The DiMera's

Kristen Blake DiMera

Portrayers: Eileen Davidson 1993-98
Date of Birth: July 21
Parents: Rachel & Mr. Blake, raised by Stefano DiMera
Entrance onto Show: Kristen was mugged and saved by John Black
Marriages: Tony DiMera February 18, 1994
Romances: John Black 1993-97
Occupation: Social Worker, Horton Center Chairperson
Crimes/Incarcerations: Commited adultry with John Black in 1994, helped Stefano DiMera kidnap Marlena Evans in 1996, lied to John about losing their child and bought a child from Susan Banks in 1996, locked Marlena Evans up in a secret room in 1997 and held her hostage, helped Stefano erase Laura's memory in 1997, lied in court about her brother being dead in 1997, tricked Susan Banks into signing over her child to her in 1997, arranged to sell Susan Banks into white slavery in 1998, drugged Violet Crumb and attempted to kidnap Elvis in 1998.
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: Still Alive

Kristen Blake came to Salem in 1993 and was mugged outside a clinic she was working at. Kristen was saved by John, but when she learned who he was she wanted nothing to do with him. Kristen found herself attracted to John Black, but her brother Peter warned her to stay away from John. At the parking-lot at Salem Place, a mysterious sniper fired shots at John Black. Kristen was there and John risked his life to get her out of harms way. Kristen began to find it hard to deny her feelings for him.

Alice Horton decided to try and pair John and Kristen by enlisting both of them in helping run the Horton Center, an operation that Alice and Tom Horton started in 1993. Alice also sent John and Kristen to the Horton cabin, separately, and there the two made love.

When John started investigating into Kristen's past he found a bloody wedding dress in the place she was staying. Kristen admitted to John that she is engaged to be married, but at the wedding she was shot by someone who wanted her husband dead. Kristen told John that she and her fiancee were laying low. Later, John learned that Kristen was Stefano DiMera's daughter. Kristen had learned that Stefano was kidnapped and she paid some ransom money to get him back. Stefano was dying from a brain tumor. Before Stefano died he told Kristen that he wanted to see her marry his son, Tony. John was sick when he learned this, but he realized that Kristen was Stefano's adopted daughter. Still, Kristen told John that she had to marry Tony because it was Stefano's last wish.

Later, Marlena gave birth to her daughter, Belle, at the cabin and John and Kristen delivered the baby. Tony returned to Salem and when he and Kristen were to b married, Kristen left him at the altar to help John recover Marlena and Roman's daughter, Belle. John and Kristen posed as man and wife and were looking to buy a child. They were both shocked that the woman selling Belle was none other than Sami. John and Kristen returned Belle to Marlena on Christmas.

Stefano realized that in order for Kristen to marry Tony, he would have to discredit John in her eyes. Stefano did some investigating and thanks to a stolen diary of Sami Brady's, Stefano learned that John was really Belle's father. Stefano took this information to Roman. Sami eventually admitted that she had switched the paternity test results. Stefano's plan worked and Kristen despised John.

Tony and Kristen were about to marry when John showed up at the wedding, claiming that he had evidence linking Stefano to Curtis Reed's murder. When Stefano hopped in a car and drive off, John shot at the tires. Stefano had planned it so his car would go off the road and he would be "killed" in the crash. Kristen, blaming John for her father's death, married Tony on February 18, 1994.

In late 1994, Kristen, Tony, Peter, Jen, Bo, and Billie all came to Maison Blanche for a charity event Kristen held. While there, Jen and Peter made love. Also, Billie saw a woman who looked like Bo's dead wife Hope, but nobody would believe her. Hope was at Maison Blanche, but she was called Gina by Stefano and Celeste. Roman also showed up, but to arrest Peter Blake for trafficking drugs in one of his clubs. A jealous Celeste leaked gas into the cell where John and Marlena were being held and started a fire. Roman managed to rescue them. John came out and shocked both Kristen and Tony, who were horrified to see John in shackles. Kristen looked up and screamed when she spotted her dead father, Stefano. Tony ran back into the house to try and retrieve his father's computer, which contained a file on John's past. Maison Blanche burst into flames. Tony got the computer, but went blind in the process.

