Desiree McAll

Portrayers: Charlayne Woodard 1991-92
Date of Birth: ?
Parents: ?
Entrance onto Show: Desiree was Hawk's partner in crime
Marriages: none
Romances: Marcus Hunter 1991
Children: none
Occupation:Conartist, worked as a waitress at Alice's Restaruant
Crimes/Incarcerations: Helped Hawk scam Jack's fortune
Other Interesting Facts: claimed to be able to tell the future
Date of Death: still alive

Desiree was a conartist who worked with Hawk Hawkins and together they convinced Jack and Jen that Desiree could tell the future. While Hawk was at their place one day he claimed to have thrown his back out at Jen and Jack's place. Fearing a lawsuit, Jack allowed Hawk to move into their penthouse. Meanwhile, Desiree told Jack that the FBI was coming for him, which caused Jack to go on the run. Hawk then managed to get his hands on Jack's money and forced Jack to flee Salem. While Jack was gone, Jennifer had to use her trust fund to save the Spectator from going under. In the meantime, Hawk contacted Alston Hawkins, his father?, to come to Salem and help him get away with Jack's money. Eventually, Hawk, Alston, and Desiree were arrested for coning Jack and Jennifer.

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