Gwen Davies

Gwen Davies

Portrayers: Anne Marie Martin 1982-85
Date of Birth: Unknown
Parents: Orby and Esther Jensen
Entrance onto Show: Moved to Salem in 1982
Marriages: none
Romances: Eugene Bradford 1982, Larry Welch 1984
Children: none
Occupation: Lawyer
Crimes/Incarcerations: none
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: Still Alive

Gwen Davies was the sister of Woody King and Oliver Martin. All three had pasts they wanted to forget, especially their abusive father Orby Jensen. The three eventually teamed up and took care of their father, who sought to make money off their success.

After arriving in Salem Gwen began to date Eugene Bradford, but their relationship was short and sweet.

In 1983 Gwen was attacked by the Salem Slasher, but escaped. When she returned to her apartment she found a raven's feather waiting for her.

In 1984 Gwen began seeing Larry Welch after Hope turned her back on him.

In 1985 Gwen heard Larry Welch confess to Megan's murder in his sleep. When Larry learned that she knew he killed Megan he tried to poison her. Gwen survived the attempt on her life, and after recovering she quickly left Salem.

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