Kristen Blake began sleeping with John. Later Kristen learned that her husband, Tony, knew that Stefano was alive all along and he had switched Kristen's birth control pills with sugar pills. Kristen left him and began living with John Black in his loft. Kristen also managed to crack the notebook computer from Maison Blanche and was horrified to learn that John was a priest. Kristen told John the truth, but he refused to believe it. John and Kristen traveled to a parish where John served and his mentor, Father Francis, recognized him as Father Black. He was also recognized by a woman from the parish. John had put his handprints in a wall near the parish and he was shocked when they matched. John was forced to accept that he was a priest. Though he wanted to be released from his vows, a friend told John to live as a priest for awhile in order to see what he was giving up. Kristen returned to Tony, who had bought a gun and was planning on killing John. When Kristen told Tony that John was a priest, Tony backed off from killing him. Later that year Tony regained his site, but he continued to lie in hopes of catching Kristen and John together.

In 1995, John, Father Francis, Kristen DiMera, and Caroline Brady all worked to help exorcise Marlena. Marlena tricked Stefano into untieing her from her bed, where John had bound her, and she promptly threw him off her penthouse terrace. Stefano lived, but he was paralyzed and suffered from amnesia. Abe Carver and Pat Hamilton wanted to arrest Marlena for her attempted murder, but when they came face to face with her supernatural powers they realized that Marlena was not responsible for her actions. In an attempt to break John's faith, his late wife Isabella appeared. However, John realized this wasn't his Isabella and she promptly transformed into a demon. Eventually Marlena died and a funeral was to be held for her. John refused to believe that Marlena was dead and he carried her dead body to the church altar where God brought her back to life and rid her of the demon.

After John was released from his vows, Kristen left Tony DiMera. Kristen learned that if she wanted to have a baby then she would need to act fast because she had a medical problem which would eventually make it impossible for her to have children. Kristen expected to be happy with John, but Tony DiMera had other ideas in mind. When they went to Aremid for Peter Blake and Jennifer Devereaux's wedding, Tony killed himself and framed John for murder. John was arrested and held in a make-shift jail at the Red Dragon Inn in Aremid. Peter Blake was put in charge of John's trial and was determined to see John die for the crime John didn't commit. Jack Devereaux and Jennifer Blake believed that Jude StClair murdered Tony, so they sought to find him. Marlena stood by John and never doubted him, but Kristen did doubt John.

John Black's Trial resumed in 1996 and Peter Blake put Kristen DiMera on the stand. Kristen admitted to the court that she believed that John killed her husband, Tony DiMera. John was sentenced to death because Stefano blackmailed the judge. The death sentence was to be carried out immediately. However, Marlena and the Woman in White managed to prove John's innocence with Tony's diary, and John was saved from the gas chamber at the last moment.

Kristen manages to convince the Woman in White, who had remembered her past but kept it to herself, to return to Salem with her and live in the DiMera Mansion. John moved in with Kristen to try and heal their broken relationship, even though he also loved Marlena. Marlena also moved into the DiMera Mansion because John insisted that she was not safe from Stefano on her own. Marlena moved into a guest room and was unaware that the love letter John wrote her from death row was among her many papers in her briefcase. Kristen went through Marlena's room and uncovers the love letter that John wrote to her. Kristen hid the letter because she feared she'd lose John if Marlena reads it. However, Marlena found the letter and almost told John the truth, but Kristen announced that she was pregnant. Marlena agreed to hold off telling John the truth because Kristen's pregnancy was a very delicate one and she had to remain stress free. Shortly after, John proposed and Marlena moved out because she can't bear to see John and Kristen together.

Marlena put John under hypnosis because he believed he knew who the Woman in White was. Under hypnosis, John told everyone that she was Rachel Blake, Kristen and Peter's mother. Rachel was being pursued by Stefano DiMera and Rachel called John, who was a young priest, over to her house to talk about Stefano. Stefano eventually planted a bomb in Rachel's husbands car, but Rachel was also in the car when the bomb went off. Rachel lived, but was badly scarred. Stefano believed that Rachel was dead and he kidnapped and brainwashed John because John knew that Stefano killed the Blakes. The Woman denies this claim at first, but later admits that it is true. Rachel was reunited with her children. However, Rachel knows the evils they have both done in the name of love and urges them to tell the truth.

