Jamie Caldwell

Jamie Caldwell

Portrayers: Miriam Parish 1993-1996
Date of Birth:unknown
Parents: David Caldwell
Entrance onto Show: Jamie was Sami's best friend
Romances: Jamie loved Lucas Roberts
Occupation: Candy Striper at Salem University Hospital
Crimes/Incarcerations: none
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: Still Alive

Jamie was Sami's best friend. Sami confided everything in Jamie. In 1993, Jamie realized that Sami was bulimic. Sami had promised Jamie not to tell anyone, but Jamie eventually told Sami's mother, Marlena. Sami was angry at Jamie, but she realized that Jamie was only trying to help her.

In 1995, Billie became concerned with Jaime, who was showing signs of sexual abuse. However, Jamie denied Billie's suspicious. Billie new she was right and she and Bo stopped Jamie's father, David, from raping her. David pleaded guilty to the crimes against him. Jamie's mother was furious with her, so Jamie moved into the Brady Pub.

In 1996, Jaime finally broke and told Kate Roberts that she knew Sami had drugged Austin into sleeping with her and that she had worked with Lucas for months to keep Austin and Carrie apart.

Jaime mysteriously vanished by the end of 1996

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