all the charges against him.

On October 19, 1984 Marlena gave birth to Sami and Eric Brady. Sami took ill and required a blood transfusion from Roman to survive. Soon after Roman tracked Stefano to the island where Bo and others had crashed. Roman and Stefano fought on top of a cliff, and Roman fell down to the beach below. Bo saw the incident and ran to his brothers side, where Roman died in his arms, or so he thought. Bo left Roman to get help, but when he returned Roman's body was gone.

Roman, John, and Marlena all traced their medals to a Mayan temple in Mexico. Roman Brady, Marlena Evans Brady, Isabella Toscano, John Black, Bo Brady, and Carly Manning all went to Mexico in search of the truth. Once in Mexico they found Victor Kiriakis chained in one of the temples. Eventually they made their way to a room in which Stefano DiMera was waiting for them. Using the medals, Stefano gained access to a set of Codacies which promised the holder power beyond imagination. Stefano also held a satchel which held the truth about John's past. Suddenly an earthquake occurred, setting of a volcano, and the temple began to crumble and fill with lava. Stefano threw the satchel into the fire and was then crushed and lost among the falling debris. John managed to recover the satchel, but the contents were badly burned. After Bo and Carly had a symbolic Mayan wedding, everyone headed home.

Roman returned to his job on the police force and soon began work on the Torres case. The Torres family were a Mafia family who ran drug shipments in Salem. When Roman's brother, Bo Brady, was kidnapped, Roman arranged to trade a shipment of confiscated drugs for Bo. The trade went sour and one of the Torres was left dead. Later, Roman disguised himself as an old man and used the alias Mr. Snow to try and infiltrate the Torres family business. As part of the mission, Roman had to hide from Marlena, but he later revealed himself to her. Raffe Torres attempted to avenge his brother's death by planting a bomb at a high society party where Marlena Evans Brady would be. At the party, Shane tried to disarm the bomb but it went off. Julie Williams and Shane Donovan were injured in the blast, Shane was left paralyzed from the waist down.

Roman eventually busted the Torres family, but he was demoted from Commander to Captain because of the illegal tactics he used to catch the Torres. Roman and his daughter Carrie were not getting along and Carrie moved out of Roman's place and began living in an apartment with Jesse Lombard, a young man that Roman didn't approve of.

When Roman was forced to arrest his sister Kimberly for murdering a man at a local bar, Kimberly's multiple personalities took over and shot Roman. Roman lived, but had to undergo surgery to have the bullet in his brain removed.

In 1993, Marlena learned that she was pregnant. After the baby was delivered by John and Kristen at the Horton cabin, Sami kidnapped her little sister and planned to sell her to a couple. Sami's plan was ruined when John and Kristen posed as a couple and bought Belle. After Sami was exposed, Sami claimed she did it because she was jealous.

In 1994, Marlena and Roman were preparing to have Belle Christened when Stefano showed up. Marlena knew that Stefano knew about her affair with John, so she blurted it out in front of everyone instead of letting Stefano expose her. Roman was crushed that his wife and best friend had betrayed him. Stefano did some investigating and thanks to a stolen diary of Sami Brady's, Stefano learned that John was really Belle's father. Stefano took this information to Roman. Sami eventually admitted that she had switched the paternity test results.

In late 1994, John received a mysterious puzzle. When he assembled the puzzle it showed a picture of an old plantation which he somehow recognized. After learning that the place was Maison Blanche, John went to New Orleans to visit it. When he arrived he was taken prisoner by Stefano and his henchwoman Celeste. Stefano chained John up in the basement and planned to re-brainwash him. Celeste, who liked John, told him that everything he needed to save himself was in his cell. After searching the cell, John found a block that had Johnny Black, 1984 inscribed on it. Behind the block John found a necklace with a crucifix and a prayer on a piece of paper. Using a recording of John's voice, Stefano lured Marlena to New Orleans as well. When she arrived, Celeste knocked her out with either and locked her up with John. Stefano was planning on erasing John's memory, so Marlena tried to prevent him from doing it with a strip show. Stefano also forced Marlena to call Roman and tell him that she was on vacation with John Black. Meanwhile, Celeste became jealous of Marlena because she knew that Stefano was in love with her. Later that year, Kristen, Tony, Peter, Jen, Bo, and Billie all came to Maison Blanche for a charity event Kristen held. While there, Jen and Peter made love. Also, Billie saw a woman who looked like Bo's dead wife Hope, but nobody would believe her. Hope was at Maison Blanche, but she was called Gina by Stefano and Celeste. Roman also showed up, but to arrest Peter Blake for trafficking drugs in one of his clubs. A jealous Celeste leaked gas into the cell where John and Marlena were being held and started a fire. Roman managed to rescue them.