John went under the drug a second time and this time Kristen asked John, while everyone else was out of the room, if he loved Kristen or Marlena more. John answered Marlena, which infuriated her. Stefano returned to town and Kristen agreed to help him kidnap Marlena. Marlena and Rachel were to fly to San Fransico so that Rachel could have her face reconstructed. Kristen gave Stefano the plane they were to take and he attempted to hi-jack the plane, but was forced to flee when the police learned that Stefano was in Salem from Hope's case.

Marlena learned that Kristen told Stefano what plane she was on and was about to tell John the truth when Kristen faked some abdominal pains. Marlena and Rachel made plans for another trip and Marlena gave Kristen a list she was to obey. Kristen was not to sleep with John and she was not to wear his engagement ring. Stefano arranged for himself to be captured, so it appeared that Marlena and Rachel were safe to fly to San Francisco. After their plane took off, John learned that the man they captured was wearing a latex mask. Upon searching the DiMera Mansion they found Rachel Blake bound and gagged. Stefano, disguised as Rachel, had snuck onboard the plane with Marlena. Stefano faked a plane crash which convinced Salem that Marlena and Stefano had both died.

Celeste gave John the location of some of Stefano's warehouses and in one he found a game entitled Queen of the Night as well as a set of strange goggles. John brought the game home, but left the goggles at the warehouse. Upon wearing the goggles, John saw Marlena being held prisoner in a cage. John was positive that Marlena was alive and he believed the game told where she was being held.

From her cage, Marlena began to write in a daily journal. Using the goggles, John was able to see Marlena writing and he told Kristen about it. Kristen used the goggles and saw that Marlena was writing about her. Desperate to hide her secrets, Kristen planned to destroy the goggles. Meanwhile, Stefano also planned to destroy the goggles so John could no longer use them to find Marlena. Stefano had a bomb planted in the warehouse that was set to go off the next time John used the goggles. Unfortunately, both John and Kristen went to the warehouse and when John used the goggles, the bomb went off. Kristen, John, and the unborn child survived, but Kristen made John promise to not use the goggles again. John hides the goggles in the basement and used them, but his main focus was on the board game entitled "Queen of the Night." Kristen recognized the game, but she claimed she didn't know where it took place. Eventually, Rachel Blake learned that the game took place in Paris and she suggested to John that he take Kristen to Paris on a vacation. John reads a newspaper about a Paris street carnival and recognized the outfits as one that Marlena was wearing when he used the goggles. Positive that Marlena was in Paris, John flew there. Kristen and Rachel followed when Stefano sent them a forged fax from John asking them to come to Paris.

John realized that Stefano is holding Marlena prisoner in the Paris underground. To lure him out, John set up a huge ball, where Marie Antoinette's crown would be displayed. John knew that Stefano would try to steal it for his "Queen" Marlena. John also knew that if Stefano follows the game, Marlena would show up wearing a gold gown. Unfortunately, Stefano anticipated this. Stefano took Marlena to the ball, but he arranged for many many women to be dressed exactly like Marlena. John, Kristen, Abe, Lexie, and John's french cop friend Renee combed the ball looking for Marlena and each had a mini TV set that was hooked up to many cameras at the ball. Marlena and Kristen came face to face and they argued. Marlena ran off and eventually found John. Unfortunately, Stefano stabbed John with a needle and drug him off while Kristen watched. Stefano also managed to steal the crown by having someone impersonate Renee.

In the Paris Underground, Stefano put John on trial for his crimes against him. John was found guilty and was sentenced to be executed by beheading. Marlena attempted to stop the execution, but failed. Luckily, Vivian and Ivan were searching for Stefano and managed to free John from the guillotine he was in. John and Marlena ran for the tunnels and Stefano pursued them. Kristen decided to find the Paris Underground to try and save John and her mother, Rachel, insisted on going. An explosion in the underground buried Kristen and Rachel, but Abe and Lexie managed to save them. They all searched for John and Lexie. When the found him, John had a gun and was holding it on Stefano. Marlena was hurt during the explosion and John gave his gun to Rachel to hold on Stefano so he could carry Marlena. Stefano managed to escape and Rachel followed him. Rachel and Stefano ended up near a gas tank. Rachel, knowing the consequences, shot at Stefano. The tank exploded and Stefano and Rachel were presumed dead.

