A large portion of this guide was made possible by Lorraine Zenka's book Days of Our Lives: The Complete Family Album. If you have enjoyed some of the character's histories I encourage you to purchase this book, which is available at most Crown Book Stores for only 15$. Lorraine's book is filled with detailed summaries of all the plots on Days of Our lives for the past 30 years, and contains beautiful pictures, interviews with the cast members, and a ton of fun facts and things you never knew about Days.

My Mom For putting up with my countless number of phonecalls asking about past characters and their storylines.

Syzygy For information on Maggie being the surrogate mother of Sarah Horton.

The Irc Gang: Aurora, Marcia, Mommy, Becca, and Tristan for helping me out with many characters

Joshua For pointing out my error in John Black's occupations

Jamey Mitchel For pointing out a marriage mistake for Jen Horton

PMcCay for info on Don Craig's injury and an error under Romances

Joey Wasson for info on April's occupation

DKDANN Info on Valarie Grant and David Bannings romance, Corrections to Helen Martin

Mary Jo Wright for pointing out Savannah Wilder and Chris Kosnitcheks one night stand

Hukk info on the revelation of Bo's paternity

Hayne McKinney pointing out Ivy and Mike romance

Hade For info on Emma Donovan Marshall's murder

Batgirl for pointing an error out on Tommy Horton Jr.

Eeyore for corrections to Theo Carver and Robin Jacobs.

D. Pronti Info on Scotty Banning, Calliope, Serena Coleville, Jo Johnson, John Black's professions, Mike and Kayla's fling, Monte Dolan

Ken Info on Max Brady, Eugene Bradford, The Carvers, Richard Cates, The Dragon, Lee Dumonde, the Kosnitcheks, The Hathaways

C.H. Info that Tom Horton read poetry at Calliope's place

Becky & Adam For info on Ginger, Molly, and the Hawkins.

Lyv For Gwen Davies occupation.

Raymond Williams for the actor who played the Parrot Man

Don Wagnore for Alan Haris' occuptation.

rdowdy, Debbie Walker, & Terry for information on Chris Kositchek becoming a lawyer.

TJHURTT for information on Harper Devereaux Victims.

Joe M. Richard Cates' death date.

Cathy for info on Mike Horton's year of birth.

Stacy Krugman for Eve Donovan's year of birth.

Lynn Connolly for info on Julie Williams dating Dr. Chip Lakin.

Van for the correct spelling of Rick Hearst (Scotty Banning).

Karen Stipp correct spelling of Gregg Marx (David Banning)

J. Hindo & Vickie Spurlock information on Raul Ramirez.

D Pronit for information on Jo Johnson being April Ramirez's AA Sponsor & Tom Horton's poetry sessions at Calliope's

armstron for Alice Horton's parents' names.

Kathy for info on Tony DiMera being a count.

inbal forer for information on Orpheas' wife, Laura Horton's father, Ellen's last name.

Stacy Krugman for information about Jake Hogansen and Harris Michaels.

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