By the end of 1994, Roman filed for a divorce and took and ISA job outside of Salem.

Roman supposedly died while on an ISA mission in April of 1997. He sent letters to Marlena, John, and Carrie. He gave Marlena and John his blessing to be together and forgave them for the affair and he asked Carrie to watch out for her sister Sami.

In July of 1997, Kristen DiMera brought Roman back to Salem in time to spoil John and Marlena's wedding. Later, John and Marlena learned from Shane that Roman claimed to be dead because he really was dying of a deadly virus and didn't want his family to watch him suffer. Kristen convinced John and Marlena that Roman would be the most comfortable living in the DiMera mansion. Roman refused to stay in the hospital and accepted Kristen's offer. Kristen further caused problems by telling Roman that she and John were married and Marlena never became involved with anyone else after he left Salem.

Eric Brady returned to Salem in August of 1997 when he learned that John and Marlena were going to marry. However, when he came back he learned that his dad, Roman Brady, was alive. Roman told Marlena that he still loved her, when suddenly his heart stopped. Marlena saved Roman and Eric began to wonder if he could re-unite his parents.

Roman was admitted to the hospital to undergo a series of tests. Unfortunately, the diseases Roman had was very advanced. Marlena wanted to attend a conference in LA, but was unable to leave Roman. However, Carrie and Mike agreed to go in her place. Carrie and Mike met up with Dr. Brock in L.A., who gave Carrie the name of a drug that could help Roman. Carrie faxed the prescription to Marlena in Salem and the drug gave Roman renewed strength, though it wasn't a cure.

Upon learning that her father, Roman Brady, wasn't dead, Sami used him to stir up more trouble for Austin and Carrie. Sami had recently learned that Austin had filed for an annulment, he just hadn't told her about it because he still thought that she had no memory of what had happened. Sami went to see Roman and told him that she was very happy with Austin and that Carrie was in love with Mike Horton now. Carrie didn't want to upset her father and played along, unaware that Austin was outside Roman's room and hear Carrie say that Mike made her happy. On Sami's wedding day to Austin, who was marrying her only because he thought he'd lost Carrie and this was the right thing to do, S Sami asked Roman to walk her down the isle. Meanwhile, Carrie showed up and was determined to stop the wedding. Eric told his dad that something was wrong and when Roman saw the look on Austin and Carrie's faces, he realized Sami was lying. Roman pretended to collapse to buy Carrie the time to learn what was really going on. Carrie, Eric, and Mike searched the hospital records and learned that Lucas was really Will's father. Carrie rushed to the church and decked her sister and then exposed the devastating truth to everyone. Much to Sami's dismay, Austin and Carrie were married the same day, August 26, 1997.

Roman learned that John had broken Stefano out of jail and was furious. Marlena told him that John was going to look for a cure for him. Roman's health began to decline and he admits to Eric that before he died he wanted to marry Marlena. Eric told his mom his father's dying wish. Because she believed the cure was lost, John had contacted her from the compound and told her that the vial was dropped, Marlena decided to marry Roman. However, John, Hope, Stefano, and Kristen showed up at the hospital with the cure just as Marlena was about to marry Roman, because it was his dying wish, The cure was administered to Roman and Stefano was granted a pardon for his crimes. Stefano's cure began to fail, which Stefano knew would happen. Stefano said that the only way to save Roman was to donate his own blood, mix it with some other drugs, and give it to Roman. Stefano had also suffered from the disease Roman had and he had been saved in a similar manor. However, Stefano only agreed to do this is Marlena would forgive him and be his friend. Stefano announced that he wanted to become a respected citizen of Salem, secretly it was all a part of his master plan. Marlena reluctantly agreed and gave the second cure to Roman, which worked.

Roman was released from the hospital, but Marlena and John were told that any stress could cause Roman to relapse. Therefore, John and Marlena were forced to hide their love. Eric decided to use this to his own advantage and tried to push his mom and dad back together. John soon became frustrated with the entire situation when Roman moved into the guest room in Marlena's penthouse, which forced John to move back in with Kristen to keep up the charade that they were married. Roman soon began to see that there is problems with John and Kristen's marriage. Kristen tells Roman that she and John are having problems because another woman is trying to steal him from her.