Both Marlena and Kristen were taken to a hospital to be checked out. Kristen lost her baby and also learned her mother was dead. Kristen blamed Marlena for both their deaths and vowed not to lose John. Kristen blackmailed the doctor into keeping her secret, but he got even by telling John that he could not make love to Kristen. Kristen told Peter the truth about the baby and asks him to help her get pregnant again. Peter and Kristen installed a hypnotic device of Stefano's behind a mirror in John's room and tried to trick him into making love. However, while they were making love, John called out Marlena's name.

Kristen and John returned to Salem after the ordeal in Paris was over and Kristen continued to hide her pregnancy. Stefano, who was very alive, returned to Salem and learned about Kristen and John and promised to help Kristen keep John. Stefano told Kristen that she should try and marry John as soon as she can. He also blackmailed Kristen's doctor into keeping quiet about the fact that she wasn't pregnant.

Stefano brought Susan Banks, a pregnant woman, to Salem. With a blond wig and false teeth, Susan looks exactly like Kristen. Susan agreed to impersonate Kristen when needed and to give her baby to Kristen, in exchange for a large sum of money. Meanwhile, Marlena began to become more and more suspicious of Kristen and even told Laura Horton that if she didn't know any better, she'd say Kristen wasn't pregnant. Kristen was dealt another blow when her brother, Peter, was murdered by Jack Devereaux.

Salem gathered for Peter's funeral. After the funeral, Laura saw Kristen adjusting her pregnancy pad when she thought nobody was looking. Laura ran back into the church to tell Marlena, but she ended up coming face to face with Stefano and Peter. Stefano revealed that the body in the casket was Daniel Scott, with a latex mask of Peter on. Stefano kidnapped Laura and took both her and Peter to the Blake house. Peter was very ill still and he forced Laura to care for him. Kristen eventually stumbled upon both Laura and Peter. Stefano wanted to take Laura with her when he and Peter left the country, but Kristen and Peter asked if there was another way to solve the problem. Stefano eventually had one of his scientists zap Laura's mind with a laser that would remove her memory for the last few days. Stefano placed Laura out in Salem park on a bench and he and Peter skipped town.

Susan Banks went into labor on February 20, 1997 and was rushed to the hospital. Kristen arrived and disguised herself as a nurse so she could watch. John surprised Kristen by having brought a priest who was going to marry them before their child was born. Marlena learned this and attempted to stop the ceremony, but she was too late. John and Kristen were married, but it was actually Susan that John married. The baby, John Jr., was born. Susan handed the baby over to Kristen and was about to leave town when she heard the news about the baby. John Jr. had a heart defect and needed surgery. Susan returned to the hospital and told Kristen that she wanted her baby back. Kristen managed to calm Susan down and convinced her that it was in the child's best interest to be raised by herself and John because they could provide the money for the medical care the baby needed. Kristen thought she convinced Susan this was for the best, but Susan began to believe that John was her husband, not Kristen's. Susan confronted Kristen and told her that she wanted her baby back and threatened to tell John the truth, but Kristen told Susan that John would hate her and send her to jail.

Kristen was told by a doctor that she should begin to breastfeed the baby. Kristen managed to convince Susan to breast feed the baby disguised as her, but later she realized Susan was growing to close to the baby and she ordered her to use a breast pump and deliver the milk to her. Susan returned to the DiMera Mansion and refused to leave without her baby. John returned home and Kristen was forced to make up a lie to keep Susan from telling John the truth. Kristen told John that she had hired Susan as their baby's nanny. Meanwhile, Stefano arranged for a secret room to be built in the mansion where she could lock Susan inside.

Susan was crying in Salem Park when Hope found her and suggested she talk to a friend, Dr. Marlena Evans. Susan went to see Marlena and told her that an evil woman was trying to steal her husband and baby. Susan learned that Kristen wanted to lock her in the secret room. Kristen had called in Ivan and Vivian to help her, and Susan thought Ivan was a vampire. Later, Ivan and Vivian discovered that Susan was seeing Dr. Marlena Evans.

