Phillip Collier

Phillip Collier

Portrayers:Doug Larson 1992, Richard Burgi 1992
Date of Birth:unknown
Entrance onto Show:Phillip was Kimberly Brady Donovan's fiance, who she brought to Salem
Romances: Kimberly Brady Donovan
Occupation: Film producer
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: still alive

Kimberly returned in 1992 with her fiance, film producer Phillip Collier. While crossing the street one day, Kimberly was hit head on by Roger Lombard, a drunk driver. Kimberly went into a coma, but came out of it. However, when Kimberly heard the song "Somebody to Love" by Jefferson Airplane, her split personality Lacey took control. Years ago when Kimberly was molested by her uncle, "Somebody to Love" was playing on the radio and Kimberly formed a second personality, Lacey, who took the abuse and hid the pain from Kimberly. As Lacey, Kimberly often hung out at various bars. However, one night Rusty Hustan attempted to rape Lacey at knife point. Lacey defended herself and Randy ended up falling on his own Knife. Lacey took the knife and the blue dress she was wearing and hid them. Kimberly had no recollection of the murder and she was disturbed when she found the knife and bloody dress later on. Kimberly confided in Phillip, who knew something was wrong. Kimberly's third personality, Clare, took over and revealed herself to Phillip. Phillip taped Clair getting fresh with him and handcuffing him to his bed and then making love to him. When Roman Brady had the evidence he needed to arrest his sister, Clare took over and shot Roman. Roman lived, but had to undergo brain surgery to remove the bullet. Phillip used the tape he had made as evidence to prove that Kimberly was not herself. Kimberly was committed and eventually released when Marlena rid her of her alternate personalities.

Phillip recognized another new face in town, Billie Reed. Phillip had produced some adult films in the past and Billie stared in one. Both Billie and Phillip didn't want this to be exposed. Someone learned of Phillip's past and began blackmailing him. Help! I can't recall what ever became of the blackmail story.

At the end of 1992, Phillip and Kimberly left Salem.

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