Kristen was at Salem Place when she received a call from Stefano telling her that John and Marlena just sent Susan and the baby off to an unknown country. Kristen is furious and decides to get revenge. She seems Roman and Roman tells Kristen that he's planning on proposing to Marlena today. Kristen, knowing that John and Marlena are aboard his jet, tells Roman that Marlena is at the airport and that he should use John's jet to propose to her in the air. Thinking it is a romantic idea, Roman decided to do that. Roman went to the airport and found John and Marlena on John's jet talking about how they hate deceiving Roman.

A New Years eve party was thrown at the Penthouse Grill Roman showed up at the party and planned on confronting John and Marlena, but he passed out. Roman was rushed to the hospital and Mike told them that Roman's blood pressure was dangerously high. Kristen went to visit Roman in the hospital and Roman told her the woman John was cheating on her with was John. Kristen pretended that it was all over, but Roman convinced her not to let John and Marlena know they were on to them and that they should fight for them. Roman, knowing Marlena had a date with John, asked Marlena out for the same night. Marlena accepted and decided to tell Roman the truth. Meanwhile, John overheard Roman and Kristen talking and realized that Roman already knew the truth. Roman and Marlena meet at Chez Vous, but before Marlena could confess, Roman told her that he knew about her and John. John suddenly showed up to tell Marlena about Roman's deception, but Marlena says she knows. John and Marlena both told Roman that Kristen was an evil and vindictive woman. Kristen lost her last friend in Salem that day.

In February on 1998, John and Marlena found Kristen DiMera's body floating in the Blake house swimming pool. The coroner pronounced her death a suicide, John had a message on his answering machine from Kriste and he took it as a suicide note and blamed himself for Kristen's death. In reality, the person who was killed was Penelope Kent, Susan's long lost sister. However, nobody in Salem ever learned that and everyone believed Kristen was dead.

A funeral for Kristen was held at St. Lukes and all of Salem attended. Laura attended, wearing a bright red outfit. During the service, Laura recalled going to the Blake House the day of Jen's funeral and shooting at Kristen. Later, Stefano stood up and publicly slandered everyone in the room and blamed them all for Kristen's suicide. Stefano got so worked up that he had a heart attack, but Lexie saved him. Stefano was rushed to the hospital.

Abe and Roman learned from the coroner that the drug in Kristen's system was Placiden. Upon hearing this, Marlena tells Roman that Placiden is the drug that she prescribed for Laura. Marlena and Roman went to the Blake house and upon searching they found Laura's prescription bottle. The case was reopened and Laura became the number one suspect.

Abe and Roman got a search warrant to search Laura's house and they found the coat she was wearing the night of "Kristen's" murder. A button matching the ones on her coat was found at the Blake house, but Laura had sown one on where she had lost one. Laura was driving to the Penthouse Grill for Susan and Edmund's wedding when she became caught up in her thoughts and crashed her car. Laura was taken to the hospital and soon after was arrested for Kristen's murder. Marlena learned about Laura's arrest and came to the station, but Laura blamed Marlena for her arrest. Laura admitted that she went to the Blake house and shot at Kristen, but because Kristen didn't die of a gun shoot wound, she was innocent. However, Abe suggests that when she didn't kill Kristen with her gun, she drugged her instead. Laura insisted that she lost her prescription long ago and Kristen must have found it and been using it. Marlena decided to have Kristen's body exhumed to see if Kristen how long the Placiden had been in Kristen's system.

Laura was put on trial for killing Kristen DiMera. Mickey pleaded with her to take an insanity plea, but she refused. Luckily, Stefano showed up with Celeste, who's story got Laura off the hook for killing Kristen. Celeste remembered being at the Blake house and seeing Laura shoot at Kristen, and that Kristen fell down. Laura left, but Kristen got up. However, Laura was convicted of attempted murder and was ordered to be institutionalized pending a psychiatric evaluation. Marlena pulled some strings and managed to allow Laura to come home as an out patient. Laura was touched that Marlena did this and they became friends once again.

Before leaving Salem, Kristen had pulled off one last scheme. Kristen had left a note for Marlena from Susan thanking her for everything she had done for her. Kristen also included a piece of chocolate candy that she knew Marlena liked. However, Kristen had filled it full of penicillin, something Marlena was deathly allergic to. However, it was Belle who actually ate the chocolate. Luckily, Roman came to the penthouse and found her next to an open bottle of Brady's penicillin pills and thought Belle had eaten them. Roman gave Belle an injection of insulin and rushed her to the hospital. Roman's quick thinking saved Belle's life. As he watched Marlena and John with Belle, Roman made one of the most important decisions of his life. For months, Marlena was struggling to choose whether she wanted to spend her life with John or Roman. Seeing that she truly loved John and that Belle needed both her parents, Roman unselfishly backed away from Marlena. Soon after they reunited, John and Marlena became engaged once again.