Susan told Marlena that vampires were after her. To calm her fears, Marlena gave Susan a rock and told her it would keep vampires away. Marlena came to the DiMera mansion and found the rock she had given Susan on the floor. Everything came together and Marlena realized that Kristen lost her baby and was passing Susan's off as her own. Unfortunately, Kristen tricked Marlena into going into the secret room. Once locked in, Kristen told Marlena that Stefano was going to come and pick her up.

Meanwhile, Laura Horton, who was taking pills to supress her memroy, eventually refused to continue taking pills she was taking. Laura had finally regained her memory and was determined to prove that Peter was alive by having his coffin exhumed. Upon learning what she was doing, Kristen convinced Ivan and Vivian to help her dig up the coffin and have the body cremated. Kristen covered by saying she had found papers of Peter's saying he wished to be cremated. Laura went over to confront Kristen and ended up breaking down, thanks to being over medicated by Lynn and Kristen.

Susan began to worry about Marlena and Kristen told her that Stefano had kidnapped Marlena and he'd do the same to her. Later, Susan found a small TV Monitor that was hooked into a camera in the secret room. Susan saw that Marlena was in there and she decided to release her. However, Kristen stopped Susan just in time and told Susan that if she let Marlena out, Marlena would tell John the truth and that John would hate both of them and marry Marlena. When Marlena admitted to Susan that she loved John, Susan realized she had to keep Marlena locked up. Susan secretly began to learn to impersonate Kristen so she could take her place as John's wife.

Susan tricked Kristen into entering the secret room by saying that Marlena had escaped. Once inside, Susan locked Kristen and Marlena into the room together. Susan then took over Kristen's life and managed to fool everyone. From a television monitor inside the secret room, Marlena and Kristen were forced to watch Susan seduce John.

Susan planned an Elvis themed wedding for herself and John, which Kristen and Marlena were forced to watch from the secret room. Desperate to stop the wedding, Kristen tried to dig through the wall and ended up hitting a gas line, which knocked Kristen and Marlena unconscious. Stefano showed up dressed as a waiter and was planning to escape with Marlena. Unfortunately, Laura showed up, still wearing her pajamas from the hospital, and accused Kristen, who was really Susan, of kidnapping Marlena. Laura slapped Susan and her fake teeth landed in Vivian's glass of champagne. Susan confessed everything and John managed to save Kristen and Marlena from the secret room, both had passed out. Kristen woke up from the gas affects first and begged John to marry her immediately. John agreed, but as they were about to marry, Marlena came to and told John that Kristen lost his baby in Paris and hired Susan Banks to impersonate her and give birth to a baby, which Kristen claimed was theirs. Kristen admitted it and then grabbed a police officer's gun and threatened to kill Marlena, but John stopped her. Kristen, Ivan, and Vivian were all arrested. Kristen managed to make bail and was out in a few days.

John planned an engagement party for Marlena at the Penthouse Grill. Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan crashed the party and when Kristen heard John propose to Marlena, she lost it. Kristen went out to the ledge and threatened to jump, but John talked her down. Stefano was also at the party and planned to kidnap Marlena, but Kristen ruined his chance and he was furious with her.

John and Marlena planned to marry in July of 97, but Kristen and Stefano brought the wedding to a halt when Kristen showed up at the wedding with Marlena's dead ex-husband, Roman. Later, John and Marlena learned from Shane that Roman claimed to be dead because he really was dying of a deadly virus and didn't want his family to watch him suffer. Kristen convinced John and Marlena that Roman would be the most comfortable living in the DiMera mansion. Roman refused to stay in the hospital and accepted Kristen's offer. Kristen further caused problems by telling Roman that she and John were married and Marlena never became involved with anyone else after he left Salem.

Stefano allowed himself to be captured and then told John that only he had the cure for Roman. John didn't want to believe him, but it seemed there was no other way to save Roman. John, with Lexie and eventually Abe's help, broke Stefano out of jail. John and Stefano speed to the airfield where John's plane awaited them. Kristen managed to convince John and Stefano to let her come along. Marlena also wanted to go, but John said she should remain behind because this could be a trap. However, Hope decided to tag along to keep an eye on Kristen. Stefano was furious when John found Hope stowed away and wanted to return to Salem and leave her behind, but they couldn't because they would be captured for sure. John, Hope, Stefano, and Kristen all traveled to a jungle compound where they are introduced to Dr. Rolfe, the man working on the cure for Roman. Dr. Rolfe recognizes Hope, but Stefano manages to warn him not to say anything to Hope. Hope ends up breaking into a storage room, which infuriates him because there were things, including a table, in that room that could jog her memory from the missing four years of her life. Stefano promptly locked the room up with a high tech lock. When Dr. Rolfe finally finished the cure, the vial containing the cure was dropped and it was lost. Dr. Rolfe and Stefano tell John and Hope that the only way to make another cure is for someone to brave the jungle and the natives and retrieve a special orchid. John and Hope volunteer to find the orchid. Hope and John found the orchid and John put it in his backpack, but a native knocked John off a cliff and Hope, Kristen, and Stefano thought he was killed. John's backpack was recovered, but the orchid was missing. Hope managed to find some of the orchid's seeds and Rolfe made a cure using them. As they were about to return to Salem, John showed up alive, but was poisoned by a native's dart. John was cured and they all flew back to Salem. On the way back, their plane crashed in the Bermuda triangle, but they managed to return to Salem with the cure. John, Hope, Stefano, and Kristen showed up at the hospital with the cure just as Marlena was about to marry Roman, because it was his dying wish, The cure was administered to Roman and Stefano was granted a pardon for his crimes. Marlena explained to John why she was going to marry Roman and he understood. Stefano's cure began to fail, which Stefano knew would happen. Stefano said that the only way to save Roman was to donate his own blood, mix it with some other drugs, and give it to Roman. Stefano had also suffered from the disease Roman had and he had been saved in a similar manor. However, Stefano only agreed to do this is Marlena would forgive him and be his friend. Marlena reluctantly agreed and gave the second cure to Roman, which worked.

Roman was released from the hospital, but Marlena and John were told that any stress could cause Roman to relapse. Therefore, John and Marlena were forced to hide their love. Eric decided to use this to his own advantage and tried to push his mom and dad back together. John soon became frustrated with the entire situation when Roman moved into the guest room in Marlena's penthouse, which forced John to move back in with Kristen to keep up the charade that they were married. Roman soon began to see that there is problems with John and Kristen's marriage. Kristen tells Roman that she and John are having problems because another woman is trying to steal him from her.

In 1997, Celeste was drawn to Jonsey's townhouse because she was sure that Peter Blake was hiding there. However, Celeste was shocked when Kristen answered the door. Celeste barged her way in and got into a fight with Celeste. Kristen was hiding the syringe behind her that contained the cure for Jungle Madness, but Stefano warned her it would give a healthy person the Jungle Madness Disease. Kristen and Celeste ended up falling onto the floor and Kristen accidentally, without Celeste's knowledge, injected her with the Virus. Stefano was furious with Kristen not only disowned her, but told her that when he got Elvis back she would not get near the child, let alone raise it.

Kristen became somewhat crazy and thought that if she could get Elvis back, John may be able to love her again. Kristen goes to Susan and tells her that the only way the baby can be protected from Stefano is if she raised him. Kristen lured Susan over to the DiMera mansion and drugged her with spiked eggnog. She then tricked Susan into signing away all legal rights over little Elvis to her. Kristen, disguised herself as Susan, and then kidnapped little Elvis. When Susan confronted Kristen, Kristen had the legal documents that proved the child was now hers. Susan almost attempted to kill herself, but John stopped her before she could jump into the icy Salem River. Susan went to get her brother, Thomas (the third triplet), to help her steal back little Elvis. However, Sister Mary Moira stopped Thomas before he could do anything sinful to Kristen. When Stefano learned what Kristen had done he was outraged and helped John steal back little Elvis and return him to Susan. Kristen took Susan to court, but Susan, John, and Marlena double crossed her. John delayed Kristen and Susan pretended to be Kristen at the courthouse and said what she did was wrong and withdrew the legal agreement Susan had signed. When Kristen learned what they had done to her she was furious. John arranged for Susan and Little Elvis to leave the country safely and live in peace. Marlena and John said goodbye to Susan and watched her leave. Stefano arrived at the airport too late and was furious for John for taking his son from him.