Roman received a call from Shane about accepting a new ISA mission. Billie learned about this and begged Roman not to take the mission. Roman soon learned that he was going to New Orleans to talk with an ISA agent about the case. Billie learned that her amnio results were fine and went with Roman to find Bo and tell him the good news. In New Orleans, Roman learns that the job is finishing up an ISA case in Paris, that they both were involved in. Billie was in Paris trying to forget Bo, Roman was in Paris trying to forget Marlena by working for the ISA. Bo and Billie met up and Billie helped Roman infiltrate a dangerous smuggling ring by posing as his mistress. Billie begged Bo not to take the case, so he decided to think about it some more.

The Horton's and Brady's hosted a family barbecue for the Fourth of July. At the picnic, Billie and Roman reminisced about their case in Paris and it finally came out that they had made love. Later, Roman told Billie that he was taking the ISA job. Billie was determined to go with him, but he told her flat out no way. However, Billie snuck onboard Roman's jet and Roman reluctantly agreed to allow her to join him when he released he'd need her to play the part of his mistress again.

Billie and Roman attended a dinner that Ms. Faversham was hosting and were shocked to see John and Hope there. Roman explained to him that he was posing as Jesse Bob Thorton, a texas Oil Tycoon, and Billie was his mistress Ruth Anne James. Roman knew Ms. Faversham years ago when he first began working on this art smuggling case for the ISA. Ms Faversham had lost a great deal of art treasures due to a theft. However, Roman was convinced it was an inside job. Over the course of the evening, Ms. Faversham told Hope that she was the toast of all the balls in Lugano and had many gentlemen callers, but remained true to only one man. Ms. Faversham also told Hope that she was like a daughter to her and was going to leave everything, including "Garden at Twiglight" to her. Alas, "Garden at Twilight" was stolen many years ago. Meanwhile, Lucille became irritated with Princess Gina and drugged her champaign to bring the party to a close quickly.

Shawn Brady

Portrayers: Frank Parker 1983; 1985-Present, Lew Brown 1984-85, Frank MacLean
Date of Birth: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Entrance onto Show: Brought in on 1983 with the rest of the Brady Family
Marriages: Caroline Brady April 8, 1948
Romances: none
Children: Roman Brady, Kimberly Brady Donovan, Kayla Brady Johnson, Bo Brady (believed he was his own son till 1990), Frankie Brady Von Leuschner (adopted) Max Brady (adopted)
Occupation: Fisherman, Owner of the Brady Fish Market, owner of the Brady Pub
Crimes/Incarcerations: none
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: Still Alive

Shawn Brady was married to Caroline Brady, and with her he had 3 children, Roman, Kim, and Kayla. Caroline had a fourth child, Bo Brady, as a result of an affair with Victor Kiriakis, she kept the truth about Bo from both her husband Shawn, and her lover Victor, allowing them both to think Shawn was Bo's father. Shawn also adopted 2 boys with Caroline, Frankie and Max Brady.

Shawn came to Salem in 1983 with his wife Caroline, who worked in a fish market they owned.

Caroline and Shawn's fish market burned down in 1995 after Marlena torched it as the desacrator. With John Black's help, Caroline and Shawn opened the Brady Pub.

Shawn Douglas Brady

Portrayers: Noel Bennet Castle 1987, Paul Zachary 1990, Scott Groff 1990-95, Collin O'Donnell 1995-Present
Date of Birth: April 6, 1987
Parents: Hope and Bo Brady
Entrance onto Show: born onto the show
Marriages: none
Romances: none
Children: none
Occupation: student
Crimes/Incarcerations: none
Other Interesting Facts: said no to drugs
Date of Death: still alive

Shawn Douglas is the only child of Bo and Hope Brady. In 1990, Shawn D. was playing with some friends at a Jencon Oil site and fell into a pipe, which resulted in him losing his hearing. Shawn D befriended his doctor, Carly Manning, who taught him and his dad sign language. Shawn Douglas eventually regained his hearing.

In 1992 Shawn Douglas was thrilled that his father was going to marry Carly Manning. Shawn D. also became best friends with the new kid in town, Nikki Alamain. Nikki's mom, Carly, was going to marry Shawn D's dad, but the wedding never happened.

In 1994, Shawn D's mom, Hope Brady, returned to Salem. Though she didn't know who she was at first, withing a year Hope had her memory back and was reunited with her son and husband.

In 1997, Shawn D. walked in on a drug deal at school, he was shot by the dealer. Shawn D. was rushed to the hospital and was okay and got by with a shoulder wound.

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