Kristen was at Salem Place when she received a call from Stefano telling her that John and Marlena just sent Susan and the baby off to an unknown country. Kristen is furious and decides to get revenge. She seems Roman and Roman tells Kristen that he's planning on proposing to Marlena today. Kristen, knowing that John and Marlena are aboard his jet, tells Roman that Marlena is at the airport and that he should use John's jet to propose to her in the air. Thinking it is a romantic idea, Roman decided to do that. Roman went to the airport and found John and Marlena on John's jet talking about how they hate deceiving Roman.

A New Years eve party was thrown at the Penthouse Grill Roman showed up at the party and planned on confronting John and Marlena, but he passed out. Roman was rushed to the hospital and Mike told them that Roman's blood pressure was dangerously high. Kristen went to visit Roman in the hospital and Roman told her the woman John was cheating on her with was John. Kristen pretended that it was all over, but Roman convinced her not to let John and Marlena know they were on to them and that they should fight for them. Roman, knowing Marlena had a date with John, asked Marlena out for the same night. Marlena accepted and decided to tell Roman the truth. Meanwhile, John overheard Roman and Kristen talking and realized that Roman already knew the truth. Roman and Marlena meet at Chez Vous, but before Marlena could confess, Roman told her that he knew about her and John. John suddenly showed up to tell Marlena about Roman's deception, but Marlena says she knows. John and Marlena both told Roman that Kristen was an evil and vindictive woman. Kristen lost her last friend in Salem that day.

Later. Laura confronted Kristen in Salem Place and vowed to find where Peter was. After the confrontation, Laura dropped her prescription of Placiden, which Kristen took and used to calm herself down.

In England, Susan decided to fax the wedding picture from the paper to Marlena. Unfortunately, Kristen had broken into Marlena's penthouse when the fax came through and Kristen learned that Susan was in England. Kristen planned on leaving town and moved out of the Dimera Mansion. She moved into the Blake house and planned to sell Susan into white slavery. Kristen kidnapped Sister Mary Moira and called Susan. She told Susan that she was to fly to Salem immediately and were a white dress. She was to bring the baby or her sister would be murdered. Kristen had made arrangements to sell Susan into white slavery and take off with Elvis. Susan showed up at the house and talked with Kristen. Kristen offered Susan a soda, and Susan accepted because she thought there was no way she could drug a canned soda. However, she was wrong. Kristen asked where Elvis was and Susan said she left him in England. Susan got into an argument with Kristen and threatened to kill her with a letter opener. Susan eventually passed out from the drugs and Kristen made her getaway, dressed as Susan. Susan, was kidnapped by the man and taken to a palace were she was to be the latest harem girl for "The Supreme Leader"

Kristen, disguised as Susan, was about to fly off to England when Abe and Roman found her. Susan had phoned them earlier and reported that Kristen had kidnapped her sister. Sister Mary had been rescued and they came to the airport to catch Kristen. Suddenly, Abe received a phonecall from John and Marlena. Kristen DiMera was found dead at the Blake House and they told "Susan" that she couldn't leave town just yet.

Abe and Roman took "Susan" into the station for questioning. "Susan" claimed to never have been at the house. Suddenly, Edmund burst into Abe's office. Edmund introduced himself as Susan's fiancee. Edmund asked if "Susan" was being arrested and Abe said no. Later, Edmund proposed to "Susan" and Kristen had no choice to accept. Kristen feared that Susan was the person who died in the pool and that she would be charged with her murder if anyone learned she wasn't really Susan.

The coroner told Marlena, John, Abe, Roman, and Stefano that Kristen's death was a suicide. Kristen had ingested a large amount of narcotics and alcohol before drowning in the pool. Still, Roman was convinced that it was murder.

John found a suicide message from Kristen on his answering machine and blamed himself for her death.

A funeral for Kristen was held at St. Lukes and all of Salem attended. Laura attended, wearing a bright red outfit. During the service, Laura recalled going to the Blake House the day of Jen's funeral and shooting at Kristen. Later, Stefano stood up and publicly slandered everyone in the room and blamed them all for Kristen's suicide. Stefano got so worked up that he had a heart attack, but Lexie saved him. Stefano was rushed to the hospital.

After leaving th hospitat, Stefano went to the cemetery after being released from the hospital and told Kristen's grave how sorry he was that he was angry with her and if he had a second chance he'd let her raise his son. Kristen, just happened to be at the cemetery, disguised as Susan, and she revealed herself to Stefano. Kristen begged Stefano to help her escape town, but Stefano told her if she left now it would make "Susan" look guilty. Later, Kristen learns that Susan was no longer a suspect and was free to leave. Kristen planned on skipping town when Edmund surprised her by bringing Violet and Elvis to Salem. Kristen attempted to drug Violet and sneak off with Baby Elvis. Unfortunately, John found her and brought her to the Penthouse Grill, where Edmund had arranged a surprised wedding. In order not to blow her cover, Kristen married Edmund. After the wedding, Kristen wanted to leave Salem immediately, but Elvis came down with an ear infection and couldn't fly.

Upon learning that Susan was cleared and Laura Horton was arrested for her murder, Kristen, rushed to the airport for her honeymoon and hoped to beat Edmund to the plane and leave without him. Kristen met up with Stefano at the plane and they hugged as Kristen was about to leave. Suddenly, Edmund showed up and accused Stefano of attempting to deceive "Susan" Stefano left and "Susan" and Edmund boarded the plane. On the way to Bermuda, Edmund confessed that he killed Kristen. Edmund says when he went to London he heard from his mom that Susan had left for Salem. Edmund followed her and confronted Kristen the night she was killed. Edmund admitted to pushing her into the pool and wouldn't help her until she told him where Susan was. Unfortunately, she drowned. Kristen was horrified, and was further horrified because if Edmund learned he she was Kristen, he might kill her again. Kristen told Edmund that she couldn't be married to him and once the plane landed she was leaving and he wasn't to follow. A broken hearted Edmund agreed.

Meanwhile, the real Susan was busy plotting how she could escape from the island palace she was in. Susan escaped, but was caught and was ordered to be executed. When Susan was forced to be executed, she noticed he began choking on a chicken bone. Susan saved him by performing the hymlic maneuver and then he took a liking to her and decided that she would be with him 24 hours a day. Susan managed to konk the supreme leader over the head and escape with a tiny chest full of diamonds. Susan called Edmund to warn him about Kristen and spoke to Violet and learned about the honeymoon being in Bermuda. Susan deduced that Kristen was pretending to be her and stole her baby and Edmund. Susan hired a pilot to fly her to Bermuda where she surprised both Kristen and Edmund. Susan exposed Kristen and both Kristen and Edmund were confused as to who was killed in the pool. Right then Susan realized that Penelope had been killed. Susan to Edmund and Susan about her forth sister, Penelope Kent, who came to Salem to help her. Edmund admitted to killing her, but Susan says she knows it was an accident and that Penelope was dying anyways. To get revenge on Kristen, Susan arranged for her to be sent back to the island prison where she had sent her to. Edmund and Susan were married for real on April, 21 ,1998.

Before leaving Salem, Kristen had pulled off one last scheme. Kristen had left a note for Marlena from Susan thanking her for everything she had done for her. Kristen also included a piece of chocolate candy that she knew Marlena liked. However, Kristen had filled it full of penicillin, something Marlena was deathly allergic to. However, it was Belle who actually ate the chocolate. Luckily, Roman came to the penthouse and found her next to an open bottle of Brady's penicillin pills and thought Belle had eaten them. Roman gave Belle an injection of insulin and rushed her to the hospital. Roman's quick thinking saved Belle's life. As he watched Marlena and John with Belle, Roman made one of the most important decisions of his life. For months, Marlena was struggling to choose whether she wanted to spend her life with John or Roman. Seeing that she truly loved John and that Belle needed both her parents, Roman unselfishly backed away from Marlena. Soon after they reunited, John and Marlena became engaged once again.

In England, Susan had a funny feeling and called back to Salem. She learned what had happened to Belle and was happy to hear that Belle was safe and that John and Marlena were back together. Susan sent a message to Kristen, who had been locked up in the supreme leader's dungeon, that her plan failed and that John and Marlena were engaged.

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